Occupy Wall Street Protestors Robbed, Raided and Beaten by NYPD

Reports and videos are still coming in but it seems that the NYPD was ordered to clear Liberty Plaza (ie – Zuccitti Park) this morning. Below are a few videos I’ve found thus far from the raid. Please leave more as comments or feel free to submit them via the tab above.

Media Coverage:

YouTube Video:

Here is a write up, including a timeline of the events, by AlterNet.org.

  • LadyM

    See, that’s when you know people are feed up, when they are willing to get beat rather than run.

  • http://www.opencarry.org Menzoberranzan

    Had this happened in a place that “respects rights” some cops would have been shot. Of, course only the criminals in NY (or California) have guns.


    OCW were given plenty of notice to LEAVE the PRIVATELY OWNED park that they turned into thier personal camp ground. And yeah, if we don’t get what we want, let’s see if we can make the police do stuff. Sorry, Not a fan of police using excessive force. But when diplomacy and the law can’t get across your mind, maybe you do need an asswhopping. And yeah, if they had left when told, or left upon the lawful order of a police officer, none of this would’ve happened.

    EVERY last one of them was guilty of tresspassing once told to leave. They didn’t, so fuck them!! NY and other states as spending MILLIONS dealing with these damn protests. Damages in San Francisco have exceeded 2 MILLION dallors to bussiness.. People are firing people cause people are not shopping at thier bussiness’s near the protests.. The 99%ers are ONLY hurting other 99%er’s.