Manchester Justice System Targets Ademo Now – Wiretapping Round 2

Its been almost three months to the day since Frank was assaulted by Darren Murphy, an employee of the Manchester Police Department, while at lunch in Manchester’s West High. Since then, and as I explain in the video above, not one single government employee has been reprimanded or had to appear in court. The principle hasn’t been investigated for demanding that Michael delete evidence of a crime. Murphy was back at the same school the very next day, while Frank was suspended for 10 day and awaits news on expulsion – last I heard.

Yet, the victim (Frank) and the two people (myself and Michael) who attempted to hold those harming others accountable are the ones who are being criminalized? Today I found out, via the local news paper, that I have been charged with three counts of felony wiretapping. I face anywhere from 15 – 20 years in prison for these alleged crimes. Seriously? Do you see what’s happening here?

The police are trying to jail me because they’re upset I helped Frank and Michael publicize their encounter with Murphy. When this whole thing could have been solved had Murphy had apologized the following day, after all, we all have long days.

So, who watches the watchers? Where’s the accountability? Where is Murphy’s apology to Frank? Where are the indictments for the public officials who broke the law too? Where is justice?

If this bothers you, please call either of the numbers below on my behalf.

Manchester Police – (603) 668-8711

Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office – (603) 627-5605

Stay tuned to this meta post for the latest regarding this story. Once again, I’ll be trying to stay free from a cage because some people think they have more rights than you.


  • Bogdan

    To have any chances, they need:
    1. The raw footage, which they can only get from you;
    2. The audio recording of the entire conversation, which means that they recorded too, without letting Ademo know about it.

    Looks like the parasites are getting desperate, they have nothing better to do all day long, but to listed to themselves on YouTube?

    BTW, they’d also have to capture the YouTube video, which is against YouTube’s policies, so why don’t you remove it for now (or replace with a shorter version) and let them deal with it?
    Also, if you still have the entire unedited material, where you told them you’re recording, I’d not make it public until the day of the trial.

  • boss

    theres a new law that states
    Citing an August First U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling involving a similar case, Goffstown District Judge Edward Tenney ruled this week that Alleman had a First Amendment right to record a public official engaged in official public duties. And now it’s official: citizens don’t have to get permission to record the police. All New Hampshire police departments should incorporate this ruling into their training right away. Let’s not have any more of this nonsense of charging citizens for trying to hold public servants accountable. there was an article in the union leader on november 5 2011 heres the article FIGHT BACK

  • paschn

    This clip about how the people in power feel about we the sheeple goes a long way to explaining why we have the police we have…..and the authoritarians that blindly follow them;

  • Ed

    Ademo, you wrote in the other post on this matter that you had told those you spoke with on the phone that you were recording their comments, but that you had edited out that notice to them.

    Do you still have the parts where you gave them notice you were audio-recording them saved somewhere? If you do, that should be an instant defense which should get the DA to drop the charges. If you are going to court though, you could file a demurrer seeking summary judgment in your favor.

  • jlinko

    Have you consulted the ACLU?

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