John Bush Arrested for Filming Police

This man was clearly arrested for simply not following every arbitrary preference of this militant police officer. Good thing it all got video recorded. I think the police are gonna have a tough case to fight.

  • Pete Eyre

    Just an FYI – from Austin-based activist and friend Stephen Sheftall:

    “John Bush and Matthew Medina made it out of Travis County Jail and are at our house where they belong. This definitely isn’t the end, but for now at least this part is over.”

    Sheftall left the comment on his Facebook profile around 11AM today (Sun., Dec. 4th).

  • Thad

    C’mon, John, How many times do you have to be given an UNlawful order before you comply? ;^)


    Your 6 feet away from them. I think any cop has the legal authority to ask you to back up.

    Once again.. this is more about envoking a police response verses video taping what the police are doing.

  • anonworker

    Cops do this to people every weekend on sixth street. They grab people at the word of aggressive and out of control bar doormen and then take them to jail under a catch all law called “Public Intoxication.” The Cops play the part of judge on the street and let you go or arrest you on their own whim. Also, telling people things like “I am going to let you go but get out of here” over and over and over again all night. Cops don’t have the right to tell citizens to come and go– and don’t tell me that they are trying to “help” with their unlawful orders because they are the ones starting shit in the first place.

  • Ed

    Pffft! If the sociopath would have had his back turned while he was doing whatever it was that he was doing he wouldn’t have even known the camera men were there.

    @ PSOSGT Where on this planet do you find one of those “legal” that you speak of. I’m curious and want to know more about it’s nutritional value or it’s impact on gravity, motion and thermodynamics.

  • Chris Mallory

    So PSOSGT, can I ask the cop to “back up” when he is in my face? When I feel endangered by him? After all, in a system of delegated powers, a cop cannot have any powers or rights that a citizen does not have or else he could not be delegated that authority. Are we doing away with delegated powers and just saying that all power comes from the gun?