Affidavit for Probable Cause

I was falsely charged and arrested on October 28, 2011 in Porter County Indiana. I did some discovery and was able to find out little more information.

Town of Porter, Indiana Detective Mike Veal swears under penalty of perjury as specified by I.C. 35-44-2-1, that the fallowing representations are true:

That the defendant committed the crime of Intimidation and in support thereof states the fallowing facts based upon his investigation to-wit:

On the 6th and 13th day of October, 2011, at approximately 2:00pm, I had occasion to speak with THOMAS WEBBER III (VICTIM) AND ELMER POLLARD (WITNESS) who advised me that he had occasion to observe Nerijus Jukonis at 164 Summertree Dr., Porter County, Indiana, communicate a threat to THOMAS WEBBER III on Thursday 10-06-11 at 12:05PM with the intent that he be placed in fear of retaliation for prior lawful act, by threatening to do bodily harm while chasing victim down the street.

Now please watch uncut video and comment if this is legit charge or perjury committed by Mike Veal.

Town of Porter Incident from October 06, 2011

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Nerijus Jukonis
[email protected]

  • Slacker

    This guy is retarded. What a waste of fifteen minutes.

  • Ed

    If the detective talked with the “witness” and “victim” on those dates and in the affidavit truthfully related what they told him , then the detective is not committing perjury.

    If the “witness” and “victim” were sworn and falsely accused you, then they “witness” and “victim” are the ones who committed perjury.

  • Nerijus Jukonis

    After my first appearance to so called hearing on the misdemeanor charge I was picked up by ICE (Immigration and Customs Agents) and detained. Our family is target by “retarded” “trailer trash” cops who are jealous that we own Lexus, Corvette and a Mustang and a nice home… and a nice family. Fuck you and your broke American dream.


    Nothing in these videos prove anything from what I could see. You’ve got 2 people saying 1 things. And the cop requested a warrant. Pretty common how things work. Enough to establish probable cause. which DOES NOT mean your guilty of anything. Would be the same if you and your wife accused him of doing the same thing.

  • Nerijus Jukonis

    I had 2 Immigration and Custom Enforcement officers waiting in court and I was detained and taken to Federal Detention Center Down Town Chicago… for more info visit Aren’t we supposed to be innocent till proven guilty ?

  • The Equalizer

    @Nerijus: This country wants you to believe that you are innocent until proven guilty. But we all know that you are really guilty until you prove yourself innocent. The burden of proof is supposed to be on the State or Government too. But really, they just accuse you of a bunch of unfounded bullshit and then make you try and dig yourself out from under it all. We live in a lying hypocrisy.

  • Nerijus Jukonis

    I uncovered huge conspiracy. Because of it I was falsely charged and accused of crime of Intimidation so they would have excuse to call ICE and lie that I’m here illegally(I was picked up by ICE on my initial court hearing date without ever being tried or convicted). To bad I have all my documents and even Immigration file (140 pages) that I am submitting to 9 different attorneys including ACLU. I have my copy of Immigration Appointment letter where I was told that my petition to immigrate was approved and I must patiently wait for visa number to be issued. My file I was told can not be located … it is just like in movie “Erased” the only problem they have that I have all copies and 9 attorneys will have them tomorrow morning and 2 more copies will be placed on secure server. I will do my best to post everything on I fear nothing I live my life honest and by falsely charging me Town of Porter Indiana Police may end up bringing Federal investigation upon themselves. It has to do with small Town crooks who love to pocket big money. Just Google Gateway to Dunes and you will find plans that most of Indiana residents know nothing about. I reside adjoining to their plan number 7 a water park that was foreclosed and taken away from one of their own buddies who most likely pissed them off…

  • http://yahoo Mike Veal

    Nerijus ,,, where are you ?