I am the victim that is getting no attention from the media! Notice how they put non-life threatening I was just at the wrong place, wrong time I ending up getting shot in the neck FEB 06 2011 as i was sitting shot the officer came & still put the handcuff on me while there was a 40cal bullet in my left joint I am thankful for surviving I owe the lord my life but what im upset about is I owe 100,000 in medical bills with insurance covering 90% which when they investigate will rise to a million dollars! today i just ask for support from anyone thats been through this police brutality i am forever scared and just wish justice would really be served.. i need advise im sewing RPD but I doubt ill win =’/ there was no hit and run and there was no second shooter!!

The man was arrested and another suspect was being sought, the Press- Enterprise reported on its website.

Police were called about 1:15 a.m. about a hit-and-run accident and a person with a shotgun in the 9400 block of Miller Street.

Arriving officers saw a man with a loaded shotgun who pointed the weapon toward a crowd of people who were running away and an officer shot at him, the newspaper reported.

Two people were taken into custody, and one was hospitalized with a non- life threatening gunshot wound.

Jose Oyarce, 18, of Corona, was booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and illegal possession of a loaded firearm.

Meantime, another officer encountered a male shooting toward the responding officers and a second officer-involved shooting occurred, but the male escaped on foot, the newspaper reported.



    I am so lost. is there a “.” anywhere in that? Are you an innocent bystander that took a round from the police when they shot at the guy? And you’ve got a guy pointing a shotgun at other people.. sounds like a legitamite reason for anyone to shoot at this guy. Not sure how that’s unjustified.

  • http://tjic.com TJIC

    These “submit an incoherent story to copblock about how you were robbing a bank and then the police sprained your wrist as they arrested you” really undercut the mission. :-/

  • PabloKoh

    I understand the public school system has failed and will continue to fail, but there needs to be an editor and a phone call made to clarify the story. The story as it reads is incoherent.

  • Sheldon

    It’s shooting not shoting dumbass.

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  • SSG Murphy J., ret.

    If CopBlock wants to be taken seriously they need to present themselves in a more professional layout, with editors reviewing stories before they are placed on the main page. Some fact checking would also lend credibility to the site.

  • http://jtittiger.blogspot.com/ Joe in Missouri

    There is nothing presented here that is clear or understandable including the news story itself.