Hey Manch: I’d Rather Stand on my Conscience Than Fund Your Violence

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January 9th – 10:30AM – Manchester District Court

On June 4th I was one of eight arrested outside the Manchester Police Department when at a pro-police accountability event. I was alleged to have been “disorderly” – twice. Over six months later, I was told I was “guilty” of violating an ordinance and told to pay a 248 FRN ransom.

From Garret Ean:

Pete Eyre, was found guilty at the non-criminal violation level of one of the two charges. Interestingly enough, the charge he was convicted on was not the reason for his arrest, but was attached later. John Patti, who ordered Pete’s arrest but was my arresting officer, arrested us for allegedly refusing an order regarding a city ordinance violation. Neither the order nor the basis of the order were substantiated in court, yet Pete was, retroactively, in a sense, found guilty of having been in the “crime scene” and having been ordered out of it. The disorderly conduct statute is so over broad that you are automatically guilty at the violation level if you have been given what is considered a “lawful order”. By refusing the order, you are then guilty at the criminal level.

Order of events:

  • March 3rd, 2010 – Christopher Michlovich is beaten by four off-duty Manchester PD employees (Jonathan Duchesne, Matthew Jajuga and Michael Buckley, and Ernie Goodno). An internal investigation exonerated the actions of the four aggressors. Tom Clark (city solicitor) toed the “official” line.
  • May 25th, 2011 – Michael Delaney (NH attorney general) states that the Michlovich beating was “not the Manchester police department’s finest hour” but will not pursue charges against those responsible.
  • June 4th, 2011 – individuals gather outside Manchester PD to voice concerns about the lack of accountability, eight were arrested and nine phones/cameras were seized
  • October 24th, 2011 – Pete Eyre has court at Manchester District, two class b misdemeanor disorderly conduct threats, ordered to submit “memo of law” to support points argued
  • November 10th – “memo of law” deadline, document was received days prior
  • December 27th – William H. Lyons (aka “the court”) says Eyre is not guilty of the two disorderlies but is guilty of a violation. Ransom is set at 248 FRNs.
  • December 29th – Eyre calls “the court” to inquire how to sit the time rather than pay the ransom

I self-describe as a voluntaryist and therefore don’t want to fund the violence of the state. The state – to be specific – is just a bad idea. Everything its actors do is destructive and if not immoral, inefficient. The initiation of force, censorship, and control are its only tools.

So, I may sit at Valley Street for four days. I’ll have time to brainstorm. Read. Maybe workout. And, unless they keep me segregated, time to have conversations with other individuals harmed due to the belief in the bad idea that grants some a “legitimate” right to use force, as well as those who pretend their costume allows them to do actions wrong for you or me.

The greater the number of laws and enactments, the more thieves and robbers there will be.
– Lao Tsu

On the phone Kim even said most people “just pay.” What if everyone didn’t? What if no one took plea deals? What if everyone realized that they have nothing to fear if they’ve done nothing wrong?

I think it’d be a lot better world.
State vs. Garret Ean: NOT GUILTY on
“The Tiny Dot”
by Larken Rose

A couple of the Manchester PD employees told me they’d meet me for a bite after the conclusion of this round in legal land. (As I did with Keene PD employee Jim Cemorelis.) Let’s see if they hold true to their word.

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  • Nicholas Recker

    Pete, For what it’s worth, you have my utmost respect sir. Thank you.

  • Sovereign Curtis

    Best of luck to you, Pete. I support your decision.

    Based upon the fact that you’re refusing to pay a fine, you’ll likely be denied early release for ‘good behavior’. If I had to guess I’d say they’ll likely keep you in ‘class’ the entire time (2A, iirc, where they keep all new inductees and also the ‘skinners’, ‘rippers’ and snitches). So you’ll have one cell mate, and be kept inside your cell for most of the day. You also won’t have access to any weight lifting/exercise equipment, and likely won’t get any reading material (besides the inmate handbook. See if you can sneak that out, just keep it with your few personal items when they send you to booking to change back into your street clothes for release).

    Best of luck to you. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  • paschn

    As I hope that a few people, (less the sycophants-in-blue who CHOOSE to ignore it), in the fascist states of America are aware that this global theft is being manufactured by the crooked “Renfield Class” in D.C. under orders from their masters at the FED RES/Wall Street, the governing thieves are becoming more certain of their hold over this country’s people and government in LARGE part because of the willingness of their cops to protect them. So much so, in fact, that they are now sending trillions of OUR dollars to their affiliates in Europe.

    It’s similar to head-of-household funneling the mortgage/food/heating money to his bum brother down the block while his children sleep in the street, starve and freeze in the cold.

    Even a cop wouldn’t do that. wait, they already have, on a national scale. While we reward them with immunity/retirement, our country’s very life in their treacherous hands.

  • Harry


    What happen trial by jury? Appeal

  • Fascist Nation

    “What if no one took plea deals?”

    The system would grind to a halt. Judges and prosecutors whose raises are predicated on the percentage of cases they clear without trial would be getting less pussy. I assume they would then make better offers and a few rushed show trials to strike some fear in the recalcitrant.

    “What if everyone realized that they have nothing to fear if they’ve done nothing wrong?”

    What are you shitting me?!!!! You got plenty to fear. Innocence has no meaning to the thugs whose attention you’ve managed to grab. Processing you does.

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  • Chris Mallory

    The judges in my area only credit a person for $20 a day when they choose jail over a fine.

  • GT

    @Chris Mallory – $20 a day? What the fuck?

    What if you can establish – beyond any doubt whatsoever – that you routinely earn ten times that? That would put you on $50k a year, which is not ‘1%er’ territory.

    Judges who pull that shit need to be named, and their personal details posted somewhere useful (e.g., BlackMarket Reloaded on TOR) with an appropriate ‘incentive’ to encourage folks to sort that shit out.

    I agree with the premise of the article: EVERYONE should man up and force the State to incarcerate us ANY time the State tries to extort money from us. Sink the system under its own weight. (in the last 3 years I’ve spent a total of a month behind barbed wire, because I refused to comply with France’s stupid law requiring people to carry State-sanctioned permission-to-reside: it wasn’t fucking “Midnight Express”, and it pales next to the treatment folks get for using prohibited plants… but I refused to comply and it wasn’t that bad).

  • msheff99

    Gernerally you go into the General Population of prisoners then they classify you as to your threat level… so if you are a rapist or chomo you get yours before the segerate you I have been to jail plenty and usually all the guys there are reasonably nice. Remember more than half of the people there are on bullshit charges like a gram of pot ect. Im sure you will learn plenty of how fd up or system is. Legal system not justice system. I dont think we have the latter.

  • msheff99

    Also I live in the Centeral Valley of Ca and I have been forced to pay fines many times and there was no option of Jail time. Its hard being unemployed and owing 250 bucks for a ticket that the restitutiton dept cant even show you. I had to pay them to go to work to substitute jail time in Fresno so I just took my 30 days. Got released in 12.