Adam Mueller Arrested for Bench Warrant in Jackson, WI

JACKSON, WI – Adam and I were just working out at the Snap Fitness in Jackson, WI when he noticed an officer on foot outside. I went to the cubbyhole where we’d placed our outer garments and grabbed my phone. Below is Qik video of our interaction with two men paid by the Jackson, WI PD:

How You Can Help:

  • Call the Jackson PD: 262.677.4949 Ask to speak with the arresting officers depicted in the video above – Mike Bloedel or Lawrence Krueger, Jr. – or the chief Jed Dolnick). Question if the tactics shown in the video – Bloedel’s refusal to ID despite being required per law, Bloedel’s use of unnecessary force when transporting Adam, the refusal of both Bloedel and Krueger to produce any document or warrant when arresting Adam. Ask them why Adam was charged with resisting/obstructing as that was clearly not the case per Wisconsin statute because he neither threatened force nor used force. Question the chief (via phone or email: [email protected]) about the continued employment of an officer who’s integrity is questionable (see below) and whether the bench warrant is sound since it was based on a ticket issued by someone with questionable integrity (the local law firm that represents the police department will no longer call Henning to the stand because of this).
  • Call Washington Co. Jail: 262.335.4427 Ask about Adam’s status. Ask if the person who answers the phone is up-to-speed on why Adam is behind bars. Ask how they feel being a part of a process that is violating the rights of a peaceful person.
  • Attend Adam’s court proceedings: Being held Thursday, Nov. 18th at 331 East Washington, West Bend, WI. Show-up as early as 2pm though he may not see a judge until 3:30 or 4pm.
  • Contact area media: Use the email addressed listed in some of the comments below and/or find new contacts for other outlets. Be sure to Cc the chief when possible so he’s aware of the support for Adam.


Nov. 17th 11:30am – I just called Jackson PD (262.677.4949) and was told that the detective who refused to identify himself is Mike Bloedel. I asked for his direct number and was sent to his VM. I left a few-minute message informing Mike that he himself is responsible for his actions irregardless of what’s on a piece of paper or what’s ordered by those with more metals on their chest. I reminded him that he himself violated the own law he purports to uphold by refusing to provide me with his information. I told him to expect to hear from others concerned about Adam’s welfare and that I look forward to speaking with him in person about his actions in the near future when I stop by his office.
Nov. 17th 2:00pm –
Adam is being held at the Washington Co. Jail – 262-335-4427 (it’s a phone tree so press “0” to speak with someone at the facility). I just called and was told that:
-Jackson PD is charging Adam resisting/obstructing which has a $300 fine. He’ll have to see a judge about that which likely won’t happen until ~3:30-4pm tmrw. I was given the address of the court (331 East Washington, West Bend, WI) and plan to be there.
-Adam is “refusing to cooperate”
-If he’s found guilty and he refuses to pay he’ll “sit in Waukesha County jail”. The person with whom I spoke didn’t know the total time Adam was facing. From my understanding the bench warrant (which was $139), if not paid, mandated a 6-day sentence.
Nov. 17th 3:15pm
– I went to the Jackson PD to ask chief Jed Dolnick two questions 1) Why Adam was charged with resisting arrest/interfering as his actions did not meet the criteria set-forth by Wisconsin statute 946.41 and 2) Why Adam had a bench warrant when it’s known by the chief that Kyle Henning – the officer who initially ticketed Adam on which the bench warrant is based – has very questionable integrity (see below for more on this). As shown in the video, Dolnick choose to hide behind his badge and defer to others rather than be accountable himself.

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Nov. 17th 5:00pm – We received word that Adam wanted to be bailed out.
Nov. 17th 5:00pm – We got together the scratch (actually all credit is due to Adam’s younger bro Matt), went to the Washington County Jail and paid the ransom.
Nov. 17th 7:00pm – Adam shot this update video:

Pete’s quick overview about this situation:

  • Adam, like many other Jackson, WI residents, is harassed by Kyle Henning and other Jackson, PD personnel. This is a significant reason for his founding of
  • Last Jan. Kyle ticketed Adam for an offense he didn’t actually see. And one, even if done, for which there is no victim.
  • Since then Kyle’s integrity as an officer has been called into question. He ticketed a man for drunk driving (as the man driving the other way hit a curb). The man lost his job. Then the man obtained the video tape from Kyle’s cruiser which shows that Kyle himself was driving down the middle of the road and the man swerved to avoid an accident. Further, Kyle has court this week for allegedly sexual assaulting a female from the area whom he gave a ride home to while she was inebriated. Despite these and other incidents, Kyle still remains on paid duty at the Jackson PD.
  • The offense for which Adam had been ticketed was transferred to another jurisdiction (I’m not entirely sure why). Months ago Adam was verbally told that he’d be informed of his pending court date (but to my knowledge he never was).
  • Adam left the area to hit the road with Liberty On Tour. When he returned, we were told (by a third party whom a cop had apparently shared this info) that Adam had an outstanding bench warrant for a failure to appear.

After learning of this bench warrant Adam, a few days ago, did a write-up about his run-ins with the Jackson, WI Police Department in case something such as this transpired. He indicated to me and his family at that time that he planned not to pay their ransom because he had not engaged in any actions for which there was a victim.

This is nothing more than a shake-down/revenue generator and we can’t sit idly by. Thanks in advance for your help in bringing about accountability. Stay tuned for more on this story as it develops.

Adam’s own write-up done days prior to being arrested:

Yep, I have a warrant, but before we talk about what that means, let me tell you why. On January 3rd, 2010 I was walking into my home in Jackson, WI at about 4:30 am. When I was about five feet from my door I noticed a police car pull up. Thinking there might be some reasonable explanation for this I started to walk toward the officer (Kyle Henning – pictured) to see what they wanted, I know now that this was a mistake and I that should have just walked inside, and even though Kyle never actually saw me driving and admits that I didn’t break any traffic law(s), he still wrote me a ticket for operating after suspension saying I could take it to court.

I was in the process of fighting this ticket before leaving Wisconsin to do Liberty On Tour. At that time I had gone to my first court appearance and showed 10 seconds of my video (part I here and two here) to the DA who quickly decided that I should have a trial if I insisted on showing videos to him.  This is understandable because he’s a lawyer from a private firm, who is hired by the city to act as the DA. Going to trial on my case would be more profitable for him and the firm regardless of the video proving Kyle’s weak case against me.

The warrant I have is a bench warrant meaning that if an officer of the law — like there are any of those left — sees me or encounters me they must arrest me and bring me to jail.  At that time I’ll be given two choices;  either pay the $139 to the state to release me or they’ll put me in a cage for 6 days.  Most of us would agree that no matter what I choose, I lose.  I lose $139 of my wealth or six days of my life in a cage.

Why I won’t pay the ransom.

I won’t pay the state for several reasons, I never agreed to their laws and the contact they claim I broke by driving wasn’t ever actually signed by me. Also, Kyle is a liar.  He never seen me break any traffic law(s) nor does he have any witness that says I did harm to them or their property. He was merely harassing me when he approached me that morning. I’ve caught him before harassing people for victimless crimes and abusing his power. The court appointed DA didn’t review my case when he had the chance and instead choose the best option for him – a trail.  Victimless crimes generate revenue for the state, it’s their only benefit and don’t keep anyone safe at all.  They’d use my money to do things I disagree with and would NOT pay for voluntarily. I can’t give money to people I know will use it to harm others.

On top of not paying the fine I also will not assist in my kidnapping.  I won’t walk into the jail to turn myself in, I won’t help those with guns get me to the jail and I won’t take any service that is being paid for by tax dollars (like jail food).

So where does this leave me now?

Waiting I guess.  At some point I’ll be caught by people with guns, taken against my will to a place where I’ll be stripped naked, have photographs of my body taken, finger prints taken and then put into a cage for six days – for allegedly driving a car without the states permission?  And guess what? You’re going to be the one paying for it. Do we really think caging me is keeping people safe?  Is this the best use of tax dollars?  Giving the current financial state of the government should they be locking peaceful people in cages?  Would you voluntarily pay to lock up someone who hasn’t physically harmed anyone?  If you or I did this it would be called kidnapping.

I wanted to get this out there so when those with guns do come my story is here, a story that is simple: NO VICTIM, NO CRIME.  Maybe if people would stop paying fines for victimless crimes, then the police would stop issuing them and go work on more productive things, like solving crimes with actual victims.