Learning Disabled Woman Being Tortured in San Diego

The San Diego Police had this Woman Bruatlly Assaulted on a MTS Bus and MTS sends her a Altered Video of the Attack-Read the Comments Feature below this You Tube Video-If ANYONE Could Viral This for her it LITERALLY May save her Life-Witness the Brutality they Pepetrated towards her Because she was Whistle Blowing It was a Out Sourced Contracted Assualt so Transparency couldbnt be Linked Back to them
Victim Name is Leslie Williams

Submitted by Anonymous San Diego Citizen via our submission tab.

  • Amigajoe

    Oh jeez. This is an assault on a bus but everything else fro the submitter is lunacy. There is an internet phenomenon…that…how to describe it? It’s basically Paranoid Schizophrenics believing they are being harassed and stalked by strangers in an organized fashion as part of some huge conspiracy by the freemasons, the vatican, the CIA, Mexican gangs, or what have you. This has been around for many years, predating the Internet, it’s just now they have a way of spreading this delusion and hooking up with others suffering from a similar disorder to reinforce themselves. In their delusion, they see everything happening around them as part of the grand conspiracy, like in this video. This newest permutation is called ‘Gang Stalking’.

    Check out http://mindcontrolforum.net/ for some insight into this ‘issue’

  • http://n/a DavidLister

    This video makes no sense..

  • Learning Disabled Woman Bruatlly Assualted on MTS Bus

    Understand this and Be Real Clear THOURGHLEY Research EVERYSINGLE Thing Right Here to see the Thruth of what Has/IS Happining towards this Woman and LITERALLY Realize the Thruth of it LITERALLY BEING PERPTRATED TOWARDS HER-lET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING-The Person who commnetd on this Post by the Name of
    Amigajoe says:
    January 9, 2012 at 9:25 am
    ABOVE is either a DisInformation Individual- or Some one who has’nt the capacity to thourghley Review GangStalking-
    This You Tube Video Clearley Shows a Chula Vista Police Officer on teh News Openeley admitting GangStalking exsits
    Google GangStalking and Disinformation and Look at the Amount of Responses gooogle genertaes to that description and come to understand that these people Deliberately thru Cybersurvalling a Target’s Cyber Activities see a Target Contacting Web sites Like Cop Block and when they see that Web Site they contact post their contact information what they will do to steer Onlookers aways from the thruthful factual Realities is discredit the Legitimacy of what is being exposed Now to see the thruth of what happned in reference to this assualt-“Read this it is the Updated Information that is currentley in the Comments feature of the Above Video-“”””””

    Read This Before Watching Video and After
    Fellow San Diego’ns Over 50 Blogs are online at
    Experience Project.com
    Go to this Web page Register(It only takes a Minute-Then Sign In then after you have signed in Go to their Search Feature and Type in GangStalking- HIT enter A Page appears Click on ” I am Being Electronically Harrassed” when that page appears go to the Right of this page Select “See All”-Click on this Feature and Scroll to my Blogs you can scroll back 7 pages to see all of the Posts before and after the assault-they clearley mention the Bus and Bus Drivers on Several Occasions
    Thank You
    Learning Disabled Woman Bruatlly Assualted n MTS- MTS sends her 2’nd Altered VideoWATCH-Read Comment-Part 1-5-
    Part 2-5 are Upcoming

    -Now this Video if you Look at it you can clearley see the Descrepancies in wheir the back Door is-the back Door is always on the same side as the Front door is Always-.
    Look wheir its at before the Attack-and look at the Mirror-on the rail its backwards-
    THen get on MTS Bus’s and observe wheir this rail that Hold’s the Mirror is Clearley alwatys on the Other side of the Bus
    Clearlerley Review Everything-They sent her the Video in the EXE Format and we at this Time cannot figure out how to get it converted to a WMV file Format to upload it to You Tube-But were Working on figuring it out-they rotated the back somehow
    Read this Pasted BLOG-Which was made on October 11th 2011 the day after the assault it clearley says she was sitting in the back and that the assaliant was sitting in front of her on the Right-Review the Blog then Come back to this Comment Feature
    Now observe this Blog because their is a Link in it that proves the Assault was Predicted 9 days before it occurred-

    http://targetgangstalking.wordpress.com/2011/11/28/learning-disabled-woman-brutally-attacked-on-mts-bus-predicted-attack-9-days-before-in-a-email/ ———————————————————
    and their are Blogs all over the Internet that shows she was blogging about being GangStalked on her Bus Routes hararssed on her Bus Routes even By Bus Driver’s- Now this Video Mentions Transit Workers-Its a Video Concerning GangStalking—

    so why did MTS Alter this Video– because around 5 Minutes before the Assualt he was Harrassing her using his Left hand and she made that statement to the Detective and Digitally Audio taped that Conversation-so what they did was rotate it then sectioned it to make it appear he was’snt harrassing her at all and then they only included around 1:34 Secounds of the duration of the video before the Assualt and after the Assault
    -they also placed different people on this bus in the Video which means they sectioned a different bus route trip to this bus route Video because their are people missing that were on the Route the Day of the Assault– also their is alot more missing then what should be on the Video concerning the end when everyone got off the Bus all of this will be explained soon-Between December 21’st and January 4the University Librarys are closed so our internet availibilty is very Limited until January 4th.
    And the Bus Driver did Multiple Things on this Route that were directley Connected to the harrassemnt and Assualt before the Assualt and After-that were directley not included within the Altered Video they sent her.
    Again look at this Blog at this Blog Address it Hold the Scanned Email Printout that Clearley Shows this Woman Predicted she’d be assualted on Public Transportation 9-1/2 Days before it Occurred
    Everything that is described in this Comments Feature is the Pure 100 % thruth-LITERAL factual realities of what is happining to her even still And here is the Blog that states she went to the San Diego district Attorneys Office 2-1/2 days before the Attack.——————-And in this Blog Look at the Date then Look at the Bottom of it it Clearley States they put Gangstalkers along her path to assualt her READ IT
    TWO days before she is assualted 2 Days—–What is teh Liklihood of that Happining Look at the Date—-
    Also In this Blog Neural Implantation is Mentioned Google Oakwood Hospital Doctor Dearborn Mi-Caught Falsley Implanting Hundreds of Children Under the Guise of Epilepsey teh Same exaxt Hospital they Duped her to go into in the Same Calender Years he was doing this to Children-and Visit http://www.freedomfightersforamerica.com-Xray of 47 Metallic Implants under the Guise of Epilesey-Terry Parker Jr-Human Experiementation”””””””.
    THe Video and its comments are at this You Tube address–http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9ksHO-f36c
    As a DIRECT Result of you meticousley researching all of teh Enclosed Blogs and Links within the Blogs and Crosss referencing the Information to teh Enviroment of the Bus MTS Altered in teh Video anyone with 2 Brain Cells can see this Woman is telling the Thruth—-.
    below is a Copied and Pasted Web page that breif’s you on Dis Inormation and the people who do it are part of the Beural of technology and their listed in the Enclosed Manifesto of a GangStalker
    Thank You TTTTT

    This is a Literal manifesto of a GangStalker-Peace Pink Copied and pasted it ansd Incorporated onto their Web Site
    Read this Comment-The Link to The Manifesto of a GangStalker is right here

    And this takes you Directley to a Web page that exposes how and Why Disinformation is Purposley done–

  • http://sucktackular.com Sucktackular

    You’re illiterate.

  • Jack

    Maybe someone could rewrite the summary in English.

  • Karl Krautner

    This post should be removed or at the very least re-written. In its current form it makes the site look like an insane asylum. There is nothing here having anything to do with the cause of this site, the video is largely meaningless, the ‘recorder’ a loon and the ‘comment’ a lunatic rant. Please, keep the quality and integrity of this site up to par and delete this!

  • paschn

    “Spin” is a tool always used to keep the masses sedated or looking in the wrong places for the villain.


    News postings of the day screamed THEY”RE ATTACKING OUR BOYS! Watered down versions of the number slaughtered by the invasion were as low as 70,000…..Unbiased reports ran as high as 600,000.

    One would think a reasonable person would become suspicious of all these terrible countries that want the fascist states of America brought down but still emmigrate here in droves, (or rather did until recently).

  • L.W.77777

    Review Online GangStalking and Slander-GangStalking and Taunting GangStalking and Cyber Survallance gangstalking and Rude Behavior gangStalking and editing and Deleteing Targets Posts online -their aware Cop Block is Posting this so their Posting comments below what Cop Block is helping to expose Read all attached Litature and its clear that this Video is altered It explains why MTS did It How the Police are Involved and its Clear gangStalker engage in commenting on sites that expsoe what is happing to targets including their You Tube’s their Blogs they even LITERALLy edit and delibertley Mispell words then will comment on the words being Mispellled this Woman has Mentioned this in Blogs even Before the Assualt-
    Thank You

  • Amigajoe

    Um…yeah. See what I mean?

  • Deri Bular

    tl;dr I’d suggest having a friend help on this one OP.

  • No Bacon

    Paschn’s bullshit is even more retarded psychotic garbage than the original posting and any other response. It actually belongs here for that reason but he belongs in a funny farm along with the other Commies.

  • paschn
  • Anonymous

    Why is the Physical Structure of the MTS Bus Altered
    The Back door is on the Wrong Side of the bus periodically throughout the Video-The Rail that holds the mirror is on the Wrong side of the Bus and the Mirror that is on the rail is Backwards in reference to wheir Both are actually positioned on all MTS Bus’s-So we have to Wonder Why did MTS send her this Altred Video

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  • Nada Liar

    Watch how the other female passenger just sits there ignoring the whole thing. This is typical of community gang stalking/ mobbing, they are told not to react to anything. And when asked about it later, they will tell you they didn’t see, hear, or do anything wrong. Gang Stalking is rampant and pervasive in San Diego, the poster is legit. And it will be coming soon to a neighborhood near you.