TSA agent terrorizes, physically assaults 3-year-old child

Published On November 17, 2010 | By Dr. Q | Articles

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About The Author

Dr. Q is a police accountability activist who resides in Massachusetts. He is the founder and editor of Massachusetts Cop Block. He is also the creator of the War on Cameras Map. You can connect with him on Twitter.
  • Dana

    Makes me want to cry. The little girl is right! The agent should have stopped right there.
    I won’t be flying with my kids anytime soon.

    C’mon everyone, say 4th Amendment!

  • Brandon

    this airport Transportation Security Administration government agent really outta be arrested & charged with both physically & sexually assaulting this 3 year old child. an unwilling person being forcibly groped without their permission…isnt that the definition of sexual assault?? sumone please correct me if im wrong.