There Are No Good Cops

This article by Austin White was originally published on his blog, Stop the State:


There are no good cops anymore.  They’re all bad.  Even this former New Orleans cop says 70% of his department should be fired or indicted.

Don’t email me about your best friend from high school who you swear is a good cop.  He’s not a good cop.  Neither is the cop who lives down the street who has the fun July 4th party every year.  Your cop uncle isn’t a good cop either.  They’re all bad cops.  They might all be good people, great people, when you hang out with them on their days off, but being a good person outside the job does not translate into being a good cop.

If your cop friend has ever ticketed or arrested someone for a victimless crime he’s a bad cop and the poor souls he arrested or ticketed were so for committing acts that harmed nobody.

Imagine if a normal citizen started going around acting like a typical cop.  Imagine a normal-looking guy in regular clothes handcuffing people, throwing them in the back of his vehicle, and then locking them up in his dungeon because he doesn’t approve of them consuming marijuana, carrying a handgun on their person for self-defense without government permission, or even fishing without a license.  Imagine if this guy was demanding that people who don’t wear their seatbelts give him money.  Imagine if this person was claiming the right to use violent force against anyone who didn’t comply and the right to kill anyone who physically fought back.

Regardless of whether or not he believed he was doing a good deed, such an individual would rightly be seen as crazed and criminal.  But this is exactly what typical police do on a daily basis.

The only good cop is an ex-cop who left the force disgusted by the number of victimless crime laws he was asked to enforce.

“Well, we’ll see who how much you hate cops after my cop friend saves your life!”

See one of my previous articles challenging the claim that police provide any protection at all.  Cops are too busy ruining young pot smokers’ lives and giving single mothers $200 tickets to worry about protecting me from bad guys.  On top of that violent crime rates are at a four-decade low (in spite of the bad economy and in spite of a great deal of that violence being a result of the government’s drug war) and there’s evidence that an American is more likely to be killed by an American cop than a terrorist.  I also own and carry firearms, have a security system, a loud dog, and no compassion for aggressors – so bring it on bad guys.

History will not look kindly on the modern American police.  We have the highest incarceration rate in the world and there are daily police-brutality incidents, each one slightly more horrific than the last, being documented on YouTube so historians fifty years from now will be able to look back and study the Great Amerikan Police-State.

School children in other countries will watch footage of American police dressed up like Darth Vader kicking down families’ doors, pointing guns at the children, and killing the family dogs over minor marijuana possession the same way American school children learn about (or used to learn about) the frightening brutality of police in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

When that time comes you won’t want to admit that you were related to or friends with American cops anymore than someone would want to admit that they were friends with or related to Nazis.  If you’re related to one of the really bad cops you might even have to change your name and move far away.

Take steps now to prevent yourself from being put in that position and to reverse the trend towards tyranny.  Shame your cop friends into getting real jobs and if you’re unsuccessful gradually cut them out of your life completely.  We need potential police to know that becoming a cop could cost them friendships and their invitation to the family Christmas dinner.  Police need to know that a rapidly growing percentage of the American population looks at them with disgust.  Only then will wannabe thugs stop joining police forces.  Only then will the idea of becoming a cop be so degraded that law makers will be forced to end the war on vices because there won’t be any people willing to put on the badge and enforce the vice laws anymore.

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  • t.

    Austin: Ah….no. Lets just quickly look at your argument of “victimless crimes.”. First, as always here are Cop Block, marijuana. Dude, if you want to smoke yourself into oblivion, have fun and by. But the problem here in the real world is that isn’t what happens. Read the post with the sob story about how drug prohibition almost killed his friend. In that post it details how the guy was unemployed (a near constant with dope smokers), started to sell drugs start to steal innocent peoples stuff, started to burglarize house, started to rob people. The “victimless crimes” in very short order produce lots of victims.

    As for the rest of your list, I point to the first line of the United States Constitution where it states “promote the general welfare.”. Personally I love an armed populace. But the problem is, there are far to many irresponsible folks (like many on this site) who would demonstrate such poor decision making (like thinking fueling their victimless drug habit by breaking into houses or robbing people) are good ideas. They would certainly resist, now with firearms, anyone legally arresting them. Bad times would occur for all.

    And you just couldn’t be more wrong about most cops. They took the job for the right reason and show up everyday trying to make it better. There are some bad apples out there. But not many. We work within a flawed system and try to make it better. We vote for people who would pass better laws. But enforce the ones that we have.

    Dude, I’m glad you got arrested.

  • paschn

    By virtue of the fact that cops, (all of them), will obey an order to attack/subvert demonstrators with a legitimate grievance, yes, they are ALL bad.

    By virtue of the fact that we also have local/state/federal “leaders” that actively seek out the trash that will blindly obey illegal/unconstitutional commands, the vast majority of our “leaders” are bad.

    Now, all you of military age need to examine what their motivation is to lie you into yet another immoral invasion of a country that has done ABSOLUTELY no harm to our country, decide whom we are going to slaughter and die for…then decide if you don’t care what the facts of the matter are. If you can justify it in your own mind, you too will be PERFECT material for joining the sycophants-in-blue when and IF you return intact;–dumb-policies-towards-iran.html

  • Darren

    In reply to T: You are the typical worthless cop appologist that takes a simple statement like, “smoking marijuana is a victimless crime,” and then go on to attach other crimes as somehow being part of the original victimless crime. You remind me of the idiotic San Diego city council that sat there arguing for making drinking alcohol illegal at the beach because people get in fights(already illegal), urinate on people’s property(already illegal), and vandalize property(already illegal) “because of excessive drinking.” Why should the masses be punished for what a small minority of already lawbreaking citizens do? I’m real tired of one new law after another being implemented to deal with the idiots that are already breaking laws and should just be arrested for those laws instead of making us all lawbreakers.

    And you cops make me laugh when speaking about other lawbreakers. You break one law after another on a daily basis with such frequency that you can’t even grasp what the rest of us must put up with. There are so many bullshit laws out there now that it is virtually impossible to not break a couple daily. I find it funny that the courts just upheld police departments being able to discriminate against smart people when hiring police officers. Basically, police departments nationwide just admitted that you are all fools and not a bright one amongst you sicne they won’t even hire smart people. LOL, fools!

  • Mator Boyd

    Wow, what a huge generalization. Austin White will realize once he graduates high school that the world is not so black and white. Perhaps most cops are excellent cops for enforcing laws regardless of how stupid – that is their mission. It is the monied interests who introduce and promote stupid bills, the citizens who lack critical thinking skills who support the bills, and legislators who vote and sign them into law who are at fault.

    And yet some victimless laws are needed, such as rational speed limits. Do parents want you cruising by elementary schools at 150mph? No victims, but a statistically high chance that Junior will end up a bloody mess on your windscreen.

    So what really makes a bad cop? Any cop who hasn’t studied and doesn’t adhere to the US Constitution (specifically the first ten amendments). Any cop with an ego that drives his actions. Any cop who separates citizens into two classes – cop and non-cop. Any cop with an inferiority complex who compensates with a badge and a sidearm. Any cop in a leadership position who assigns his subordinates to revenue generation rather than promoting public safety. Any cop who acts in a manner that would be shameful if witnessed and recorded.

    While Austin White might have said, “marijuana laws are groundless and stupid”, or “many cops have an unlawful and high disregard for civil liberties”, his prime generalization is a bit off base.

    – Not a cop and don’t particularly even like cops

  • WhenTennesseePigsFly

    The “Nuremberg Defense”…

  • Mike

    @ Mator Boyd

    I agree with you that reckless driving is not a victimless crime, but going over the speed limit isn’t always reckless. For example, in 1995 Montana had no numerical speed limit outside city limits, with the only requirement that motorist drive reasonably. After four years they recorded the lowest amount of car fatalities in the state’s history.

  • Carlos

    Let’s just say that you are somewhat trapped in a fairly large hole. The sides, well over 50 feet high, are too steep to climb out but you have semi-freedom to move around and attend to your daily needs. Your skill is widget making and you are given the raw materials to make your widgets. In return for the widgets, your captor throws food and water into the hole every day, so you won’t starve, or die of thirst.

    As part of the fee for your captivity, your captors reduce your food and water by just a little bit, each day. But then a strange thing starts to happen. Each day, your captor starts dumping a muddy slurry into the hole. You slop around in the mud, but you are still free to move about, albeit messy. Widget making becomes more difficult and requires extra effort. You grow weaker as your food and water are reduced.
    But as the slurry gets deeper and deeper, your ability to move gets tougher each day. You yell about injustice to your captors, but they aren’t listening and the slurry slowly rises. Finally, you reach the point where you can’t move at all, even to make widgets or get to your food and water and you and your semi-freedom die. You die a slow, agonizing death as freedom and sustenance are stripped from you, just a little bit at a time.

    Consider now that the millions of local, state and federal laws are the slurry that is being dumped into your “hole”. At first, you don’t feel the impact of the laws and you can still slosh around. It’s a minor inconvenience and you ignore it. The slurry (law) rises a little bit more and you ##### and moan about increasing restrictions, but still you ignore the cause of the rising mud. Your freedom of movement becomes more restricted each day as the slurry (flurry) of laws grows exponentially. Laws that are used by special interests to inflict greater restriction on the people to implement some narrow focus agenda; laws that are passed by immoral legislators who will pander to the special interests, just so long as the legislator can retain his or her power.
    Then of course, your captor (government) extracts taxes from you by reducing your daily food and water rations. Now your condition is that you can’t move as freely as you once did and the sustenance that keeps you alive is being reduced. Your future is indeed bleak.

  • Carlos

    One of the major problems in America today is that there are too many laws and too much regulation. There are a seemingly endless number of examples of legislators who either have no sense or somehow lose it in the exalted halls of government. For instance, Kentucky law mandates that people must bathe once a year.
    Not to pick on Kentucky, but like most states, they have a number of crazy laws: Throwing eggs at a public speaker is punishable by up to one year in jail; it is illegal to dye or color a baby chick, duckling or rabbit unless six or more are for sale at the same time; or if a horse dies in front of a residence, the owner (of the horse, that is) must remove the dead animal within 12 hours. If it is not done, then it becomes the homeowner’s responsibility. That may have made sense in the 1800s, but it hardly seems necessary today. One city had an ordinance that required the sheriff to shoot dogs whose owners did not pay a local tax on their animals.

    However, peoples’ wants are insatiable, and legislators respond to special interest groups that want to impose their particular need or desire on the rest of society, which results in thousands of new laws and regulations.

    It’s worth noting that America has more lawyers than the rest of the world combined, and our society is suffering the consequences.

  • Carlos

    An, to finalize this, MORONS like this pseudo-Cop nicknamed “T”, that has no BALLS for letting us know his real name, are the ones in charge to EN-F-O-R-C-E those malicious and crappy laws. No wonder why America is on D E C L I N E…

  • Glenn

    Statistically speaking, it is mathematically impossible for there to be any “good cops”. The reason for this is the “sphere of influence” theory that states that each police officer is not a separate, autonomous entity. Put simply, cops talk to each other. They are around each other, they interact, they conspire, etc etc.

    Each bad cop has a sphere of influence that can logically effect the two nearest cops to him. And once those two nearest cops are aware of the first bad cops illegal actions, THEY then become back cops due to their inaction. Accessories after the fact, as it were.

    If you have 100 cops in a control group, and only 2 of them are corrupt, they can effectively spread their poison to at least 25% of the remaining force. And that is just two bad cops out of 100. When you add 10 bad cops, or even 20 bad cops into the equation, you can see how things get really ugly, really fast.

    Or, as the commenter above noted, a cop himself admitted that 70% of the police in his department should be fired. Given the penchant of police to downplay negative aspects of their “profession”, we can logically conclude that at least 90% of the police should be fired.

    At this point in time, we are looking at nothing less than an occupying army that is doing to the American public what the Marines are doing to the Afghans. Rape, pillage, murder, then use us as toilets. For most cops, that is exactly, precisely how they view the public at large. Just something for them to relieve themselves on. be it physically, financially, emotionally, or at times all three.

  • t.

    Darren: Nice open mind you got there. Dude I’ve been doing this for years. I’ve been dealing with YOU apologists for the dope crowd for years. I relate those other crimes because overwheklmingly , they are related. Almost every property crime that I have dealt with in the last 16 years HAS BEEN DRUG RELATED. You can claim that it’s not, but it is. Maybe you are the rare young pothead that has a job, and pays his rentj, and doesn’t steal from people. But honestly, I doubt it. I admit that I do know some professional people that do various drugs (or have in the past). Most of those have quit, or have been forced to quit due to testing at there jobs. Most say that they miss smoking a lot. But add that they are so much better off.

    But some of what you guys have said is true. There are some plain dumb cops out there. Andthere are a bunch of dumb administrations. And butt loads of dumb laws, rules and regulations. But regardless of what many of you goofballs want to think, this is a nation FOUNDED ON THE RULE OF LAW. Like I said earlier, you don’t have to look any further than TO PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE. Not everyone’s gonna like it.

    I work constantly from within to expand the thought process of those with which I work. I vote and engage in political discussions and activities to try change those areas, from within. If you don’t like that process, there isn’t much I can do for you. You are lost like the rest of your cause.

    Darren, here in the real world, it works just like I described. Your drug use doesn’t exist in a vaccum. There are other consequences.

  • Yuven Tayclue

    No way are we all unemployed or need to steal. Haven’t you heard? Cannibis is a plant God gave us to grow for free. Buy a set of cheap shop lights, some shelves and some bottom watering planters at Walmart for about $40 and you’re ready for personal stash in 36 days on a 10 hour light cycle.

    You won’t be able to sell it, everything will be small scale, but really that’s all anyone really needs.

  • KAZ

    We must be careful with what we wish for. Drinking and Driving is a victimless crime unless the drunk runs into another car and kills someone. Or how about the guy who drives 90mph in a 25mph neighborhood with kids and pets playing around. Once again no victim until someone get plowed into by this asshole. My question for you Pete is do you think we need people to keep those idiots out there from hurting others or should it be the average citizens job to enact vigilante justice. I agree we need to make changes in the way our police do business.

    I think you are doing a great job by bringing these problems with our current police and court system into the public eye. Your activism is great and you are actively doing something to make changes. My only issue with your post is when you told people to
    “Shame your cop friends into getting real jobs and if you’re unsuccessful gradually cut them out of your life completely. We need potential police to know that becoming a cop could cost them friendships and their invitation to the family Christmas dinner.”
    I think instead of cutting cops out of our lives we should do more of what you guys on copblock do and inform the police that they have a choice. Keep telling them its not ok to give peaceful people tickets and locking them in cages. Tell them to only stop those idiots that are a danger to others, and keep the peace in the neighborhoods they are sworn to protect and serve. Our governments wouldn’t possibly be able to fire all LEO’s if they all stopped the revenue generation and focused on public service.

  • dougo

    Carlos,I really liked the way you put it fourth.T you are a brainwashed,myopic,sheep.when your kind is done feeding on the citizens they will turn on you!

  • frank

    @t. here’s another broke(billionaire) stoner pushing to decriminalize drugs. Any smart non-brainwashed individual can see that the war on drugs has failed. Your an Idoit and to respond to your posted comment on the concealed weapons article. Laws are different from state to state. In GA I do not have to notify LEO’s that I’m armed nor do I unless asked.

  • WhenTennesseePigsFly

    “Dear T”,

    If you are a cop as you say you are then it might come as a shock to you to know that the phrase you are tossing around “TO PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE”, is in the Preamble of the Constitution and not the body of said legal document…

    And the US Supreme Court has ruled many times that nothing in the preamble grants legislative power.

    See: Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11, 22 (1905)

    Its modern day construct is applicable to the uniformity clause and nothing more…

    But you being the super-duper-legal-beagle that you are, you knew this right?


    A Lawyer.


    I’m a bad cop!!!! I like to arrest people for victimless crimes!! My favorite one is operating while impaired! If you take away the 15000 people killed each year by drunks, and another 200,000 injured. It’s truly a victimless crime! I had the opportunity just this last year to knock on 2 doors to let a mom and dad know that their sons were killed by people under the influence. 1 was by a man who was drunk. the 2nd was by another kid who was high on weed and cocaine… So apparenlty weed and cocaine mixed with a car can create a real victim. a 22 year old victim.


    But he is right. You are more likely to be killed by a cop.. what he fails to mention is that the vast majority of those are justified. And I’m not talking about the iffy ones. I’m talking the vast majority of those are people with a weapon threatening or actually using deadly force that are killed. Problem with stats… is that many times you can twist them to fit your message. statistically 2-4 people are killed a year that are found unjustified. Look at the Cato study. If it was such an apedimic that site would be full of stats.. but it isn’t.

    In addition… violent crime late lowest in 4 decades.. the article looks at NY for an example. Well.. over the last decade NY has stepped up it’s pro-activeness. Along with LA and other cities. Locking bad people up for lesser offences b4 they kill someone.

    Our department had 2 homicides last year.. we average 1 every 7-10 years… ALL OF OUR stats were UP last year except for drug offences. All of those went down.

  • Chris Mallory

    Sorry PSOSGT, very few of those would be justified if a citizen did the shooting. The cops have a nice little set up so when they say the magic words ” I felt threatened” no matter if it was reasonable or not they get a free pass. A citizen just having a weapon is prime excuse for most cops to start blazing away.

    You government employees are paid to take the risks, now you don’t want to. Maybe we should start cutting some of the excessive pay and platinum benefits the cops now enjoy. If you don’t like it, I am sure most cops could find productive employment picking up cans on the side of the road.

  • paschn

    @ Mr. Malloy;

    VERY well said! Sadly, the badge, gun and other “toys” are nothing more than extensions of short-comings in other areas, mostly psychological,(but not all). It’s a win-win situation for ’em, but you have to be willing to whore-out yourself and betray your country/constitution. Again, these isolated incidents are disturbing, but it’s their willingness en toto to crush valid dissent that boldly stamps TRAITOR/COWARD across their chests.

    If this treason hasn’t gone too far and we regain control of our government/sycophants-in-blue, we could make their continued employment contingent upon their wearing a uniform shirt reading, “I was a whore for the runaway government and Wall Street”, and revoking their “platinum” retirement/bennies package and make them, (as well as their owners in the legislature), live on the same social (in)security we have to. Perhaps then we’ll see less theft from it and more costs of living increases.


    @chris and pasch

    Here is a few hundred just from 2000-2002 of regular citizens using guns to protect themselves..

    I can’t find the magazine online cause I don’t remember the name of it.. but everymonth they have a section in the paper giving 6 or more examples of how people use a gun in self defense.. 6 a month!! That’s just about even with the police….who intentianally go into dangerous situations. Complaining about police being involved in shootings is like complaining about fisherman being injured at sea, or logger’s being injured by trees.

    And the legal justification for ANYONE is the Ability, Opportunity, and Jeopardy of the suspect. Not including castle doctrine that only applies to citizens. Not sure where u get your infor from, but people shooting people far out weighs the police shooting people.

    What is the most recent case of the police shooting someone that looks like an unjustified shooting?? Bart? The AZ Marine? May 5th 2011 was the AZ Marine. Got anything more recent than that??????


    Heck…let’s even start with a simpler one. How many people do the police shoot a year. Kill by gunfire a year?

  • Carlos


    Here is a lively example of your…“GOOD” cops.
    Enjoy the reading.

  • billy

    Wow, these cops on here are fucking retarded. They all just spout the same talking points the authoritarian right(not right like republican right like conservative ie they only like tradition and “Family Values”) have been using for decades. Pot doesn’t cause crime, I’ve never met a soul that has ever stole or broke into a home to support their pot use. Crack, yeah. Meth, definitely. Heroin? Of course. But, not Pot. I also know dozens of people that have gone their entire lives (people in their 50s+) that have only ever smoked pot, never used anything harder. That blows the roof off of the whole “If you smoke pot, the next thing you know you’ll be selling your ass on the street for smack,” thing.

    Fuck every one of you cops. I’m just waiting for my chance to rise.

  • WhenTennesseePigsFly

    PSOSGT, I gotta disagree with you on this one… simply because the cops/DA/Coroners Inquest/ Et al, rule a police shooting “justified” don’t mean much these days…

    The Las Vegas Journal has an excellent series called “Always Justified”, which points out that the Clark County Coroner’s Inquest, has NEVER found a cop involved shooting unjustified. Even in the case of some that blatantly were unjustified.

    This is just one city in one state…

    How about this article from the LA Times dealing with all those so called “Waist band Shootings”… half of all of them were of unarmed people. Which leads one to conclude that the cops are simply shooting people and then saying the magic words… “He was reaching for his waistband”…

    Now we have the US DoJ reporting that one out of every five use incidents of use of force by Seattle PD are unconstitutional…

    And the US DoJ has another 17 major police departments in this country under investigation…

    See, the cops as a whole in this country are not the saints or angels you and other cops want us to believe them to be… in my state of TN we are seeing a sharp increase in cops being arrested for crimes ranging from DUI to Murder… and now POST is embroiled in a scandal itself, accused of violating the law…

    People didn’t wake up one morning and simply say, you know today is Monday so I’m going to start hating cops today!

    Something happened, either something to them, to someone they know or love or they simply began reading the news and opened their eyes to the totality of events…

    I know our web site gets over 5,000 unique hits a month, but we specialize in only Tennessee Police Misconduct. We receive about 200 emails a month from people who, before discovering our site had no clue misconduct was so bad amongst our cops… and all of them have a story to tell about how something a cop did caused them to lose respect for them, and stop supporting the police…

    Cops are their own worst enemies… but you know this.

  • t.

    Tenn.: Just quickly, got more overflow from victimless crimes to go handle, but…..I know the preamble isn’t part of the law of the constitution. What does it does though is spell out clearly what the rest of the document is about (or at least what it is supposed to be about)

  • Susie

    Thank You. They are all scumballs, yes, everyone, you heard me…they contantly cover for each other, are silent no matter what the issue is -and the damn government will turn the other cheek-make up false allegations too so their “bro” doesnt get in trouble.

    For all you coplicking dolts who grumble that “Them cops would be the first we would call if somethin happened”
    well, I PAY my taxes for public safety, you sure shootin I would call someone since I pay for it from my salary. But Im not paying to get beaten to death because one of those yeast infection gestapo didnt like the way I spoke to them or get molested while handcuffed in the back of a squad car.
    If any of us “normal” people were accused of any of that, our asses would be in jail with charges pending so fast, your tongue would still be licking the cookie dough out of the bowl in your house while your body would be in jail, But not the SS men/women. they are “special” no wonder they walk around like its high noon in the OK Corral.

  • WhenTennesseePigsFly

    Again you show your ignorance, about what the Constitution is and isn’t…

    The government of and by the Constitution is one of “enumerated powers” please see Article I, Section 8 as well as the 10th Amendment.

    This means that unless the Constitution grants a certain power to the government, the government does not have that power.

    It was for this simple reason, many of the founding fathers did not believe that a Bill of Rights was necessary… but fortunately they foresaw people like you being placed into positions of power and gave us the Bill of Rights…

    So our courts could slap you and your ilk down when you step outside the bounds of the supreme law…

    See Mr. Police Officer… the Constitution is simply a list of limitations placed on the government, its actors and it’s agents…

  • t.

    Tenn: Thanks for agreeing with me. Clearly the constitution limits government (or should anyway). The point that for whatever reason you are missing is that the preamble clearly lays out what the governments are / should be. Please don’t think that I think that our system is without flaws, because it’s not. But look around the world pal, you’re not gonna find one better.

    But, since you have targeted me in such a nasty way, let me guess. Your that attorney that goes way beyond his due diligence and into the outlandish for his clients. You’re THAT GUY who will make any claim in court to cloud the truth. (I actually got one of your kinds’ license suspended awhile back because he advised his client to flee from the court when a witness showed up / unfortunately I heard him and saw it happen). You’re probably that guy who forgets that as an officer of the court he has a responsibility to the truth, as well as to his client. I’ve had your kind walk over and introduce themselves to me, stand there for a few minutes, and then go back to the D.A. and tell them that I said it was OK to dismiss charges.
    That’s just dirty.

    We should be working together to find the truth. I never mind the hard question on the stand. Sometimes I know, sometimes I don’t. But you going to every extreme to subvert the truth, to get around the law, is just si ply wrong.

    Dude, preach to your own before you come to me.

  • WhenTennesseePigsFly


    You managed to get a lawyers license suspended… I’d love to see that news-story, or BoPR report…

    Secondly, its not the police officers decision to dismiss criminal charges in ANY state… that is the sole responsibility of the District Attorney or one of his/her Deputies/Assistants who acts on his/her behalf… or US Attorney if federal.

    The prosecuting attorney has the sole discretion to bring or dismiss any and all criminal charges… he/she also has the sole responsibility to screen any and all cases to be presented to a Grand Jury, or not…

    Judges nearly always sign off on any dismissals based on DA recommendations…

    Cops actually have zero say in the matter… now as a courtesy I and most other attorneys will talk to the cops, to see what they have to say about a plea or whatnot…

    Just like other lawyers I know the cops… who works days, who works nights and I like to get the guys who just pulled 8/10/12 hrs on duty out of the courtroom as soon as I can, so they can get home and get some sleep… but FYI, when I bring a plea to you and ask you what you think, its not because I need your input, infact the DA has already agreed to it… its just me being nice… that’s all, same for all the other lawyers…

    See, most pleas are worked out between attorneys and DA’s, days or even weeks before you and I will ever meet in courtroom… we have to so probation can have time to chime in. And the DA will have time to prepare a sentence recommendation report for the judge. And so the judge get the plea sheet before court along with all other required documentation… so see, you and the other cops are the last to find out about any plea.

    Even the defendant is aware of his or her fate before you’ll find out.

    But hey! I get paid by the hour and I’ve raked my fair share of cops over the coals on the witness stand, so if one wants to play big shot then I’m game…

    And most DA’s don’t like it when cops object to a plea anyhow… they, like everyone else in that court room (judge included) want to get everything over with and get out of there ASAP… so when some cop wants to be a butt-head over a DUI to Reckless plea or a Pub Intox case some cop wants to run all they way up to the Supreme Court. Yeah they get miffed over that…

    And no, I’m not one of those stereo-typical Law and Order SUV criminal defense lawyers that all cops, everywhere claim to run into everyday in court…

    Funny, its only the cops who seem to run into them…

    If you had any idea how it all works, in the courtroom you’d understand that such antics wouldn’t be tolerated, by any judge.

    Time is most precious commodity in the courtroom and time is money…

    I’ve been on all sides… right out of law school I worked in the states PD’s office (Public Defender), then I prosecuted for several years and now I’m in private practice in criminal defense.

    Yeah, I’ve seen it all from true hardcore criminals many of whom I put in prison, to the cops who were so tainted that no prosecutor would allow them within 1,000 feet of the witness stand.

    I’m sure you’ve heard of a Brady List, we had a long one… it was several pages in fact.

    Cops are simply the lowest common denominator in the criminal justice system… sorry to be so blunt, but its just the way it is…

  • t.

    Wow. We got way off topic on this thread but……
    Maybe that’s how it works where you ‘practice’. And it does the same when it comes to felonies here where I am. But when it comes to district court here , the police are intimately involved (the D.A’s are just overwhelmed with the amount of your clients – the criminals – to meet with anyone ahead of time). So there you go big shot. You don’t know everything about everywhere.

    But you are absolutely right about one thing….there are definitely officers that I don’t want within a 1000 feed of the stand either. Those are the guys who pushed the envelope to far and now make bad case law. Its the same way where I work. There are officers whom go to trial on every charge because the attorney’s all know that they can beat them. In 16 years I’ve onlylost 1 case (a trainee of mine went on first and screwed it up and I couldn’t fix it). I’m not bragging, but I do it for the right reason. I know how it all works. I do it right.

    Again you seem to want to fight about the samantics of it. I again say, we shouldn’t be enemies. We should both be working to find the truth. Apparently my characterizing you was spot on.

    Good luck with your listing criminal clients. Keep believing them.

  • jack or

    This is true BLUE CODE OF SILENCE the cop that supposed to be good just witnessed a bad cop shoot a black kid in the back while he was playing basket ball on the street, they will question him ,he is a witness he will say the kid aimed a gun at the other cops LIE falsify records.

    They go to court for a lawsuit the good cops will LIE again to get his buddy out of trouble and even go to court again and frame the kid with his false police reports.

    They do this all the times everyday. They are all criminals. They all take ordered from bad cops, their all the same

  • B Mos

    T…I’m a cop too and it is pointless to try and argue with these disillusioned people. I feel sorry for them. They haven’t had to experience the crap that we have seen in their short overprotected lives. They’re mad because if they get it trouble now, mommy and daddy can’t help them. So now they set up a website and piss and moan about how bad we all are. They lump us into one category “bad” just like the Nazis did with the Jewish. Yet, they get mad when you say that pot is a gateway drug and there are in fact victims in the grad sceme of things. They use general verbage and non-specific incidents that cannot be documented to support their arguments that we are all bad. I’ve spent the last 15 years protecting their right to do so. And yes…..they do call us when the feces hits the oscillator.

  • B Mos

    @jack or…..where is your proof to support this crap. Just because you assume this, does not make it true. I can tell the masses that the sky is falling…..doesn’t make it true.

  • Carlos

    @B Mos

    Another frustrated and whining cop trying to justify his buddies’ actions.

    Look, you smart-ass, cops are no here to protect anyone. The U.S.A. Supreme Court ruled about this several years ago. You may as well have a read of that article if you haven’t already:

    Cops ONLY mission is to en-F-O-R-C-E laws created by the state, whether these are right or wrong. Collect money for the state with traffic tickets. Also to HANDCUFF people and take them to jail to continue overcrowding the correctional system and sending the stocks of the prison complex so these can make more money.

    Pathetic !

  • B Mos

    @Carlos….Here are just a few stories of cops saving lives. The correctional system would not be so crowded if people would stop breaking the law. It’s nice though that you recognize that I am in fact a smart ass. The difference between us is that I can back up my statements. I protect people on a daily basis while you sit on your ass whinning about injustice. If you think a change should be made, then run for office and make a real difference. Until then sit back, drink your Red Bull and play on these forums.

  • The Man

    On behalf of B Mos. @carlos. Fuck you!

  • Carlos

    The Man? What man?

    Enjoying the anonymity blanket of the web to throw insults. When you have no arguments to back up your case you resort on this. What a lowly human being.

    @B Mos,

    May I suggest you to pay a visit to the web-site below so you can take a look at the articles and post back here some statistics about how many people were…“SAVED” by…ahem…COPS ???



  • paschn

    @ Carlos;

    YEOW!! very good site, sir! I might have missed one but I don’t recall any of the reports there being duplicated on this site. All this filth in our system and it doesn’t even address the real frightening practice of the blue-parasites crushing legitimate peaceful demonstrations by subversion and unconstitutional “thug” tactics after having dropped to their knees to “feed” before their masters on Wall Street and the hallowed, (horrid?), halls of D.C. Guess they need their daily shot of liquid protein to help them commit their overt acts of treason/cowardice.

    I’d be willing to contribute to any serious action to bring attention to, (as another sharp poster accurately called it), their “Platinum” pay-off for their treasonous crimes if we can eventually end all the “perks” and stop paying to have our constitution crapped upon?

    I doubt it would have any affect, as the “Renfield Class” in federal and state legislature are well aware of their treason but still need the sycophants-in-blue to keep a very pissed-off/sold out populace from laying their hands on them. I seriously doubt they’d take any perks from them even after their “austerity” measures, (for their masters on Wall Street/Tel Aviv/New York/London), have the bulk of us, (men, women, children and the old), starving en mass on the streets). After they use the U.N.’s small arms treaty to confiscate all our legal weapons, they’re gonna have themselves a ball mass-murdering and illegally encarcerating we “cockroaches” in those FEMA camps. Any of you little lackeys who would like to mock the above statement might want to recall Russia,Ukraine,Bosnia,Germany et al. I’ll take a stab at the aggragate number slaughtered by their own corrupted governmental organizations under orders from their puppet masters in the Central Banking System at +/- 60 millions. Your arrogant “chirping” about how it can’t happen in the Fascist States of America just make it that much easier for them to execute it.

  • B Mos

    Nope. I sent you three credible news stories and they weren’t enough. You renut with a link to abother cop hating site. To me thats not credible. Why waste my time and energy arfuing with close minded people who have twisted their interpretation of the law and constitution to meet their own agendas. Good luck with your endeavors. I pray that your eyes are opened one day and you realizr its the few that reflect poorly on the majority. Peace be with you.


    I love how when I bring up a point… people have to jump to another subject. Yeah.. there are bad cops. I don’t think any cop who has visited this site has said anything different.

    Back to the point.. ya’ll seem to think cops kill everyone.. yet no one to date can tell me HOW MANY PEOPLE are killed by cops a year. hmmmm I wonder why that is. Probably cause it’s a very small number and people who want to spread the message that cops kill don’t like statistics that hurt thier BS message.

    Just this week in my state a girl killed her bf because she thought he was a burglar. No charges filed. huh..

    And articles that touch the surface of a subject reflect more of the opinion of the author than what’s going on. The shootings in LA about wasteband shootings.. Talks about 1 story, out of 15 shootings. huh, give’s the impression that they are all like that. Gotta love the press. What about the other 14. But we don’t care do we. That might shed some light on the subject. EACH use of force indident is judged as 1 event, not all of them together.

    Here are the facts for you all….. Guess I’ll use google.

    365 or so people are killed by cops a year. 80% of those threatened officers with a weapon. In 2011, 380 cops had been shot and another 1200 we shot at. And that’s just the gun section. 54000 fel assaults happen against police a year.

    Only 7.7% of police killings are drug related.

  • LEO 108

    Well said PSOSGT! Real stats too! Nice to see that for a change.

  • paschn

    SO, one cop spends a buck on a kid, walks out and gets nailed. One out of how many? Was he out busting heads of OWS’s the night before? One simple act and the “lame stream media” plasters it all over about the hero cop….

    One act doesn’t tell you all there is to know. In fact, if I recall correctly you spew pretty much the same thing every time you rant about the “cockroaches”, (cop term, not mine), spouting off before all the facts are known. Is it a shame the kid was killed? yup. But it’s a damn shame ANYONE gets killed. Need a tissue Sarge?

  • LEO 108

    @paschn. Not cool. I’ve been a cop for 15 years amd haven’t used the term cockroaches as a name for anyone. Why is it that you point out that we spout off the same thing, yet you all do the same when we try to defend ourselves. Its obvious you will not change your views about the police and will never understand that without the police, there would be no order and crime would run rampant. Hell, it pretty mich does now even with us around. We do the best we can with what we have. You guys cite a few cases of cops doing bed things. Do you have any idea how many cops there are in the US. Do you know that less that 1% are crooked? Cops get arrestes and are punished for their behavior, when caught. I was in IA and had the job of getting bad cops off the streets.

    @ the man. If you’re a cop, you should be ashamed and rethink your career. There is no call for that behavior. Its an embarassment and only substantiates what these people are saying. Keep your negative comments ti yourself.

  • The Man

    @Leo 108. So what if I am. I stand up for a cop and you come off on me like that. Fuck tou too then!

  • Carlos

    I doubt that “a very few” cops are bad, unless it’s the same cops traveling all over across America giving police a bad name. I’ve personally known cops who’ve done things way worse than any civilian I’ve known. For example a cop I met last year was caught forcing prostitutes to have sex with him to keep them from getting arrested.

    What have you got to say about it?

  • LEO 108

    @carlos. Really. I’m suppose to take your word on your claim. That’s the problem I have here. Statements without merit. So you’re saying you met a random cop that admitted to committing a felony to you. I don’t buy it. All I’m saying is that you should weigh the number off LEO’s in the US an look at the number of allegations, then justify your claim. General verbage means nothing. Unsubstantiated claims prove nothing. Did you report this officer? If not, why? Blogging does not do anything. Report these violations or file lawsuits for 4th amndmt violations. I have no use for a dirty cop and don’t beleive in any code of silence. Everyone should know that there are consequences for bad decisions.

  • LEO 108

    I re-read. Sorry. Was the officer prosecuted? He should have been because he is criminal not worthy of wearing the badge.

  • paschn


    Strange term. ….. “yet you all do the same when we try to defend ourselves.” The sycophants-in-blue carry the weapons, tazers,clubs…are paid by us….BETRAY us en mass….retire after 15 or 20….get ANOTHER job….then at 62 or there abouts…retire AGAIN and collect SS…all this with med/dent/optical….please let’s not cause an epidemic of nausea here.
    Every one of you continually “chirp” this and “chirp” that about this one thing or that one thing yet you blatantly ignore, (or simply cannot GRASP the one point in ALL this!) When people are trying to exercise their right to peaceful dissent and draw NEEDED attention to a govenment NO LONGER of by and for, a government YOU KNOW is SHITTING upon our rights you dirty evil traitors, at a command from your handlers CRUSH them!! GODDAMIT that is the point! the one point that makes you AS A GROUP every bit as evil and treacherous as those you work for… not us! Can NONE of you get it through your self-serving heads that YOU AS A GROUP are at the fore in bringing this nation down because you, AS A GROUP are immoral, cowardly and will KILL us in droves if your masters say the word! Why? because you slime CAN with immunity….not because it’s right! So for Christ’s SAKE admit your treason and complicity in all this and KNOCK OFF whining over this item or that item! You haven’t a moral leg to STAND on! Were any of you EVER patriotic? Most of you served in the military….did you invade/slaughter/rape and destroy as PATRIOTS?? If so, WHAT THE FUCK happened??!! Did you get off so sweetly committing these acts that you couldn’t stop and decided to continue doing same to your OWN PEOPLE because the bennies were so GODDAMN sweet?! When you stand AGAINST your people, assault and injure unarmed FELLOW citizens there is NO DEFENSE for your actions! As for “cockroaches”, it was a term used by your compatriots in FLA. at a lewd party that was filmed and posted on YouTube after they laughed and joked over one of their gang that, “shot the cockroach in the head”, (similar to what you “heroes” did to that poor vet), in this case the “cockroach” they laughed about shooting was a PEACEFUL demonstrating teacher/mother/wife/sister…..FELLOW AMERICAN! These other evil acts are bad enough but are committed by lone psychopaths….the ONE thing you do AS A GROUP is the main reason for our rage/fear/contempt. your willing, hell JOYFUL GLEE when you’re told to “head out boys…we got heads to crack today!!” Seriously, how the HELL do you sleep at night?

  • LEO 108

    I sleep well with a clear concious that I am here to help people. I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of for my career choice. You can swear at me and call me what you want. If you called for help, I eould come running to help. We don’t kill in droves and I would kill just because someone tols me to. I don’t know who wronged you or if you ran oit of meds, but I have not insulted orade a meam comment to anyone on this site. We do not act AS A GROUP. Our retirement here is 28 amd out, so I don’t know where you get tour info. Also, I have to pay for my insurance now and after retirement. Most of us have to work off duty to make ends meet. Do more research before you make irrational and paranoid rants. Now I expect a ton if insults and unsubstatiates claims as a response.

  • LEO 108

    *i would not kill just because I was told to do so. Friggin touch phone!

  • The man

    @POSchn. Dude you’re just being a dick. You must have been arrested for a minir weed charge and now choose to sit at the computer and call the people who keep real thus at bay. Yeah. No shit they have guns and weapons. Do you see the shit that real thigs carry. Give me fuckin break. If you peacefully assemble and have the permits to do so, they can’t do shit. But its assholes like you that can’t follow simple fucking rules that meas it up for the ones who do it the right way. You gotta make a statement and then cry when you force them to do their jobs. These guys protect people, they save lives, yet you focus on the minority who do bad shit. You’re the whinny little fuck that will call them when someone knocks you on your ass. You’re a fuckin joke. Get a life you douche nozzle!

  • paschn



    vested after 10 years

    New Hampshire

    vested after 10 years

    New York State

    vested after 10 years


    vested after 10 years

    What you PROBABLY meant to add, but simply forgot is 28 and out with 100% of your pay-off, (in addition to whatever you can cull from double or triple dipping until you retire). My god, you are a member of a selfless fraternity, aren’t you?

    I’m sure you simply forgot that tidbit, right?

    It simply has to be an uncontrollable NEED to SERVE the people and HONOR the constitution that draws a particular type of hero such as yourself to this arduous, thankless, profession…to struggle your way through being compensated too little for the selfless service you execute in serving and protecting, right?

    Where are you “serving”? Mayberry?


  • Henryk

    May I say that the comments are becoming rabid and personal and hurtful. I joined this little group to enjoy a civil discourse not this. May I suggest that everyone backs off and think before they speak, well, write. If the goals of this effort doesn’t suit you why are you here? Rather than curse the ground of the people who created this site just leave. This is not getting anyone anywhere. Tensions are too high and I would not be surprised if the editors shut this down and prevent any postings at all. Agree to disagree and move on, alright mate?

  • Leo


    Do you know what vested means. You retire at a percentage after tou are vested. I don’t get 100% its 72%. Where do you get your info on double and triple dipping? Please explain what you mean. I did enter this profession to help people regardless of what you may think. It is my way of serving my country and I am proud of my achievements. It is homorable to serve you fellow citiens. And yes I am a member if a law enforcement family or as you call it a fraternity. Most are not self serving and like any family we have bad apples. We deal with them whem they are caught. Cops do go to prison, loose their jobs and families. But the consequences of their actions are not talked about here. That would mean that you would have to admit that we so police ourselves.

    As for retirement. Why do police not deserve it but other professions do. That makes no sense to me. Your arguments don’t seem to have much merit and I’m getting bored with hearing unsupported statement that you seem to pull out of thin air….or off Google.

  • paschn

    I try not to use google whenever possible what with their “privacy policy” As for vested, I sure do. I found my information at state sites listed on the internet, official sites posting their criteria for retirement. Take ALL tax dollars/matching tax-payer funds out of the equations and you can have all the retirement benefits you like. As for serving? I’ve stated this numerous times but the bulk of the sycophants-in-blue either ignore it or can’t grasp it. You servants of the people can do 1 or 2 decent acts a year, which is fine. The moment you, (through ignorance or in an attempt to curry favor with your leaders), agree to take part in actions that crush or subvert, (you did it constantly in the ’60’s and ’70’s with sick little provocateurs on the payroll), your own people’s right to peaceful dissent, you become a boil on the ass of
    constitutional freedoms, period. Why do you “good” cops find that so hard to comprehend? Work hard all day riding in your cruiser, constantly risking life and limb to “serve and protect”, then come home, kick the dog, slap the wife but that doesn’t count? A thousand decent acts are negated by one act of treason. Is it beyond you to see that taking part in such acts make you part of the treason being committed against your constitution and your fellow citizens? Do you all choose to ignore the obvious? And as for, “That would mean that you would have to admit that we so police ourselves.”? Again, take a breath, back off…..From the plentiful number of sites posting thousands,(these are only the ones exposed), of acts of corruption/evil committed by LEO’s, district/state’s attorneys’ offices…..over and over again, you’re doing a piss-poor job of it. Now don’t simply say to yourself, “grr that f**king cockroach should have his ass clubbed/tazed into oblivion, I’d show him!” Try to look at it from the perspective of a third person. What would a neutral third party deduce from the obvious?

  • Michael

    I hate to disagree, but My Father just retired a good cop. He went out of his way to not go after victim-less crime. He fought his department every day and refused to pull people over for random stupid stuff.

    Marijuana? He didn’t care about it. He was rewarded many times in his career for looking out for the little guy. But you can blanked statement that out of the literally millions of cops you have never met on or off the job, none are good?

    One of the other great things about my dad? One of the only things he ever taught me about Cops was that they were not their for you. Their only job is to get people in trouble, never talk to them. This from a cop. Even if my father was the only on of the millions of police out there like this, it still proves you wrong.

  • Leo

    You see that’s just sad too. I go out of my way to help people. I lit a pilot light for a little old lady with no family. I can’t tell you how many tires I’ve changed for people or how many rides I given to people that ran out of gas. I’ve done countless acts for people. I don’t kick my dog or beat my wife. For one…my wife would beat my ass if I tried. There are moral cops out there. The people I’ve arrested, deserved it and knew what they did. I’ve crushed more joints on the street and let people go that you’ve probably smoke Mr. Paschn.

    The bottom line is. Are there bad cops….yes. Are they ALL bad….no. You think in general terms and back up your perceptions with a tainted personal agenda. If this was such a bad country and you hate our police officers so bad, then why haven’t you moved to Mexico or Canada? The truth is….for every bad cop there are thousands that do a good job. Your main gripe is with the laws we enforce. So you should hate your representatives, not us.

  • paschn

    Did I ever use the word “hate”? I don’t think so. Further, did I say ALL cops are bad? What I said was IF a cop follows an illegal order to subvert or attack people with, (what even a junior high school student can see), a legitimate bitch re: the corrupted system he/she is violating our constitution and BoR and by definition is committing an act of treason, which in turn makes them a traitor to their people and country. I don’t believe anyone can make it any simpler than that. I haven’t been ticketed/ arrested in DECADES I do however remember the countless times cop shops used covert provocateurs to creat violence and give the “boys” the reason they needed to become violent w/ peaceful demonstrators back before most of you trolling here were born. But, as I said before, you trolls simply ignore the meat of what I post and continue bringing up individual acts of kindness, true or not. Can you not see, or do you prefer to ignore the unconstitutional laws the “Renfield Class” keep passing? Do you not understand that by running interference for them you are complicit in destroying the country for the rest of us, your kids and grand kids too. I think you all believe that you will forever be their “sweethearts” and you and yours will NEVER be on the “shit” end of the stick with the rest of us. But consider this, when they begin moving the military into the states to enforce laws the cops can no longer enforce on their own, you and your families will become very expendable. Please stop saying I hate. Hell, I don’t even hate those filthy peckerwoods Bush/Obama for lying us into war after war for the banking elite but I sure as hell will call them what they are.

  • Leo

    I apologize to you paschn. I inferred it and that was wrong of me. I guess I am blind because I don’t see it. Maybe it is not as obvious to me because I have not worked in a big city. I was at a small department in a small city. I can tell you that I will not obey an order to violate someone’s rights.

    What you are saying is that congress, senate and the president have created unconstitutional laws. And because we (LEO’s) are bound by our oaths to uphold it, then we are in essence violating citizens rights.

    Check out he site

  • paschn


    Seems to be a great site/organization. I’ve marked it, read their bi-laws. When I found out that I had been lied to about the Gulf of Tonkin, I became very angry, still am. I simply cannot fight for a government that has repeatedly used it’s people’s well meant but chronically mislead patriotism to invade/kill/destroy countries around the world, spending TRILLIONS while their own people/nation rot from beneath us. Oathkeepers appears to be made up of people such as myself who’s hearts ache for the nation that could have been so great but has been turned into a murderous tyrant against not only the world but it’s OWN PEOPLE. Thanks for the link.

  • Leo

    See….I knew that we could find some common ground. God be with you!

  • B Mos
  • David

    > In that post it details how the guy was unemployed (a near constant with dope smokers),

    Employment status is an irrelevant red herring (and your claim that it’s a ‘near constant’ with dope smokers is demonstrably untrue).

    > started to sell drugs start to steal innocent peoples stuff

    Possession and distribution are entirely different. You cannot have an opinion on legal or even ethical matters if you don’t have the intellectual capacity to recognise that.

    > started to burglarize house, started to rob people. The “victimless crimes” in very short order produce lots of victims.

    Burglaries and robberies are separate events which are not victimless and rightly carry penalties, but your reasoning is wholly flawed. Why not prohibit being poor? Poor people rob stuff all the time. There is no logical path from ‘person smokes marijuana’ to ‘person burgles homes’.

    > And you just couldn’t be more wrong about most cops. They took the job for the right reason and show up everyday trying to make it better. There are some bad apples out there. But not many. We work within a flawed system and try to make it better. We vote for people who would pass better laws. But enforce the ones that we have.

    I doubt all police took the job for the right reasons. Do you think all soldiers take the job for the right reasons? No, plenty of them take it because they have no money, want to kill people, are bored or just have no idea what to do in life. It’s the same with any job, except with public jobs (like law enforcement or military) the entrance requirements are very scant.

    > Dude, I’m glad you got arrested.

    It’s depressing that someone expresses glee over another human being denied their liberty simply because they disagree on something.

  • t.

    @DAVID: I guess that is all directed at me because those appear to my quotes. Let’s look at your analysis. FIRST the unemployment. Clearly it’s an important part because how can he have any money to buy his dope without a job or being a criminal ???? Easy, he can’t. SECOND: If you read the article, the buddy who posted it said that he sold dope to fund his own habit. So huh? THIRD: Robberies and burglaries. Again, how, I ask you sir, does he fund his habit without a job?? Easy, swiping shit from other people. It doesn’t matter if it’s illegal or legal, people still have to find the money somewhere to buy it (think about it brainy smurf).

    Now as for the rest, you can have your opinion and I’ll have mine. No where on this site or any other will you find me defending every officer. No where will you find me against police accountability. What yo will find is that I demand accountability from ALL. Not just the police, but everyone. People have free will. They can do as they want. But there are consequences to some of those actions. Somewhere on some post someone made the ridiculous claim that the police are above the law’ and never held accountable. Hell all you have to do is read the corrupt cops’ section to see that claim is an outright lie.

    As for the claim that it is sad that I said someone needed a cage, guess you haven’t met the same people I have

  • Tinsley Grey Sammons


    Madam Speaker, I rise in reluctant support for S. 1789, the Fair Sentencing Act. My support is reluctant because S. 1789 is an uncomfortable mix of some provisions that reduce the harms of the federal war on drugs and other provisions that increase the harms of that disastrous and unconstitutional war. I am supporting this legislation because I am optimistic the legislation’s overall effect will be positive.
    –Congressman Ron Paul (July 30, 2010)

    Each successive ramping up of the federal war on drugs has made it more evident that this war is incompatible with constitutional government, individual liberty, and prosperity. It is time for Congress to reverse course. I am optimistic that S. 1789 – even with its faults – may signal that Congress is ready to begin reversing course. It is imperative that the House of Representatives pursue a dialogue on how we can end the federal war on drugs – a war that has increasingly become a war on the American people and our Constitution. –Congressman Ron Paul (July 30, 2010)

    May 21, 2012

    Nearly two years have passed and Congress has made no effort to repeal Drug Prohibition.


    Nearly two years have passed and the Media remains silent.


    Nearly two years have passed and the Alternative Media has nothing to say.


    Shouldn’t the repeal of unconstitutional power be top priority? Harmless Individuals are being injured every day by the UNCONSTITUTIONAL Drug War. Shouldn’t it be obvious to every adult American that Congress’ doing nothing to correct such a monstrously criminal error is itself criminal? Don’t the many lawyers in Congress know that?

    Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

  • anonymous

    Yes cops suck. I have watched them abuse our constitutional rights for four decades. They deal drugs, sell guns and anything else that they seize from private citizens. They entrap innocent people by OFFERING THEM DRUGS, PORNOGRAPHY AND SEX FOR MONEY! So much for protecting us. I once had a broken arm and was staying in a hotel with a girlfriend from out-of-town. I was threatened by a gang of thugs so I called the police whose county headquarters was less than two blocks away. They showed up the next day with 4 squad cars and a k-9 unit – ripped my room apart and busted me for a couple of grams of pot! Amerika is a f&£king police state and there’s not a damn thing that any of your pork lovers can say to change my mind!

  • Bryan

    Thank god for our police to keep these animals in line

  • Randall McKay

    The good cops are the ones who don’t want to do the job, but maybe they care too much to look away from the fucked up actions people do. Like bombing shit. Kidnapping. Raping.
    They just feel like shit all the time because they can’t take their minds of off ‘there’s someone right now planning on shooting up a school.’ So they put on their cop hat, and step out the door to try to go find the asshole who plans on doing the shooting.
    Power corrupts, yes. But there are good ‘people’ out there, who care, and choose to do something to help. The best cops keep their heads down, apologize, and say I WISH I DIDN’T HAVE TO DO THE JOB. The good cops don’t want any attention.

  • Tower Tolleson

    Listen, the government has made the drug wars for a reason. the federal government law enforcement agencies and cities make billions of dollars off of these drug wars; up to and including seizures of homes, property, vehicles, weapons, jewelry and the drugs themselves the list goes on. The money that is seized goes to local law enforcements usually. You are damn right they’re going to do everything they can to keep this war alive. Do you believe the officials that run the law enforcement in the cities in which you live Will somehow stop?No, that’s one more thing they don’t have to pay for.

  • Tower Tolleson

    Don’t let anyone kid you. It’s all about money and power. Our government officials are not unlike the people that they bust for drugs. They are addicts except its not drugs they are addicted to, its money and power. That is why our country is in the predicament it is in. as long as they have money to spend and power to wield. I have always believed you give a man enough power and he will abuse it. that goes for women also; when I say man I mean mankind. you asked what is enough power? it all depends on the man. Listen Congress has made it so that they do not have to abide by the same laws as citizens. they can do things that you and I would go to jail for. They have exempted themselves from the law. Now do you not believe that’s an abuse of power? Should they not obey the same laws that we do? These are the things that you deal with with this drug war you cannot win. There is entirely too much money involved in this made up war. no matter how you slice it it all comes down to money and power.

  • Serge Kannon

    I read your article as if I wrote it myself. You must be the sharpest person on the planet. No good cops! If there were ANY good cops, there would be no bad ones. There are droves and droves of vicious pigs on every police force. If the good cops did their job, there would be no bad cops, but since there are bad cops that means the good cops aren’t doing their job. What do you call a cop who isn’t doing his job? A BAD COP!!! “Then you should never cal 911!” Well, Mr. Intelligent, if I need a paramedic or the fire department, two professions for whom I have the utmost respect, I will call 911 as I need, thank you. If the cops arrive, they can go fuck themselves and won’t get a word out of me even if I’m a victim! If I were robbed or my home burgled, the LAST thing I would want is to involve a gang of juice-head buffoons fucking up MY investigation. Fuck that! I’ve seen their work. Their as useless as grandpa’s nipples and as dumb as doorknobs.
    You should write an article about how you should ALWAYS file a notice of claim against the city immediately after any interactions with police where you think they may have stepped out of line! I have a case where the police stalled an investigation for longer than the 90 days allotted to file a notice of claim in order to sue the city. Always file a notice of claim and allow a jury to decide whether there was any wrong doing. This is how the police get away with everything. The CCRB and IA are there to stall investigations for so long that by the time they fail, you can no longer sue them for assault with a deadly weapon.

  • Summer

    Ignorant piece of shit and everyone who agrees to this post. Sure there are videos of cops “doing bad things,” but is it the whole clip? Did the very beginning of the altercation get recorded too? Probably not. Cops have strict rules they abide by under the government. There are laws and things they don’t agree with but still have to enforce. You say harmless crimes, what do you mean, graffiti or something? Every single thing a person does affects the world we live in. So if we used graffiti as “harmless crime,” you’d be perfectly okay and not affected if some unworthy person came and defaced your house, yard, fence, cars etc? You better believe that would be harmful to your bank account. You’d be glad a cop would arrest them for doing that. Also, bad for the environment, yet again harmful. Cops ticketing single mothers? Why single them out? Everyone else gets ticketed too! He’s actually probably saving her and her children’s lives. I’m sure she’d much rather be paying a small fine compared to a gravesite; just a thought. Just wait til your crashed on the highway one day, perhaps barely breathing and bleeding out profusely. You’ll be grateful for having policemen around!

  • Rodney Kling

    your dad says that cops are there to get you in trouble? wow. I always guessed it but am so glad for the best of confirms. I’ll bet he was giving you fatherly advice. Good on him.

  • InalienableWrights

    Austin, I think you are really suking up, and delusional when you say that a cop can be a good person.

    How can an evil doer, and criminal be a good person?

    If that is the case then you must agree that Adolph Hitler, Mao, and Stalin were all good people because they only did their evil in their official capacity.

    All cops belong in jail for the crimes that they have committed period, and they are NOT good people.

  • #blowmeyouretards

    You are all sad. You all would be raped without cops being there to protect you. Dont ever file a police report when your car get stolen, you dont deserve the help.Dont call them when youre getting fucked up. Saying all cops are bad is like me saying ypure addicted to drugs and dont like police because they dont let you fuck up our streets. You must be a drug addict or an 18 yr old pot head by heart. Ignorant peice of fucking shit. And everyone that agrees with him.

  • FistedSister

    Only good cop is a dead one.

  • FistedSister

    Since when has a cop stopped a rape? It seems they just file reports after the fact. you still got raped. Moron.

  • FistedSister

    Fuck you pig. I hope you and all the other pigs and pig lovers die slowly and painfully. Punk ass pig fucking pussy bitch.

  • FistedSister

    Fuck off pig. I hope you get murdered.

  • FistedSister

    You are a punk ass coward pussy pig. Go fuck yourself. Fucking pussy. Harassing and beating people hiding behind your badge and array of weapons and the power of the state. F.U.C.K. Y.O.U. Fucking pig. I will celebrate your death like I do every other pig’s death.

  • FistedSister

    Fuck you scum bag

  • Alex

    This article is a joke, right? Nobody would actually believe this crap, would they? I salute your attempt at satire, but you have to admit that it’s in bad taste.

  • Adam Daniel Sprague

    You do realize if we didn’t have police we would have higher crime rates than ever, and you do realize that yes police aren’t able to be everywhere at all times, but I can assure you that when a crime is committed after they file the report they take the victim to a hospital and gather DNA from what is called a rape kit,and then they run an investigation, and most rape cases are solved, very few go unsolved.

  • Adam Daniel Sprague

    Oh and before you call me a pig, I’m not a cop, I’m about toake my EMT exam which allows me to work in the back of an ambulance.

  • Aaron Booker

    Just a theory. You don’t hate cops. You hate violent, over zealous patrolmen and SWAT raids for search warrants. I’m not sure if I agree that society is inherently violent but violence is in the world and people will do terrible things to each other like rob, rape and murder. I don’t think anyone is under the delusion that cops will prevent crime, unless, of course, they happen to be there while the crime is committed. But when they do happen, the crimes where there is a victim, I expect and appreciate a police that will investigate and hopefully solve the crime. As far as the victimless crimes go, that’s a political issue, not a cop one. Those laws about traffic tickets and drug arrests are passed by politicians, not cops. Cops enforce the law, they don’t enact them.

  • Marilyn

    Austin White had to be the biggest moron on the planet. His article is laughable to say the least. WISE UP KID!

  • The truth

    We definatly need police but we definatly don’t need worthless pieces of shits running around with guns doing what they feel like doing like we have now, nor do we need all these bullshit laws that do nothing but give more money to the greedy ass government. The police these days are a joke, more criminal than most so called criminals who decide to smoke a plant instead of pop 10 pills filled with chemicals that they would like you to take instead. The government needs to be blamed more than anybody else and the police need to be disbanded and hire new police that aren’t criminals and are actually here for the safety of the citizens not to profit for the government in any means necasery.

  • ijustcommented

    A pal just sent me this garbage. “Cop Block”, really? The people behind this site are clearly on the wrong side of the law … or just plain dumb. or both.

    I know hundreds of cops. I know one bad cop.

    Fact of the matter is, the number of bad cops is a single-digit percentage of police population.

    I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of coward, ignorant, flat-out stupid people than you anti-police eggheads. Kudos to all the cops that put their asses on the line to pull your sorry asses out of trouble … to save your lives … to save your families’ lives … to save idiots like you from hurting yourselves, and others.

    Take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself “am I really THAT stupid”. Go ahead. Even you criminals who are locked-up can find a mirror somewhere.

  • Eric Delledera

    As an ex EMT i can say you are an idiot Adam. Unfortunately, you still see the world as a good place. Police are horrid people, but, so are most common people. That’s why im an ex EMT. When you meet them, you are immediately disgusted.

    And rape kits… why dont you just ask google how many rape kits have been untested for years. Also my cousin was drugged and raped for 2 days in San Francisco. I know my facts because I have actually done the research

    ALS EMT for a year. That’s all it took to ruin my thoughts of people.

  • Dave Rutledge

    You live in bliss because you haven’t been betrayed yet or have any friends.. who have been wrongfully arrested and jailed.

  • Random Guy

    “good person” is really subjective, but I think we know what the author means, and I agree with him. A well-intentioned, otherwise decent person can be sucked into the awul career that is law enforcement, by being brainwashed into thinking they are providing useful services even when they really aren’t. Regular people buy the propagana, cops can to. Now, how much is a good question. I don’t believe Adolf Hitler really believed his own propaganda.

    How much and to what extent ignorance is a mitigating factor is the key to this issue, I think. The fact that I haven’t figured that out makes me hesitant to say “we shouldn’t have cops as friends” as well. I kind of instinctively cringe at that idea, but that doesn’t mean its wrong. I certainly agree that there isn’t such thing as a “good cop” if we define that as a cop who performs his job in a morally justified manner. In fairness, the author did talk about “gradually” cutting them out of your life. I’d love to see an entire article exploring that point, its implications, and how best to go about doing it. For one thing, if you cut the cops out of your life, most of the other people in your life will (probably) be more likely to cut YOU out than them. There are some other difficulties as well…

  • Buck Navich

    I think the point is that good police officers are Required to enforce terrible unjust laws that rob and oppress people trying to be happy ,a really large number of peoples lives are destroyed by unjust laws. Even one person is too many. We can’t say it’s ok to do that to them but it’s not ok to do that to us. Consider this, most laws are made without the peoples consent. Politics make laws. Police are only supposed to protect people from other people, not from themselves.

  • ijustcommented

    Cops are doing their job … citizens need to follow the law, whether they like the laws or not. If they don’t like the laws, or they don’t agree with the laws … there’s a process to try to make change, including addressing their congressman, senator, etc. If they don’t like that process, they have the choice to move out-of-state or out of the country.

    If people can’t like with the state or national politics here … they should give Canada a try. Or, perhaps Europe (good luck on that).

    Police are absolutely supposed to protect people, as well as THEMSELVES … from harm’s way.

    More thanks should be given out to the good cops (the vast majority of cops, btw) who put their lives on the line every day to protect folks like you and me.

  • Buck Navich

    That you’ve crushed joints and let people go is to be absolutely commended Sir. I don’t know if that’s allowed, but if it is, then shame on the ones than don’t. If it’s not allowed, then you are a very good cop, but others might consider that the unlawful deed of a rogue cop. I agree with your point about the laws. We who allow the laws to exist, look the other way, are more guilty than cops forced to enforce them.

  • Jyoeru

    WHAT? Of the criminal acts that cops intervene in, most of them are after the fact. Cops don’t prevent rape. This is a very unfortunate view you hold. Though, it is true that cops can be densely populated and *discourage* crime from occurring in an area, the fact of the matter is, if someone wants to rape or kill you, they will do so REGARDLESS of the penalties. So, who you should cherish in your post is perhaps the prosecutors and judges and detention center cops.

    I don’t have the studies to back this up–and no one does–but it is my deduction that 80% of the police force we have are only enforcing ticketable offenses and the remaining 20% are the “heroes” you are supporting.

    Our current crime trend? Drugs and DWIs. There is HUGE money in DWIs due to marketed public sentiment, which has vastly changed over the last 15 years. It’s the Flavor of the Month crime that is worth upwards of $20k per offense to the county/city/state, yet causes less fatalities than heart attacks, which are frequently related to the corporate schemes, destitution, and deficiencies in the medical community.

    Let me put it this way: If you are a black man and you steal $5000 from a grocery store, you will end up in jail for ten years and marked felon for life, and will likely be a ward of the system for the rest of your life. But if you’re Martha Stewart and screw a lot of people over for money, you will only go to jail for a few years and still be a public icon afterwards.

    Those are the types of crimes police ARE SUPPOSED TO BE STOPPING. Yet, most of what they do are just routine traffic stops in hopes they found someone they can take to jail.

    For example: I was following a drunk driver in TX a few months back. Called the police to intervene, followed the driver at my own risk per 911 advice, and the guy got pulled over. I was told to hang out for questioning at the scene. And when the cop came up to my car, the only thing he cared about was that I had an Indiana license/plate and a TX phone number. He was looking for a reason to ticket me or cuff me.

    No, “Thank you for helping us do our jobs.” Just a simple, “Every citizen is a criminal” form of treatment. All cops I have talked to outside of a personal relationship look at me like I am a criminal and look for ways to try and arrest me as such. 90% of society is comprised of legitimate-law abiding citizens (meaning going 5MPH over the speed limit doesn’t make you a criminal), but most police treat us like we’re all guilty in a murder investigation.

    Cops don’t protect you from crap. Their increased presence can slow or deteriorate the incidents of harm caused by harmful individuals, but at the end of the day, if someone wants to harm you, they will, and there isn’t crap that cops can or will or do do to prevent it. Want proof? Well, start with looking up the Troy Kell case. Cops didn’t prevent that Canadian’s death (which is ironic since they were already on that guy for drug trafficking), and they didn’t prevent the homicide of the inmate Kell later brutally stabbed in prison.

    /End Rant

  • Jyoeru

    Please cite the source of your information that reveals that few rape cases go unsolved, and that the police presence/interventions have improved the percentile of rape cases over the years. You speak from philosophical utopianism, and not from reality.

    BTW: Consider the amount of rape that happens in our prison system–a system that is a police-controlled environment. The fact that they can’t prevent rape in a controlled environment for which they are the stewards is enough evidence to validate how useless they are in the mainstream society.

    And don’t bring your “LOL criminals and rape–they deserve it” crap to the table. Our prison system puts violent offenders with victimless/non-violent offenders. That is a flaw in our system, and it tells much about our police system as a whole.

  • Jyoeru

    Please don’t.

  • Buck Navich

    I do have a really great good cop story but for another post. For the most part, I don’t really see the police putting themselves in danger. Perhaps I’m getting bubbled by the internet only showing me negative things. If the police are called to the scene of something dangerous, they are not required to risk anything. They put their personal safety above everything and I don’t blame or fault them for that in any way. When the police are the aggressors though, I firmly believe that the suspects safety and everyone elses safety Must come before the aggression. Serving a warrant on someone should and must be done only when it’s safe for the innocent until proven guilty suspect and everyone else who may be around. Bombs blowing up in baby’s cribs is acceptable to the public but not me. Sorry about my grammar. What is your opinion?


    You disgusting boot licking piece of shit COP. The very filth spewing from your mouth is the ROAD to TYRANNY. When the fuck has protest or contacting your congressman or senator every changed a god damn thing? You really think the people in power are going to do things that take that away from them?? Are you that fucking DENSE!?!? Cops are doing their jobs?!? So were the fucking NAZIS AND STALIN they operated within LAW and it was a crime to BE JEWISH!!! And that bullshit about leaving the country if we don’t like it?? The reason we had a revolution is so WE WOULDN’T HAVE TO LIVE IN THE POLICE STATE WE ARE BECOMING TODAY!!! PEOPLE LIKE YOU NEED TO BE HUNG FROM A GOD DAMN TREE YOU FUCKING TRAITOR PIECE OF SHIT!!!!


    And you obviously have no fucking moral conscious either since you blindly enforce whatever tyranny comes your way. Listen PIG..UNDERSTAND that YOU will be the first to be FED INTO THE MEAT GRINDER when the people have had enough of this government and your SHIT. Remember that they day you are DESTROYED for having served SATAN.

  • ijustcommented

    Police aggression is bad, and needs to be dealt with accordingly. Police apprehension of criminals is needed to maintain order. Cops shooting criminals that attack them first and that point weapons at them is justified. Cops throwing a beating to people that resist arrest … that’s a coin toss.

  • ijustcommented

    You feeling better now, coward? Do yourself a favor … if a cop tells you to do something, obey. If a cop arrests you, don’t run … and don’t resist arrest. And by all means, don’t point your gun at him or her. And if you feel the need to make a constitutional stance, do it later, at the police station … don’t pick the fight with the cop on the scene.

    If you don’t like cops … move somewhere else, where this won’t be an issue for you. If you don’t like the laws of your state, or the U.S. in general, then do us all a favor and leave.

    (Your comparison of anything to Nazi Germany shows just how close-minded and fucking dense you are. Pig.)

  • ben dover

    actually his comparison to Nazis is spot on now a day .. There are tons of great cops they are all worm food now

  • philip machado

    To: blowmeyouretards,
    Sounds to me as if (you) get raped quite often and if you want to call the police and then wait for (them) to come and pull (it) out of your ass then im okay with that but as for me, im gonna fight for my manhood from the get go.
    Yous a punk pussy motherfucker who needs to shut his piehole.

  • philip machado

    Well, we could also cut down (a lot) of crime if we could just find a way to be rid of the (corrupt) police officers.
    Love the uniform HATE corrupt undividuals that often times wear them.

  • philip machado

    Totally feel you David.

  • philip machado

    You are right Mr.Tolleson.
    They “Protect each other and serve themselves”.

  • philip machado

    Well said and to the point.

  • philip machado

    Michael, there most certainly (are) good police officers who (try) to do the right thing but sadly they are overwhelmed bytheir counterparts who will do them and their families wrong if they push too hard.

  • Wolf Billy

    Well, I agree with you 99% because you are not completely right, but I wish more people would at least see the 99% you see. There are some good cops but they either live in places where the whole department is cool (back in the sticks) or they are soon forced out by the evil fellow cops they actively stand against. As for trying to keep good people from joining the police forces, that’s foolhardy, there WILL be police, much better if we make sure as many of the positions as possible are filled with decent Citizens ready to resist the unconstitutional nonsense.

    Also ‘lack of compassion’ is a mentality that is too nearsighted for us to afford and part of what lead to this situation in the first case. What we need is firm dedication to stopping wrongdoing and disciplining intolerable behavior, butdoingsoin a merciful waythat shows us for the betterpeopleand earns us the spiritual blessings that tip the scales in our favor and also allow for the rehabilitation of as many as possible.

    Also, we need to stop seeing the badge, once a cop has violated his oath his authority is out the window and they are just another bully behaving extremely badly just because they have a gun and the ability to call their gang with more guns.

    And above all remember, it is the spiritual principalities, the deceptions the temptations the fears and greed that are the overall cause of all this garbage, only by being better ourselves can we obtain the ultimate victory.

  • Wolf Billy

    In my neck of the woods, the cops only make things worse,any real solutions we get we get for ourselves bubba. Maybe you need and maybe you even get the protection of the police,but they have never protected me or anyone I know from anything and have done harm to everyone I know, and no, we are not a bunch of crooks. I will say that out of all the many times the cops stole my property, stole my money, threatened my life and the lives of my loved ones, wasted my time, failed me every time I asked for help on an imported matter, falsely accused me, violated my Constitution, insulted and even enslaved me, the only good things they ever did was recovering a stolen bicycle once, and giving me a ride (in cuffs) once on a cold night, but I would have walked long and lost many bicycles to have avoided all the other things cops did to me and still want to do.

  • Wolf Billy

    fistedsister, you are obviously here to muddy up the waters and keep the truth obscured. Isn’t there a mod who can ban this guy with his ‘murder murder’ garbage?

  • Cougar R.

    Hahah this guys is a clueless tool. Some of these comments are delusional. Some police officers perform some pretty heroic acts daily. I would like to know how many of these Anti cop People have ever Saved someone’s Life by their immediate actions? How many of you have chosen a career that Puts you in a position where you may have to take the responsibility to Save someone’s life? How many of you have put yourselves in a position to put yourself life in immediate danger in order to protect a perfect stranger? Is the system perfect…no. It isn’t, and do some laws need to be changed? Sure do…..but the legal system and country is ever changing along w it’s laws. Half of you people work in professions that do nothing of Drastic value for society and you have the nerve to throw such stones. Unless your a paramedic, emergency room dr, firemen, police officer yourself, shut the hell up. What are you doing to help people….posting online….making your self righteous comments. Bunch of punks. I won’t be back to check your idiotic comments so bash away from the sidelines.

  • Cougar R.

    Are you so stupid to make such a general comment. You think a cop has never saved someone’s life by his direct actions?? I know for a fact it’s happened. Has a cops immediate actions ever stopped someone from sexually assaulting a child? Yup i know for a fact that’s happened too. Your the idiot.

  • Cougar R.

    Know for a fact of a cop that has run into a bar and prevented someone from getting stabbed and possibly killed buddy. As well as a cop who went into a home and prevented a man from beating another man to death w a crowbar when he found his wife cheating on him w this man. All facts. Your clueless to think that the direct actions of police throughout their day to day duties don’t save peoples lived or prevent murders. It 100% happens. Were you too fat to pass the police academy or something. I don’t get what is w all of the Mis directed hostility

  • Cougar R.

    Hahaha were you too much of a pussy to pass the police academy old man….or are you and your family of rats always just doing the wrong thing and getting into trouble which is why you hate the police? Just curious. Your responses are so educated, factual, and intellectual. I figured Id respond to something you’d understand. Internet tough guy.

  • Cougar R.

    Yes All cops do these things. Very educated of you. Your responses are based on pure common sense. I wonder if people get upset of stereotypes based on race…they usually do. Yet your idiotic response is a blanket response the the thousands of people to are police officers in the entire county. The system needs work yes , there are 100% bad cops, but there are also good ones. Just like there are bad drs selling pills and script pads everyday in this county and the same goes for every profession. In the end it’s the cops in the spotlight…which is the burden I guess for having of such a high profile profession. No one is commenting so much on other professions. Not as popular I guess

  • Cougar R.

    He’s an angry lil fella isn’t he lol

  • Cougar R.

    True but officers have common sense and discretion when dealing w more minor offenses. There are offenses that are clearly wrong and serious on all levels. Then there are disorderly persons offenses and minor traffic violations. Officers everyday let people slide for these knowing a lot aren’t a big deal. It’s called discretion. Most police Do try to operate w a good conscious and try to be down the middle. Some are dirtbags and need to be kicked off the force. Do laws need to be changed, yes. It’s a never ending process. But I’d say the large majority of police chose the profession to perform actions to Help people, and when they are dealing w “victimless” crimes the ones I know use their head and discretion. Not all, but most. Can’t stereotype ALL of them like this article does. Seems like other people don’t like to be stereotyped or Profiled yet they are doing that exact thing here.

  • Cougar R.

    Why so much anger. And your response is just filled w hate and is uneducated. No one listens to it because you have nothing but your personal bias backing it up. Grow up kid.

  • Cougar R.

    Lol this guy classic. go back to playing world of Warcraft

  • Jyoeru

    Ad hominem attacks coming from an illiterate fool equates to much irony and throws your so-called proofs into question.

    Pretending that your stories are legit, those two instances would fall into the group outside of the “most” bracket I was directing my attention to.

    And telling me that a cop went home and “prevented a man from beating another man to death with a crowbar when he found his wife cheating on him with this man” can–and for the sake of playing your game, does–mean that you’re telling me this cop came home and talked himself out of beating his wife’s affair partner with a crowbar. Not very impressive of a story when read with your poorly communicated narrative, is it?

  • Cougar R.

    What are you talking about? An officer responded to a call of a bar fight. Went in and disarmed a man w a knife who had stabbed and was attempting to continue to stab another person. He put himself directly in harms way debunking the notion “all cops are bad and never Ever save a persons life.” On the other instance to be specific a mans wife was having an affair. Childeren were involved and the 3 parties Actually thought they should all sit down together to discuss outcome of what to do. During the convo the husband snapped and almost killed the man w a crowbar. Officers ran into the home and prevented him from murdering the other man. Don’t read into things so much. I’m just posting two specific incidents where officers unquestionably were selfless and put their lives aside to go in and attempt to save someone else.

  • Cougar R.

    And I’m fair man. I know there are scumbag cops out there as some people here like to name call and call them. But there are 100% solid people out there that took the job only to help people and have saved peoples lives w their direct action. To think there aren’t corrupt cops is to be naive and dumb, and to think there aren’t good cops out there who have saved several peoples lives also makes a person naive and equally as stupid on the other side of the spectrum. That’s all called common sense. I hope things honestly get better for everyone and I hope the system improves and I hope people get the service they deserve from quality police officers. I am equally made just as sick when officers who shouldn’t make the cut are employed by depts.

  • Jyoeru

    Perhaps you should have said this first and omitted your initial reply? Besides that, I never said anything about all cops being good or bad. I said that they’re not really preventing crime from happening, and that most of them aren’t doing heroic deeds (whether by choice or by assignment matters not). Even in your examples, the cops only diffused that particular event from occurring at that time. Nothing would have stopped the man from coming back later and killing the other man. So your rant and attempt at a personal dig were completely unnecessary and did nothing to address what I was saying. I am sure someone on here said things more in line with the points you wanted to get across.

  • Cougar R.

    Fair enough. I read a lot of posts on here and maybe the response wasn’t tottally intended for just you. I apologize for that if some of the statements didn’t apply to your specific comment. And in those instances yes the officers actions prevented the actor from coming back to murder the individual because he was and is still incarcerated. I’m both cases the victims have been given several more years of Life because the officers prevented the murders from occurring and the actors and still in jail. “Cops don’t protect you from crap”. That is a false statement w facts and common sense used to dispute your statement. Maybe you were just Ranting there but taken literally it isn’t correct and discredits some of your argument.

  • Buck Navich

    Your anger and rage are certainly 100% justified, but as you can see by the responses that insulting them completely blinds them to what your saying. You made excellent points. Protesting and contacting legislators has proven ineffective as pleading for justice is ignored and the reason we had a revolution is so we would be free from the police state we are becoming. The people who don’t understand that can only see your angry words, I know how you feel.

  • Buck Navich

    It isn’t personal bias, it’s overwhelming frustration. I hope you’ll overlook the vented anger and please consider the rest . Thank you

  • Buck Navich

    It is not close minded to compare the US with Nazi Germany, but I’d really like to know why you disagree. He isn’t a coward either, just really bad at expressing himself.

  • Buck Navich

    I see your point. I’ve known cops that ignor victimless crimes and they are good, but legally, I think, they are required to enforce them. When they do, even if they do so politely and without malice, they are destroying lives and defending tyranny. They’re doing their jobs but when people resist, they are fighting for their freedom.

  • Cougar R.

    not when dealing w traffic violations. They 100% have the choice. Other offenses your probably talking about that fall under the disorderly person category yes they are legally supposed to enforce them. Now people would be naive to think that despite that officers still don’t turn the blind eye to such minor things because they do. Right or wrong it happens. And despite the fact that some officers May support the “tyranny” as you call it Majority of officers are working people like everyone else and Most I know didn’t take the job to surpress people or support that sort of thing. They wanted to be put into a position as a first responder to help people. Seems like people have more of a problem w the system and the law writers. The law enforcers do more good than bad for people in my opinion.

  • Cougar R.

    Listen I’m fair and open for discussion but A LOT of the posts on here the people posting are just as DISGUSTING as Corrupt or Unfit police officers. These types of people posting in such a manner are Part of the Problem not solution. There’s a way to get a point across and by people allowing their Frustration to overwhelm them and make their point is the similar reason why people think it’s acceptable to Riot. It’s 100% not. Frustration is an excuse. Door swings both ways.

  • Cougar R.

    And buck I wasn’t responding to your post. It was clearly intended for USPatriot. His response is inexcusable. And though I don’t fully agree w yours atleast your making your point in a smart non name calling manner.

  • ar kay

    dude, back up the truck. I sense a real anger in you, your tone had that big doppler effect toward the end. Most people who like cops think that police are there to help and protect. This is not true as has been established by law. Not my idea, look it up.
    People who don’t like cops should not call the police. I agree with you on that point. But I don’t call cops because of my experiences. The police are pretty much there to clean up after something happens. Interdiction is way too costly and getting costlier. So , I say, take care of yourself and hope you can handle whatever life throws at you. Be safe. Try not to be too angry. It’ll affect you.

  • ar kay

    Thank you for the help you did provide. EMT work is frontline stuff. I have traveled a path that has, although different,yielded the same conclusion about some people. But,there are , relatively sane, decent folks out there. Heck, some even project a kind of decency with their personal efforts to make this world a little better place to be.
    You can find them if you want.
    All the best

  • ar kay

    Wouldn’t any person do the same , Help a person who is being attacked?
    I don’t see what you are saying, unless you are implying that these thoroughly decent acts of honor, mitigate the bad things that cops do?

  • ar kay

    Damn Bro. Right on, it’s just so damn ….. final.

  • ar kay

    Hey, I’m the public and it is truly a sad day when people feel a need to argue the point. I been seeing a lot lately about neanderthals being wiped out by homo sapieans a long damn time ago. I sometimes wonder whether they got the job done. Maybe some of us are just different.
    Bad policing, wrong minded policies that cops claim they need but don’t seem to realize the responsibility they have to the citizens. Tragic, sad, real and all too normal.

  • Cougar R.

    Negative. The poster above me was posting that cops don’t protect people from anything. A lot of just anti police comments. I’m reasonable and I shouldn’t of even responded to such a poor statement but I was simply citing some cases that disputed what he was saying. And to answer your question no Not any person would do the same lol I have spoken to plenty of people who would turn the other way and run when the twin towers were coming down but far and large the Vast majority of first responders on scene that day police included went into that building to help. Legit police officers run towards the sound of gun fire while most civilians run away from it. Their are poor examples in every profession but this rings true for the majority in this line of work.

  • ar kay

    People throw out a bunch hard facts and call the world black and white. Myself ,I see the good and the bad with a whole lot of gray in between.There two types of men, the special ones don’t lean so heavily on tomorrow, relying, instead choose to live every day. Good day

  • Buck Navich

    I guess I did butt in I hope you didn’t find my butting in offensive, I just understand his anger, I didn’t understand when you said “nothing but your personal bias backing it up.” Now that I reread it, i see you meant personal bias doesn’t prove anything but backing it up with facts does.

  • Gofuck Yourself

    Dude you’re an idiot. Nothing in this story has any factual support. A cop will give a ticket to someone who’s not wearing their seat belt so maybe they will have one less call where someone has their brains smeared across the pavement after an accident. This is the case for everything else they do or try to do. It’s all about preventing a potential accident or threat. If I brought a gun and tried to shoot you (which would probably be better anyways) I would be arrested even though you are speaking out against cops. You know why? Because I’m breaking a law and that’s what happens when you break laws! I hope you and every other dumb ass that believes this shit have an emergency and no one shows up to help when you call 911. Good luck with your lives.