Londonderry (NH) Police Officer Receives 101 on Filming Public Officials

Above is the video encounter with myself and the Londonderry police officer who claims audio recording him is illegal.

An unknown, because I forgot to get his name (major fail), Londonderry Police officer tried to tell me that audio recording police doing their public duty was illegal. At one point stating, “check yourself.” Since I’m already facing three counts of wiretapping, and have spent the last year caught up in court cases, I turned the camera off. I told the officer that he was wrong and left to seek the others who came to support Kelly and her TSA activism – see this video of the demonstration.

It amazes me that public officials (especially police officers) still feel they have an expectation of privacy while conducting public duties. Again how, after the national publicity Glik received and the ever growing cell phone technology, can anyone – let alone police – have any expectation of privacy while in public or open space is beyond me. If the bank on the corner isn’t filming you, the gas station is and if  not those I bet someone is near by with a smart phone. Unless you’re in your own home, on your own property, you have no expectation of privacy, sorry.

The solution to this would be to rid ourselves of public servants and replace them with privately run businesses. This way when officer Londonderry tells me I can’t film the actions which I pay him for, I can simply stop paying him and find someone who provides the service I want. You don’t see me making videos about Piggly Wiggly (grocery store chain) and the bad service I feel they provide. Why is that? Because I’m able to go to Market Basket (another grocery chain) instead and Piggly Wiggly isn’t allow to force me to pay for their service (which is food distribution). If only policing were the same.

  • Shigman

    I find it hilarious when people like you thinks, just because officers are paid by the government, that officers have to do what you say. Wow, in your dream world, I bet you would expect officers to be a hitman to your orders. Sad sad sad

  • Reality

    Shigman, should we at least expect the police to follow the law? This officer clearly did not.

    Also, I find it troublesome that you advocate forcing people to pay for services which you think are a good idea. I don’t believe in theft. Sorry!

  • 1605

    Well, shut it all down, Shigman has nailed the ulterior motive of filming the police and demanding accountability AND posted it on the web.

    Great video, and as an unsupported activist, I want to say Thank you for helping to educate the public servants on the reality of filming and audio recording. Eventually it will either become the expecatation that servants are being filmed and it will keep bring accountability to their rank and file, or the scandalous law making machine will take action to ignore the Constitution and court ruling and make it some sort of civil disobedience offense in order to cost activists time and money in jail and court.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. I wish I was in Keene but it is not yet an option.

  • KBCraig

    “You failed!”

    Brilliant. :)

    The entire basis for the Glik ruling was that the right to openly record in public is so well established in the 1st U.S. District, that police have no immunity when violate that right.

    The Glik ruling wasn’t a criminal case, it was about suing the police officers who violated his rights for arresting him. Suing police, who are normally immune from lawsuits for anything they do within the scope of their duties, is such a huge legal burden to overcome that it almost never happens.

    What the court said in Glik was –my paraphrase– anyone who isn’t a mouthbreathing idiot with an IQ below room temperature should already know how well the right is established.

    I guess this officer just established where he stands in the court’s eyes.

  • Pete Malloy

    Man child, you can’t really be this ignorant. Private security would be opening the door to a whole new level of corruption. Private companies exist to maximize profit. The entity doesn’t exist to preserve order, but rather to obtain financial success. A private secrurity firm would bring in money by providing security to a community, which would mean boasting exceptional numbers. If history has taught us anything, it is that greed breeds corruption. A police officer benefits nothing financially from an arrest, but a private employee would stand to gain as his contribution has earned the company more business. The state exists as a reflection of prevailing public thought through elections. I may not agree with things, but the majority who voted want it this way. Likewise, your actions were criminal because the majority of society want to be free of what it is you did. If you believe you could have just chosen to not pay a private security employee and they wouldn’t enforce that law than you demonstrated the corruption I’m talking about. I know most people don’t like DUIs, so can an impaired motorist just refuse to pay for that service? The State exists to preserve order. Somewhere in your state exists a building where Laws are passed, and you to can run to hold a position in that office if the majority agrees with your values. They don’t though, and that’s why you will continue to have a negative experience with our social bodygaurds known as police officers. At some point you’ve got to grow up, but in the mean time you keep us enterained with the childish antics.

  • Mike

    What a bunch of dicks. Leave the damn cops alone. Your looking for a damn fight and one of these days your going to give them an opening to do what they can to you. Your being an ASSHOLE!

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    I’m with you mike. NOt sure how going arround and pikcing fights with cops over filming them does anything for “accountability”.. Your dealing with the Airport police… which in many cases is 1 step above security guard. Good work.

  • Chris Mallory

    The cops are usually the ones picking the fights. If they don’t like it, they can always quit and find honest work.

  • This person

    Love the video, but yeah you are mistaken about private security being any better, ask Blackwater (Xe) victims about that. Perhaps private security would be the way to go if the constitution was restored and corrupt politicians punished, but until then, private companies will pay off/blackmail officials to allow them to commit heinous acts.

    Cops should be able to be fired by the public of the city they work for. Whether as a vote or gathering a petition with a certain number of signatures.

  • Sheldon

    I agree with Shigman and Ademo is a doucebag hippie. I hope he gets found guity and gets the max sentence so he cant bother Police officers that acutally have a job and work instead of making corny ass youtube videos that dont matter.

  • mike

    You are NOT with me, POSSGT! Someone else is just using my name.

    Let’s get that straight!

  • Glenn

    Man I love the Cop Block guys so much. I can not wait to move back to New Hampshire. If there is to be a true restoration of liberty in this nation, New Hampshire will be where it happens.

  • paschn

    Isn’t it odd? Barry made it through his entire illegal unconstitutional term while the courts/media/sycophants-in-blue ran interferrence for him. Now, (suddenly), he will be made to answer well founded concerns about his right to, (roflmao!), serve this country.
    Doesn’t it seem strang that with all their high tech “toys” our, (roflmao), “heroes” with badges were nowhere to be seen to correct this and are NEVER able to bring down the filth in D.C. that have brought this nation to it’s knees?
    Of course, that would be called biting the hand that feeds them and defending their constitution/citizen’s right. That would take courage and virtue which is nowhere to be seen in their lexicon.


    Yeah he failed the test alright LOL….But come on Ademo it was a POP QUIZ isn’t that a little unfair? Maybe you should grade him on a curve. Ha Ha!

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  • Entity

    @Shigman He never stated that officers had to do what he “said.” When you use the term “says” it implies that anything he says has to be obeyed. Though, that does not change the fact that at this point, what this guy “said” was totally within in rights and that is something that an officer has to obey because he is being payed. I think you do not go to work with cameras, because if you did, you would realize that when they “pay” you, they can video and audio record you, as long as it is not a hidden camera/recorder, and as long as you are notified. We “pay” the police, so we can do this much. In this capitalist society, the sentence, “I pay you, so you do what I say as long as it is in the scope of the law”, carries just as much weight as the sentence, “I am the king, it is my divine right to rule, so I can rape your wife” carried roughly 700 years ago in Europe.

  • David Chessler

    Cops being angry about being constantly surveilled by citizens is absolutely rich.

  • Henryk

    Shigman, did you study the entire case of the movement, in particular the case of Ademo vs the police and the judicial system? May I suggest that before you shoot from the hip with your pen you really know what you are talking about, otherwise you look rather very foolish and uninformed.Alright mate?

  • Henryk

    Mike and PSOSGT I think you are in a very weak position to offer advice on what to do with a broken system. Are you with the police by the way? If you can not see what is wrong with our beloved country may I suggest that you wake up and smell the coffee?

  • Henryk

    About the clip, great stuff. No balls when faced with witnesses, tail under and in you go!

  • http://none Dennis

    Great job. Thank you.

  • John from nj

    It never cease’s to amaze me how how a high school diploma and a gun on your hip seem to be a formula for just some realy dumb ass comment’s.
    A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Are they gang tat’s on his arm ?

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  • Teegee

    You are a dope, you are not paying him anything unless you live in Londonderry, which I know you do not. You are also not paying him just because you are at the airport and paid $2 to park while you walked around trying to deter the Officers from doing their job.