UPDATE: Wiretapping Fundraiser – One Week Mark

A little over a week after launching my “Defensive/Offensive” fundraiser I’m happy to announce that donations to date (1.29.12) total just over $1,200! I’m inspired and excited by the flood of supporters who’ve come to my aid on such an important issue. Thanks to you, we’ll continue to highlight the abusive nature of, so called, public officials.

I’ve spent the majority of this past week promoting the fundraiser and conducting interviews (the Disindoctrination Podcast, NoStateProject podcast and Photography is NOT a Crime). I did spend a little time, and a few bucks ($50), on graphics to use in blog post and on other sites (see below). My friend, and LibertyOnTour.com colleague, Beau Davis – also a fellow activists with state issues – created them with his excellent photoshop skills.

Yet another benefit to donating to this cause, not only will you help make a bigger impact when addressing the amount of privacy public officials have (or better yet – don’t have) but when work (for hire) is needed it will be done by fellow activists first. Meaning your dollar will benefit others in the liberty community, maximizing the activism your dollar generates. In this example, Beau will use the funds to continue to make other liberty minded videos, like this.

Again, thank you for donating.

*Most donors haven’t replied to my email inquiring about publishing their names. Below are two websites/activists that have responded, please check out their work. They do more than their part in maintaining our freedom’s via education/activism.

  • Tim G

    I’m sorry that I’m not in a position to donate, but know that I support your cause. Please allow me to give you my take on your situation. I’m going to recommend the lawyer route. This will give you the best chance at maintaining your freedom to continue fighting the statist quo. That is the goal here. Anything more is a bonus. You might even be able to hit the city with a lawsuit to cover your legal fees after this mess is all over if you’re found not guilty (don’t quote me on that, I’m not a lawyer). Once you’re in the system, you pretty much have to play their game or else you’ll just end up in a cage since cops will commit perjury (and judges will allow it) just to get a conviction, regardless of your actual guilt. A lawyer will be significantly more effective at preserving your freedom than fliers and videos (that may end up being ruled illegal depending on the information they contain, thus landing you in even more hot water), and it will be well worth the extra $1,000.

  • Sheldon

    I’ll shit in an envelope and send it to you, that I’ll be my donation. I hope they find you guilty.

  • Free American


    You’re a ripe fucktard aren’t you! FREE ADEMO! Corrupt cops make the other 5% look bad!!!

  • Alex


    I support these guys and stand for everything they have highlighted with their vigilante work. I’ve been watching this website and their affiliated websites for months. Though with all of this passion to jump on board I have still yet to leave a comment. So out of curiosity, how does one like yourself arrive at such douchery? Pure enjoyment?… I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to imagine a world without opposing views, but I do wish individuals like yourself would see things a little less black and white. Really? “I’ll shit in an envelope and send it to you, that I’ll be my donation. I hope they find you guilty.” Have you really taken his situation as well as every aspect of it into account and that’s how you arrived at this opinion? Come on! Save the negativity for wrongdoers, jeez-la-weez!