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Things have changed quite a bit in the almost two years since was founded by Ademo in Wisconsin. As we aim for transparency, just wanted to share a bit about our continued efforts to improve the site.

Our end-goal is to have an informative yet easy to navigate site to better-advance our mission: police accountability, education of individual rights and the dissemination of effective tactics to utilize while filming police.

Hopefully one day the site won’t be needed. But today it is, more than ever. Changes are sorted below by “back-end” and “front-end”

Whether you’ve followed Cop Block since the beginning or are a first-time visitor, what suggestions do you have on how we can do things better? Let us know

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Back-end changes:

You might have had problems accessing in the past couple months thanks to DoS attacks. No longer. Hopefully:)

Liberty Web Alliance led a core group of tech-savvy folks to migrate the site, and the rest of the LWA stable, to a new server housed at Steadfast Networks (Duel core Sandy Bridge). We’re also using FreeBSD and cPanel/WHM.

The team is also hardening the site and making some other tweaks to keep information free and accessible. If you have skills in the area and want to collaborate or be a resource going forward let us know

Like what we’re doing on this front? Please help out by donating to Liberty Web Alliance or to Cop Block.
We’re looking at around $200/mo. for hosting. Our friends at have pledged to cover $75/mo. Can you help chip away at the difference?

Front-end changes:

  • replaced the ‘contributors’ page with an ‘about‘ page and restructured its content, including linking to those in the greater CopBlock network
  • tightened-up the ‘be active‘ page
  • alphabetized the navigation bars
  • on the right sidebar (from top):
    • added a graphic to bring attention to the threats levied at Ademo from persons in Manchester, NH for his belief that public officials are ‘on the job, on the record’
    • added a graphic to bring attention to Cop Block mobile apps
    • made the ‘archives‘ drop-down more-visible
    • added a widget to display the last dozen posts on

Again, if you have thoughts on how we could do things better at let us know. Or even better, join us! We’re a decentralized organization. You’re able and encouraged to use whatever content we create. If you have ideas or want to collaborate let us know. We’re in this together.

If you'd like a Power Post - as seen above - contact us.

  • Accountability

    Hi Pete.

    A suggestion I would like to pass on, would it be possible to give options to the people who submit posts, such as putting size/font/bold/italic/ and tags for images and video?

    It would be great if you guys can do that to improve.

    If not, then its fine too.


    Hope all is well with you guys. :=)



  • Pete Eyre

    Thanks for the suggestion. I think that’s a good idea and will see what we can do.


    I like comming here to debate n stuff. I personally would like to see accountability on this site as well. We’ve had several articles/stories/video’s where the information or story posted was false or didn’t include the correct information. This was pointed out, yet the story remained the same. Most recent that I can think of was the “cop planting drugs” story.

    It was pointed out that he wasn’t planting drugs. He had located weed on both the driver and passenger and the correct story was posted in the comments. And now a google search can turn up this “article” posted on copblock… showing another “bad cop” story when it’s not(yeah, ya’ll can play the drug war card, but that’s not what I’m talking about).

    This site, IMO is accusing that cop of a crime he didn’t commit, and yet no one feels the need to correct the post.


    What happened to the links? Did you need to drop them because of the DOS attacks? Please bring back the links (Liberty on Tour,PINAC,Chief Chaz,etc) if possible.

    You guys should be able to get some ads to help with expenses.Businesses that sell Spy Cams,car cams,listening devices,and gadgets like that should be interested.Or how about local firearm stores?

    Oh and I realy like how you do the follow-up/update on older stories.

    Keep up the good work,and thank you for supporting mine.