Vile Lying Stealing Kidnapping Clowns With Badges

By G. Asher

If you don’t believe this story, that’s OK. If you had come up to me and told me this story when I was in my 30s I would have called you liar too.

What matters is that two state judges, four federal judges, the DA, the GBI, the FBI, and a federal jury all believed me. The evidence and the testimony of all witnesses was simply overwhelming.

The story below doesn’t get to everything that happened. This is a saga, not a bedtime story. If you have questions, feel free to ask: disparunia[at]aol[dot]com I will answer truthfully even if it makes me look bad, which is all I have done since the beginning. I have no need to lie, the truth damns THEM, not me.

This article is part 1. I have another lawsuit in the making right now, so I can’t really comment on what that entails, but I will be writing about the cops robbing my house and what happened during my civil suit in part 2.

If you would like to see a nice little article written in a nearby paper, here is a link:


On April 30th, 2006, I got arrested.

April 30th was a Sunday. I had gone to a nearby town called Cumming to shoot in the indoor pistol range at Bull’s Eye gun store, which I do two or three times a month.

On my way home I stopped off at Autozone and picked up some wires and connectors for some work I needed to do to my truck.

I drove home, drove into my yard and up to my shed, and went into my shed to get my crimping tool.

When I came out of my shed I was surprised to see a Lumpkin County Sherriff’s Office vehicle with its door open. Behind the door was a deputy holding a gun. He screamed something at me, and I calmly said, “What are you doing here?” He then screamed at me ”Get on the ground or I’ll shoot your ass!” I told him, just as calmly, “Well, don’t be a pussy your whole life, son. Take the shot.”

He again screamed that he would shoot me, so I told him to holster his weapon and calm down. I asked him what he was doing at my home. He screamed that I had been speeding, 72 in a 55MPH zone. I told him again to holster his weapon, showed him I was unarmed, and told him to leave my property and return with his supervisor. I told him I would allow him to write me a ticket. He again hysterically screamed he was going to kill me.

I asked him why the lights on his car weren’t on. He looked at them and refused to answer. I told him I had not seen him behind me nor had I heard his siren. He screamed at me to get on the ground.

Realizing that I was going to be arrested as soon as his buddies showed up, and knowing my house was unlocked, I walked towards my back porch. He began screaming that he would kill me, again, and, again , I told him “Take the shot”.

I went into my house and secured the back door. I then placed my keys on the table and exited the front door. A deputy had arrived at my front porch. He was behind the cover of his car. I said, “Hello” and he responded in kind. I walked towards my truck. The idiot deputy who had initially pulled me over was holding his gun towards my shed, at a 90 degree angle to any expected threat. I said “Hey! Jackass! Threat’s over here!” He immediately turned and pointed his Glock 22 at me.

I lowered my tail gate as he screamed that he would shoot me if I did. I then sat down calmly on the tailgate, whereupon he told me that sitting was OK, but if I moved he would shoot me. I then mocked him for holding his gun sideways, gangster style. I also made sure he knew what an idiot he was.

About 20 minutes later the rest of the shift showed up. I was arrested without incident and placed in the back of the initial deputy’s vehicle. The initial deputy’s name is Sterling Cole Jr.

The cops proceeded to begin searching my truck. A number of other cops, GSP and a neighboring SO, along with plain clothes LCSO deputies showed up. I had been sitting in the car for about 20 minutes when a red faced midget with a skin condition opened the door. He said “I’m Sherriff McClure. Is this your house?” When I told him yes, he said “Well you’re gonna spend tonight in MY house.” I thought, “Want some wine with that cheese?”

He closed the door and went to stand in the middle of my yard with all the other cops. They had a little confab, then they strolled leisurely to my porch. They formed the worst Hollywood stack I have ever seen. The Sherriff did something to the door, then loudly announced, “I opened it with a credit card!” 7 or 8 people then trundled into my home.

I sat there handcuffed, twisted up in the narrow back of the car with the windows up, roasting in the heat. 70-80 degrees outside is nice, but it gets hot quick in a sealed car.

Sherriff Mark McClure walked out of my house and over to where my red Corvette ZO6 was sitting and proceeded to open it and search it as I watched. Finding nothing other than a Kimber 1911 in my center console, he returned to my house where things were being removed and placed on the porch.

I had been in the car for about two hours or so when a scrawny white guy, about 5 foot 6 inches with a high and tight, opened the door. He was holding a tape recorder. He said “Is this your house?” I said, “Is that on?” He nodded yes and I said loudly, clearly, and firmly, “I want a lawyer.” He snorted in disgust, rewound the tape, started it and said, “Is this your house?” “I want a lawyer.” He rewound the tape, shut the door, and walked away. His name is Jason Stover. He was the head investigator.

About 45 minutes or so later a white guy, 6 feet tall, fat, blonde, came over. He removed me from the car and started walking me to the house. He said something fairly innocuous like “Nice day isn’t it?” and I thought, “What the hell?” Then I noticed the tape recorder in his shirt pocket. I said “Ah! A tape recorder! I want a lawyer!” He sighed and switched it off. His name is Ryan Miller, and he was an investigator with the LCSO.

Miller brought me into my house and sat me down on one of my chairs. The cops were enthusiastically trashing my home. Miller brought out a clip board and said, “I need you to sign this.”

“I ain’t signing shit.”

“No. You don’t understand. I need you to sign this so we can search your house.” He said this in a real buddy buddy way, ya know, c’mon maaannnn, help me out…

I looked at him, amazed, and said, “I really don’t want you people in my house.” He responded, “OK, I’ll just sign it for you then.”

“Really? I had no idea you could do that.”

As Miller and I were talking a short, pear shaped, near-mongoloid looking asshole with red hair came in. He proceeded to open a case with investigator stuff, cameras, fingerprint stuff, a recorder, etc. He began staging photos. When I called him on it he just smirked. His name is Benji Nix. He was an investigator with the LCSO.

Around 7PM I was transported to the jail. After being forcibly scalded I was placed in a holding cell. Cole thought it would be funny to tell the jailer I was suicidal, so they put me in a suicide smock, which is essentially a little green miniskirt, and nothing else. I was then placed back in a cell.

Around 10PM I was pulled out and brought to an interrogation room. There were about 6 or 7 men there. Stover came in and asked me “Are you wealthy or politically connected?”


“Are you wealthy? Doo yoou haaave a laaaaht of muuneey?” he said in a smart assed tone.


“Doo you knoow aaannny judges or senators?”


He smiled a shit eating grin and scurried out of the room on his little cockroach legs.

A big fellow with a scraggly beard introduced himself as an ATF agent. The ATF guy asked Stover if the cameras were turned off and Stover said yes.

The ATF agent said, “Look, we know about your friends.”

I had no idea what he was talking about, So I said, “OK.”

He said, “We know you are a white supremacist.”

I laughed and said “Really? How?”

“We found white supremacist literature at your house.”

“Really? What were the titles?”

He looked confused for a moment and said, “Well, I don’t know.”

“Let me know when you find out.”

He wanted to ask me about my bomb making materials. I laughed again and held out my hands. “See that? Ten fingers. I plan to keep them. I don’t play with stuff that goes boom.”

He again looked confused. “I want to talk to you about your machineguns.”

“When I get one we’ll talk then.”

He stepped outside and conferred with his fellows for a few moments. When he stepped back in he said, “Look, we’re going to get a warrant and search. Is there anything you want to tell us about? It will go easier on you if you cooperate.”

“Nothing I can do about you getting a warrant man. Have fun. I’m sleepy. I want to go back to my cell.”

The ATF slithered out, and was I led back to my private cell.

The next day I was medically cleared by a very sweet old nurse. She asked me why I was suicidal, and I told her that this was the first I had heard about it. She asked if I was seeing a doctor, so I pointed at myself.

“You’re a doctor?”

“Yes ma’am.”


“Yes ma’am.”

She gave me an odd look and handed me some regular clothes, then I was taken to the regular lock up.

The next day I was taken from the cells and led out. I thought I was finally going to get to make a phone call so I could get the fuck out of there. I was led to the chapel. A prisoner had told me that the chapel had no recording devices in it. I believe that may be true, and what happened there is why.

I was ushered into the chapel by a guard and then he left. A small, insignificant, prematurely balding white male was sitting there in a cheap suit. He introduced himself as Special Agent “Smith” of the FBI. I stuck out my hand and he looked at me with an absolute sneer. I thought, “Oh no, motherfucker. I have shaken the hands of politicians, pedophiles, and used car dealers and you won’t shake MY hand? Uh uh, noooo.”

He held up a clip board.

“Look, I want to talk to you, but first I need you to sign this.

“I ain’t signing shit.”

He gave me a stern look and said in a nasty tone, “I don’t think you understand. I’m a Federal Agent. I have a lot of power here. I can make all these little local charges disappear, but you have to sign this and talk to me about your friends.”

I thought to myself “He can’t make shit disappear and just what the hell is this “friends” bullshit? And what charges? Speeding and resisting?”

I counted to ten in my head, slowly, then said, “OK. I’ll sign.”

“You will?” He had this eager surprised look on his face, like he couldn’t believe that crap had worked. As he proffered the board and a pen I said, “Whoa! Before I sign I’ll need a letter from the magistrate stating that when I sign this all my local charges are automatically dismissed.”

He gave me a dirty look and put down the clip board.

He took a deep breath…

“I have a gun collection.”

“Good for you.”

“No. I have a gun collection, but it’s not like your’s.”

“Ha!” I said, pointing at him, “You’re married!”

“He looked confused for a moment and said, “Yes, but, no, that’s not what I mean. I mean I have a gun collection, but it’s not like your’s.”

“Well, set aside some of your disposable income every month and after a while you can build one up.”

“No. I mean I don’t have a collection like your’s.”

“Work at it!”

He paused and breathed deeply.

Quietly he said, “I have a gun collection,” then he threw up his hand to stop my reply, “but it isn’t like your’s”, hand up again, “I don’t keep hundreds of loaded magazines lying around.”

“Neither do I.”

“Yes you do.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do! I saw pictures!”

“I’ll bet you saw lots of pictures. What did they do? Take the 5 or 6 loaded mags I have in my range bag and lay them on top of all the empties, then take a picture to make it look like they are all loaded? Besides, for me to load 100 mags would be 3000 rounds! I am way too lazy to do that, and doing that would destroy the mags.” He paused and considered that.

“Why do you need a hundred rifle mags anyway?”

“I don’t.”

“Then why do you have them?”

“After the assault weapon ban ended they dropped from $50 each to $10 each, and I figured if they ever brought back the AWB I would have a lifetime supply.”

He paused and considered again. He decided to try another tack.

“I want to talk about your friends.”

“”What do you mean?”

“I know you are a white supremacist.”

“Heh heh. Really?”


“And how do you know that?”

“White supremacist literature was found in your house.”

“Really? What were the titles?”

He stopped and looked at me oddly. “I don’t know.” He was starting to think that maybe something wasn’t right with the story he had been told.

“Look man, get the letter from the magistrate and I will sign your paper if my lawyer says to.” I turned to the intercom and did my best to sound like a Yankee with a hemorrhoid.

“I’d like to depart now.” The little sycophantic chickie on the other end gushed, “Oh yes sir!” and hit the button. As I stepped into the hall the SA said, “You sure you won’t sign?”, again holding out the clip board. “Get the letter and I will.”

He looked at me with a flat expression and said, “They’re going to ream you out.”


The next day I was again led out of the cells by an escort. Again I hoped to get a phone call.


I was led to the same interrogation room from the first night. In the room was Jason Stover and Benji Nix.

They sat me down at the table. Nix said nothing.

“We’d like to talk to you about this.” Stover shoved towards me one of MY gallon ziplock bags containing all my antibiotics, cardiac drugs, local anesthetics, and other meds.

“What the hell is this?”

“Drugs!” he yelled exultantly.

“Where is my lawyer?”

“We don’t need a lawyer. Let’s just talk about this first.”

For the first time since this began I raised my voice. I yelled, “MOTHERFUCKER! I want a lawyer! I told you I wanted a lawyer back at the house! I told your asshole buddy I wanted a lawyer back at the house! I WANT A LAWYER! WHERE’S MY FUCKING LAWYER?”

“You never said you wanted a lawyer!”

“You recorded it on tape! Where’s my lawyer?”

“Oh! You want a lawyer! Oh, umm…” He looked at Nix and said, “You need to erase the video tape.” He gestured at the camera on the wall with his head.

Nix grunted “OK.”

I was then led back to the cells.

The next day I was allowed to make a phone call. The first lawyer on the wall wasn’t there, so I called the next. By absolute serendipity I got the best damned criminal lawyer in the Enotah Circuit.

“Raymond George, can I help you?”

I introduced myself and gave him a thumbnail. I told him I needed to get out so I could get my defense rolling and that I needed to get bonded out. I couldn’t tell him the charges because I didn’t know.

He said OK, then I asked his fee. It was pricey. It was more than worth every damned penny in the end.

I told him fine, you’ll be paid in an hour, and gave him a contact name. There was silence, so I had to make sure he was still there. He was, and three hours later I went before the magistrate judge for bail.

I had 37 charges levied against me. 33 drug charges, and 4 non-drug. 7 were felonies. I was charged with having pennicillan, amoxicillan, Benadryl, Dramamine, and curiously, I had a felony “Dangerous Weapon” charge. Just to help you understand how eager they were to stack any charges on me no matter how ridiculous, there were 4 doses of Benadryl and two doses of Dramamine, still in the original wrappers. You can buy them that way at most gas stations.

I went to my lawyer’s office and told him the story. I’m pretty sure he didn’t believe a bit of it. When I told him about the FBI jackass he started to look sick, but was laughing when I finished the story.

After that I went and got some junk food, and headed home. My house was destroyed. They had trashed the place but their vandalism hadn’t ended with just throwing things and turning over furniture. They had broken off my door knobs and damaged the walls and smashed a few plates as well.

I got everything back into a semblance of order and noted that in addition to my medicines I was missing my MP5/10, a pristine West German marked Sig 226, a bunch of camping gear, the web gear I used as an armed contractor in Iraq, a bunch of mags, a parachute bag, my computer, my brand new digital video camera, and some other odds and ends. All my other guns were there though.

My door mat was missing. It said COME BACK WITH A WARRANT in big letters.

There was also a warrant on the dining room table. I read it completely, but could not find the narrative alluded to in the warrant. The warrant had been signed for the search at 10:15PM, more than 7 hours after they started their search. Nix was the affiant, and he stated in the application that they needed a warrant because they had been searching without one.

I brought the warrant to my attorney and told him of the missing items. When he read the warrant he asked if I had tampered with it. I had not. He got a huge smile on his face. Then he told me not to worry, it was probably a paperwork mix up, everything was at the property room.

The terms of my bond said no firearms were to be in my possession and that I was to remain at home from 7PM to 7AM every day.

That night I cleaned my guns and packed a few mags, then I went for a ride. I got home about 10PM, and saw my landlord at my place.

We talked a bit about what went down and he told me there were a number of witnesses. He also told me that they had left my pistols sitting on my truck seats in plain view with the doors opened wide overnight, and that a neighbor had called him to go shut the truck doors.

I thanked him, and went to bed, my AR beside me.

Over the next two months I got my witnesses to make statements. My lawyer spoke to the magistrate judge who was incensed at how he had been lied to and promised to testify on my behalf.

My door mat was found by some workers building a new deck for me. It had been folded up and stuffed under the back porch. My lawyer was delighted when he saw it.

We proceeded to wait. We were prepared for trial, all we needed was a date. Once a month I would call Raymond up and our conversations were always a variation of:


“Hey Raymond. Anything?”


“OK, bye.”


About 8 months in we were told that there was some audio we could listen to at the DA’s office. I was happy. See, they had told us there was no patrol video, so I wanted to hear the audio.

Ooops…It was the video, and it was absolute gold. We watched it and my lawyer was about to have a seizure he was so happy. The deputy never turned on his lights, never used his siren, never used his PA, and was never behind me until I was in my yard. The deputy’s repeated histrionic screaming that he was going to murder me did not make him look real good.

Then the secretary told us there were evidence photos. We looked at them, many illegally staged, and I said “HAH! See! He stacked loaded mags on the empties! You can see the followers! Just like I told you man!”

Raymond gave me a level look and said, “You were right.”

I told him, “Ya know man, nobody ever gets it 100% right. Nobody. It doesn’t matter who you are, but ya know what? I have been 100% right in everything I said, haven’t I?”

He agreed.

11 months and 6 grand juries later we got tired of waiting and asked for a committal hearing. This is where a magistrate hears the initial part of the case and he can make a summary ruling. The “judge” who heard my case was a “man” named Edmondson. He agreed that they had performed an illegal search then dismissed our claim stating the search was reasonable.

The old SOB saw me downstairs 10 minutes later, still in his robes. He stopped me and haltingly apologized to me. I smiled, shook my head, and walked off saying nothing.

I retained the services of a civil suit attorney named Matt Karzen. At 22 months, in February of 2008, we served McClure, Cole, Nix, Miller, and the road deputy supervisor Curt Donaldson with a federal lawsuit. We were running out of time because there is a 2 year limit to file. A buddy called me up about the time we filed the civil suit. He is an ex-cop, a CLEO in fact. He said, “Now I see why you have been pissed off about cops lately.” Turns out this case got national exposure in law enforcement circles as an example of how not to do traffic stops, searches, or any other damned thing.

When someone’s actions are held up as an example of how not to do things and the example is uniformly ridiculed by a professional peer group, that’s called a clue.

3 months after I filed my civil suit my criminal case went before a grand jury. All of the charges but 5 were spontaneously nolle prosequi by the DA. The charges remaining were the dangerous weapon, a dose of morphine from my cardio kit, a dose of ativan from my intubation kit, and a couple of other meds. Everything I had was legally acquired, and I was set to prove it in court.

My lawyer filed for a Jackson Denno hearing, where essentially you get to try the case without penalty before you actually try it.

The cops were the best witnesses I had. The idiots didn’t even try to lie when they were on the stand. They flat out admitted to almost everything. They acted like they were proud of what they had done. The “dangerous weapon”? Sherriff McClure said, “When I found the MP5 it was legal, but I figured if I took the end part off it would be illegal, so I did.” He manufactured an SBR in my house, in plain violation of state and federal law, then called the ATF.

By the way, I never did hear from the ATF or the FBI again. I am still waiting for my letter from the magistrate clearing me if I sign the FBI form. It has been nearly 6 years since I spoke to the FBI weasel. Anyone, please! If you spot a short, bald, scrawny, small testicled CPA looking asshole with a letter ask him if he is with the FBI and if the letter is for me.

In the middle of the Jackson Denno hearing the ADA, Thomas Dee Wight, attempted to get me to take a plea deal. I’m a flexible guy, so I went with my attorney to the court house.

The first offer was plead guilty to a felony, serve one year in jail, $5000 fine, drop the law suit.

Fuck you.

Then it was guilty to a felony, 30 days, $1000 fine, drop the law suit.

Fuck you.

Guilty to speeding, 30 days, $500 fine, drop the law suit.

Fuck you.

No contest to the speeding ticket, $500 fine, time served, drop the suit.
Fuck you.

No contest to the speeding ticket, drop the suit.

I looked my attorney in the eye. “Raymond, tell him I will plead guilty to a felony, time served, and I will drop the suit.

Raymond by now knew me, so he started getting a nervous look.

“Why would you do that?”

“Wight, Nix, Stover, McClure, Cole, Donaldson, and Miller will all agree to surrender themselves to justice at my hands.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Castrate them, emasculate them, and desquamate them.”

“What does desquamate mean?”

“Hang them upside down and peel their skins off in one piece with a winch, then post the videos.”

“Won’t that kill them?”

“No. Dehydration over the course of a day will do that.”

“I don’t think he’ll go for it.”

“Then I guess he just doesn’t want to win enough.”

[Editor’s note: This is a submitted post and reflects the views of the author only.]

The final written plea offer was 10 years, serve 3, $25,000 fine, 10,000 hours community service. First time bank robbers don’t get a sentence that harsh.

After three days of the Jackson Denno hearing spread out over 4 months, the Superior Court judge rendered his verdict. It was scathing. He lambasted the cops and their actions. He mocked the consent to search form that had been signed “Let’s go look” by Miller who admitted it. He was aghast at the fact that they destroyed evidence, then blatantly stated they had done so. He basically called them criminals over and over.

On February 23rd, 2009, all my remaining charges were dropped by the DA’s office.

Fun fact: The dash video of Cole’s stop is now part of Georgia POST training to teach police cadets how NOT to do a traffic stop. The guy is an object lesson, and will be the subject of a future article.

My attorney got back my rifle and my computer and my video camera, but many things were missing. Someone had stolen the Trijicon scope off of my rifle, and the missing pistol, web gear, and camping gear was a serious load of stuff that they had made off with when they were “searching” my home.

That’s when it got interesting…

Dr. Asher served 8 years in the U.S. Army as an Infantry paratrooper and later as an MP. He later served his community as a non-corrupt police officer before deciding to pursue a career as a doctor. Along the way he spent some time in Iraq as an armed contractor.

– Waiting for EOD to arrive.

  • Common Sense

    Let me get this straight, you were innocent but plead to a felony? And then dropped your civil suit?

    If that’s the case, and since you are the only one telling the story, I would have to call bullshit.

  • Common Sense

    Ah, I see, I was confused in reading your homicidal rant Geoffrey, my bad.

    “…That’s what a federal jury decided this month when they awarded the Lumpkin County man $58,000 in a civil rights lawsuit…” So in sum, you walked out with about $20,000, less any taxes.

    It seems from reading the appeal, it centered around the ‘consent’ issue after the sweep…I would have assumed the police would have obtained a warrant if something was in plain sight, I wonder what would happened if they did, what the outcome would have been.

  • http://copblock johnney

    ”Asher, a former U.S. Army Ranger and military police officer wasn’t defiant, but held his ground even at the point of a gun because he knew his rights, Karzen said; his steadfastness made deputies think Asher was “anti-government.”

    Good for you and sorry you had to go through all that bullshit. I read an article about how different states are being trained to “handle” individuals with trading such as yours. Maybe they should be taught some manners instead and approach people on a more personable level

  • Jimmy

    Common Sense…Obviously you didn’t read the entire article.

  • Andy

    What a surprise common sense you call bull shit. Your bull shit because none of this ever happens right? He’s just made this all up. You know I try to be polite on these posts, but I have had it. You are complete fucking idiot, obviously a disgruntled cop who hates the world. I have read about this story dumb ass and is true. The Georgia academy using this situation as a tool is also fact, but in your fucked up head just keep telling yourself it’s bullshit. Wow I know you’re fucking idiot because I never talk this wat to people. I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt, but you my friend are a complete tool.

  • G. Asher

    Common Sense, RIF. I have a feeling you are a cop or a badge bunny. You seem hostile and not very bright.

    Note the link to the Athens, GA paper. I’m not the only one telling the story. Aslo, if you will google my name I will be the first 6 or 7 things that come up. You can read the suit there.

    The outcome would have been the same. Everything I had was legally obtained. The only illegal thing in my home was the short barrelled rifle, and McClure admitted to manufacturing it on the stand.

    Also, McClure testified that the fact that my curtains were down “terrified” him. Nothing was in plain sight, and once in the house nothing was in plain sight since my medicines were in the fridge and my gun was under my bed.

    Common Sense, I know scumbag cops like you hate it when scumbag cops get nailed because you realize that you could be next. A good way to deal with that is to stop being a scumbag.

    Also, I would love to hear what you think PC for the warrant would be. The PC in the warrant as written was they needed a warrant because they had been searching without one.

  • Common Sense

    I don’t understand how you get so angry so easily Andy.

    I look at these stories with a critical eye, further, I corrected myself when I did see the docket number(s). It appears that ‘one’ cop told the others he’d obtained consent. I would say you can’t give consent in the back of a police car so that would be the first red flag. I have no idea how GA law enforcement is done. I do work for torts/suits all the time, so when I hear one side of a story, there is obviously two other sides, the other party, and of course the truth.

    My first question is why did he go into the house? Should the police have tackled him? It seems the officer either didn’t know what he was doing or didn’t know what he was doing. GA’s finest?

    Its funny, Wolfy will be here soon and say something about killing the police and other nonsense, but isn’t it striking that when someone doesn’t spout off at the mouth, make claims of being beaten, but instead allows the justice system to run its course, things often times works out to their benefit?

    Of course, you’re free to fume and rant, as is your right. I personally would have waived the civil suit in lieu of a few officers jobs’, but that’s just me..

  • G. Asher

    johnney, thanks.

    If Deputy Cole had just waved me over and writtien me a ticket all would have been well.

    Cole has a history of excessive force among other things. You should see his personell file. There is a stack of sexual conduct things in there. He has violated proceedure numerous times. He has a history of pulling his gun over nothing. I have a photo of him pointing a gun, held sideways naturally, at a seven year old girl. Recently he egregiously violated proceedure and assaulted a man. Following that he failed a psych exam. He was demoted from the road, placed at the jail, and is no longer allowed to touch a gun on duty. He also shot a woman to death because “she failed to follow my lawful commands”. The guy gives scumbags a bad name.

  • G. Asher

    Common Sense, they would not have lost their jobs. They had to do that to themselves. McClure was stunningly unelected after his first term, losing 4:1. He can’t find employment with any department due to rep. You should see his GBI file. Total scumbag.

    Nix was fired for soliciting bribes. His personell file is huge with misconduct.

    Miller is an ATF agent. It doesn’t get lower than that.

    Stover couldn’t find meaningful LE work after McClure lost the election. He has a horrible rep in LE circles. He is now a PI.

    Cole is a door monkey at the jail. He should have been fired long ago if you read his file.

  • notsure

    @Common Sense, he offered to plea to a felony on condition that he was allowed to torture his assailants. Obviously that was a joke meant only to demonstrate his rejection of the final offer. I commend him for doing so. The next offer was for 10 years, typical of a desperate DA who was too stupid to drop the case in the first place (this is what happens when DAs get too close to their asshole cop buddies). His charges were dropped in trial, and lucky for him that he didnt end up with a corrupt judge because I have seen them much too willing to cover up for their buddy cops and DAs embarrasing mistakes. ON a side note, this sort of persecution of military veterans is going to become more and more common in the near future.

  • Andy

    You’re right common sense I did not see you correct yourself. I have just seen you the last couple days disagree and use the “I call bull shit” thing. I apologize for swearing at you. I know there are some people that come on here and make wild claims that seem not believable. What is frustrating for me, is this stuff happens, why? The officers doing this search did they not realize what they were doing was wrong? Is about just following orders to keep a job, or do they not know the law? I’m sick of hearing stories like this and not just on this website? What’s even more scary is the apologists for this kind of stuff.

  • http://Copblock Johnney

    They new what was going on. No way in hell they didn’t. Plus the “Feds” trying to
    Get him to sign bullshit paperwork. A lot more people should have been on the block for this that what was stated

  • G. Asher


    The cops did this in part because they were told to, but mainly they did it to put me in my place. To a cop there is only one real crime, and that is contempt of cop. See, if I had gotten down on the ground and cringed and begged then Cole’s tiny ego would have been properly stroked and I probably would have gotten a copule of difficult to fight tickets. I didn’t, so they decided to teach me a lesson in a big way.

    The reason this happens and it will continue to happen is that the cops know there are zero consequences to their criminal actions.

  • Andy

    Great story Dr. Asher, thank you so much for putting these morons in their place. I

  • G. Asher


    That fat lady hasn’t sung just yet. There is more to come.

  • http://copblock johnney

    How the hell does that department have any money with officers like this running around? Police stations are only as good as their reputations, and this one seems kind of fucked up

  • Wolf

    @ commonsense. Yup, here I am to tell people what a great great policeman you are. You easily solved this case by listening to Mr. Asher. However, I see that your good little gestapo did what they wanted and got away with it. AGAIN…

    And BTW, just for the record, I have NEVER called for the killing of cops unless it was in self defense so you can spew your bullshit hiding behind your monitor like a good little gestapo spy.

    BEWARE CS, The official card carrying Right Wing Extremist boogeyman is coming to get you. Be sure you get behind your blue curtain of liars to protect yourself.

  • Mr. Bawkbagawk

    Ha Ha HA. “Lumpkin County”, i too would have a chip on my shoulder if i had to drive around with “Lumpkin” on the side of my car.

  • Jesse Mathewson

    Nice, well played G, a fan as always!

  • Common Sense

    Andy does not need to apologize for anything.

    And no Wolfy, I am not a cop, I make far more income then that.

    Nevertheless, I think the main issue if validity. If Geffrey has a picture of a cops pointing a pistol at a child, post it. If not, then I call bullshit. Adam indictment for wiretapping, I say post the indictment, I am very curious to see it. I hope he will, if not, he lacks credibility. But Adam is a side note. This story in and of itself shows that if your wronged by the police, you have a recourse, either criminal or civil. I have reviewed hundreds of suits against police officers, their departments, and their cities, counties etc. When I see someone’s claims, of course there follows more questions. I know there are shitty cops, but the blanket statemetn ‘all cops are bad’ is retarded. Saying that a #12.00 cop in Lawton OK will execute you for no turn signal just shows your lack of reason. Right now, at this very moment, there about 200,000 cops on the streets and highways. Some are outstanding, some are pathetic, but you must understand, cops are not attorneys. They do not take part in some weeky 4th Amendment update. Court decisions come out daily and apply to entire states, just counties, or even the nation. I hate to tell you, the average lawyer does not read ‘legal times’ every morning over coffee. The hire me, and I research the archives for them. Criminal law is a snap when compared to corportate and medical claims/suits.

    I guess, before lunch, what I’m saying, you have a voice, use it. Vote, petition, file you suits. That’s just the way it is. I could careless how many guns you have or what you do in the privacy of your own basement, but when you have a conflict, there is a way to go about correcting it.

  • Wolf

    Hey commonsense. This will make you proud of your fellow occifers. rofl Which one of these below bears your signature???

    #1 At one public school down in Texas, a 12-year-old girl named Sarah Bustamantes was recently arrested for spraying herself with perfume.

    #2 A 13-year-old student at a school in Albuquerque, New Mexico was recently arrested by police for burping in class.

    #3 Another student down in Albuquerque was forced to strip down to his underwear while five adults watched because he had $200 in his pocket. The student was never formally charged with doing anything wrong.

    #4 A security guard at one school in California broke the arm of a 16-year-old girl because she left some crumbs on the floor after cleaning up some cake that she had spilled.

    #5 One teenage couple down in Houston poured milk on each other during a squabble while they were breaking up. Instead of being sent to see the principal, they were arrested and sent to court.

    #6 In early 2010, a 12-year-old girl at a school in Forest Hills, New York was arrested by police and marched out of her school in handcuffs just because she doodled on her desk. “I love my friends Abby and Faith” was what she reportedly scribbled on her desk.

    #7 A 6-year-old girl down in Florida was handcuffed and sent to a mental facility after throwing temper tantrums at her elementary school.

    #8 One student down in Texas was reportedly arrested by police for throwing paper airplanes in class.

    #9 A 17-year-old honor student in North Carolina named Ashley Smithwick accidentally took her father’s lunch with her to school. It contained a small paring knife which he would use to slice up apples. So what happened to this standout student when the school discovered this? The school suspended her for the rest of the year and the police charged her with a misdemeanor.

    #10 In Allentown, Pennsylvania a 14-year-old girl was tasered in the groin area by a school security officer even though she had put up her hands in the air to surrender.

    #11 Down in Florida, an 11-year-old student was arrested, thrown in jail and charged with a third-degree felony for bringing a plastic butter knife to school.

    #12 Back in 2009, an 8-year-old boy in Massachusetts was sent home from school and was forced to undergo a psychological evaluation because he drew a picture of Jesus on the cross.

    #13 A police officer in San Mateo, California blasted a 7-year-old special education student in the face with pepper spray because he would not quit climbing on the furniture.

    #14 In America today, even 5-year-old children are treated brutally by police. The following is from a recent article that described what happened to one very young student in Stockton, California a while back….

    Earlier this year, a Stockton student was handcuffed with zip ties on his hands and feet, forced to go to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and was charged with battery on a police officer. That student was 5 years old.

    #15 At one school in Connecticut, a 17-year-old boy was thrown to the floor and tasered five times because he was yelling at a cafeteria worker.

    #16 A teenager in suburban Dallas was forced to take on a part-time job after being ticketed for using foul language in one high school classroom. The original ticket was for $340, but additional fees have raised the total bill to $637.

    #17 A few months ago, police were called out when a little girl kissed a little boy during a physical education class at an elementary school down in Florida.

    #18 A 6-year-old boy was recently charged with sexual battery for some “inappropriate touching” during a game of tag at one elementary school in the San Francisco area.

    #19 In Massachusetts, police were recently sent out to collect an overdue library book from a 5-year-old girl.

  • t.

    Sorry guys, I couldn’t make through the whole article, “I said calmly take the shot”. What a pile of crap.

    If the officers acted this way. Bad. But really.

    Wolfie, come on. Blast away. But note, I don’t always defend the police as you accuse me. Read everything I written first.

  • Common Sense

    Thanks for proving my point Wolfy…now its the public school system you are against? Maybe its just authority in general. Of course their are ancient laws on the books, too bad Ron Paul didn’t have any time in his busy day to rid some in Texas, he’s only been in office for 30 years.

    But here’s one back at ya from Aug 2011.

    “…A 29 year old woman tried to sell her son to feed her prescription drug addiction. …Only $2000.00…”

    Enjoy the rage Wolfy, let is sweep over you and warm your soul.

    ~regard David

  • Common Sense

    He’s Wolfy’s statements for the next year,

    blah blah JACKBOOT blah blah POLICE STATE blah blah, duh, blah LEGALIZE IT blah blah CORRUPTION blah duh duh MURDERER blah blah PIGS blah blah blah SOCIALIST blah blah NAZI blah blah TYRANNY blah blah TAKE MY GUNS duh duh FEMA blah blah GOLD STANDARD blah FLAG HAS A FRINGE…

  • Leo

    Stories like this make me sick. It is officers like this that give good officers a bad name. It is a shame that there are still idiots out there that act like the badge gives them absolute power. One thing I always told my rookies was that the badge will only get the respect that the person you are talking to will give it. Just because you pin it on doesn’t mean you’re respecable. It’s the person it’s attached to that deserves, or doesn’t deserve the respect. I hate that something like this happened to you. But please don’t mistake us all for uneducated thugs with a gun and a badge. I wish you well Dr. Asher.

  • Leo

    @Wolf You do realize the majority of those articles are school related? If the school wants to pursure charges, then law enforcement has to charge. As for some of the use of force articles, I couldn’t make a judgement without all the information on the incident. They sound harsh in the brief synopsis, but what were the circumstances and the officers options? I’m not justifying them, just need more information to make an informed assessment.

    Looks like you and CS have a long running relationship on here.

  • G. Asher

    t. and Common Sense,

    I have no idea how to post a picture. Tell me and I will.

    Everything, EVERYTHING I say in the above article is borne out on the video or in other ways. As I said in the second paragraph-

    “What matters is that two state judges, four federal judges, the DA, the GBI, the FBI, and a federal jury all believed me. The evidence and the testimony of all witnesses was simply overwhelming.”

    Deal with it. The truth is the truth. Everything I say can and has been backed up in one way or another. I don’t have to lie, they do. I loved it when they lied, too. It sunk them in criminal court and it sunk them in civil court. I LOVED having a judge testify against them in court.

    Mmmm, it feels so good to crap on evil people.

  • Common Sense

    Now Mr Asher, I am very skeptical that a Vet, former MP and now some form of doctor, does not know how to post a photograph.

    Email it to Copblock, cause if you don’t, I will have to call bullshit. Sorry, you made the claim.

  • http://copblock johnney

    Cs, what does posting a pic have to do with his occupations?

  • Andy

    Wow, common sense is really grasping at straws. CS, besides the gun pointing at the 7year old, what about the rest of his story, do you think he proved it isn’t bullshit?

  • G. Asher

    Oh heavens no! Some random cunt that supports crooked cops has called “bullshit”. However shall I go on?

    Trust me, you’ll see it when I do the article on Cole. And I will be doing an article about him and him alone.

    Oh, and you left out civilian law enforcement. I was a regular cop too.

    CS, I notice that you haven’t told me how to do it. Do you not know how to post a pic either?

  • Common Sense

    No, I don’t doubt the article, I read several of the court filings.
    I do however think G. Asher may not be who they say they are.

    I simply ask for a damning photo, something that an ex-Army paratrooper, MP, ex-cop and now doctor (of some type) who says he doesn’t know how to upload a photo.

    And now, a doctor, calls me a ‘cunt’

    One would naturally conclude that you, by contacting Copblock, to upload your story (with details including physical descriptions of numerous officers and specific conversation details from 2006) would have the knowledge and the willingness to also email a photo for their webpage person to add a pic.

    But why does this news article say “… civil rights case involving law enforcement officers,” said Athens attorney Matt Karzen, who represented Asher. And you say your attorney was Raymond?

    Sadly, I don’t think you have it, nor can you provide it. Thus, I call bullshit. I certainly welcome you to prove me wrong. I will gladly post a retraction if you can do it.

  • G. Asher

    I sent a photo of me. They didn’t put it up. Shrug.

    I see you still refuse to tell me how to upload a photo, ya cunt.

    My criminal attorney was Raymond George. My civil suit attorney was Matt Karzen. Each is as fine a man as any will ever know. If you had the basic reading skills of a 2nd grader you could have gleaned that from the article.

    I find it interesting that someone like you, who is pretending to know something about the legal system, doesn’t know that criminal lawyers rarely handle civil suits, especially Federal civil suits.

    Lastly, show me a paratrooper who does not use salty language towards the deserving and I’ll show you a 92S.

    So, again, give me instructions on how to load a picture, or bugger off, badge sniffer.

  • Ed

    Common Sense, If you read the article more carefully you would realize that Raymond George was his criminal defense attorney. He retained Karzen as his civil lawsuit attorney. Quoting the article:

    “I retained the services of a civil suit attorney named Matt Karzen.”

  • Common Sense

    Ah yes…I was incorrect, I had ‘cut’ that section out of my response but for some reason it was still included when I clicked submit. I have noticed, that when I asked those who post things for some proof, they instantly get defensive and use fowl language.

    I will make it very easy for you.

    [email protected].

    Please send me the photo. I’m sure you can manage that, Doctor Asher.

  • Common Sense

    Wow, just not my night, I’m not even catching my own spelling errors, but lucky for me, Asher will show me his 92S.

  • http://copblock johnney

    Lol @ cunts
    That word never gets old! Specially when name calling.

    But I’m with you Asher. 95B/95C 1990-1999. Came across many people like this

  • Andy

    Asher you’re right on the foul language, I was marine we do the same thing, 0311 14 years. Can’t wait for the next article. -Andy

  • G. Asher

    Sure Lister. Just email me with your phone number so we can talk first. See, I’m calling “bullshit” on this really being you, so I need to verify beforehand…

  • G. Asher

    It would appear that in addition to being a badge bunny that Lister was too cowardly to serve in the military. He doesn’t even know what I am referring to with 92S. Heh heh heh.

    “Wow, just not my night, I’m not even catching my own spelling errors, but lucky for me, Asher will show me his 92S.”

  • Common Sense

    Ah took me a few, MOS reference.

    Funny from one of your blogs Asher your military career was very unfulfilling.

    Did the County Appeal the judgement?

  • G. Asher

    One of my blogs? What blogs?

  • Justabouthadit

    Cops losing their jobs, their dignity, I love happy ending. Too bad the settlement doesn’t come out of their pockets.

    Great job, doc!


  • Common Sense

    Ha ha ha, I knew you were full of shit. Guess your little comment on telling the truth doesn’t apply.

  • Justabouthadit

    Common sense worked the supply room. Or drove the Sergeant Major.

  • G. Asher

    Oh, and yes, I did not enjoy the 8 years I spent in the Army. If you had served you would understand. So why didn’t you serve David? Are you crippled or a homosexual? Given your badge bunny proclivity I am betting you aren’t crippled.

  • Justabouthadit

    Or his asthma kept him out of the military. Job corps, maybe?

  • G. Asher

    I have done thing but tell the truth. When are you going to explain how to upload a pic? Or send me your phone number?

  • G. Asher

    I have done nothing but tell the truth. When are you going to explain how to upload a pic? Or send me your phone number?

    I know I typed nothing the first time.

  • Justabouthadit

    I vote homosexual, and asthmatic.

  • Justabouthadit let’s you upload then provides an easy posting link. I think common sense lacks some of his screen name.

  • Common Sense

    You posted that you were a cop in LA, fled that, enlisted, saw no action apparently and then went back as a contractor – maybe a truck driver? Hey, we all have to have a job right even if it involves the illegal occupation of another nation. Why didn’t you rise up and arrest your fellow cops in LA? Nah who cares anymore.

    I hope the county’s check cleared.

    Enjoy Doctor – ha ha ha

  • G. Asher

    Guys, I want to thank everyone for their overwhelming support on this site. It is reassuring to know that the vast majority of people out there aren’t facist lunatics like CS the badge bunny.

    I will be putting out at least two more articles about this. One will be all about our hero Deputy Sterling Cole Jr. of the LCSO. It will have scans of his personnel file and all the pics of him in action that a badge bunny like CS could want.

    The other article will be about the lawsuit itself. Probably no pics CS. Sorry. I can probably do a small MS Paint of a duck on some grass next to the water for you though.

    If anybody wants to contact me please do so at my email, and again, thank you all so very much.

  • Common Sense

    Ha ha ha – attack me all you want, guess the paratrooper doesn’t know how to use email. But honestly it’s all good, maybe it’s not really a picture like you say it is, so much in life is perception. You thought you saw a cop pointing a pistol at a 7 year old. It’s okay, maybe it’s PTSD. Maybe thats why your a doctor, kind of….

  • G. Asher

    Yes CS, I was in from 1986 to 1994 and didn’t get to see any action. I went to Iraq as an armed contractor and had a blast. I didn’t arrest the crooked cops I knew of because I didn’t want to end up dead.

    I think it is precious that you are cyberstalking me though. This thing has really gotten under your skin, hasn’t it? Ah well, fuck you, the check cleared, and also, fuck you.

    “You posted that you were a cop in LA, fled that, enlisted, saw no action apparently and then went back as a contractor – maybe a truck driver? Hey, we all have to have a job right even if it involves the illegal occupation of another nation. Why didn’t you rise up and arrest your fellow cops in LA? Nah who cares anymore.

    I hope the county’s check cleared.

    Enjoy Doctor – ha ha ha”

  • Common Sense

    Bye doctor Asher – maybe someone at the hospital knows how to use a computer and can help you with that picture.

  • Justabouthadit

    Common sense,

    What is this crap about illegal occupation? I can prove the second Iraq war was entirely legitimate under international law. Let’s have a bet. If I can, you have to admit you’re a pole smoker.

  • Common Sense

    Yep fuck me – you got called out and you failed – cya Doc

  • Common Sense

    No, the illegal occupation comment was merely a dig for the peace-lovers…

  • Justabouthadit

    So you’ll just admit to the pole smoking proclivity for free then?

  • Common Sense

    Lame, you’ll have to try harder then that sport.

    ~ regards David

  • Justabouthadit

    And there are peacenicka here? I thought most of us were just normal people who hate cops because we actually met some. I was kinda pro cop a year ago. Then had an encounter with some. Now I laugh when I see a story about dead cops. Dead cop equals happy ending in my book.

  • Justabouthadit

    Sport? I can hear your ascot and lisp from here. Who the fuck says “sport”. I’ll let you go gargle and clear the semen from your throat before we continue.

  • Justabouthadit

    I’ll bet you say “champ” too. Do you coach little league and shower with the players?

  • Asher The Arrogant

    G. Asher sounds like a typical over-emotional gun-toting (“blah blah it’s my constitutional right to be a cocky asshole and respond to oppression with even more hypocritical oppressive behavior, completely ruining the lives of those individuals who I expected to show mercy upon trying to ruin my life in the first place. Oh, the irony of my vigilantism, which proves how big my e-peen is… it is relative to how many guns I have and how much “oppressed” justice I have served using my stubborn arrogant emotional hatred”) fool, trying to use his so-called “credentials” in military and becoming a so-called “doctor” (doctor in what field of medicine?)

    This kind of stubborn stupid liberal arrogance is ironically taken up by those who try to argue against the same arrogance. G. Asher is only outing himself by furthering his stupid position in not posting the pic of exposing his claims.

    I am a neutral third party, but after seeing the vile immature stupid language used by G. Asher in the article and in the comments, I have to say this stupid military contractor that went to oppress individuals in Mesopotamia should have been oppressed even more by those cops to learn a good lesson in lessson-teaching, :P.

  • Citizen

    Girls, get your panties out of a wad and stop questioning each others sexuality
    @Asher produce the pic or shut up. BTW nobody is buying the whole reverse Dirty Harry “well take the shot pussy” routine. If that officer was such a loose cannon that shot somebody for not obeying an order, why would it be a stretch for him to shoot a (alleged) white supremacist, drug dealer with a SBR machinegun that is making WMDs in his tool shed?
    @Common sense give it a rest either he will post the pic or not. If he doesn’t then be is full of that stuff he is trying to shovel at us.
    @Justabouthadit you are scum to wish death and dishonor on every cop just because you have had a bad experience with a few dumbshit bullies who need to be fired or imprisoned. That would be like me wishing for death to every Marine just because one Asshole, fleet Jarhead expressed an ignorant opinion. Police officers as a whole merely reflect society, great ones, mediocre ones and yes even bad ones.
    If you had a bad experience with an waitress at a restaurant would you wish death to all of them?
    BTW, If you are such a bad ass why didn’t you hack it for the whole 20? You already had 14 what is six more years. Are you an ex-Marine or a former Marine?

  • http://copblock johnney

    Why not the extra six? Have you served before?

  • Common Sense

    @Citizen – I know, I’m done. I read many of theses stories here and when they make claims, I am like everyone else, that opens up more questions for a debate. I had no issue with the topic in general, the ‘traffic stop/confrontation’ but when he makes claims of this and that, that’s when I get skeptical. He won’t send his picture because it doesn’t exist. That’s fine, he’s should be tickled at his check. I have heard and read that GA cops are rather sad, just look what they have to recruit from right?

    @Justabouthadit – Really? Homo and Cocksucker jabs? What are you, in 8th grade? You need to lean towards the inference, like this, “since you and Asher were in the military, I confident that you’ve see way more cock them me.” That’s better jab. 65D? I see, a nurse, like in “Meet the Parents??”

    Either way, don’t post anything on this site without the expectation of having questions asked, that’s how you debate issues. The perfect example was what would have happened if GBI/LCSO had obtained a search warrant after their ‘protective sweep’ since Asher ‘fled’ into the house? I would dare say he wasn’t under arrest and could do as he pleased.

  • Andy

    Johnny I am assuming you are aking me about the extra 6. Read to serve or not to serve in the featured articles. It should answer that question for you. -Andy

  • http://copblock johnney

    Actually it was towards citizen. Sorry I should have directed it. No problems, your a brother in arms

  • Justabouthadit

    65D, PA. And I know some nurses who could dislocate your head before you could blink. And on the subject, what is wrong with nurses? Do you have an anti nurse bias like some sort of 1950’s “boys are doctors and girls are nurses clown?” it is 2012 for fucks sake.

    As for citizen, Army, 22 years. You seem to get confused easily. No mention of marines at all. And I stand by my statement. The more dead cops, the better the country is. No question. It only took a close look at some to open my eyes.

  • Leo

    @justabouthadit…!!! You get you shorts twisted when someone insults you profession, but you hope cops die. What kind of hypocritical BS is that? And don’t tell me that nurses don’t kill people, or steal or any of that crap. The bad ones do, just like in any other profession, including LE.

  • deepelemblues

    Involving themselves with people like Asher is the reason, that CopBlock can’t understand, that they are viewed as a bunch of fringe weirdos.

  • TC

    [Lack of]Commonsense – your powers of deduction must be as wanting as reading comprehension skills. You have a well documented story, proven out through the court system and the statements of the perpetrators themselves. So let us get this straight, DA DROPS ALL CHARGES, Dr Ashner WINS A CIVIL SUIT, most of the scumbag crooked LEOs are demoted or out of work – but your cry BS and hang you hat on not being able to post 1 irrelevant picture? You moronic little excuse of a person.

    Dr. Ashner – thank you for putting yourself at risk to prove a point. These stories, unfortunately, are becoming less and less uncommon.

  • citizen

    well justaboutignorant,
    I made a mistake,, Andy is the Jarhead (no offense meant by that).
    Justabout, I am sure you had a stellar career in the sterile hospital environment and never had to get your hands into front line duty. You give REMFS a bad name by trashing the operators in the police uniform.
    If you had the opportunity to run missions you would have seen some of the honor in protecting something better than yourself. I have seen soldiers do it for the wrong reasons (i.e. killing for the rush without any understanding about the ramifications or responsibility)but the vast majority do it because they are the sheepdog to society.
    The same can be said of police officers (as I said before) great ones, ok ones, and flat out bad ones (i.e. that scum from the Miluwakee PD)
    Perhaps if you got your hands dirty where the rubber meets the road you would understand. Wishing death on the the only group of people (as a whole I dont defend the scummy, badge holders, cause they arent cops) in civilian society that will save your raggedy ass from the wolf at the door regardless of the manure that is leaking from your brain pan via your pie-hole.
    FYI 82nd ABN DIV 21 years

  • http://copblock johnney

    The day dy I trust a cop with my safety is the day I have a tag on my toe. I have no time for pigs to show up and decide what’s what. Can’t trust them and I won’t take the time to go through the process

  • Justabouthadit

    Again, citizen, I met cops in their element, and found them wanting. I then started reading cop blogs, reading their own words, and had confirmed what I had seen. So again, I have no sympathy for the deaths of corrupt tax collectors and sociopathic bullies.

    Hands dirty? OIF I/III. Lots of convoys, from Diywania to Talil to Al Assad. Been mortared, IEDd and shot at. But I do not put myself in any company with the real door kickers and Haifa street shooters.

    82d, 1999-2001, 34 jumps but ended with a last bad jump on Solero (Slammo) DZ.

    Ever jump a 141?

  • Justabouthadit

    Solerno. Stupid iPad.

  • Justabouthadit

    Operators in police uniform? SF Operators do an important job. Cops are just below crack whores in value, as they don’t even provide valuable cheap blow job services for our trouble.

    Cops are not even close to soldier in virtue, honor or societal value. There is no such thing as officer safety where soldier are concerned. Cops are pussies.

  • johnboy

    G. Asher, What kind of doctor has a mouth like yours and can’t figure out how to upload a picture? You should have had someone review your fairy tale before you Uploaded it. I pray I never end up in your care, fool.

  • louiB

    johnboy must be a cop, and a corrupt on at that. One can immediately distinguish all the bad cops__they’re the ones who quickly go in defense mode. Sadly, America doesn’t hire cops for their brains anymore. That’s why they’re ending up with all these quick trigger hotheads that’s bringing down the profession.

    Ask yourselves, would many of you want your wives, daughters, significant others pulled over on some isolated, dark road by some of today’s “thugs” in uniform, parading around as cops?

  • Jerry Turner Lumpkin Resident at the time

    I am a neighbor of Jeff’s and a friend. Every word of this is true. I watched the video. I read the judges dismissal. I wear a Tshirt that was purchased with part of the 58K stating the shirt was purchase with funds seized from corrupt cops. All of you who say any word of this isnt true has failed to do ANY research. The case is listed in Lumpkin County. File an open records request and any one of you will have the following in three days: Any of the deputies personnel and or displinary records; The charges, the dispositions, the video, the warrant, and the dismissal. If you want to short cut the whole thing just get the dismaissal. Its about 8 pages FULL of the judge trashing the officers and calling their actions criminal. Lumpkin County SO is staffed with CRIMINALS. So is your local SO and PD. One day this same shit will happen to you or yours and then you will say: Wow this really is how these people behave. Go to the FBI web site and look for UCR data. You will see that Police as a group far outpace the populace as a whole for violent criminal behavior. The reason was stated by Jeff above. Both the GBI and The FBI failed to prosecute these scumbag pieces of shit. Ask yourself why?

    Jerry Turner
    [email protected]

  • Jerry Turner Lumpkin Resident at the time

    Again, if you want to dispute any of this, please post any document ANY document that shows different. If you don’t, then you can’t and your just too stupid to open records request the dismissal. And dont bother asking Jeff to do it, because you will say its fake. So just do the ORR and you will get the document straight from the court. As for the photos – seen them all. No exageration was in his description.

  • Jerry Turner Lumpkin Resident at the time

    Some of you said “No one is buying the whole reverse dirty harry “Take the shot. Dont be a pussy your whole life” routine. Open records request the video. You will get it from the Lumpkin County SO. It will confirm he said exactly that. I’ve seen it. You must admit the only way you will believe any of his story is if it comes from the government against whom it reflects so poorly. So spend the $20 bucks. Open records request it. After all, if its true, shouldnt you know that it is. Otehrwise, how will you open your eyes and see what is happening around you?

  • Robo

    For the record Ron Paul holds federal office as a congressman. He has nothing to do with the laws in Texas. Unfortunately although he takes criticism that his proposed laws never pass it’s because they’d do too much good for the people and too much bad to over reaching government. I’m sure it would be the same if he was a state assemblyman.
    “Common Sense says:
    February 1, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    Thanks for proving my point Wolfy…now its the public school system you are against? Maybe its just authority in general. Of course their are ancient laws on the books, too bad Ron Paul didn’t have any time in his busy day to rid some in Texas, he’s only been in office for 30 years.

    But here’s one back at ya from Aug 2011.

    “…A 29 year old woman tried to sell her son to feed her prescription drug addiction. …Only $2000.00…”

    Enjoy the rage Wolfy, let is sweep over you and warm your soul.

    ~regard David”

  • Robo

    Jerry Turner of Lumpkin, It would be great if you’d post the video to youtube.

  • Jerry Turner Lumpkin Resident at the time

    Keep in mind Robo this has been going on for a bunch of years. I have upgraded computers twice since I made a copy of the video and pics. That being said, I will see if I can find them on both my laptop and desktop machines. I am in Aruba now so it will be a couple weeks before I can look for them. That being said, you can still open records request them from Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office. If I can find them, how do I upload them to this site?

  • Robo

    Easy as pie to upload to youtube. It will give you a link that you can copy and paste anywhere.

  • Lu

    Jerry turner… Are you still in contact with mr Asher? My brother is in a similar situation and I would love to get in touch with him and ask him for some advice.