Ademo Interviewed on Occupy Radio

Published On February 10, 2012 | By Ademo Freeman | Articles

I was recently on Occupy Radio discussing all things, my wiretapping case and the government in general. I had fun doing this interview and hope to call in from time to time. Occupy Radio is every Tuesday at 10pm eastern, click here.

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Ademo Freeman is an advocate for a voluntary society, one where people are free to live their lives so long as they don't initiate force on others. Ademo has also been involved with other projects such as the, and LibertyOnTour.comYou can get more content created by Ademo at his Facebook page and YouTube channel.Enjoy Ademo's post/work? Want to show him your gratitude, simply click here. Thanks in advance for your support, it's greatly appreciated.
  • OccupyRadio

    Not to correct you Ademo, but Occupy Radio is on nightly at 10PM On Tuesdays and Thursdays Julie is the host, and the wonderful host that conducted this interview with you. The point is we are on nightly at 10pm EST on
    But we LOVE what you are doing and we would love to have you back on anytime and thank you so much for this post, we have shared it all over!