Cop didn’t give me ticket-but filed one anyways

On January 29th in Pulaski County Missouri a State Highway Patrolman pulled me over and claimed I was driving over the speed limit. I gave him my license and insurance proof. While I was waiting in my car I saw several police cars with lights flashing driving away. At that point the patrolman ran up to my car, handed me my license and insurance and said “You’re free to leave”. I thought that was the end of it-that he realized his mistake that I hadn’t been speeding and left to join the other officers. He ran back to his car and peeled out with sirens blairing. Today I got a statement in the mail saying I had a ticket-further research revealed that the officer gave me a ticket-even though he never told me this nor did he have me sign it. Also there is NO court date for the speeding ticket he issued. I must pay within 45 days or my license will be suspended and THEN I will get a court date. Due process is turned on its head in this one.

– Grant

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  • Grant

    I would like to follow up on this. I called the Prosecutors office to find out why there was no court date. Long story short they had me call the state’s department of collections. I called and they told me to fax them a letter stating i was pleading not guilty and would like a court date. They also recommended I call the highway patrol. I did both. Left a message with a Lt. at the Highway Patrol explaining what happened. Last night the highway patrol returned my call saying that they spoke with the officer who stopped me. The officer informed them that he is not sure WHY the ‘system’ issued me a ticket but that it was NOT his intent to issue me a ticket. Furthermore the highway patrol is voiding my ticket and has already been in touch with the prosecutors office and says they will continue to work with me to make sure the charges are removed. The officer’s name is “Patrolmen Baldwin” and after the way he has handled this and worked to get the ticket voided I am very impressed with his professionalism.

  • Ed

    Want to bet that your license get revoked?

  • Common Sense

    Holy shit, your thanking a cop? On this website? Wow…wonders never cease.

  • JuggaloJoe

    “Want to bet that your license get revoked?”

    LOL, I thought the exact same thing when I read the follow up. Get everything in writing and keep it in your vehicle for the foreseeable future. Trust me, I’ve been hemmed up for something very similar and it sucks.

  • Jessica Schlachter

    Why thank the cop, Somehow he dropped the ball and sent in the paperwork anyway and fell to the adrenaline rush of a high pursuit. This cop is part of the problem, the desire to be involved in something bigger resulted in you having to correct his error. He needs training and a reprimand from his superiors. In the State of VIrginia a warrant that has incomplete information is inaccurate is considered invalid. Judge Archer Yeatts III of Henrico, VA knows this and routinely changes the records right there in his courtroom so that he can convict someone on a inadequate warrant.


    SOund’s like cop was in the middle of writting one, (seems like they have a computerized system) and got a hot call and didn’t cancel it all the way through, or at least thought he did and corrected the issue. Good for him, AND you!

  • LiberT

    “Thank you Patrolman Baldwin for making me spend several hours of my time jumping through hoops to get to the bottom of the mess you made!”

    I know that you are relieved that you won’t have to pay a ticket and ridiculously high insurance rates for the foreseeable future. I would be happy too. But, don’t credit Baldwin with the fruits of your hard work. The truth is that Baldwin wasn’t doing you a favor; He was covering his ass. Had you not been diligent at fighting Patrolman Baldwin’s mistake you can be sure that your ticket would still be there.

  • t.

    @Jessica: Easy. You have NO IDEA about why the officer left (could be his presence at the other situation kept some poor innocent person from getting brutalized). You think he needs training and a reprimand. I say officer of The Year.

    Do the world a favor and jump off.


    @jessica. I wish I was more like you. I’m sure you’ve never clicked the wrong button on your computor. Never miss-typed a key. If only cops were as perfect as you and never made a simple clerical error………………………………….

  • Jessica Schlachter

    @Author: t.
    This was not a clerical error. The cop was giving out a ticket and should have completed that task before jumping on the high speed chase with other cops. He most likely saw sirens going and decided to join better action than a traffic ticket. If he did not give the guy a ticket, then the paperwork should have been voided.

    PS I have no reason to jump off, I am happy with myself.
    I do not have to hide behind a single letter t!
    Jessica Schlacter

  • t.

    Jessica: Again…..YOU HAVE NO IDEA (just assumptions) about why the officer left. Since you wanted make things up, so will I. What if the first officers was chasing someone who just assaulted your mom? How pissed are you going to be, and how quickly are you going to sue, because the police didn’t respond and catch that guy because he was too busy writing a speeding ticket.

    Get over yourself. This officer did the right thing.

    As for “hiding.”. Unfortunately the childish tactics taken by many on this site, phone and email attacks (hell there’s even a special section dedicated to it on this site) basically mandate that in protect myself..

    But am glad your happy with you.