Seattle Cops Caught Threatening To Make Up Evidence

There are so many disturbing things brought up in this video. First is the news reporter’s emphasis that neither suspect had a criminal record. Would it have made a difference if the suspects did have a criminal record?

Secondly, at approx 2:50 the reporter sits down with a Seattle Police Sergeant who is obviously there to just downplay the situation. His comment that the incident had been investigated by their department’s internal “professionalism board” and that the citizens need to place more trust the police to take care of the problem. Really? Too much trust is exactly why we are in this situation.

Finally, the most disturbing portion is at the end when the reporter reveals the thousands of dash cam videos that are missing. This is just another illustration of how cops aren’t there to protect you or your rights and also another illustration of why you should go out of your way to film the police at every available opportunity. The police have a much harder time trying to “lose” your video.

From Komo News reporter Tracy Vedder:

Josh Lawson and Christopher Franklin filed a claim against the city Monday for excessive force and wrongful arrest.

The two were arrested at gunpoint on November 16, 2010 and said the incident changed their lives forever.

“I thought I was gonna die,” Lawson said about that night.

Franklin said it was “the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Both men said they suffered facial bruises and swelling after one was kicked and the other man-handled into the pavement while being arrested. But then listen to what an officer says on an audio recording after he takes the two to holding cells: “Well, you’re going to jail for robbery that’s all.”

You then hear Franklin ask, “for robbery?” And the officer responds, “Yeah, I’m gonna make stuff up.”

Franklin believed him.

“He showed me that he has the power to do whatever he wanted that night,” he said. “He has a badge, and all we can do is nothing.”

Read entire story here.

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  • certain

    Well, T, PSO, let’s hear how this kind of thing just doesn’t happen.
    Nope, cops would never lie and make stuff up because they don’t like what color you are.

  • When We Gone Rush the Law Enforcement

    Nothing special here kids, police just doing what they always do, terrorize and abuse the citizens.

  • 1605

    “Trust the system, trust the process”…. Nuff said. Nothing to see hear, folks. Keep it moving.

  • tim


  • Common Sense

    Always more to the story then what’s presented…

    If they were victims of excessive force then perhaps their suit has merit. If they were tackled after they ran, sorry, the pavement is hard in places, you should have stopped.

    Someone just wants a check for their black eye.

  • certain

    ROFL – You’re going to provide a PD information release in order to somehow justify this freaking CRIMINAL making threats to falsify reports? Really?

    Your user name reflects what you obviously don’t have.

  • http://n/a Common Sense

    Well, what was done?

    Were there ‘threats’ and false allegations/statements in a report or affidavit? YES, he was charged with robbery and assault, it wasn’t a ‘made up’ charge. Did the cop simply react unprofessionally to the flapping gums of someone who was talking shit, after they were identified by a victim as being the person that assaulted and robbed them? Probably, but you see, it wasn’t a threat or a lie, they were really charged with robbery based on what the victim told them that night.


    “Yes, I’m gonna make it up…” Sorry, taking two sentenes out of a entire police contant is taking it out of context. You can edit the video all you want, but in the end, he was a suspect in a robbery and assault and charges for that were sought. Simply because they were denied because the victim didn’t cooperate later at court, does not mean that the arrest was ‘false’ nor does it mean the 2 were ‘innocent’ either.

    Notice how the media does not play the entire video from inside the police car? Its clearly a one sided ‘investigative’ news report.

    I’m sure big scary cop was disciplined for his poor wording, but this is not some massive coverup. “I was terrificed” – and? I cannot control how you receive the message that’s sent.
    Was excessive force used? A jury can decide. He’ll have his day in civil court but I wouldn’t expect Jessie Jackson to arrive just yet.

    This is a non-incident.

  • Angry

    @ Common Sense

    I watched the video and read the police report. The issue I have here isn’t the fact that the suspects got roughed up, since they most likely committed a violent crime against another person. The issue is that a police officer threatened to fabricate evidence. The report you posted admitted that the officer did so:

    “In response to the officer’s patrol car banter where he told the suspect that he would “make stuff up,” the Department agrees that it is inappropriate.”

    Therefore, your explanation that the statement was taken out of context has been proven to be false by the SPD themselves.

    I understand why you don’t really care since these guys were assholes that attacked another person, but if the state has the power to fabricate evidence against criminals, then they have the authority to do so against the rest of us, including you, CommonSense. This would give the state absolute power to do as they please without accountability. That sort of future would be horrific, and most of us here don’t wish for that to happen.

  • Common Sense

    Actually no, the context is that the report wants to lead the view that the police ‘made up the facts of an arrest’ and that’s not the case. His comment was unprofessional, but not illegal and if it lead the two to assume, there would be some fabrication of evidence or statements, well, that didn’t happen either. There was no cover up or false charges, just one/two sentences, that are taken out of context of the entire Terry Stop which took say 15 minutes or longer…

  • Lee

    Tim man, we ain’t all the same, no matter what you think, i hate a lot of white people, i hate a lot of black people, even so, i wouldn’t want to see any of them hurt, everyone no matter the colour is not the same.

  • paschn

    A little more corroborating evidence of the “bought-off” Supreme Court sleeping with Wall Street/Fed Res/D.C.

    This is from Truthout’s Thom Hartmann;

    The state of Montana is screwed like the rest of us. The unelected justices on the U.S. Supreme Court decided last week that the citizens of Montana have to give up their elections to deep-pocketed corporations like the rest of America. Choosing the side of three Montana corporations – the high court suspended a recent Montana state Supreme Court decision that upheld a 100-year old law banning corporate spending in state elections. By issuing the suspension – corporations will now have free rein to spend unlimited amounts of money in Montana elections – just as they can in every other state in America. On the bright side – since the high court merely suspended the ruling and has not yet overturned it – the door is open for a possible second hearing on Citizens United in the future. And now that we know just how damaging this radical ruling 2 years ago is to our democracy – maybe the court will be forced to reconsider it. But our best hope to overturning Citizens United will be through a constitutional amendment that says corporations are not people and money is not speech. Go to to join the movement.

    Read it all and weep here

    Anyone can see why the cops run interference for this filth…. Both the masters and parasites that service them are so honorable, no?

  • fromjanesville2waukesha

    Same old cops trying to justify obvious police misconduct.

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