Hung Jury in Jones Co, MS for Filming Police Officers

For the past 20 months Pete Eyre and I have been trying to hold James Atkins, Abraham McKenzie and other Jones County Sheriff’s accountable for our wrongful arrest back in May of 09′. This past week I had my second trial, this one in circuit court, which resulted in a hung jury.

In the video below you’ll see the officers try to justify their actions claiming I kept “moving from the spot I was told to stand” and that my camera could have been a weapon or distractionary device. McKenzie even goes on to say that it’s perfectly legal for an officer to take your camera or to handcuff you for officer safety. Even if they have no reason to believe a law has, will be or could be broken.

It’s sad but I feel this is just the first of many reasons police will come up with to get people to stop filming them. Unless more people start doing so. Below you’ll find the video from the trial as well as the deleted footage from back in May of 09.  If you’re interested in learning more about his case check out this playlist on

I’m asking that those who believe I’m innocent of the states charges to call Wayne Thompson, ask him to drop my charges.

Wayne Thompson – DA Jones County, Mississippi

  • Marty

    these clowns will never apologize or admit wrongdoing, despite causing great harm- you’ve lost time and money and there’s still no resolution. you did a great job, but I feel horrible about the hoops you’ve been forced to jump through. too bad you can’t recover compensation for your time, travel, and food through small claims court…

  • Hazy

    Did you ask them why they attempted to destroy the video footage you recorded?

  • charley hardman

    too depressing to even watch the vids. this is what happens when people are paid for being wrong.

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  • Emil Haferflocken

    Glad you’re coming out of this, Adam. Thanks very much for for the blog updates and videos.

    I’m confused about your mention that the jury was 6 persons. I thought it had to be 12 in criminal trials? Wikipedia says that 48 states’ criminal juries must be unanimous, but that Oregon and Louisiana allow non-unanimous findings of guilt in criminal trials. I did not know that.

  • Bry

    After 60 years, the authorities are still denying citizens of their civil rights in Mississippi.

    The actors may have changed but the story stays the same.

  • K.C.

    “Would you mind turning that camera off. [thought bubble] I definitely do not want the crimes I’m about to frame you and your friends with and the crimes I’m about to commit against you and your friends to be recorded as evidence.” “Oops, you did it anyway. Oh well, my backup and I will assault, attack, terrorize, torture y’all and try to erase it afterward back at the office.”

    Don’t you just love how the first or second cute thing that cops most often say to push subjects off balance and to initiate control/dominance/subjugation and infer guilt, especially if we exercise our rights or record them, is “Do you have some I.D. (on you)” or “I need to see your I.D.”

    FYI: Arkansas’s “stop and Identify” statute only applies in the context and suspicion of loitering, not traffic stops.

    The video shall set you free!

  • K.C.

    MARV looks naked without its Voluntaryist graphics, sponsor logos/signs and paint wrap. Even if Mississippi doesn’t issue temporary paper tags, other states do and Miss. must honor and recognize other states’ official documents, etc., due to comity and the Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution. Atkins and DA Thompson need to learn that there is a world outside Mississippi.

    Poor Jason’s rude awakening! He could’ve gotten Tased or even shot for bending down and reaching upfront like that. Hell, with all that “furtive movement” inside MARV and all that cops in general get by with I wouldn’t have put it passed them to have just fired directly at or into the vehicle before Pete opened the door! You all are lucky android Atkins didn’t.

    The rear of the deputy SUV includes the sides of the rear 1/3 or so of it. Ademo may not have stood quite at the corner but he stayed within one step of the spot he first stopped when Atkins first instructed. I know the camera angles and zooming changed perspective and may have appeared or seemed that he moved/walked but he didn’t. I’ve operated video cameras a lot myself and could tell if he walked.

    Deputy Atkins: “…But listen, I’m not going to disrespect you… I’m not going to violate your rights, okay.” WTF! Was he crossing his fingers or was it opposite day? Ademo is lucky Deputy McKenzie didn’t Mace, Tase or assault him worse for telling him no/refusing again to turn off the camera. Cops think they not only own “subjects” but also their Freedom and property.

  • Fro

    Who are the 2 stupid jurors that voted guilty? what brainwashed bafoons

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  • Chef

    Did you notify the FBI about the police destruction of evidence? You should notify a Federal prosecutor and see what their stance is on this grievous violation and cover up.