Cop says it’s illegal to video them in Washington

Although I’m not really sure what this is about, the officer blurts out his ignorance of what the photography laws are at roughly 2:10 into the video, then quickly takes it back after realizing he is wrong.

From the policecrimedotcom you tube description

* The following is from the man who recorded the video:

Why ? Why would an officer scream at someone trying to report a crime? Why would officer Wong take my photo for attempting to report a crime? Why would officer Jennings take time to teach me manners, when he had no time to take a report? Why would officer Jennings question my right to video, while he drives a car covered in wide angle cameras? Why was no report ever taken though I made 2 attempts. Why was I ordered in a threatening manner? -Don’t you walk away from me! Why did it take a video cam to stop Officer jennings aggression e- mailed the photo to the chief of police.

  • Mike

    Hmmm….I wish I could see the entire confrontation, because from what I did see it looks like the guy had the attitude that he was planning to have a confrontation with a cop. I could be wrong, since I didn’t see what happened up to this point. I’m all for keeping the Police honest, but I don’t think the right tactic is to create situations to antagonize them just to get a reaction on video. They are human just like us, and if you went up to just any dude on the street with a confrontational demeanor, it probably wouldn’t go a civilized as this did.

  • Scott

    I dont really see anything wrong with how this officer acted. The person takeing the video is the one in this case that seemed to be confrontational. The officer did bring up the wiretap law, but noted there are exceptions. He did’nt even look like he cared about it.

  • Rich

    Officer you are a public servant on public property performing a public service you do not have an expectation of privacy you are fully aware i am video taping you i ahev a first amendment right to video tape you . If you attempt to deny me this right you will be using your color of authority to commit a federal crime if your partner does not report it he will be guilty of conspiracy to commit the same crime,’Officer you have a right to remain silent anything you say can be used aganst you in a court of law do you understand what i have just explained to you

  • Chris Mallory

    If a government employee doesn’t like the attitude of one of his employers, he is free to quit and get gainful employment.

  • Elena

    The guy who visited taped this is the one who needs to be taught manners. The cop did nothing wrong and was justifying his actions. People like this who set up cops for entrapment should fined for stupidity.