• Common Sense


    another douche move by Copblock – too bad Adam wasn’t there

  • Andy

    Whether you are cop bootlicker, or a cop blocker you have to admit this hilarious!

  • Andy

    Whether you are cop bootlicker, or a cop blocker you have to admit this was hilarious!

  • Common Sense

    Next up, ring the doorbell and run away at the local police station, call the courthouse and hang up, and TP the trees outside the county jail….

  • Andy

    That would be funny too, but I have a soft spot for any practical joke.

  • paschn

    It’s all an illusion. Check out the clip below. It’s NEVER been about safety or stopping the “terrorists”. It’s about money. Dual citizen Michael Chertoff,(you might recognize him as the DOJ head that ordered the famous “5 dancing shlomos” released back to Israel after they were arrested filming the WTC controlled demolition in Manhatten)), Owns the company that sells the scanners to the TSA. The nation he owes his allegiance to, Israel, won’t even buy the scanners he sells, but they sure eat ’em up here. Can you say “sold out”?


  • certain

    Easy to tell good cops from bad in this video. Good cops come up and look to make sure he’s peeing before doing anything else (and I’ll be the first to say, that’s most of them). Bad cops (who I wouldn’t trust to watch the door at Walmart, much less carry a gun) are the ones who come up and put their hands on him (battery) before checking to see if he’s actually doing anything wrong. But once again, even if a cop came up and threw him on his rear, it would be “justified”.

  • AFoster

    Yeah I am not running up on a guy peeing. That’s all you need is for him to turn around and piss all over you. No thanks. Good prank.

  • Common Sense

    Hey look Carlos, the cops aren’t being the dog piss out of anyone? Shocking, I know…

  • Angry


    I hope you guys have more stuff like this in the future.

  • certain

    Hey Common, don’t be so freaking 2 faced. You think it’s such a minor thing to grab somebody by the collar? Do it to a cop because you think he’s doing something illegal, watch what happens.


    @certain. Pretty sure we all agree that it looks like the dude is pissing. PC, enough to arrest/detain. The is no “battery” when conducting a lawful arrest/detention. I realize it’s about how you personally want to define each word, but I’m not sure how a cop puting his hand on the shoulder of someone pissing, makes him a “bad” cop.

  • chase

    POS SGT if a cop cant tell the difference between a dick and a water bottle he should look for new employment.

    and its not a “lawful” arrest if the person isn’t doing a damn thing wrong, so the assault by the cop is not excusable.

    not that it actually matters. he could have shot the guy and gotten away with it if he wanted to. “OMGLOL I LIKE TOTALLY THOUGHT IT WAS MY TAZER!!!!1

  • James

    I’ll be dipped. . . there are a handful of decent cops out there. . .

    Just a bit of friendly advice for the rest of them – when you walk up behind someone and assault them, don’t be surprised if you get ganked and wake up in a ditch somewhere. Not everyone is as nice as the kid with the water bottle. It’s called “Situational Awareness,” and you should get some.

  • certain

    PSO, That was the most lame comment, in my opinion, you have ever made on this site. I don’t care what you think you see, you do not have any right to put your hands on me if I am not committing a criminal offense. You want to investigate? Fine. Do it the way the cops I tagged as good do, and take a look. That’s the main problem with cops these days – making up freaking rules as you go along. Grab me by my neck for no reason and I will file charges against you. Freaking “lawful detention” my ass. You can lawfully take a look to see what’s going on before you decide that somebody needs to be assaulted. Sure, he set it up, but he could just as easily have been watering a flower.


    Please tell me where to buy the xray vision glasses from!!! We don’t have them at my department so when I see a guy, with his back to me, and he looks like he’s peeing, I’m going to assume he’s pissing. Just like everyone else in ALL of his video’s. He’s made a few of them, and everyone thinks he’s pissing until he turns around.

    A lawful detention is based up reasonable suspicion, or probable cause. Pissing in public, or the act of pretending to I believe is more than reasonable suspicion to “detain” him. And as in the video’s. The lawful detention ends about 1 second after the guy turns around. Chase, I didn’t see anyone get arrested.. maybe I’m watcching a different video.

    Once again, everyone likes to take the “end result” and use that to measure what happened. It doesn’t work like that folks. YES< the guy was faking it! WE know that, the cops knew that AFTER they made contact. You can't take what is known at the end of an incident and use that to judge the incident.

    Certain, I didn't see any flowers.

  • chase

    PSOSGT you’re the one who said “The is no “battery” when conducting a lawful arrest/detention”.

    its not a lawful arrest if no one is doing anything illegal. therefore, ASSAULT = ASSAULT. BATTERY = BATTERY. your precious badge doesn’t exempt you.

  • chase

    you can’t take the extra .01 seconds to look over his shoulder and verify that his dick is in fact whipped out before you assault him?

    if i see a cop pouring his coffee out while hes turned the other way, and run up behind him and slam him on the ground, you’re going to back me up right PSOSGT?


    @ chase. my point was that there wasn’t an arrest. no one on here seems to dispute or say that it doesn’t look like he was taking a piss. right? I think it’s pretty clear that he looks like he’s taking a piss, kind of the whole premise behind the gag. So… we have enough resonable suspicion that someone is urinating in public, most likley a city ordinance, and worthy of making contact. Grabbing someone on the shoulder isn’t an assault, or battery, because you’ve got RS that a crime is afoot. and they did take the extra .01 seconds and NO ONE WAS TACKLED. You can’t have it both ways. people complain about cops tasering folks, well.. why not get a good hold of a jacket to prevent someone from running (cause that’s what many people do when they get caught pissing in public), ending any further need for the use of force.

    But then again, I guess cops simply can do nothing right. Let’s ban all police officers from working because 3 cops in a staged gag saw what they(and everyone else in the world) saw what the believed was a crime and took action. My bad.

  • certain

    Funny how no matter what, it’s legal. That’s the problem with ass-hat cops today. The law means what you think it does, regardless. I don’t care what you assume. You need to know something is being done before you start putting your hands on somebody. You want to take action, fine, do it while still repecting my rights to be free from being assaulted for no reason. That means take a look and make sure you know what’s going on before taking any further action. How about when the motor cop grabs the guy around the neck in an armlock? Sure, he’s joking around, but if the kid had done the same thing – BAM – on the ground, shit kicked out of you, and under arrest for assaulting an officer. Freaking 2-faced ass-hat clowns.

  • smeg

    retards. on the internet. arguing.