Pushed by Cop, Sent to Jail

Someone passed this video along via the submission tab (the email was a dud), so I added a intro/outro and posted it to CopBlock.org’s YouTube. I found the text below by clicking the link in the original video, posted here.

There’s some that would pat the cops on the back for being over dramatic assholes. They think its ok for cops to do whatever they like and justify any actions made by officers as, that’s what keeps them going home to their families. Protecting their partner and asking questions later. Which sometimes I know can be the case that cops have to take certain measures to protect themselves.

That isn’t the case in this video shot last night. And yes I know, your might say, well what was the whole story? There’s got to be some reason those officers were on high alert like that! But, in my opinion, whatever the situation at hand before becomes irrelevant after the cop pushes the guy away. They obviously weren’t trying to arrest these particular individuals. The guy talking to the cop before the push looks like he had been there for quite awhile talking to the cop with his arms folded when the push took place. Now I could care less about the cop pushing him. After the officer pushed him away which seems a bit drastic, he went back to writing in his journal immediately. That to me doesn’t warrant the other officer to arrest him thereafter in my opinion. But he does……dramatically.Whats your take on it?

Always film the police, or any government official for that matter.

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  • DKSuddeth

    how many of you cops that post on here now are going to justify this? fess up.

  • Common Sense

    Typically with ‘assault’ there needs to be the ‘intent to injure’ – depends on the state statute and better yet, what’s listed in the jury instructions..

  • Andy

    This is ridiculous. Why, why do some cops act like this?

  • J


    One of the officers in question has been identified as Kyle Bendzsa. The names of the man shoved, the person recording the event are as of yet unknown. The YouTube video was uploaded by an account named “Jade Cervantes,” however the person recording sounds like a male.

    Westword points out that this is not the first time Officer Bendzsa’s name has appeared in the news. In 2010, it was reported that Bendzsa “delivered a straight strike” during an arrest of Colorado Eagles player Mario Joly when Joly refused to leave Old Town during a riot.

  • certain


    Don’t be a 2 faced prick, and play games with words. You know the average joe on this site doesn’t understand the difference between assault and battery, but I do. That cop commited a crime. And a lack of any “intent to injure” doesn’t stop the PD from filing Assault on a PO” when somebody accidently brushes up against them, or even better, the recent case in which a cop filed assault charges on a person who accidently fell against her, WHILE BEING TASED.

    Tell me something, once everyone except for the court system lackies such as yourself have lost respect for law enforcement, what do you imagine comes next? If it ever truly becomes us versus them, do you understand the odds involved?

    I’m intelligent enough to understand that there has to be a system of law enforcement. Even a small percentage (which there will probably always be) of people with no respect for others rights can make for large problems in our society. But the system we have now is corrupt and broken. When I distrust police as much as any other shady person I might encounter on the street, there’s a problem. And when cops do something wrong, it’s still wrong no matter how many other cops say it was “justified”. That kind of nonsense breeds even more mistrust. Because from our side, the non-police side, this is what we hear – “Doesn’t matter what he/she did, WE say it was ok for them to do it. End of subject”

  • Carlos


    Common is just a forum SPAMMER who only enjoys dragging people down into long and senseless arguments for his own amusement.

    I have NEVER read or seen anything valuable coming form this individual.

    I repeat what I posted before, if I were the owner of this site, I would’ve banned him long ago for good.

    He does the same spamming thing at the CopBlock YouTube page with the difference that there, he conceals himself under another nick name.

    Oh, and before he responds with the same crap about his “statistics” of all Cops being “good” and wanting to be rebutted, I tell you that I could care less about it. What I’ve seen and read about Cops in the last 20 years is more than enough for me to make up my mind, and just some figures you’ve come up with will not make think otherwise.


  • Accountability

    @ certain

    Most probably, LEOs don’t care if they are liked or unliked.

    To them, every one not a LEO is the enemy and suspicious.

    @ Carlos

    “common sense” is a troll most of the time, but I don’t mind him or his other stasi friends hanging out here and entertain us.

    They mostly profile and generalize everyone anyways.

    It’s expected. ;)

  • Spirit of ’46

    In the not-so-distant past “the American Way” was to stand up to Tyranny whether foreign or domestic. Check out the Athens Rebellion from Athens Tennessee in 1946. Nevermind the “Spirit of ’76” We could do with a little bit of the Spirit of ’46. Some say “Remember the Alamo”. I say the new cry of patriots should be “Remember Athens Tennesee!”

  • Andy

    I think this a perfect example of why the right to resist law is needed. As soon as that officer pushed him, he should have been able to defend himself, by knocking his fucking teeth down his throat.

  • Carlos


    That was my argument the other day here in these forums with either “T” or PSOSGT [don’t recall from the top of my head who of them].

    I posted a rebuttal to one of them who happened to allege that the average John Doe citizen “has MORE power” than Cops. I was kind of shook up by this asseveration because from I have seen and perceived in the last 20 years is that Cops in America, have way TOO MUCH POWER and little or not accountability at all.

    And, the above thread is a living example of this. A cop can taze me, beat me, choke me, kick me, slam me on the ground and who knows what else, but I can NOT respond or fight him back in the same way because, if I do, I will be charged with “ASSAULTING a POLICE OFFICER” which carries heavy prison sentences in court.

    How can it be possible in America, that a Cop is granted by LAW to abuse a civilian at will but the civilian cannot do the same or defend himself of the aggression ?

    Definitely, this is a dysfunctional society where some are allowed to do and undo as they please and it’s not a crime but when we do it, then it is. Double standard policies.


  • Ron

    The cop wanted to see the guy with the cameras ID to check maybe if he had warrants. If he had warrants then he could arrest him and then get his hands on that damn video :)

    And that would be the end of that chapter

  • Joseph Libertarian

    Jeez…. Jail? Hell no. fired? Hell no. Reprimanded? No probably not because they will say “push me again” was a threat.

    Fuck these infantry wanna be pigs.

  • Dan

    Nothing ever good happens after 1am when the bars close.

  • Common Sense

    You have always had the right to resist an unlawful arrest…

  • chase

    yes, you have the right as far as the written law is concerned. but in practice, the courts will always find a reason to punish you for defending yourself. ESPECIALLY if you don’t have video evidence. the cop will lie through his remaining teeth and get off the hook. so it doesn’t matter what rights you have under the law when the judge can just ignore the laws to vindicate their colleagues.

  • andy

    yet another video that makes me sad to live in our current country… I’m ready to revolt… It’s time to take our country back! It’s time to attack our government and enact change with the power of the gun.

  • Common Sense

    Whatever Andy…

  • Carlos


    certain says:
    March 26, 2012 at 8:52 pm


    Don’t be a 2 faced prick, and play games with words.


  • Andy

    Whatever what? The little fucking pussy pushed the man because he can hide behind his badge.

  • Common Sense

    ..you are ready to revolt. You won’t. You won’t do anything. You will rant and type, that’s all. You won’t attack anyone or anything, except maybe a bag of chips. Sorry, but that’s the truth.


    I like anti-cop video’s!!! Always cut out the beginning or simply leave out what’s going on. Doesn’t look good regardless.

  • Artie

    “Common Sense” turns out to be a run-of-the-mill, dime-a-dozen, typical e-thug throwing e-challenges. How very disappointing.

  • Common Sense

    No, just stating a fact…

    For all your bitching, what’s happened? Nothing. For the massive movement in Keene, the Bearcat arrives shortly. For accountability? It happens, and you’ve even posted its results here. Police misconduct happens, but is a tiny fraction of the contacts police have with the public. I would cite numbers, but you’d just be confused.

    And as far as ‘run-of-the-mill’ all I need to do is look at the semi-retardation in most of the comments posted by those who know little, and state the same.

  • Chris Mallory


    What beginning? We have at least 10 second’s of video where the citizen is talking to his employee. We have video of the citizen with his arms crossed in an non threatening manner. We have the government employee attacking the citizen for no apparent reason. We have video of the government employee’s partner attacking the citizen for the grave offense of having a battery committed against the citizen by the first government employee. What else is there to see?

    Words should never be a reason for a government employee to attack his employer.

  • Andy

    Excellent point!

  • mrs miss

    the man who got shoved is Matt hefferon, the one getting the ticket is josh, and recording is Jarvis.

  • dick

    awesome comment Chris

  • WOLF

    However, Nocommonsense and possgt will tell you time and time again: “COPS DO NO WRONG, IT’S ALL THE VICTIMS FAULT”.

    Isn’t it funny that neither of them will read and comment on the article about Older Good Cops getting the hell off the force due to pigs just shown on video. Even good cops can’s stand the bullshit being done now and know it’s all a power trip of gov’t bottom feeders just like the TSA.

    BTW: Nocommonsense, Andy hit the nail right on the head and you sit in your mommy’s basement calling him a coward. It’s coming and it’s coming soon so you better have your diapers ready to change when you see us coming. ALSO, WOULD YOU PLEASE WIPE THE COP CUM OFF YOUR LIP?? MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE THE COCKSUCKER YOU REALLY ARE…

  • Common Sense

    Poor wolfy still no friends to play with, deep in his bunker of doom plotting the overthrow of the government…

  • Dan

    “It’s coming and it’s coming soon so you better have your diapers ready to change when you see us coming.”

    Ummmm Wolf,,,,I’ve been on this site for over a year now and I am still waiting,,

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    Revolt never comes at the. Ceauşescu went from oppressing his people one day, not thinking he had to flee for his life, to dead in a ditch with his wife the next. People on this site keep their powder dry and act the good citizen until the time comes.

    Expect the revolt in the US to be slow motion, aimed first at cop benefits and gold played pensions. No need to shoot if you can hit them in the wallet first.

  • baconeater

    I think common is starting to reak of bacon, Hey man sorry you got bullied in highschool, sorry your a fat dohnut eating piece of shit,sorry you have to hide behind your badge, sorry your wife cheats on you and youll probably kill her for it when you find out, sorry you only get 30k a year, sorry your a oinker buddy, but hey at least you get respect from the community right? LOL

  • natty

    Its my brother who’s being harassed and assaulted! You people can debate all you want but the bottom line is…..he *DID NOT* deserve to bbe treated that way or arrested!

    This world has gone mad…and half the cops right along with it! MAJORLY FUCKED UP!


  • http://Yahoo Alvin

    Read the above posts, here is my take. I can agree to some extent with both sides of this debate……to some extent. However, since I too look upon the long of the law with growing disdain and contempt, I am exercising a few other of my constitutional rights. Such as the 2nd. I am arming to the max as the police and armed forces are doing. I am buying large amounts of ammunition on a regular basis. I am not the only one. Many more of my like-minded countrymen are doing the same. Read the news, you will find confirmation. If/when a revolution happens ( I lean toward the when time frame), I will be ready to defend my homestead quite effectivly. My home’s entrances have been hardened so as to protect me from an overly zealous police force. I vote to ensure my rights are respected. I have alternative energy and water sources so as not to pay into the corrupt city/county/state/fed taxes or fees. In short, by placing me in the crossfire of the police/criminal war, I’ve chosen to drop out, disassociate, refuse to engage in commerce that can be taxed to feed the system. Think about that in depth and see where this leads if more follow my example.

  • cory

    WTF?! This is clearly a planned strategy by these two thug cops. First guy signals to partner, then pushes the victim (who clearly was just standing with arms crossed), and then partner rushes over to tackle him with arrest and yell the trained “stop resisting!” they learn in dog school. Where’s the accountability of these thugs? My reckoning is that the judges are the ones to address since they always protect these miscreants.