Why All Police Are Bad — for Society

Published On December 30, 2010 | By Ademo Freeman | Articles

I’m often questioned about my stance on police which is fine — anyone who knows me is aware that I don’t mind sharing my thoughts. Oftentimes during the conversation I’m accused of being a “cop hater” or told that not all cops are bad. I understand the reasoning most people have behind such ideas and how they come to these conclusions; nevertheless, those people are wrong. I’m not a cop hater, but all cops are bad, and here is why.

First, let me say that I don’t believe all police are bad people. Actually, I believe the majority of people in general to be good, and therefore would expect the same ratio in the police profession. However, I feel police are misled via their training and due to the requirements of their jobs, into bad decisions, which reflects upon them as people. I’m hopeful someday police will realize their jobs would be better (pay, safety, benefits, ect.) if provided by the free market instead of the one-size-fits-all system of policing mandated by the government.

My first and most important point when discussing the police is their funding. It seems every police officer has forgotten who pays their salary – people. There is a serious lack of customer service that is supposed to accompany the good or service being provided by police. When you’re pulled over by an officer, again who you pay for – yet are afraid of, police often demand your ID, ask where you’re going and search your persons and/or property. All the while, they demand your compliance (which, if not given, can be deadly) and claim to keep you safe.

In what other business or aspect of life can you talk down to, violate, search property and demand compliance and respect from people who help pay your salary? If a barista at Starbucks treated the customers the same way police do, they’d be fired. The customer would be apologized to and most likely compensated for their troubles. If Starbucks didn’t correct its behavior it would suffer the loss of customers because people wouldn’t pay someone to be treated in that manner.

Discussion from PoliceOne Facebook page

The second reason police are bad is because they lie – a lot – even to themselves. The police claim it is their job to keep you safe and they risk their lives doing this. This is a lie. First, police have never and will never keep anyone safe. It is not their legal responsibility and courts have ruled in favor of this. Second, most officers value their lives first and foremost while on duty (and I don’t blame them). A quick look at the comments on PoliceOne.com’s Facebook page will prove this. In the example to the right several officers approve of LEO’s who shot a man holding a water nozzle, claiming they’d do the same because getting home to their family is priority.

I understand why LEO’s make such comments; people want to return to their loved ones after work, regardless of their profession. This still doesn’t justify the lack of accountability for officers who break the law. The common defense for such police behavior is because they risk their lives for us – even though a police officer fails to make the ten most dangerous jobs list and the police always carry guns, unlike most people they encounter. Yet police don’t realize how it’s their employer (lawmakers) who put them in these situations.

An officer’s daily duties require them to violate the rights of others, without question, on a repeated basis (see video – 2min in). Police routinely fine or jail, at taxpayer expense, people whose crimes lack an actual victim. Whether it be for driving without a license, disorderly conduct or illegal drugs, police are the ones enforcing such laws. More surprisingly is it seems they do so only because they are told to, and believe such violations are acceptable to keep others safe (this doesn’t even include officers who blatantly and knowingly abuse their power).

I’ve asked several officers, in light of their willingness to arrest me for putting substances into my body (like marijuana), whether they would also arrest me if lawmakers (against my wishes) made ketchup illegal too. To my surprise, most say yes (2min 6sec into video) while others tell me how silly an example it is because lawmakers would never make ketchup illegal. Police don’t understand that to others, dictating what substance (heroin, acid, or  cigarettes) they can or can not put into their bodies is just as silly as banning ketchup. This is not to mention the fact that millions are forced to pay, via taxes, for the expenses incurred to jail these offenders – offenders of their own bodies, I guess. This is something most wouldn’t voluntarily pay for. This is to say nothing of the irony behind being arrested by police, who you pay for, to arrest you for putting something into your own body. Who would voluntarily hire some to arrest him or herself?

Yet millions of people do and the police don’t even show an appreciation towards them. I’ve gotten birthday gifts, discounts on merchandise, and other things from stores I’ve voluntarily given business to. I’ve never received so much as a thank you from a police officer; instead I’ve witnessed them prey on people simply trying to live their lives. I’ve had police intimidate and cage me for doing nothing more than filming and asking questions.

It’s for these reasons I find that all police are in fact bad for society. I realize there are cases where an officer has gone above and beyond the call of duty, but there are millions of non-LEOs that have too. I tip my hat to all that go out of their way for their fellow man. The fact is until one (or several at one time) truly brave officer(s) breaks the ranks and forms their own private protection agency, the people will never truly be protected.

Active LEOs should be dreaming of the day where government policing is replaced with individuals and businesses hiring their own protection, and the police business is subject to the values of the free market, where those who provide a service others demand thrive and those who conduct business poorly fail. Those will be the days in which an officer’s time is spent catching people who actually commit crimes against other people and businesses, thus making the  job of protection less dangerous, less stressful, more direct and an overall good to society.

Until then we’ll be stuck fighting over things like what should be illegal, who has the right search your property, and who can carry a gun. This is slave-on-slave violence at its best. 300 million people will never agree on how to police as a whole thus people should be free to hire those they feel can protect and provide them with the service they need.

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Ademo Freeman is an advocate for a voluntary society, one where people are free to live their lives so long as they don't initiate force on others. Ademo has also been involved with other projects such as the MotorhomeDiaries.com, FreeKeene.com and LibertyOnTour.com You can get more content created by Ademo at his Facebook page and YouTube channel. Enjoy Ademo's post/work? Want to show him your gratitude, simply click here. Thanks in advance for your support, it's greatly appreciated.
  • Johnathon Dunker

    Thank you for putting this so concisely…I’ll be using this link a lot in my own Fadebook discussions.

  • Jake

    The cop in the comments about the water nozzle says- ” Its BS that the general public expects officers to get shot at before they can shoot back”. Thats the rules of engagement for our soldiers in the military, and theyre in an actual combat situation. Cops need to chill the f*ck out! More civilians are shot at everyday than police. The difference is, when a cop gets shot at, the media gets ahold of it and publicizes it.

  • Anonymous

    Cops are not the only one who believe that that drugs should be illegal. Let’s say that a man gets high on PCP and cuts his face off with a shard of glass (This did happen, however I cannot find the link for the article as I read it a few years ago). He goes to the hospital. In order to disinfect him he needs to be dipped into a vat of iodine, he needs to have drugs to attempt to counteract the effects of the PCP, and he needs multiple skin grafts. He takes up a bed in a hospital for a few months. He takes up a doctor’s time (which could have been spent helping someone who didn’t do something harmful to themselves like a victim of a car accident, someone having a heart attack, etc) along with the time of a few nurses. And who do you think pays for it? The PCP addict (or user or whatever you want to call them) probably doesn’t have the money to pay for his own medical expenses. So guess who pays for it? The government does. It really pisses me off this sort of thing happens. I’m fine with helping people pay for their healthcare unless they did something to themselves that was illegal or stupid.

  • Ogre

    “This is slave-on-slave violence at its best.” Very well-said!

    @Anon — Sure, that’s a problem — the solution is to stop having government pay for free medicine and let people have the freedom to decide who they want to treat without force. I know, I’m dreaming.

  • Ademo Freeman

    @Ogre – Thanks

    @Anon – I agree with Orge but would like to add that if there wasn’t a war on drugs, people wouldn’t be taxes as much. Which they could then use that money for healthcare, if they feel they need it. If they don’t have healthcare maybe someone will help maybe they won’t.. it depends on the situation. If you’re an addict, who keeps messing up, I doubt you’ll receive much assistance. That’s not my problem. With freedom comes responsibility.

  • Chris

    “And who do you think pays for it?”

    The easy answer to this argument is to end the welfare state. If people had to pay for the consequences of their poor decisions, they would make fewer poor decisions. Instead, we’ve breed a nation sheep, dependent upon the state.

  • http://anarchyinabottle.blogspot.com/ Danny (A)

    Really great article. Very humanizing. I’m always trying to explain to people that I don’t dislike cops as people. I just dislike their jobs. Very well said.

  • Tanya

    @Anon – What constitutes “stupid?” From your comment I can assume if someone did anything stupid, like blow up some fireworks in their face, you are against the gov’t system paying their medical bills – or an elderly lady who lets her gas run too long before lighting the pilot and sets herself on fire or burns down her house. Is that stupid or an accident? If you say these acts were stupid,then you think these people should not have assistance in paying for their predicament. I may agree, however, since this is the system we currently have these people are entitled to benefits if they qualify for the assistance. If I pay into a program (i.e. food stamps) via my income taxes, then I would surely apply for the benefit if I found myself in a situation where I qualify – if only to get some of my (tax) money back.
    That aside, if we can agree on the stupid part, then the “illegal” part would be separate. You said if someone did something illegal to lead to the need of medical assistance you wouldn’t want to pay either. I assume you mean your example of a PCP user slicing his face off with with glass because he is messed up. Well, couldn’t somebody intoxicated by alcohol also do something similar? And since alcohol is not illegal, then you’d be okay to help that person in very similar circumstances? Or can we agree that both acts were equally stupid as to let oneself become so out of it that they could end up seriously harming themself? If that is so, then all acts would be judged on if they were stupid and not necessarily illegal. So, I guess my point is that drugs should not be illegal because you cannot control if people are stupid – or even define “stupid” in an effort to exclude assistance. People should be responsible for their own actions and trusted to monitor their own tolerance to substances. If you or a lawmaker decides that people cannot be trusted to make decisions for themselves then we have a nanny state. I don’t need uncle Sam telling me what I can or cannot put into my own body anymore than you would allow your mommy to tell you if you can drink alcohol or take tylenol.

  • http://www.rashynullplanet.com/blog/ Matt

    “The cop in the comments about the water nozzle says- ‘Its BS that the general public expects officers to get shot at before they can shoot back.’ Thats the rules of engagement for our soldiers in the military, and theyre in an actual combat situation. Cops need to chill the f*ck out! More civilians are shot at everyday than police. The difference is, when a cop gets shot at, the media gets ahold of it and publicizes it.”

    Jake’s comment reminds me of this article at Radley’s place…
    …in particular, this bit:

    “A couple of years ago after I’d given a speech on this issue, a retired military officer and former instructor at West Point specifically asked me to stop using the term ‘militarization,’ because he thought comparing SWAT teams to the military reflected poorly on the military.”

  • http://www.rashynullplanet.com/blog/ Matt

    “I’ve asked several officers, in light of their willingness to arrest me for putting substances into my body (like marijuana), whether they would also arrest me if lawmakers (against my wishes) made ketchup illegal too. To my surprise, most say yes…”

    Milgram is alive and well in the police caste, and will be as long as police aren’t held accountable for their immoral actions.

    Everyone should ask themselves: would you personally get in your car, chase your neighbor, stop him under threat of force, and under threat of force and kidnapping, demand money from him, because he was driving faster than you prefer down your street? Would you personally kick in your neighbor’s door, put a gun to his head, terrorize his family, and kidnap him because you saw him selling some dope?

    Of course you wouldn’t. No rational person would.

    On the other hand, if you stumbled upon a rape or murder in progress, would you attempt to stop it?

    Every rational person would do whatever they could to stop it.

    That’s not how the vast majority of cops behave. They’ve been told what to do, their jobs have been sanctified by law-writers, and that’s good enough for them.

    Heil Milgram!

  • http://na travis kimmel

    great great piece one of my all time favorites.

    @ anonymous the problem you have there isn’t with the pcp guy its with the government involved with healthcare. not to mention the fact that it doesn’t matter if you are high or sober you still have to be responsible for your actions. that along with many other things are what keep the average person from doing most of the drugs that are currently illegal

    if you ask everyone you see one day the main reason why they don’t do drugs like crack, pcp. heroine .ext. the fact that it is illegal would be at the bottom of the list. most people don’t wanna be a crack head.

  • charley hardman

    “Actually, I believe the majority of people in general to be good, and therefore would expect the same ratio in the police profession.”

    then you’re about as logical as a rhubarb. one of the primary reasons for “cop” sociopathy is the self-selection of sociopaths into the occupation. stop worshiping them with your apologies. of course “cops” are horrible people. were they not, they wouldn’t have walked in and asked for an application to lord it over others as a job, using wealth stolen from the victims, under a monopoly nearly guaranteeing they’re untouchable despite horrid behavior.

    tell ya what: get kidnapped and held hostage by these goons and resist throughout. you’ll see that your “same ratio” theory is absolute drivel. four words for you, ademo “freeman”: milgram experiment. nuremberg defense.

  • Pete

    I was just out on my front porch smoking a cigarette, watching a scene involving a police cruiser with flashing lights parked behind someone he had pulled over. After a few minutes he got out and approached her window and I heard him inform her that her license was suspended, and that he had to arrest her. She started panicking, asking him if she could call someone to come get her car, or if she could possibly drive it to her house right down the street, because she absolutely could not afford towing and impound fees because she was pregnant and (I didn’t hear the rest, but I imagine it’s probably because she’s paycheck to paycheck like most Americans these days.)

    No dice, have to tow it. We offered to let her park it in our yard, or let him park it in our yard, or WE would park it in our yard. No dice, have to tow it.

    All because of a) a burnt out headlight being the reason for the stop, and b) “Papers, please. Hrm…. Mmmhrm… Ah, your papers are out of order. Come with me, bitte.”

  • Dr. Q

    Anonymous wrote: “Let’s say that a man gets high on PCP and cuts his face off with a shard of glass…”

    Out of curiosity, Anonymous, what do you think is stopping people from getting high on PCP and cutting their faces up right now? By your own admission, this has already happened at least once under the current regime of drug criminalization.

    The drug trade is alive and well despite the fact that drugs are “illegal.” In fact, to the best of my knowledge, drug use hasn’t decreased significantly despite the best efforts of cops and “tough on crime” politicians and prosecutors to stamp it out. Of course, if you have any evidence to the contrary, feel free to present it.

  • A J


    Speaking of drivel…

    You’re obviously basing your ignorant theory on neither logic nor fact, but on mere systematized hatred. You hate the government, so you illogically decide to hate those who are trying to make this world a decent place under that government. Yes, there are bad cops: cops with serious authority problems, cops who don’t know the laws they swear to protect, cops who don’t care about the people. And I’m sorry if that’s the only experience of police officers that you’ve had. But, I can say from experience, that most cops are none of those. They become cops because they want to make their country/state/county a safer place. As much as you (or others) go on and on about how our government is corrupt, blah blah blah (which I agree with), you’re doing nothing to actually protect people… but they are.

    That being said, I agree with most of what Mr. Freeman said.

  • http://www.rashynullplanet.com/blog/ Matt

    “No dice, have to tow it.”

    Asset forfeiture and all that which has become routine highway robbery.

  • http://www.rashynullplanet.com/blog/ Matt

    “…you’re doing nothing to actually protect people…”

    Hey AJ, how could you possibly know that?

  • http://whentennesseepigsfly.blogspot.com/ John P.

    First, let me say that I don’t believe all police are bad people. Actually, I believe the majority of people in general to be good, and therefore would expect the same ratio in the police profession.

    I’d like to respectfully disagree with you on this one point.

    First in the past 10 to 15 years there have been several well written articles that have appeared in very respectable law journals all authored by men and women with very impressive credentials and resumes. From former State Supreme Court Justices to very successful and famous defense lawyers.

    All agree that police lie far too often in court, on reports and more or less any other time they feel like it.

    One such article that appeared a few years back, written by a Professor from Georgetown Law addressed what he called the psychology of courtroom lies. Who lies and why.

    He found during his research that cops lie between 32% and 38% of the time in court, while the general public lies around 15% to 21% of the time. He felt there were many reasons for this, not just a single simple answer. Those reasons ranged from the knowledge that courts rarely if ever hold officers in contempt or punish them criminally for perjury. To some jurisdictions that punished cops for failing to recall details of a case during court.

    Also he interviewed a psychologist who raised the issue that certain occupations attracted certain types of personalities. Such as fighter pilots and astronauts attract certain types of personalities that hold mental focus well under stress and score much higher than the general public on timed tests that increase in difficulty.

    Law enforcement was one occupation that attracted personality types with borderline narcissistic personality disorders. People who existed in a boundary between healthy narcissism and narcissism as a full blown disorder. Most of them saw themselves as special, entitled, believing one should have whatever one wants, or achieving a stated goal regardless of the feelings of others or the means to achieve it. And inflating oneself while putting others down.

    One such quote fits this description very well.

    “It is said that power corrupts, but actually it’s more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power.”

  • Jenn

    @John P – would it be possible for you to give me a link to that article/study or give me the name of authors? I am fascinated by that information. Also, it gives me ammo.

  • Emily

    It’s really common in Brazil for a street of houses to hire a security guard for the whole block, who carries a gun and looks out for the homeowners, going so much as to open their gates for them, and follow them on a motorcycle down their road to their gates. They stay quiet unless they are needed, and they are VERY polite. I don’t see why cops couldn’t be the same.

  • Guy Fawkes


    PCP is already illegal, it looks like it didn’t stop that person from getting it. As for health care costs, that issue is more complicated than a lot of people on either side make it out to be. I don’t want to pay for other people health care. On the other hand, if some uninsured person gets drug resistant TB and starts coughing and infecting everyone he comes in contact with, yeah, I’d like to have the state take care of that, for my own welfare. Even with insurance, the idea of spending months in an isolation ward from catching TB from some uninsured person is very unappealing to me.

  • Rich K

    We really need to crack down on all those cell phone guns out there. I mean it’s really an epidemic

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  • Dylboz

    There was a former Marine and current LEO who posted on the PoliceOne.com forums with respect to this article that libertarianism is impractical, because the “concept ignores reality, which is, left to it’s own devices, the meek will not inherit the earth but will be brutally subjugated by the strong, armed and nasty.” Except that he and the state he works for are EXACTLY that. Strong, armed and nasty brutes, who subjugate everyone else who isn’t a member of the ruling class.

  • anonymous

    You, are a moron. The reason police officers aren’t always in such a good mood when you encounter them is because of all the bullshit they deal with on a daily basis. How dare you disgrace the men and women who keep our streets safe by dealing with the people that you would shit yourself if ever approached you in a dark parking garage at night? You have literally no training in law enforcement, let alone background, and could not possible offer a valid viewpoint on the job of a police officer. You’re the first one to criticize the police for the job they do, yet who do you call when you need help? Who do you call when you get in an accident? How about when you’re assaulted? Robbed? Raped? The police. Next time your mugged by a street gang you should walk over to their house, knock on their door and deal with the problem yourself. Ask for your stuff back, since the police are a worthless organization.

  • Rob


    Anyone that starts a discussion by calling someone a name like you did “moron” Is not worth my time to actually give you a response back as to why the police are useless. You pretty much made our point in your last sentence “the police are a worthless organization.” Try rewriting your post as a grown up or adult that wants to have a real discussion and I promise you will get a lot better reactions and comments responding to what you say than if you just come around as “anonymous” calling people names.

  • Scott

    I think your assessment is 100% right. However, your solutions to these problems are ludicrous. The Free Market may solve many of the problems you outlined here, but it would create so many more, that it would be no better of a solution than the system you’re decrying. I think this is a case of someone recognizing an obvious problem and naively ascribing a solution that better fits their limited political ideology.

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  • sirloin869

    i whole-heartedly agree: police should be privatized, just like the banking industry, mortgages, and politicians…

    still waiting on the zombie apokolypse

  • sirloin869
  • http://stoptrusting.com James

    I really really don’t like these guys. They lie, cheat and steal more then most of us. If u feel the same visit stoptrusting.com.

  • anonynous

    I think that it is ridiculous that some people think that an officer will get shot before they protect themselves. officer safety come first and foremost for a reason. And when the person is in danger and the police are there for him maybe and hopefully he will change his mind.

  • Clear

    Police in Virginia treat the disabled, nonchristians, gays, and elderly like they are all criminals. There are no strait jackets in Virginia, only rednecks, false christians, and handcuffs. Thanks to Virginia i struggle to retain my beliefs, with ratining my sanity, with depression, with suicidal thoughts. I have been getting help, but the false christians only care about money and not about love, the police use handcuffs on disabled people. They are “criminals with badges” as one disabled person puts it! The ploice should be jailed for speeding! So should my neocon ex! Edward Fahner should be lectured on how to treat any girl who loves him and fined for speeding. Not a cop, but he thinks he has their power and claims to be of Christ. Nonsense! He knows nothing of Christ! My father has more power then him and all cops, but he has no authority of corrupt sexist evil judges. damn Virginia and its crapy healthcare system! Damn all fake christians who treat me lik trash just because i’m a little Buddhist! AS A REAL CHRISTIAN I TAKE OFFENCE TO ANYONE WHO THINKS I’M BAD FOR BEING DIFFERENT AND IF I WERE GAY VIRGINIA WOULD HATE ME MORE. COPS IN VIRGINIA ARE EVIL AND ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES. THIS ARTICLE HIT THE NAIL ALL RIGHT!

  • FTP and their COPSUCKERS!

    AJ, and all you other copsuckers, You obviously didn’t read the article, or understand it.

    ALL, yes 100%, of pigs are career criminals, good or bad has nothing to do with that FACT!

    There are 60,000,000 + laws in this country that every pig who puts on his Nazi uniform and ever present gun endorses and enforces!

    I keep track of where they live, eat, frequent and all good Americans should do the same, soon we will clean house of the vermin!

    100% of police are career criminals, easily proven! The founders were cop killers, all who want freedom must be!

    I can’t wait till civil unrest happens and I get to go out and mow down as many coward Nazi “order follower” “law enforcers” as I can! It is the duty of Americans to kill the enemy of freedom/humanity, pigs!

    Any pig willing to endorse/enforce this system, WITH A GUN, deserves what he gets! If you LIVE by the sword (gun), you die by it! Pigs LIVE by it!

    FTP! and their COPSUCKERS!

  • STAN


  • james

    I have worked in Houston 15 years 7 night’s a week without getting to lengthy police are more dangerous then homeless,drunks,gangmembers because unlike all of those people you can’t choose to avoid police. They intentionally attempt to blow situations out of proportion so they can use all the awesome training and cool gear they have accumulated through there life in the field. There is handsdown no greater risk to my life or my ability to provide for my family ormy disabled mother than the police themselves. Another terrible thing that I don’t like is they group up in the rich areas all night herassing the people they know aren’t a danger and they keep thereselves out of the ghetto where the real danger is.every now and then u see them convoy through(once a week) and god help you if they take a quarter second look at you and decide to target you. It doesn’t matter if your working it doesn’t matter if your friendly you will display signs of nervousness when they pull up on you fast and jump out and circle you with there hands on there guns and guess what the fact that made you nervouse is all it takes for them to through u in the back of the car and interrogate the shit out of you for a hour. There technique is self perpetuating. This isn’t 1 experience, this is common practiceit happens to me it happens to my workers and I can’t stand to say it but I know about 70% sure that out of everyway I could die I will most certainly be killed by some overzealous police officer. I’m 30yrs old and I want to see crime stopped but I can’t even report crime to them because they are so paranoid they think everything is a trick. 1 time a woman was screaming bloody murder. And I ignored it because I can’t get caught up in other people’s trouble but they kept screaming so I called police, flagged then down when they drove through and started to leave.I said I’m the 1 that called it in and tgeres a woman’s screams coming from over there. The officer listens closely and says that’s a cat. (Typical half hearted police effort) I say no get out of your car and go over there so she does and opens door of a closed business and authoritatively demands I assist with no gun out she makes me enter business with her and the female scream was a man tied to the roof by burglars losing consciousness I helped find a ladder and relieve the cutting pressure of the wire he was wrapped and hung from because the officer in typical fashion could give a crap less.thankfully the fire dept came soon and helped to get him down thankfully the criminals were gone already. I realize I have written a lot. I could go on all day so I will stop now and I won’t be replying to any posts relating to this subject as I don’t usually share the details of my experience with police in open forum.I realizehow incredibly hard it is on the human psychi to be a police officer but a ex cop told me something 1 time that I think more officers should take to heart. Once you have reached the point in your career that you think everybody is upto nogood its your duty to change profession because your officially doing more damage then good, please think about that and god be with you out there.

  • Adres

    Yes the free market will really, truly make individuals who are on power trips far more responsible. The same free market that let banks run wild, and served no punishment for those responsible for the collapse. How do you expect or even fathom the idea that something like a free market which encourages to screw people over (workers) in the name of saving money and higher profits so that the greed machine aka wall street and be kept plump and satisfied. Look at our prisions that is already being handled in the free market, and why are so many people being arrested today, why is the war on drugs funded so well? Due to the fact its now profitable to put people behind bars, empty cells means empty pockets, no sir your idea of a free market police service is ludicrous. So you would allow a business such as one that owns prisions to go along and arrest people or police them, yeah no conflict of intrest at all. That being said I dislike cops they are as far as I am concerned the devil incarnated, but a free market police state is not the way to solve the problem of a police state. It is to abide by the constitution and honor the words written, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  • Patty

    I woke on day to realize that what you say is so true. My son drove his rare Chev LUV up the hill two blocks. He does this each 3 or 4 months just so it does not sit for years. This time it caught fire. Neighbor called 911. Cops arrived (as well as fire department). Cops began questioning him. Then accusing him of having heroine. He was upset because of the fire and then could not keep up with their questioning so he decided to “remain silent” and walk home. One cop jumped on him, put him in a strangle hold and he felt himself pasisng out. Cops then had medics give him shots, put him on gurney and took him to a hospital! Did blood tests which were all negative for whatever, released him from hospital some 14 hrs later. Now he has a $3,400 hospital bill for something he did not need or want. Also the cop report says he was picked up downtown when he was not downtown! His car was towed from the hill to 5 miles away and it cost $500 to get it back. Now that is not all. One month later he is in his driveway at midnight looking at his vehicle when a canine runs up to him growling and a cop yells “Hands up!” followed immediately TZZZZZ…zz.z.zz.z.z.! Yep! He was tased…. two times! taken to jail and he didn’t even know why. After released three days later and reading the police report he finds that the officer thought he was a suspect they were tracking in the neighborhood and that susspect suspoedly had heroine on him. Yes, he has an attorney but no wrong doing will ever be found.

  • T. White

    “Fascism has come to America wearing kevlar and badges while spouting “Protect and Defend” and quoting bible verses.”

  • Brendan Sosebee

    Police are dangerous creatures. I am a 28 year old white male. I have been arrest 4 times in my adult life starting when I was 20, my first arrest was underage possession of alcohol and one marijuana joint. I was hand cuffed forced to my knees while they finished searching my car. I was imprisoned for two days. After court I was fined $1500, 40 hours of community service. Hard to do when your 20, work all the time and still can’t pay rent. Then when I was 24 I was arrested for a DUI. I blew a .095. I am 6`3 250 pounds. I am not the size of a average male, so how can you make me live by that rule of .08. The third time I was pulled over for not wearing my seat belt. First I was wearing said belt. Second who’s business is it to tell me to wear my seat belt. The officer then said he smelled marijuana. He asked to search me and my truck and I said no. So he handcuffs me for his safety while the dog unit came and had a dog search me and my truck. They then found a quart ounce in my truck. I had no rights, you say no they can’t search but can some how search with a dog. Doesn’t make sense its still a search I refused. Lost my government job working on water lines for the city. Anyways the fourth time was another DUI. I blew a .092. I’m still paying off all the fines and doing DUI school and taking drug and alcohol class like I’m someone with a problem. I do believe that we need police to some degree. We do not need patrol officers. We do not need police pulling people over. Only need them to respond to emergencies. Most laws like seat belt laws and DUI laws are made because of insurance companies lobbying to lawmakers. Any way insurance can not pay they will do.

  • Anon123

    Please remove Clear’s comment/report her. Its for her own good. Thanks!

  • 209

    You forgot the main reason why all cops are worthless. Well, you mentioned stuff along the lines but…all cops are bastards for the simple fact they have taken an oath on the thin blue line to protect, back up, and stick together though anything. So when one cop kills an innocent person, they all lash out at the people saying the cop was wrong to make him seem right. Happens, literally, ever fucking time.

  • Domonic

    This website is the biggest joke I have ever seen in my entire life. You dog police officers and think you know what we do everyday. You don’t have a clue. Half of the people on this site that comment are shit bags anyway that’s why they don’t like police, because there pissed they don’t get to do whatever they want without consequence. And as much as we are bashed, who’s the first person they call when their in trouble and need somebody there to help them? If it were me in a situation and somebody pointed anyhing at me that looked remotely like a firearm, there is no question I would deploy my firearm. And I garuntee if you ask any squared away knowledgable police officer what they would do in that situation they would say the same thing. It’s easy to Monday morning quarterback a police officer when you have all the facts and already know the outcome. Try being in the situation and tell me it’s easy. It blows my mind the disrespect police officers get everyday. And if you think for one second something that looks like a hose nozzle couldn’t be a firearm, try taking your un-educated ass to a website that shows you the different things people make into a gun. It’s easy to hate police when your a desk jockey.

  • toomanygrandkids

    There are plenty of ppl who love corrupt cops. When I was in the 10th grade and living in the projects, it was normal 2 see squad cars parked in the back of a unit. He wasn’t there b/c of any crime tho. He was inside the unit banging the female who lived there. Project dwellers cry police brutality and racism at the drop of a hat. But what is it called when black officers have sex with black females who, by the way, allow it. Those females would have sex w/ a cop to get rid of a parking ticket. I could say those officers were definitely wrong, but they are also men. Its natural for ANY MAN 2 get between a pair of legs. But its also natural for a whore to offer sex for money or favors. Hell, some of these females were carrying on affairs with some of these married officer. The majority of them just wanted to get laid.

  • B.

    To everyone saying “Fuck the PoPo” and whatever, let me remind you that you almost never hear stories about all the good we do because, well, that would be boring news now wouldn’t it? It’s never news when you’re doing your job– only when someone thinks you aren’t. A video was once taken of a friend of mine arresting an old woman in a parking lot and people instantly started whining “police brutality!”, but for some reason they all seemed to disregard the fact that the same old woman had a knife in her hands and was threatening people with it in addition to refusing to put the weapon down when police asked her to. Yet when the video was uploaded, it was taken so far away that it was hard to see the knife (turn the volume up though, and you could clearly hear the old woman saying “I’ll cut you.” and “I’m gonna kill you.”) But of course, all most people saw was an old woman being “harassed” by police.

    And of course, it’s all “Fuck the police this” and “Fuck the police that” until you need us. A guy in my neighborhood regularly used to talk about how much he hated the fuzz, right in front of me, at neighborhood/group gatherings and functions (unfortunately, we were friends with the same people). He seemed to get a special sort of joy out of insulting me. Then one night he had some relatives visiting, and two of them got so drunk they started fighting each other and breaking things around his house. I heard the noise while on my way home from work, and so I stopped and went over to investigate. I broke up the fight and got them calmed down, and then I drove them to a motel for the night. My neighbor never thanked me, but I have noticed that he doesn’t insult me so much anymore. So yeah, you may hate us, but you need us. And there ARE plenty of good ones of us out there.

  • rob1087

    To all the worthless PIGS posting on this page..
    Number one..you are NOT welcome here.
    Number two..We cannot affcrd your ridiculous salaries, OUTRAGEOUS pensions, or the emotional and financial damage you inflict on people for doing nothing more than minding their own business.
    You say we need you? Where are all the videos of you guys actually helping people? Gee, somone must have hidden them. I have NEVER called 911 in my life, because I know I’m more likely to get Tazed, kidnapped, fined and thrown in a cage then actually helped.
    You wonder why people hate you? IMAGE. You have been branded as mindless, robotic thugs, no better than any gang member, because thgat’s how people percieve you, and you have no one to blame but yourselves.
    You say your job is dangerous? Lemme see, you have armor, enough firepower to stop a Rhino on PCP, Tanks, APC’s, and a small army to back you up. Yea. Tell me another one.
    You a**holes are revenue collectors, nothing more. Get a real job.

  • http://www.italkliberty.com iTalkLiberty

    I have another example of a LEO following orders rather than the law. I visited my county courthouse in Laramie County, WY specifically to ask the deputy minding the metal detector if I could record video inside. He said no cameras are allowed passed him where the courtrooms are located. I asked him if that’s policy. He replied that he won’t stop me from recording unless he’s told to stop me by a superior LEO or a COUNTY OFFICIAL. I left it at that.

    The issue raised by the “no cameras upstairs” policy is that the County Clerk is located upstairs. How can I photograph documents I want to inspect? I once inspected the physical copy of my divorce file without purchasing a copy in that office. I will visit them next week and ask that question.

  • Don Francisco

    Lol @ “FTP and their COPSUCKERS!”

    The only cops this clown will ever kill are the ones in Grand Theft Auto. Sit down, tough guy.

  • Jay

    There isn’t even a point in getting angry or posting something vulgar here because this is very ignorant. Just a sad boy who likes to fight the system, just to do it. So sad.

  • copsareworthlessscum

    So he never called you. You heard some noise and decided to be that nosy neighbor and you went over there voluntarily. Hate to bust your bubble but he DID NOT need you. You just decide that he needed you and went over their unwelcome. WOW. You police officers really have a weird way of thinking. Get off your high horse and get a real job or do some REAL police work. How many murders have you prevented? How many people have you TRULY protected? Sorry but you are not doing God’s work like most officer’s say and think. There’s a reason why there is more negative thoughts towards police. If you can’t see it then you should retire from life. It’s not a coincidence it’s a fact. Please do something better with your life . God will judge.

  • killyourwifedom

    Since we are scumbags on here then watch your back. I like your wife and your kids soccer practice was great. See you soon.

  • joshua

    So glad I found fellow humans and not beast. You officers posting here should realize that many of us here have never done anything and have the evidence to back that up. Yet due to your quotas placed on you by the prison corporations you often times revert to in trapping the innocent. Then you have the audacity in the judicial system to ask us to lie with a plea bargain otherwise we get much worse punishment. And there’s no dropping the case for prosecutors oh no that mean if we don’t lie to guilt then we go to jail innocent. Hundreds of thousands are in prison now due to this modus operandi. Face facts and those are men and women in military uniform don’t scare innocent people and neither do terrorist but when a cop shows up we all man woman and child cringe.

  • Dave Myers

    Cops are recruited and trained with specific psychological problems in mind. You don’t want a cop that is on the side of the people, that’s bad business. You want a order following mindless zombie with a gun that will violate a person’s rights and create more revenue for their department. When there is no one to police the police they do whatever they want and have the entire department to watch their backs. Cops are evil, they are a group of mentally ill, angry, homicidal thugs with a god complex. Tell a cop that they don’t have the “authority” to do something and watch the rage boil, they all think they “are” the justice system and whatever they say is fact. These sick people need to be evaluated by professionals of an independent source and fire the ones that are a danger to society, which is most of them. We don’t need you, we are more than capable of protecting ourselves, the trouble is protecting ourselves from you.

  • fenres7

    You are a complete fucking moron. Crawl back into your hole you pathetic troll.

  • fenres7

    I hope all you cops haters get what you want and there be no cops so people like me can do whatever the fuck we want to you. The vast majority of you are no more then keyboard cowards.

  • fenres7

    Learn English moron

  • fenres7

    You fucking pathetic piece of shit, I hope your mother dies a horrible death for raising a piece of shit like you

  • fenres7

    You want to meet up with me killydouchebag? I will meet up with you since you are making threats!

  • fenres7

    Tough guy, tell me where to meet you. You can start with me. Lets see how you do.

  • Larry Oliveri

    i dont know about anywhere else but VA cops are the worst… if u r gay oh wow they have a field day with you… a bunch of good for nothing assholes. when VA falls off the map… i hope every cop in VA goes down with them… if u love your fucking state so much go and die with it and leave people alone and let them live their life

  • Paul Anthony Lopez

    This guy is a big time

  • Larry Oliveri

    so do i… all of you are worthless power abusing crazy people…

  • Larry Oliveri

    wow… what a role model… u dont deserve a badge… karma will get u

  • Larry Oliveri

    and u think u are so big and bad cuz u have a badge… a man of the law… that means nothing to none of us…

  • Larry Oliveri

    this guy fenres7 is absolutely horrible. wow. and he is a cop? i bet a little girl could show him up.

  • Larry Oliveri

    i hope that was self talk while looking in the mirror

  • Larry Oliveri

    go and die… please… im sure your wife… or maybe you have a boy toy… who knows… eitherway im sure your spouse will have no problem in finding someone who can give it to them better. and i HOPE YOU DONT HAVE CHILDREN bags of crap like you dont need to reproduce… like there needs to be another you around… god u are just horrible. please go and die with the rest of your brothers on the force… PLEASE!!!!!

  • Larry Oliveri

    A —-MEN!!!!!

  • Larry Oliveri

    im not a keyboard coward… im just as opinionated in person as i am online and have NO problem telling people what they need to hear…please pvt message me PIG!!!! guarantee you i wont hold back… im sick of you and your kind…

  • Paul

    I hope he does kill you and your family. Ive wanted to kill cops since I was 4 years old. Everytime I hear abput a cop being killed, I feel like a mini orgasm. This is all for real, in case you think I’m just exagerating in order to troll. It comes from the heart.

  • Anon

    The only thing cops are good for is filling out paperwork. If there’s already been a car accident, or a murder, or a rape, or anything for that matter, what the fuck are cops going to do? They weren’t there to prevent it, and to be honest they’ll never be able to be. They just get to show up afterwards, take some names, fill out some paperwork, accuse us of possessing drugs and cut out. Job well done. To serve and protect, my ass.

  • hellfire

    fuck off pig, I’ll slaughter after I kill your loved ones so you can suffer first…I’d tell you to go to hell but as a demon I never want to see you again

  • YourBetter

    shut the fuck up. I am a psychologist who has evaluated many pigs and many are so unfit and yet they still have guns, badges and bad mentality. Exterminating them is a waste of a good bullet, just burn them where they sleep and take out their contaminated families as well.

  • Dave Myers

    Wow, call someone posting on the internet a troll, how original. Pathetic.

  • fenres

    And talking shit about cops over the safety of the Internet is original. You are right, I should of called you an Internet douchebag a typical Internet pussy instead of a troll

  • fenres

    Your not a psychologist, you are a lying cunt. You are To fucking stupid to not say “pig” in your LIES. Not to mention you have not the slightest fucking clue how to write a sentence and even t he dumbest if psychologists would know better.

  • william

    That very thing happens way too often, i feel for the few actually decent police officers but there are simply not enough of them; which I think is the reason you almost never see or hear from them. We need police, we just need to do a better job of hiring. Like in all or any other job in the world not any one can do it. Yet any one who can pass a drug screening and a fairly simple assessment test can legally ruin some ones day; if not thier life and simply say they were ”just doing my job”. There should be more of a bussiness attitude brought to the hiring process, instead of the open military policy that atleast to me seems to be the set standard. Its a shame bc thier job is so important to all of us and carries alot more wieght than most others (except maybe wall street or banks, although thats for a different blog) and yet most any asshole can join somehow. It also doesnt help that no one knows thier own rights. Police dont learn them bc there is no reason to bc there is next to no repocutions for their actions unless just outrageously terrible and caught on tape. Which is what allows them to police themselves and helps lend to the gang or pack mentality. Just my two cents, get better at hiring and learn about your local sheriffs, your peers put them there; probably doesnt truely matter but still cant hurt.

    Ps the only reason people take such polar extremes to this subject is bc it is very important and serious yet never seems to get the time or light it truely deserves. Sorry for the length.

  • william

    In what other aspect of life can you use a blanket expression like ” The reason police officers aren’t always in such a good mood when you encounter them is because of all the bullshit they deal with on a daily basis.”. That is ALLWAYS the fall-back excuss for being a completly terrible person to whom ever you feel like lashing out on. We all as human beings have bad days, its true your jobs have serious hassards but you chose this profession to be yours and im pretty sure the oath taken doesnt include the phrase ”if I have a bad shift I swear to treat every one that day as a criminal and assume them to be guilty as soon as I see him/her”. Although I have never seen the oath you guys and ladies take so what do I know.

  • william

    Sir I truely, truely hope you are not really connected to any type of law enforcment. Bc if internet post and comments affect you the way it seems to, how in the world can yoh honor and up hold the law in the way tax paying americans deserve it be? From the anger and hate you show to internet shit-talkers; one could only imagine you in a high stress or demanding situation. If you unravel like this in everyday life we are all in trouble I fear…