Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Frauds Overdose, Has Legal Spice Seized

This submission comes to us from Steve Spell, a southeastern Louisiana businessman who experienced theft of his product from the individuals wearing “Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff” patches on their attire. Spell had the insight to capture the interaction on film and is working to hold accountable those who violated his rights by making it public and through a lawsuit. This is yet another incident that stems from the ridiculous notion that some people have the right to control what substances other individuals can and cannot put into their body. -Pete

Daniel Edwards, Tangipahoa Parish sheriff

From Spell:

The Sheriff ordered his men to enter my place of business, seize my property from me without a warrant, without due process and without payment.  Pretty cut and dried.  These same cops are in hot water from previous lawsuits for brutality.  I thank god I was able to record all of this for the benefit of the community

More on the incident from one of the area media sources that picked-up Spell’s plight by those who claim to protect and serve:

After deputies confiscated a product from The Float Dog store near Southeastern Louisiana University without a warrant on March 16, store owner Stephen L. Spell II filed a civil lawsuit against Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Daniel Edwards, claiming that his constitutional rights had been violated.

“I was denied my rights to due process,” said Spell. “It doesn’t matter what color you are, where you are or what you do. For the police to run into my store without a warrant was very much unconstitutional. My attorneys agree that it was unconstitutional.”

The product seized is a botanical sachet called “Skyscraper the Next Level.”

“We’ve asked for a declaration that the sheriff’s actions have violated Mr. Spell’s rights, an injunction to prevent incidents like this in the future and compensation for the seized product, which was never returned,” said Spell’s attorney Vincent J. Booth of Booth and Booth APLC law firm.

According to the filed complaint, the deputies that entered Float Dog and seized the packets containing the Skyscraper product on March 16 were following Edwards’ “explicit orders.”

“They said it was morally wrong for me to sell it, and they said that somebody had illegally consumed it and overdosed on it on Friday the fifteenth, and they were taking all of it off the shelves,” said Spell.

Spell gives a bit more background:

The officers claim that a female and a male overdosed because made up the stuff about the overdose. They mention a female in the video I captured.  She has found the video made public on youtube and contacted me to tell me that the police were only there on a domestic dispute, they found the botanical sachets I had sold them and asked where she had bought them from and she said from my store.  Well there was no overdose, this was a lie.  No hospital, no medical services and since I have sued the Sheriff in Federal court we are learning through full disclosure that there was also a clear plastic baggy with green leafy residue inside also contained at the scene. Now the Louisiana State Police Crime lab has weighed in and says that the product that law enforcement seized from me without a warrant and and without due process is indeed legal!!   See attached crime lab reports.  Here is a link to some rapidly developing news stories about this case and the youtube video is actually mentioned in our full disclosures as evidence.
Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office
15475 Club Deluxe Road
Hammond, Louisiana 70403


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  • Marine andy

    I am so sick of hearing, especially from the cop apologist on this website. Asking why there is more and more hatred towards them. This is another perfect example. Right to resist laws are going to become a reality in other states because of shit like this.

  • t.

    Sounds like they should have gotten a court order. I have zero knowledge of Louisiana law, but I can’t imagine under what authority a Sheriff can just on his own determine that he has the knowledge to make this kind of decision on public safety, especially without a neutral party (judge) at least reviewing it.

  • http://Yahoo Alvin

    Listening to a cop try to justify his actions, and then listening to them “walk back” their statements is amusing. We as citizens would not be allowed to walk all over the map with a story like this. I hope this shop owner sues and wins a ton of money from the county. I hope the county is so in financial trouble from this suit that they have to tax the **** out of it’s citizens. The more angry the folks become, the faster this crap turns around.

  • defjeff

    I bet these same cops confiscated firearms during hurricane katrina.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    They sound like t. They say it was morally wrong, therefore they could take it without legal reason. They don’t like it, and that is all that matters.

    Drug warriors are so cool with their pseudomoral posturing. Perfect Obama shock troops for when they start mandating federally approved meal choices.

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  • t.

    Ah Flakewood leads the charge for the Legion of Fools. Read my post their scooter.

    The only thing that I think is strange about this video and the story as told as the part about the woman overdosing. In the earlier parts of the video the “agent” says that the woman had smoked this shit and was out of her mind. ( and as an aside I find it great that the poster blames marijuana for her outrageous behavior – that’s great ).

    There is probably more to this story, and there needs to be. This stuff has been completely outlawed where I work due to several deaths and o.d.’s.

    But as always…..the Legion’s leader gets it wrong. How about hand for him?…..(crickets chirping loudly)

  • Ed

    They are going to outlaw glass pipes in my town because the town supervisor’s (Kelley Myers) underage daughter bought a glass pipe. If the underage girl bought cigarettes, would they outlaw tobacco? No, they would fine the store owner. Well, they’re also going to outlaw pipe screens too. The same screens that can be bought in a hardware store that are used in a faucet. The Chief of police said these new laws are going to be open to civil lawsuits. The town officials are going to make a law when they say they know that the town can be sued for it. You can make a pipe out of tinfoil also. Are they going to outlaw tinfoil too? You can make a pipe out of an apple. Apples are next? They funny thing is that people can buy glass pipes in the town next to the one where the town officials are idiots.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    T (ard)

    Referring to the multitude of anti-legalization rants you have posted, arguing on shaky moral ground. They are very entertaining, very Alabama 1951 in tone. I’m sure you would have proudly manned a fire hose in Selma.

    As for spice, it is an attempt at an end run around ignorant anti plant laws. Troops used it until the Army updated the regs. Much more dangerous than the non-dangerous marijuana. But since demon weed is so bad (I hear it inflames the sex drives of negroes and makes them want our wimmenfolk), enterprising chemists will continue to find a chemical tweak or left handed isomer to get around the law.

    A redneck dipshit cop from Louisana (pardon the multiple redundancies) is on a crusade. When we let crusaders make it up as they go along, how soon until something you like it in the busybody crosshairs? Beer, cigarettes, porn, transfats, shitty 80s pop music? If there is anything that occupies space or can be quantified in words, there is some moralizing fuckstick who is offended by it.

    I am pro-freedom, therefore, I am anti-cop.

  • Ed

    And another thing. People think Germany has very strict laws. Well, Germany decriminalized marijuana in the ’90’s. They think that their cops have better things to do. And where in the post does it mention marijuana? It said a “green leafy substance”. Catnip? Oregano? Parsley?

  • Ed

    Sorry. “Green leafy residue”.

  • t.

    Ed: Even on this site..your last post was one the dumbest yet.

    Flakewood : I will again point you to my first post on this thread. But let me address your last comment…..
    You are Mr. Military does no wrong. So they outlawed this stuff, and now when states are doing the same thing, they are wrong? Which face are you speaking out of? I’ve lost track.

  • Ed

    Gee t., you keep on opening your mouth and letting the world know how dumb YOU are. Your posts are really conclusion selective. You ignore facts. Obviously your parents were really abusive toward you. I bet your blood pressure is going through the roof. Have a stroke.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    If you do not like the drug policies, you don’t have to be subject to them by NOT JOINING THE ARMY. Last time I check, military service was voluntary.

    If I do not want to abide by the incredibly inane laws goofballs like you push, what is my option? Submit, or be tased/beaten/shot/thrown in a dungeon is your likely answer.

    A classic apples to golfballs analogy. You are an old school, 85 IQ dipshit cop in the classic style. Bull Connor would have been proud to have you on his team.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    I have given up many rights to be in the Army. I have to piss in a cup with the military equivalent of a dumbass like you looking at my dick. I don’t even drink, but every few months I have to go through the humiliation because the Army is afflicted by the same moralizing fuckstickery cops are infested with.

    I would never claim perfection in the Army. I volunteered to live under their often pointless rules. I have very little interest in the things that will get me in trouble: no booze, drugs, adultery.

    As a conservative libertarian I am not a wild living type, but I do not begrudge anyone else their desire to live less blandly than I do. That is the difference between you and me. A pothead sitting in his basement eating ring dings and watching cartoon network doesn’t send me into a blind moralizing rage with a desire to throw him in a dungeon. A homo who enjoys dick sucking does not threaten my sense of self. Someone who wants to let their eleven year old run a lemonade stand without permission of the city council is not the beginning of the collapse of western civilization. Sihks can wear their turbans and Rastafarians can smoke until they hover 3 feet off of the ground in my ideal libertarian world. And I can be in bed by nine and go to church on Sunday and they’ll respect that too.

    Cops are the antithesis of freedom.

  • t.

    Flake wood: As si ple please as I can say it….you lie. YOU consistently offer up the army as your symbol of perfection. Of how you single handledly held all accountable in yours and every unit. You once said that the military had cleaned up it’s act and that people are always held accountable. I certainly don’t want to bash anyone in the military, but that is just hogwash. But you said it, not me. And now you seem to want to change your story.

    As for this post, is was again you that brought up the mi.itary…not me dude.

    If a pseudo-adult such as yourself wants to smoke this shut or anything else, knock your socks of dick. But its middle schoolers and high schoolers who aren’t really capable of making informed decisions that this crap is specifically aimed at. It’s is one of the hugest failings of most on this site because they push their bad ideas at those kids.

    Again, as a pseudo-adult, if you want to hurt you, please go ahead. Hell, jump out in front of a truck, just leave a note so that I don’t have to waste my time figuring out what happened.

    @ed: what “facts” did I ignore their big guy?

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell


    I stand corrected. When I assessed your IQ at 85, clearly that was an overestimation.

    I would refute you point by point, but really, who gives a shit? Any quick perusal of my past comments shows your extreme level of dipshittery. Only Lackofcommonsense and the dumb mick flatfoot would disagree. So continue being the GED toting, gut slinging, minority beating righteous drug warrior you are. We expect no less.

    I am pro-freedom, you are pro-throwing people into dungeons. We part ways there. You are a cop, and I would giggle if you and your entire family burned to death in a house fire. That is how large of an impression Team Blue has made on me. It cannot be changed. If you are for it, I’m against it. If you think it is good, there is no way it can be good. As Team Blue grows in arrogance and malfeasance, the number of irrevocably anti-cop types like me grows.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    To my active duty brethren with a clean record and a sense of humor, here is a fun trick for the drug test doofuses.

    You can buy Pyridium, a bladder analgesic, over the counter. It is like bladder aspirin, usually taken by women for urinary tract infections. It has a fun side effect of turning your urine bright orange.

    Since their is often a 24 hour heads up for a piss test, start taking the Pyridium as early as possible. Hilarity ensues when you carry the bright red-orange urine sample back into the testing area.
    Or of you prefer blue-green urine, most commercial “water pills” for PMSing women change your urine that color. Takes more, and longer, but worth it.

    Neither drug is controlled, or interferes with results, it just makes a mockery of the testing. And in my mind that is a good thing.

  • Marine andy

    Well said lake!

  • t.

    And so, with Flakewood now clearly demonstrating his what is either his gross lack of reading comprehension skills or his propensities to engage in untruthful dialogue, he has now also decided to slam and shame his own beloved military. For a review of my posts on this topic show that I am not defending the actions taken in this incident and in fact openly question it. Flakewood wants to lead you to an false path by either not understand or flat out lying about.

    And unfortunately, “Marine Andy” has fallen for it. Just like the “good Nazi’s” they always accuse the police of being, he has chosen to blindly follow Flakewood in his lies. For nowhere will you find me going into a moralistic rage as I am described to do. I have always said, and do again on this thread, if you as an adult want to smoke yourself into oblivion, have at it dick. Your “use” isnt’ the problem. It’s the associated things. Not only the dangers faced by innocent people concerning the manufacture, transport and sale of these drugs, it’s the things people do to get them. The beloved “victimless drug use” simply isn’t victimless. The break ins, robberies, assaults, shootings, murders, frauds and even forced prostitution AREN’T victimless. The streets are littered with victims. The calls for legalization fixes no of this things, eliminates none of this victims. Legalization only makes your having it legal. Well, goody for you. It won’t stop you from breaking into my car or house and swiping my stuff to feed your habit. Victims everywhere.

    So the Legion of Fools continues it’s foolishness. And now Marine Andy has chosen to follow blindly. Good soldier.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    So there are still rumrunners after repeal of prohibition?

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    By the way, for an example of the moralizing I am talking about, see t(ard)’s current post.

    I was on TDY in Amsterdam in the 90’s. Pot was legal. The warehouse workers got high after work. The streets of the city were clean and tidy. The people were friendly. Their society was not teetering on the edge of collapse. The horrors of legalization were not apparent.

    When I was in Germany last they had just decriminalized marijuana. I was in Heidelburg. It was a clean and tidy and orderly city. The people were friendly, and the society was no teetering on the edge of collapse.

    What they didn’t have we’re legions of morally bankrupt drug enforcers. Their cops had better things to do, like chasing terrorists and criminals, not getting wound up over plants.

    And personally I would rather have high school students smoke pot than drink alcohol. Fewer of them would end up as a bloody smear on the highway, though more might vote for the Green Party, but that is a risk I think we could take.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    As for slamming and shaming my beloved military, how is it either to admit the Army has some stupid policies? Ask any soldier or officer and you’ll get a few choice words on something they don’t like. Part of the game, following obviously stupid rules.

    Case in point, General Order One in Iraq. No booze and no porn because it might offend Muslims. Troops got busted for possession of legal pornography all of the time. Stupid rule. Troops could not drink alcohol, other than one Super Bowl Sunday when a general decided they could and had beer shipped into Camp Victory. Which made me wonder how it was super terrible on all of the other days. Two stupid rules that made Joe’s tour that much worse. I did not desire to indulge in either, but I am not a moralizing dipshit like you. I recognize my personal morality is not the basis for all of existence.

    I point out the stupid. I point out when troops should get much worse punishments. I have an actual working mind that analyzes concepts and can distinguish between valid and foolish. It is a good thing to have. Cops should work on theirs more.

  • Reason

    @t, its politics especially dealing with the boss who is the sheriff. Sheriff tells the deputies what to do. If deputies do not do order, then they get fired because they are at will employees.

  • t.

    Flakewood: An internet rocker like yourself should be able to find out but the Netherlands and Amsterdam are looking to close down most of their “coffee shops” because of the overwhelming drain on their economy and high medical cost that have more and more been linked to such activities. Oh, question then about “rule one” and your leadership….is that whatis making returning soldiers kill there wife’s in frighteningly high numbers?

    Oh, and by the way on you small thinking….they still make moonshine there ass.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    They still make moonshine? Well some people still churn their own butter, but it doesn’t mean it is a widespread phenomenon. The bootlegging gangs went away with the repeal of prohibition, like the other types of drug gangs will go away with legalization.

    As for legalization being an expense in Europe, can you even compare that to the incredible expense and shitting all over the constitution that is the war on drugs? If it weren’t for you drug warriors and your toys, we could ditch half of the police forces, as they are generally engaged in drug seizure, ticket writing and general bullshit. With ample time to write tickets and seek out illegal plants, I wonder how many actual cops are needed for real keeping of the peace? I for one will always vote for the least amount of cash for a Team Blue.

    As to the “question” “whatis making returning soldiers kill there wife’s in frighteningly high numbers”.

    Point one – Fuck you have shitty grammar and spelling.
    Point two – Are soldiers killing their wives in frightenly high numbers? Haven’t heard any specifics on that since the early days in Bragg.
    Point three – And that is relevant in what way? This thread is about a redneck dipshit cop making up new rules based on his personal feelings.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    And with “rule one” do you mean general order one? Did you have a specific question, or are you just typing random words?

  • Centurion

    @t You are one of the biggest morons on this ste besides common.
    #1 The constitution is specific about warrantless searches,IDIOT.
    #2 The police jurisdiction ends at the sidewalk you,police,the feds,have no jurisdiction to tell people what they use and cannot use in there own home.
    #3 If you really want to be batman and run around with a cape under false info about nature drugs or other shit on 2 cases of overdose.
    Go get your cop suit and illegally go to all the owners of Macdonalds for Thousands of deaths due to all the illegal hormones,fat,and filler pink goo washed with amonia and bleach and than colored with fake chicken look and causes respitory problems , this is a proven fact.
    Go to Cigarette companies arrest all the owners and employees for killeng 400,000 people a year, murder also proven fact.
    Go to beer and wine companies arrest them for causing over a thousand deaths a year from drunk drivers.
    Your a fucking idiot to think you can go on someones property,enter their place of business without a warrant ,lie about why your there make bullshit up with unsubstantiated info. You police ever do that shit in front of me and my men I will citizen arrest you for treason and crime against the public. This sheriff needs to be arrested and put in jail and tried in court along with whoever helped him.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell


    When I addressed the actual health threats (alcohol and tobacco) there was a deafening silence. As an actual supporter of freedom I would call for banning neither, but they are clearly several degrees of harm more harmful than “illegal drugs”.

    But since most cops are booze hounds, they never consider the incredible harm their beloved alcohol causes. All I can say is cirrhosis is a fitting and slow death for members of Team Blue.

  • Hugh

    “The officers claim that a female and a male overdosed because made up the stuff about the overdose.”

    I’ve read this sentence like 4 times and I can’t make any sense of it. Are they saying the overdose was a made up story or they allegedly overdosed on what the stuff was made of. I know the writers on this site aren’t professionals and this site is pretty much void of any journalistic integrity, but surely y’all can do better than this copblock.

    As for everything else. I’m tired of the intrusive government telling me that they know what’s best for me better than I do. They’ve wiggled and stuffed there noses into every facet of my life and I’m sick of it. However, I don’t know much about K-2, Spice, Serenity or whatever you wanna call it. From my understanding it’s potpourri laced with chemicals. Like I said the government needs to back off but maybe a little awareness about what this stuff actually is might be helpful. I’m gonna go roll a joint so whatever. Later and fuck the police.

  • t.

    HUGH: At least your honest dude.

  • Speezo

    this is a short conversation when you tell the cops to fuck off and get a verifiable warrant

  • Speezo


    Fuck the cops. Do not give in to their intimidation. Stand strong, be clear and demand they leave until they get a warrant. Give no other statement as it will never help. Cops do nothing but give you a ticket and testify against you. Pleading your case to a cop is useless in all circumstances. Some idiots may tell you they talked their way out of a ticket but leave that to them and you shut your mouth.

  • Centurion

    @ Lakewood, I agree to get info on what Police drive go to the local bar youll see at least 4 of them there . Never mind all the restraining orders put out on them that they ignore. If one gets put on us we have to give all our weapons and ammo , they have one put on them youll see them the next day in uniform carrying there side arm. I am shocked that a budweiser isnt in there holster.

  • Common Sense

    The police should have obtained a warrant.

    They simply could have gone to the store and stood by too make sure no “skyscraper” was sold while they sought s warrant.

    It only takes an hour.

  • t.

    I just had to point more bad Intel from CENTURION the wrong.

    Where I work, anything domestic related….assaults…threats….stalking…etc., loses me my ability to carry a firearm. Essentially out of a job.

    So, let’s have a round of applause for CENTURION and some more of his wrongness.

    (pssst, centurion, does it hurt to always be so wrong? answer quietly, just between you and me,,does it hurt?)

  • Centurion

    @ t the biggest wrong keep it up with fucking stupid ass mouth with your false mind ideals. I have been on a policy board for 5 years and KNOW for a fact two cops on the force still worked after being served in MASS. with a 209-A Again you lack the ability to actually think and talk outside the idea of cop block . TO the false dickhead moronic cop t. The Law might say it but the reason for COPBLOCK is corruption right? Either you dont think before you talk or your just another trailer trash uneducated cop with absolutely no brain witch draws me to the conclusion that you are still on your moms breast and lack the ability to think for yourself MORON. Get your head out your ass and realize that Cops,Judges,prosecuters know each other 96 percent of the time. t the even moronic wrong , not only do you seem stupid but really really stupid. I have sat in Judges Chambers in Virginia and watched with my own eyes warrants be ruled on by friends of the Judge. You are alot less educated than myself , and I promise you I will tear your mommas boy ass up every time , any place, every ordanance, every law, all day all night all year. You are corrupt period, you need to be arrested for treason and tried, you need to be put in front of a Jury of the public for your illegal badge NUMnuts.

  • Centurion

    Officer Ben Cartright NYPD 2003 served with restraining order by his wife worked two weeks on the force . Capt, Cartright his brother Precinct section Chief. Dan Coyle served with restraining order 1999 North Attleboro Mass. Still served as Lt. Detective with fire arm for 1 Month . Roger Morse Larcum Illinois SGT served with restraining order by his wife 2000 never stopped working . Richard Phillips LAPD Detective served by his girlfriend numerous complaints of domestic never stopped working . I can go on for days . So message to the NH Cop t . Its so sweat to make a sketchball moronic cop like you feel really stupid for the twentieth time. So essentially you will get your fire arm taken away and your ammo because you have no friends in the department you work in or in the town so yeah it might suck for you if you actually get caught beating your wife or daughter or family member.So essentially you must have no one to corrupt against . I have counted over a hundred cases like the one described to your uneducated frame of mind. I suggest like I have done a thousand times LEARN WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT BEFORE YOU OPEN you PEZ dispencing MOUTH. Get off your dislike of me and get to facts , since you dont know facts it would be less embarrassing for you to just stop posting LMFAO. DUMBASS

  • Common Sense


    Just because there is a protection order issued, does not mean a cop cannot work. It depends on what the order says. So unless you have a copy of them (which you don’t) your just babbling, as usual you nutty fuck.

  • Centurion

    @ the no common numskull sense, When a 209-A is issued, or restraining,protection order it is the Law that you turn your badge over along with your gun and ammo in Mass. These are confirmed cases and no need to verify them with your babbling nonsense about how perfect your illegal friends with badges are along with your treason profession. The order only gets modified if you request additional hearings, in NH its within 20 days of the order unless requested for a sooner hearing usually ten days. Mass. Is for one year from a domestic, or 30 days when ordered. Most Laws for cop shops have Union rules that differ one state to the next but most of them is 30 days administrative leave when a protection no stalking order is issued. But again unless you dick cops know people in the system nothing happens even when it is the law. Notice to Common I work in this field, this is my cake so do every one a favor , stop trying to think you are right. Stop while your ahead you are a shit stain trailer trash crooked cop with grudges along side your false ego that feeds your Adivan infested brain with booze ridded cortex. You are uneducated and your false debates with lies and deception will not work with someone who is alot higher on the info chain than you.

  • Centurion

    Im starting to think t and nocommomnosense are the same person sketchball this dude is to post on two separate accounts or you guys have a domestic partnership witch gives you the need to stick up for eachother all the time even your area IP address is the same HMMMMMMM.

  • wow

    Hey, when the guy in Florida wakes up from his coma, ask him if he wished someone would have stopped the asshole, who ate his face off, from taking LSD. Oh, and while your at it, ask him if he’s mad at the cop for killing the guy!!!

    If you are tired of the government regulating drugs, then fucking move!!! That’s simple. No one cares that you do drugs, NO ONE!!! It’s when you do stupid things, because you don’t think straight, while on them. If you have a better way to insure that bad things wont happen when people take drugs, let’s hear them. But, I have no doubt, that no one on here has any good ideas. All they do is complain about the current system.

    The majority of people on this site are now saying, “I only do it at home.” or “I have never done anything stupid when I got stoned.” Once again, your point of view. Ask the guy, without a face, how drugs have affected him!!! Or, here’s an even better person to ask, the baby I saw two days ago in the intensive care nursery who’s mother was a heroin addict. If that 26 week old lives, go and ask how drugs affected him!!!

    I know YOU get high and are very “responsible” about it. The problem isn’t you!!! The problem are the people that aren’t “responsible”!!! Just like gun control, the only people affected by gun laws are law abiding gun owners, not the criminals that use the guns in bad ways.

  • t.

    Centurion: dude, are you on meth? Your'”facts” are yet again, either totally wrong, or at best, partially right. your MAY know the law in your jurisdiction (I’m giving you credit for knowledge that you probably don’t have…but) but you obviously don’t know much about other places.

    Where I live….it is as I described. Let’s look at your rant of 5/30 @ 250. Have you ever heard of the concept,of “due process”? Where I work, as in lots of places, an “emergency order” can be issued. A hearing is then slated for 10 to 14 days later. Those time constraints can easily stretch to a month or more. Exceptions CAN be issued by the court, depending on what is alleged to have occurred. If it is a complaint of violence that either aren’t or can’t be verified, orders are frequently modified. Why? Because people are vindictive and say things that are intentionally aimed at hurting others. So your smoking gun evidence of officers still working awhoping 20 or 30 days later isn’t really evidence of anything. Your constant ranting really makes you look silly. Most COP SHOPS aren’t union….you can’t even get that right, let alone rules about such things. Most places are ruled by state law. The filing for the order will start an internal probe, if no violence or threat of violence has occurred, why shouldn’t the officer still be allowed to work? If the officer was involved in something inappropriate, or charged, most state laws won’t allow him to carry a firearm. He will probably keep his employment but assigned to a non enforcement assignment.

    Dude, I make fun of you a lot (I can’t help it, your are just outrageously wrong sometimes), but you really need to lay off your god complex, “I can do no wrong, I am right all the time” thing. On almost every point that you ever present…you have a small piece of it right…but most of it very wrong.

  • Centurion

    I am not wrong DUDE, all the time I think you and common are jokes. I work in this field I hold a B.A. in criminal law and probate. I also have a B.A. in Guardianships and Federal law. So yeah keep thinking what you know is actually true. Its better that you two think less of people because thats what gives them power Im not unreasonable I like debate and learning from other sources so do what Allen did make peace and stop the childish name calling and stop calling people out on info you do it to everyone and thats a symptom of a meth attic. @ WOW I agree with your whole reply. When Portugal Legalized drugs to a civil fine it freed up there jails,the crime rate went down over 50 percent users and attics statistics went down as well. It is a proven fact that when an entity controls an unstoppable epidemic it explodes ten fold. Our country is flat broke, we cannot fight a false war on drugs and violating our rights to bare arms made the killers,burglars,pushers and car jackers stronger. The fact that Law dickforcement thinks they can win with opression they are dead wrong literally in most cases. The U.S. Cannot pay for the D.E.A.,E.P.A.,F.B.I.,C.I.A.,N.S.A.,S.S.A.,D.H.S.,I.R.S.,A.T.F.,F.D.A.,U.S.C.,D.O.H.S., anymore . All these agencies are set up to specifically violate our rights to control us , thats there purpose.
    The public is giving away our country to the dogs extremely quick. The local Police who are set up to protect all those rights as a safe guard to establish a barrier between the Gov. and us fell to bow to there socialist and communist type of governance. Any Cop that tells you different needs to take a shit then eat it. Cops are now the the Socialistic and Communist pawns in the front line of shitting on us. And that my friend is the GOD DAM TRUTH OF IT.

  • t.

    See, you offer up the perfect example. Where you start out as relatively normal, not right in what your saying, but relatively normal…..then out comes the insanity that rages within you.
    Such as:
    Do some of the agencies from your alphabet soup sometimes violate peoples rights?? Yes. But you can’t just say that, say what is true. You have go ranting how they where specifically set up to intentional violate your rights and control you. There’s the crazy.

    I tell you that you MIGHT know what your talking about in your jurisdiction, but that you don’t know about everywhere. You can’t accept that, no. You insist that you know everything about everywhere. Trust me, you don’t. Not even close.

    On several subjects you have been exposed as a fraud. You claim to be a war hero many times over, a non-stop internet researcher, private investigator, and now degrees in many things. You claim to have insider information from all over the place…but your info seems to always be wrong.

    I certainly enjoy a good debate when it comes along. But your God complex is just funny.

    Socialism isn’t what I am. That’s you and your friends.

  • Otto Maddox

    Man, that one cop needed to shut the hell up.

    Even his partner was sick of hearing him talk.

  • http://www.youtube.com/stevespell2 Steve Spell II

    Hey guys, let me just clarify the sentence that is messed up about the overdose. First of all, that mistake was on my end when I made this submission. It should read like this; The officers in the video claim that their was an overdose, well this was a lie. There was no overdose. No paramedics, no ambulance, no hospital! The female that Agent Schwebel is referring to in the video has found the video on youtube and contacted me to alert me that the Officers made that story about the overdose up! They were at her house on a domestic dispute, found some pipes and some skyscraper botanical sachet and then proceeded to shut down the commerce in the entire region. All without warrants. The male that suppossedly overdosed, was driven to work and dropped off at SONIC by the Narcotics agents prior to the raid of my store. There was no overdose…and I can prove it! See you in court Mr Sheriff! Steve Spell II

  • t.

    Centurion: I looked up your 209-A. You are either lying or dumb. It doesn’t say what you are saying it does. Very clearly the orders can be modified, specifically about the carrying of firearms by those that are required to do so for work. They can be modified the same day as order is written. So again….you are CENTURION and you are WRONG.

    Oh by the way, I just saw in one of your posts where I believe you think I’m an officer in NH. Not even close. Way to many nutters running around up there for me to take my kids into that. So that means…oh, right, your wrong again.

  • Steve Spell II

    @t. I think my point was missed when I brought up the green leafy residue that’s included in our disclosures, I wasnt so say blaming marijuana for anything, as much as I was trying to show that there were mitigating factors at play that should have been brought to a judge’s attention prior to raiding and seizing my property without a warrant. That was the point I was trying to make. Perhaps I should have been a bit more specific with my submission! Best wishes Steve Spell II

  • t.

    @Spell: Well if you look back at my early post, before the idiots unleashed their foolishness, you’ll find that I don’t get why they did this either. But then the retards rained down.

    As an aside though….saw where the Israelis have perfected marijuana with no THC and increased amounts of the good chemical elements. Wonder what all the pro medical marijuana folks on here will say now?

  • Harold

    well, what has happened? Mr.Spell told me in early June that they came back and….’shut it down’ again, which is the last I have heard. My emails to him have went unanswered. So, did they have legal authority this time? HOW did they ‘shut it down’? Injunction? More strong-arm morality? What has happened? Whats the status of the federal lawsuit?

    Mr. Steve you have sure went silent as of late.

    I want to know what happened, seems they shut everyone up

  • Harold

    ….and anyone that wants the real truth behind cannabis prohibition (which is what created this mess) should read this free book called ‘shadow of the swastika’ which is available at –


  • Harold

    t- you are ignorant. THC IS the part that kills cancer. Don’t run your head when you are too stupid to do so.

    And thinking that Israel has ever done anything positive is just a fairy tale.

  • Harold

    Copblock- why the censoring of my comments? email me a reason

  • t.

    Harold: Maybe should lighten up on smoking so much medicine. The THC just gets you high. The cannabiniods are linked to possible good benefits. It is quite likely that you could breed out high THC levels and spill have other benefits.

  • Harold

    T Iam not going to waste too much time with you, as you obviously are speaking out of your element, and believing what some ignorant lout has told you

    The effects of delta-9-THC and a synthetic agonist of the CB2 receptor were investigated in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).[14] Both agents reduced the viability of hepatocellular carcinoma cells in vitro and demonstrated antitumor effects in hepatocellular carcinoma subcutaneous xenografts in nude mice. The investigations documented that the anti-HCC effects are mediated by way of the CB2 receptor. Similar to findings in glioma cells, the cannabinoids were shown to trigger cell death through stimulation of an endoplasmic reticulum stress pathway that activates autophagy and promotes apoptosis without bothering to research it for yourself. I know, I know, big words are SCARY…change is SCARY….it’s gonna be alright.

    Read this slowly:

  • Harold

    T Iam not going to waste too much time with you, as you obviously are speaking out of your element, and believing what some ignorant lout has told you without bothering to research it for yourself. I know, I know, big words are SCARY…change is SCARY….it’s gonna be alright.

    Read this slowly:

    The effects of delta-9-THC and a synthetic agonist of the CB2 receptor were investigated in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).[14] Both agents reduced the viability of hepatocellular carcinoma cells in vitro and demonstrated antitumor effects in hepatocellular carcinoma subcutaneous xenografts in nude mice. The investigations documented that the anti-HCC effects are mediated by way of the CB2 receptor. Similar to findings in glioma cells, the cannabinoids were shown to trigger cell death through stimulation of an endoplasmic reticulum stress pathway that activates autophagy and promotes apoptosis”

    That is taken word for word from –


    what it means, Sgt Stedenko, is that you are NOT INFORMED, you are spreading disinformation and propaganda.

    Do you understand that it says SYNTHETIC cannabinoids AND THC can kill cancer cells?

    you are a typical gasbag cop who is actually a propagandist and agent of suppression.

    I am done with you. Wallow in it, dude.

  • t.

    So don’t waste your time on me…they using it to really read. Your post says exactly what I indicated. Thanks for the help.

  • Harold

    No it doesn’t, and don’t start squirming now. What you SAID was that the THC wasn’t ‘necessary’. I told you to read it slowly. See, the thing is, you don’t know who you are talking to, I may be a scientist that works with these compounds, you have revealed what you are already, stick to topics you are knowledgeable about, if there are any.

    I posted a scientific reference, you spew propaganda, BIG difference.

    Typical. I think anyone that can read sees what’s going on.

  • Harold

    ….anyway, do you even know why it’s illegal in the first place?
    How you people can sit on your high horse regarding cannabis reveals your incredible hypocrisy and ignorance…you’ll allow (and profit from!!!!) the sale of alcohol, tobacco, and opiate drugs, which, combined, kill MILLIONS OF PEOPLE every year, yet you hardheads will not even discuss legalizing cannabis.

    What are you so afraid of, cop? If your ‘system’ can’t tolerate this, then the ‘land of the free’ seems a bit….Orwellian.

    waiting on your programmed response.

  • Harold

    and reading the comments again, I see other members have absolutely SMASHED you and yet you still robotically parrot the same stupid party-line over and over again.

    t, you are what is wrong with America, I want my country back.

  • t.

    Harold: Ease up there ass. If you look back…I clearly said that I didn’t like the way this went down.

    But you don’t know who your talking to to either. I may have worked with one of the largest chemical companies in the world (actually…I did). I may have also worked for one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world after that (well actually, I did that too).

    Read the article you linked too. Its just exactly what I said. Don’t get mad about it. You brought it up, I just said it right.

  • Harold

    chemical conglomerates such as dupont were complicit in the original successful conspiracy to illegalize cannabis hemp by demonizing it with the name marihuana. Pharma companies to this day keep the charade alive…none of them want us to understand that a plant can give us better medicine than the machines they worship. If you did work for these people you are guilty of suppression twice over. Henry Ford made the first cars body panels out of a polymer plastic made of hemp. He also made the fuel (methanol) it ran on out of hemp.

  • Harold

    you and your ilk have invented the USA’s addiction to oil and machines, the cannabis hemp plant can do it all

  • Harold

    the government made a film during WW2 maybe you heard of it?


  • Harold
  • Harold

    skimming through some of your posts, t, I see:

    you admit that the ‘alphabet soup boys’ violate peoples rights…

    I see you refer to the returning soldiers killing their spouses….

    maybe they are tired of killing people for LIES and are cracking up. Did that occur to you?

    Well of course it didn’t.

    It has become known that most if not all wars in recent memory that our country took part in were false flag wars.

    ‘weapons of mass destruction’ my ass.

    It has been admitted that even the infamous Viet Nam war was a false flag war, the Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened….

    there are many, many examples.

    Dammit, you guys are what is wrong with this country.

    Maybe there will be a war on unjust authoritarian government within our lifetimes, don’t be so smug.

  • t.

    Dude smoke a joint and calm down.

    You are way, WAY off about me. If you look at my posts I admit to policy e misconduct. And you would have to be blind not to see government misconduct. I’m in no way anti military. Those points are made to the real, and frequently poser types on here that through out the military as an example of never doing it wrong. And that’s just silly. You yourself just posted as much. As for the alphabet soup…my point was that sure, at times they have violated peoples rights. But it certainly not the course of their daily business.

    Dude the partial resume that I laid out above is very true. But i chunked a big salary over 16 years ago to do what I do now. And would change it. This isn’t a perfect world, nor am perfect system. But its clearly still the best in the world.

    Is every pothead out swiping shit for their dope? No. But a huge amount are. Especially the younger ones. Same goes for every drug. And the research non marijuana needs to be conducted. Find out the good and the bad. Because its not all good. Several studies now showing a substantial increase is schizophrenia linked to early marijuana use. A very bad thing.

    But, believe it or not, most cops are pretty well educated. In my area, almost over 90% went to some college, most of that have bachelors, and lots have master or more. Just because we don’t agree with you, doesn’t mean we are uneducated about the topic.

  • Harold

    if I can’t put something in my body that has not ONE documented case of death attributed to it, yet I can go buy all the booze, cigarettes and prescription opiates that I have the money for (millions of deaths annually because of this GARBAGE) then I am not FREE AT ALL.

    This is beyond debate, T. It is fact.

    The original gateway drug is alcohol, we all know it.

    The original date rape drug is alcohol, we all know it.

    ‘Those who cannot learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them’.

    Pertaining to your comments about youngsters stealing to support their pot consumption, that is just ludicrous. You can just as well say they are stealing to support their Ipad consumption.

    …..schizophrenia????? LMAO

    sending innocent 19 year old men off to die in wars halfway around the worl that are unjustified and based on deception, that will cause schizophrenia.

    You are playing polemics, schizophrenia is a red herring, pot doesn’t cause it.

  • Harold

    When a system BUILDS inequality into itself, you will NEVER EVER eliminate things like property theft. The root cause is poverty and deprivation not cannabis.

    People steal for alcohol, food, drugs, all sorts of motivations that all stem from doing without, and stealing just represents a short cut to obtain it.

    This reefer madness mentality you espouse is really knee-jerk reactionism, which, sir, isn’t the traits of an educated man.

    It’s the traits of a prohibitionist cop who thinks he knows what’s good for me.

    You don’t.

    …..and you may have cowed some of these other posters with your persistence, but I’ll tell you what-

    keep coming back, masochist, I’ve got a lot more.

  • t.

    You can LMAO all you want. The studies are already there and more are being done. You like to tout science, read up on it.

    As ludicrous, your ignorance is fantastic. You are no in the area where I have a vast knowledge and experience, that you don’t. And that’s OK. But apparently all the pot has short circuited your short term memory. I clearly said that I couldn’t possible care less if you smoked yourself into oblivion. Hell, please do so today. You hurt king you is FAR different then you hurting others. You wanting to dismiss the information about the huge amount of drug associated crimes is you living in a fantasy world. I have dealt with it every day for the last 16 years. It’s not something I’m being told. I live it. You may be the responsible, working pothead. But that makes you a rarity.

    Dude, I’m not necessarily against you. But it’s not just as clear cut as you want it to be. Not morally, legally or medically.

  • Alicia Vaglienty

    Interesting blog post. Some tips i would like to make contributions about is that laptop or computer memory needs to be purchased should your computer can’t cope with that which you do with it. One can install two RAM memory boards containing 1GB each, for example, but not certainly one of 1GB and one with 2GB. One should always check the car maker’s documentation for the PC to be certain what type of memory space is needed.

  • Harold

    The ‘studies’ aren’t objective in many cases. As a scientist, I can tell you that the great majority of studies aren’t impartial, and that when these studies are sponsored by government agencies they are usually worthless. Most people have trouble being objective in politically polarizing subject areas. Your beloved ‘schizophrenia’ claim is laughable, since most psychologists cannot even agree on exactly what schizophrenia even IS. What it tends to be, in the hands of cops and politicians, is a scare-tactic word designed to elicit a knee-jerk response. AGAIN, this is a hallmark of a repressive reactionary, not an educated man.

    you say:
    “You wanting to dismiss the information about the huge amount of drug associated crimes is you living in a fantasy world”

    now you use ‘drug’…we are talking about POT here. QUIT BLURRING THE LINE with straw-man arguments.

    There are plenty of responsible people that smoke cannabis. But you don’t know about them because….yor kind has driven them underground.

    Let me tell you who is ignorant.

  • t.

    Harold: I “blur” no lines. Most young users aren’t as loyal to any one drug as you say. But with “headies” costing $400 or more, and guys that are smoking it by the fistsfull, your money doesn’t add up. They get those funds from somewhere, Several months ago some stoner actually posted an article on this site about how pot being illegal ruined his friends life andnearly killed him. It was some of the dumbest crap I’d ever read. He openly admitted to exactly what I’m tellingyou. They didn’t work but had to fund their addiction (and if you don’t think people gat addicted to marijuana, call any good addiction specialist and he’ll put you straight). They turned to dealing first, but when those funds dryed up…to robbery and stealing. It happens every day, in every city and town. You can play ostrich all you want. It doesn’t change that fact. Again, I’m not getting my info from some PSA commercial, or just throwing back what someone told me somewhere. I deal with it everyday. Hell, last night we dealt with and a smoked up idiot who was attacking a stop sign on his street, attempting to steal it. What a freaking case study he was for your “side”.

    As for biased studies. Scientist heal thyself. About the links to mental illness. More studies are still being done. I really find it funny how when something is not what you want to hear, it can’t be true. And you are actually a scientist that is independently funded? No government grants? No pharma dollars? A rarity indeed sir.

    As for your responsible people. You couldn’t be more right. I even know ers that would be stoned up tonight if it were legal. and lots of folks who only quit because they “grew up” and had to get real jobs to support their families. But they really, REALLY miss their dope days.

    But you still are missing that i’m not necessarily against you. But it still isn’t as clear as you one-sided arguement wants it to be. Just from a few posts it’s clear that any “research’ that you would be involved in would be tainted, just like the studies that i say have been done showing the ill effects.

    look objectively at our posts on this thread. It’s not me that is closed minded. It’s you.

  • Harold

    oh, it’s you…..keep responding to the points that you can trot out your propaganda to, you ignored 99% of what everyone on this board has said.

    You’re concerned about young people? There IS a cure, cop, it is called PARENTING.

    This isn’t anywhere near a free society when freedom is illegal. How many times and ways do you need to have that explained to you?

    You don’t even know the history of the illegalization of it, why it was demonized, and yo cannot even debate properly.

    You are, AGAIN, EX-ACT-LY what is ruining America, NO, what HAS ruined America.

    YOu conveniently ignore my points about alcohol and prescription drugs….your beloved government has been implicated in numerous schemes bringing destructive drugs (cocaine, to wit, tons) into the country and selling them to fund things congress wouldn’t approve of, like illegal wars (do you remember Iran-Contra? Are you old enough to?)

    wake up ostrich, you’re clearly in the wrong

  • Harold

    How do you people ‘protect’ teens from cigarettes? YOU DON’T, anyone that wants a pack has a pack. How do you ‘protect’ them from alcohol? YOU DON’T anyone wants a bottle has a bottle.
    Your wimpy-ass points about addiction are a JOKE, dude. Cigs, alcohol, and prescription drugs are FAR more addictive than cannabis. You use the term ‘addictive’ very loosely, bullet-pusher. Habituation isn’t the same thing as addicted. You should (and DO,I’ll wager) know this, but continue to fart out propaganda, skewed arguments based on straw-men, and just worthless drivel in general….you are misguided (and I am being VERY GENEROUS with that term, giving you the benefit of the doubt) and don’t seem to understand the definition of ‘wrong-headed’….or ‘freedom’…..or ‘addicted’ or…much of anything else apparently. You need to have an ‘expert’ explain the fucking CONSTITUTION to you since you seem to rely on other people to do so much of your thinking. I’m serious, talking to you is like talking to a robot.

  • t.

    Never dismissed any statements about other prescription drugs or alcohol.
    As for me not buying into what others are saying on this thread….are you kidding me? Talk about a biased crowd.

    You say that the studies that show bad side effects to pot are biased and misleading. Funny, they say the same things about your studies. Hmm.

  • Harold

    ‘They’ are paid by the same people as you. Hmmm.

    The lobby effect has corrupted government, and this effect is very real, and you shouldn’t ignore it. You cannot get independent research unless the sponsor of the research itself is independent.

    Industry controls government, period, Mr. Cop.

    Science is not science when the people sponsoring the research have a political agenda.

    There is a very real reason why Cannabis is illegal,and it is not the reasons you think.

    Let’s see how much history you really know pertaining to this matter.

    Did you know:

    In the 1930’s the Ford Motor Company saw a future in biomass fuels. Ford operated a successful biomass conversion plant that included hemp-cannabis at their Iron Mountain facility in Michigan. Ford engineers extracted methanol, charcoal fuel, tar, pitch, ethyl acetate, and creosote – all fundamental ingredients for modern industry, and NOW supplied by oil-related industries. . . . Henry Ford’s experiments with methanol promised cheap, readily-available fuel from an agricultural source.


    Now, Henry Ford, admired Adolf Hitler from the beginning, when the future Fuhrer was a struggling and obscure fanatic. He shared with Hitler a fanatical hatred of Jews…

    ANDREW MELLON,was the founder of the Gulf Oil Corporation.

    He knew that cannabis hemp was an alternative industrial raw material for the production of thousands of products, including fuel and plastics, which, if allowed to compete in the free-market, would threaten the future profits of the oil companies. As Secretary of the Treasury he created the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, and appointed his own future nephew-in-law, Harry Anslinger, as director. Anslinger would later use the sensational, and totally fabricated, articles published by Randolph Hearst, to push the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 through Congress, which successfully destroyed the rebirth of the cannabis hemp industry.Hearst was, I imagine you know, a millionaire publishing magnate who basically started the reefer madness terror scare in his magazines and newspapers. (The expected rebirth of cannabis hemp as a less expensive source of pulp for paper meant his millions of acres of prime timberland, and investment in wood pulp papermaking equipment, would soon be worth much less. In the 1920s, about the same time as the equipment was developed to economically mass-produce raw hemp into pulp and fiber for paper, he began the campaign known as Reefer Madness)


    which owned the patents on synthetic petrochemicals and industrial processes that promised billions of dollars in future profits from the sale of wood pulp paper, lead additives for gasoline, synthetic fibers and plastics, if hemp could be suppressed. At the time, du Pont family influence in both government and the private sector was unmatched….

    There is, however, documented historical evidence that the suppression of the hemp industry was only one key part of a much larger conspiracy in the 1930s, not only by the three corporate interests named above, but by many others, as well.

    Congressional records, FBI reports and investigations by the Justice Department, during the 1930s and 1940s, have already documented evidence of this wider plot. A list of the corporations named include Du Pont, Standard Oil, and General Motors, all of which were proven to be conspiring with Nazi industrial cartels to eliminate competition world-wide and divide among themselves the Earth’s industrial resources and commercial markets, for profitable exploitation.
    This conspiracy succeeded. It is now obvious that this lack of serious competition in the industrial raw materials market caused our present – and totally contrived – addiction to petrochemicals.

  • Harold

    … Its success is directly responsible for the most troubling problems we now face in the 1990s; serious damage to our environment, concentration of economic and political power into fewer and fewer hands, and the weakening of the rights of individuals and states to determine their own futures.

    Hearst, who was so concerned about the American public’s health and safety on the matter of marijuana use, apparently had no such fears when it came to Hitler and that Hitler had the support of the most widely circulated magazine in history, ‘Readers Digest,’ as well as nineteen big-city newspapers and one of the three great American news agencies, the $220-million Hearst press empire….

    According to Ambassador Dodd (who in 1941 published a book called Ambassador Dodds Diaries) Hearst came to take the waters at Bad Nauheim in September 1934, and Dodd somehow learned immediately that Hitler had sent two of his most trusted Nazi propagandists, Hanfstangel and Rosenberg, to ask Hearst how Nazism could present a better image in the United States. When Hearst went to Berlin later in the month, he was taken to see Hitler.

    A couple of timely quotes from Ambassador William Dodd-

    “A clique of U.S. industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state to supplant our democratic government and is working closely with the fascist regime in Germany and Italy. I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in Berlin to witness how close some of our American ruling families are to the Nazi regime. . . .

    “Certain American industrialists had a great deal to do with bringing fascist regimes into being in both Germany and Italy. They extended aid to help Fascism occupy the seat of power, and they are helping to keep it there.” – William E. Dodd, U.S. Ambassador to Germany, 1937.


    General Motors is included here because, by 1929, the Du Pont corporation had acquired controlling interest in, and had interlocking directorships with, General Motors.

    Irenee du Pont, “the most imposing and powerful member of the clan,” according to biographer and historian Charles Higham, “was obsessed with Hitler’s principles.” “He keenly followed the career of the future Fuhrer in the 1920s, and on September 7, 1926, in a speech to the American Chemical Society, he advocated a race of supermen, to be achieved by injecting special drugs into them in boyhood to make their characters to order.” Higham’s book on this subject, “Trading with the Enemy: An Expose of the Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949,” is highly recommended.

    T- how open is your mind, really?

    Do you want the truth?

    Can you handle it?

  • Harold


    Du Pont’s anti-Semitism “matched that of Hitler” and, in 1933, the Du Ponts “began financing native fascist groups in America . . .” one of which was identified as the American Liberty League: “a Nazi organization whipping up hatred of blacks and Jews,” and the “love of Hitler.

    “Financed . . . to the tune of $500,000 the first year, the Liberty League had a lavish thirty-one-room office in New York, branches in twenty-six colleges, and fifteen subsidiary organizations nationwide that distributed fifty million copies of its Nazi pamphlets. . . .
    “The Du Ponts’ fascistic behavior was seen in 1936, when Irenee du Pont used General Motors money to finance the notorious Black Legion. This terrorist organization had as its purpose the prevention of automobile workers from unionizing. The members wore hoods and black robes, with skulls and crossbones. They fire-bombed union meetings, murdered union organizers, often by beating them to death, and dedicated their lives to destroying Jews and communists. They linked to the Ku Klux Klan. . . . It was brought out that at least fifty people, many of them blacks, had been butchered by the Legion.”

    Du Pont support of Hitler extended into the very heart of the Nazi war machine as well, according to Higham, and several other researchers: “General Motors, under the control of the Du Pont family of Delaware, played a part in collaboration” with the Nazis.

    “Between 1932 and 1939, bosses of General Motors poured $30 million into I.G. Farben plants . . .” Further, by “the mid-1930s, General Motors was committed to full-scale production of trucks, armored cars, and tanks in Nazi Germany.

    Researchers Morton Mintz and Jerry S. Cohen, in their book, “Power Inc.,” describe the Du Pont-GM-Nazi relationship in these terms:

    “. . . In 1929, [Du Pont-controlled] GM acquired the largest automobile company in Germany, Adam Opel, A.G. This predestined the subsidiary to become important to the Nazi war effort. In a heavily documented study presented to the Senate Subcommittee on Antitrust and Monopoly in February 1974, Bradford C. Snell, an assistant subcommittee counsel, wrote:

    “‘GM’s participation in Germany’s preparation for war began in 1935. That year its Opel subsidiary cooperated with the Reich in locating a new heavy truck facility at Brandenburg, which military officials advised would be less vulnerable to enemy air attacks. During the succeeding years, GM supplied the Wehrmact with Opel “Blitz” trucks from the Brandenburg complex. For these and other contributions to [the Nazis] wartime preparations, GM’s chief executive for overseas operations [James Mooney] was awarded the Order of the German Eagle (first class) by Adolf Hitler.'”

    Du Pont-GM Nazi collaboration, according to Snell, included the participation of Standard Oil of New Jersey [now Exxon] in one, very important arrangement. GM and Standard Oil of New Jersey formed a joint subsidiary with the giant Nazi chemical cartel, I.G. Farben, named Ethyl G.m.b.H. [now Ethyl, Inc.] which, according to Snell: “provided the mechanized German armies with synthetic tetraethyl fuel [leaded gas]. During 1936-39, at the urgent request of Nazi officials who realized that Germany’s scarce petroleum reserves would not satisfy war demands, GM and Exxon joined with German chemical interests in the erection of the lead-tetraethyl plants. According to captured German records, these facilities contributed substantially to the German war effort: ‘The fact that since the beginning of the war we could produce lead-tetraethyl is entirely due to the circumstances that, shortly before, the Americans [Du Pont, GM and Standard Oil] had presented us with the production plants complete with experimental knowledge. Without lead-tetraethyl the present method of warfare would be unthinkable.'”

    T if you want to wake up you should read this book, its free.


    Take the red pill

  • Harold

    …..If you are wondering about IGFarben, you should know that their most infamous product wasn’t leaded gasoline, it was a pesticide named Zyclon B……this product gained notoriety when it was used in Treblinka and other European gas chambers in the mass-murder of 6 million plus Jews….my point is that this IS a fascist government, aided and abetted (there’s a term you are familiar with) by misguided men who think they are doing good.

    Ring a bell?

  • Harold

    Since I am playing iconoclast, let me go on a slight, but still relevant tangent….in WW2 the German government produced almost A MILLION BARRELS of *synthetic* tetra-ethyl leaded gasoline. Do you get the implication?

    I’ll spell it out: The technology has existed for 70+ years to SYNTHESIZE gasoline and oil…..SYNTHESIZE…..the whole ‘fossil fuel’ paradigm is A MYTH, manufactured by a fascist industrila-government cabal….for common-sense proof that it is going on right under your nose, go to any wal-mart, autozone, or just about any other store….on the shelves reside ‘synthetic’ motor oils….if there is synthetic oils in stock, at every store……the production capability must be very high indeed….

    you better wake up soon, neo

  • http://www.youtube.com/stevespell2 Steve Spell II

    Here are my thoughts.  Crack, herioin, cocaine and marijuana are all readily available to our young people in spite of bans and all out warfare to prevent the drugs from  even existing.  If we had 46,000 DEA agents retrained into counter terrorism instead of chopping down plants, 9/11 may have never happened!  We were busy chopping down marijuana plants and terrorist were busy chopping down our finest buildings.  The bottom line is that a sheriff ordered men with firearms into my place of business, in the dead of night, wearing plain clothes without granting me any pre-deprivation processes under which EVERY person is guaranteed. Our Constitution is clear; no person shall be deprived of their rights in property without due process of law!  I was left standing in my dwelling feeling as if I wasnt even a person at all.  My Attorney has represented the ACLU for a number of years before starting his own practice and has decided that the entire lawsuit should be amended to include suing the Sheriff in his individual capacity along with his Official capacity and to include the Narcotics officer depicted in the video as a defendant in his INDIVIDUAL capacity as a private citizen.  To say that I have been violated is an understatement.  The Sheriff left other stores alone, came in and took my property knowing that it was entirely permissible for me to sell under Federal and State Law!  You speak of Nazi Germany?  That’s how I felt, like a Jew that was having his belongings stolen from him as he was being forced to sign paperwork against his will!  I will never forget the events that transpired on that night and have even written a song about the events.  I played a song with my guitar and published to YouTube and the Sheriff immediately sent it to his Attorneys.  So now I’m being censored along with getting robbed at gunpoint??  This even puzzled my attorney, we cant find anything wrong with the song. For me to have to be providing a PDF copy of the lyrics of a song that I wrote to the attorneys in spite of everything that I’ve gone through is pathetic!  The song is just me and my guitar,  and a microphone. It’s not professionally done, not a joke, and NOT coming down either!    News flash Mr Sheriff!  I ain’t taking the song down, I ain’t settling and I will see you in court sir!  You came in and deprived me of my rights in property, denied me my 4rth, 5th and 14nth amendment rights and then held a press conference to brag about it!  I guess I am writing songs about my ordeal!! Who wouldn’t be?  Steve Spell II

    spell v edwards the remix

    Here’s a song about the sheriff,
    and what he did to me!
    He came in the dead of night,
    and stole my property…

  • Harold

    Steve, that is the kind of behaivour I have come to expect from the authorities down here…they aren’t accountable to anyone, and the prevailing attitude among the population is ‘they wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t legal’…..this isn’t the same place that you grew up in, it has taken a turn for the worse…but in reality,, we can only blame ourselves for tolerating them.

    I can understand voting Republican for taxation purposes, no one wants to pay a bunch of taxes, but the cold hard reality is that we are going to pay a lot of taxes regardless….it is really a lose-lose situation here, either tolerate these republicans who have no respect for the rights of individuals (but are on their KNEES for any businesses) or embrace the welfare state. I am sorry, but there is no relief in sight from within the confines of the system, I wish you luck in your fight with the powers-that-be, but fighting them in the courtroom is playing a rigged game.

    I see from some videos that you were a fan of Tupac.

    You know what happened to him, and why.


    t- where are you at? Come out and play….you are what every revolutionary longs for, a captive audience representative of the other side.

    tell you what, invite some of your buddies, I have enough reality for all of you.


  • Harold

    “The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if
    the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it
    becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in
    essence, is fascism – ownership of government by an individual, by a
    group, or by any other controlling power.
    “Among us today a concentration of private power without equal in
    history is growing.”

    Franklin D. Roosevelt

    ‘a long time ago’

    The reality is that in Louisiana, fascist industries are the hidden string-pullers.

  • t.

    Wow dude, I just checked back…you OK after all of that?

    Everything relates to everything. All that action / reaction type of thing. The “butterfly effect and stuff.

    Where, tell me, where did I defend every (or any for that matter) price of industry?

    BTW: if you don’t work for “industry”, and you don’t get any pharmacy dollars, and you don’t get any tax dollars (which rules out almost every college and university), do you get the money to perform all of the top notch research?

    Before I let you go back to the ranting / preaching that you are going to do…let me say this again. It’s just simply not as simple as you want it to be. For every study and expert about anything, there are other experts that will present evidence to the contrary. Heck, for the easiest and simplest examples, just watch any trail on t.v. Prosecution experts will testify to what a price of evidence means. Defense experts will testify that the same price of evidence means something completely dfferent. Why? Be cause people have different agendas. It’s like the studies I referred to but marijuana being linked to increased mental illness. The studies are real and more are being done. Does that mean e eryone who’s smokes will become mentally I’ll? Obviously not. The same goes for smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. Studies aren’t everything and the science isn’t co plete or perfect.

    Guy you are going off on the wrong guy. All I’m saying is it’s not as si please as you want to think it is.

  • Harold

    “Where, tell me, where did I defend every (or any for that matter) price of industry? ”

    Oh don’t play coy now, Mr.T……what happened to *your* preaching and ranting? I’m just fighting fire with fire, except for one critical difference;

    I have the truth on my side, and I know enough history to back my mouth up.

    “you OK after all that”?

    why don’t you see if I’m lying….then tell me if YOU are ok….

    MY point in all of that ‘ranting’ is to destroy some illusions….I have known many people like you, all so sure that they see things as they are…..generally, they are brainwashed by their *education*, usually a university education at that.

    I’mnot going to give you any information about anything, there’s no point, why would I want to be victimized like Mr.Spell was, illegally, by some jack-booted thug who has a badge but is ILLITERATE about THE LAW AND THE CONSTITUTION?

    Why don’t you evaluate me based on the knowledge I have laid out before you?

    I have cast a lot of pearls before swine here on this forum, but you know what they say;

    you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear…..

    and I believe I am going off on the right guy, one of them anyway.

    ‘your move’

  • t.

    You are really losing it. The black helicopters are coming to take you to the FEMA camps.

    I start out saying how I don’t like how this all went down. You are now blaming me for darn near everything from global warning to Hitler and Charles Manson. All I’m saying is that your !research” is one sided and the studies and information isn’t as clean and clear as you want tothink.

    I don’t say this to often…but you really need to smoke some good dope and relax. A lot.

  • Harold

    Your methods of rebutting what I have said are…..


    Quit crying about what I am ‘blaming’ you for. YOU are the one who works for them.

    Let me tell you something, you have done a remarkable amount of back-pedaling in this thread.

    Allow me to spell it out for you since you cannot seem to connect the dots.

    Law enforcement down here acts without regard for the law. They think they ARE the law…they derive this self-appointed privelige from the fact that they wear guns, and do not have to answer to the citizenry directly. Typically they ‘answer’ to some career desk-jockey with high aspirations to the Mayors office, what a friggin joke.

    They do not understand the legal concept of separation of powers because this concept no longer has any real teeth, IN ANY STATE.

    In this state, particulary, the hidden corridors of power are industry-carpeted. I have lived in well over a dozen other states in this used-to-be-great country, and you cops are all distressingly alike in your approach to herding us….you are basically, a bunch of self-righteous SOBs who think that you MAKE THE LAW as well as enforce it….yes there are exceptions, as to every rule…I am generalizing here, don’t lose the thread.

    You cops shouldn’t be allowed to quote studies because you aren’t qualified to interpret them….your dark masters have subverted the entire constitution by selling their souls to the lobby. In the case of your esteemed ‘studies’, why do you have so much trouble understanding that these results are typically contaminated by the pharmaceutical lobby and its influece?

    Your critical thinking skills seem to be a bit….deficient.

    Let’s address exactly WHY the pharma influence is CRAP, Mr.T.

    They have subverted (there’s that word again) the FDA with their dollars, reducing the effectiveness of that agency to nothing. New drugs are given minimal trials and unleashed on the public, pushed by PHD doctors who should know better (they do) and who are supposed to actually CARE (they took the hippocratic oath to give a SHIT not sell their tinny little souls to the hightest Pfizer, er, bidder)about their patients.

    when these ‘wonder drugs’ begin exhibiting malignant side-effects (typically three to five years in the real world) and killing people and making them sick, then the personal injury lawsuits begin, and the companies settle every case out of court for pennies on the dollar…..at the end of the day, when all is said and done, the money they made in those years of doctor-pushed sales is a good bit more than the settlements paid out….in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I know what I am talking about.

    You, on the other hand, are a sock-puppet.

    Whose hand is up your ass?

    Are you REALLY trying to tell me that you believe these ‘studies’ show cannabis is more dangerous than all these drugs the FDA-pharma cabal has, and does, unleash on the unsuspecting public continually?

    Remember, the FDA is a GOVERNMENT agency…..if anyone is supposed to do studies, it is THEM, but they didn’t study, say, Prozac, very well…..they didn’t study Yaz very well…..I could go on and on.

    You ‘people’ have examined cannabis more thoroughly than any 20 prescription drugs you can name, yet you still cannot attribute a single death to it.

    Aspirin has killed more people in one year than cannabis has in the history of mankind.

    as a representative of a government taht doesn’t really seem to care about people who have different points of view, YES, I aAM blaming you for just about everything, since your ilk have contaminated just about everything with your slime.

    You’re one of them people that enjoy getting humiliated and embarassed?

    You are getting destroyed here, bucky.

  • t.

    Your conspiracy feed paranoia is really running amuck . F O C U S ! Try and stay a least somewhat on point / topic. I’m not trying to “rebut” you. Again, all I said was the science isn’t exact or even close to complete about marijuana’s positive or negative effects. There may very well be medicinal benefits. But as with most things…used in moderation it might be OK. In excess…probably very bad. But…the science is far from complete. But I personally doubt, that anything that is ingested via smoking is ever going to be but so good. But..there are still lots of unknowns.

    But here for the third time I’ll ask…if you are a super scientist, and you don’t work for “industry”, and you obviously would never take “pharmacy dollars”, and you can’t be working for a university as that is tax dollars as well, where are you getting money to fund your research?

    And, last time so F O C U S, as I said, I’m not into the way this went down. It is probably much better for the community in the long run, but you still gotta do it right. I don’t care if you do things that hurt you. I do care if your actions put others in jeopardy.

  • Harold

    You are a joke. You don’t get to delineate the boundaries of this discussion.

    FOCUS on what I wrote, you idiot.

  • t.

    No. You refuse to answer those basic questions. Apparently you are nothing more than a Google ranger.

  • http://www.youtube.com/stevespell2 steve spell II

    @ t. LOL! Ahhh… t. And to think that this all started with such a beneign comment from youself? You should have came out harder… earlier on…I guess! Perhaps the two of you should call a truce :)…

  • Harold

    t you are like most cops, too used to giving orderrs, and incapable of listening.

    I answered your ‘basic questions’ with COMPLEX chain-of-event reasoning, which you then derided as black-helicopter paranoia.

    You are a moron hiding behind a badge and an ignorant ‘opinion’.

    I am not going to be goaded (look it up, pistol jockey) into providing information about what I study, how its funded, or anything else, so that you and your jack-booted cronies can harass me and illegally FUCK WITH ME like you did Mr.Spell.

    You are the worst example of what has ruined America, a pistol toting idiot who thinks he can interpret scientific data because it agrees with his prejudices.

    You guys also think you have the right to search someone at an insurance checkpoint, you fucking nazis manufacture probable cause and call it legality.

    Seriously you are one dumb motherfucker.

    Steve, there will be no truce, this guy is just too dumb to realize when he has been bested in debate, he can’t understand that he will NOT always have the last word.

    t you ain’t the boss here, this is the internet, and you are on a site called COPBLOCK, fyi, its against people like you, you ignoramus.

    The AMA says that schedul 1 for cannabis is scientifically irresponsible and misleading, but you white-knights don’t want to listen to any doctors that aren’t persecutors.

    Let me add this as a parting shot to you, dumbass:

    Most children of police are the biggest dopers, thiefs, and general hell-raisers ever seen, I knew several when I was growing up and their dads were always having to call in favors to cover it up.

    You guys are the biggest hypocrites in the world.

    Come at me robot.

  • Harold

    yeah, that’s what I thought

  • http://www.youtube.com/stevespell2 Steve Spell II

    @t….and to think this all started with your mundane comment about how bizare the taking was in the first place especially without a warrant. lol Ah… the bitter irony of it all… ;-)

  • Harold

    Mr.Spell, could you say what happened when they stopped you from selling the skyscraper the last time?

    Did they do it the same way? I visited your shop regularly after they took your product the first time, then, boom, all of a sudden you are closed/ not carrying skyscraper anymore…..I am curious as to whether they had paperwork this time….if you can discuss it?

  • http://www.youtube.com/stevespell2 Steve Spell II

    @Harold…The Louisiana Legislature in all of its infinite wisdom recently banned the product I was selling. I waited until the day before the Governor signed the bill and was forced to destroy all of my remaining property. Now I’m going to write it all off as a HUGE loss. No authorities have been back to my store since the warrantless, illegal raid. If someone writes a law, I will respect it. It was not necessary for law enforcement to come back to my store and make me abide by the new law. When it looked like the Gov was gonna sign the bill, I disposed of my property, property that is still lawful everywhere else in the Country except for Louisiana. So for some perspective, the product was taken illegally BEFORE there was any Law that said I could not possess it. Seized it in March 2012, banned it in June 2012…eh? Now Louisiana has enacted an even newer law, LA SB 61 delegating the power of the legislature to the Department of Health and Hospitals to authorize stop orders and seize items that are still legal while Legislature is out of session. The bill reads “Whenever a law enforcement officer operating inside his territorial jurisdiction has probable cause to believe that a dangerous substance is being sold he shall immediately make application for a search warrant and seize the property.” Authorities can now seize property in Louisiana that they even think is dangerous, issue the store owner a reciept and hold the property until the next legislative session reconvenes the following year to ban whatever has been taken. This Louisiana Senate Bill 61 seems to be Unconstitutional on its face, yes there is a provision in the bill allowing the store owner to show cause at a hearing why the product should not be taken, there is also a 12 step criteria in the bill that the products must meet in order for the stop orders to be issued, but line 12 says “any other factors relevant to the secretary at the time of the hearing”. What the heck do you do with that provision? Any other factors considered relevant by the secretary at the time of the hearing? That could be the color of my skin, what kind of car I drive, etc etc. I dont see how line 12 of the bill provides adequate procedural safegaurds to protect against abusive discretion by an agency that has been delegated legislative authority. Louisiana had to rewrite our Constitution here just to get this fallous law on the books and I cant believe the Governor signed it especially with people accusing him of being out of touch with the Constitution in the first place. Expect more of this rewriting and restructuring of the Constituition if Bobby Jindal gains traction or momentum in the National circuits. I’m not making this up. This Governor just said, I’m not happy with the Constitution so rewrite it for me guys and I will sign it. Whoa buddy. Please fact check me here and see that I’m spot on NOT making this stuff up. LA SB 61 is the ONLY law in the country that has this broad restructuring of basic civil liberties, making Louisiana potentially the most dangerous State in the Country with respect to infringing on our Constitutional rights. Louisiana is fast becoming ground zero for defending the Constitution and we are getting slammed down here. I’m rolling up my other sleeve now and getting ready to take a stand. More to come on this issue. Its always a pleasure chatting with you guys. Steve Spell II

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  • american

    here in the louisiana we are still under napoleonic law and 90% of the cops here never read you your manda rights they go on a call and someone goes to jail. they will tell you they are the law and do as they please take golden meddows for example the ppl of La wanted the interstate to by pass golden meddows because of bs false arrest and ticketing tourest ans setting fines so hight that tourest would have to call their vacations short due to lac of fund do to illegal speed traps false arrest, amd made up charges. so they golden meddows city bribed the state to make it still go threw their city so they can contune to write bogus tickets and stop the construction til it detoured threw their city and not around their city.

  • todd k

    ok now that the goverment wants all our money .and all of our freedoms that were given to us by our fore fathers. and were won by the blood of of our forefathers and brothers ,when is the american people going to put a stop to the over taxing and foolish laws that we have now,the persuit of happiness is diffrent for all of us .if you dont like the fact that there are drugs in all plants .we just have to find them the cures for all of mankinds ills are in plants if the goverment keeps making foolish laws we wont be able to breathe without getting a fine or chaeged with breathing of public air .well there goverment stop making laws against cooking spices.you morons what will salt be illeagle as well as pepper and thyme soon it seems tht the libreals are wanting to make this country a passive one .you go Mr. Spell if i were you id ask for the resignation of all officres involved all the way to the top searches without a warrant should be handled as a robbery armed charge all officers involved should be arrested as any of us would be and held on no bond till they are proven guility or innocent .


    My uncle (BASIL MARIE) works for those IDIOTS as well. He fits right in as a FUCK UP.

  • Rose Marylove

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