Corrupt sheriff gets taken down by a 20-year-old

This post was submitted by a CopBlock.org visitor who choose to remain anonymous. S/he did leave some words of encouragement: “Keep up the good work of exposing corrupt cops. G-d willing America will remain the home of the Free and the Brave.” If we each stop being scared and stand on our conscience, the institutionalized violence done by those who claim to “protect and serve” will cease. – Pete


  • http://Yahoo Alvin

    Pithy replies from t or Common Sense? Anyone? ……….(Crickets Chirping). Folks this is why I am heartbroken. Officials in my country are corrupt. DAs, Badge-wearers, Citizens, Politicians. Where is the clean living Americans that we like to beat our chests about? Between the drug users, the drug pushers, & the Drug task forces, I am lucky to have a modicum of the American Dream that was promised to me as a youth. Thank you all, my fellow Americans. Thanks for nothing, as that is what will be left in my country……..Nothing.

  • G. Asher

    Too bad the local newsies in my area don’t have one tenth of the testicular fortitude of those two reporters. We have just as much corruption right where I live.

    Keep up the good work guys. You are rare jewels.

  • Timbo

    I read about this awhile ago. Apparently the sheriff in that town threatened to kill the kid that was writing the news article on him for exposing the sherif was a drug dealer

  • Woot

    Thank you for doing what was right. That was one fine, and rare, peace of journalism. May you inspire others to also seek truth in journalism.

  • tom monsen

    most cops are biger criminals than the one on the street and they sell drugs to anybody with money and our morman cops here in utah work with the illegal mexicans selling drugs

  • tom monsen

    jerad francom died because he and the other cops broke into the mans house while he was a sleep..i think the man should get an award for shooting them..just to bad he didnt kill all of them

  • http://www.dbugking.com/ Donald V Dunham

    You people are living on stolen property any way.

  • Common Sense


    Canada is north, and Mexico is south. Pick a direction and start walking if your so disgusted with the US. No one will stop you from leaving.


    He won’t get an award, he’ll get the death penalty. But cheer up, you can be his pen pal, well, for awhile.

    “…OGDEN — Last summer, Matthew David Stewart told a friend that if police officers ever tried to stop his marijuana cultivation, he’d “go out in a blaze of glory and shoot to kill.”

    That’s according to an arrest warrant filed in 2nd District Court Friday. Stewart, 37, was charged with aggravated murder, a capital offense; seven counts of attempted aggravated murder, a first-degree felony; and production of a controlled substance, a second-degree felony. Prosecutors also filed a dangerous weapon penalty enhancement charge.

    The Weber County Attorney’s Office says it will seek the death penalty against Stewart if he is convicted….”

  • http://www.dbugking.com/ Donald V Dunham

    I am lucky to have a modicum of the American Dream that was promised to me as a youth.

    WHAT? WTF promised ?


  • Centurion

    Holy shit! I actually agree with commons first statement. On the other hand Alvin its your job to shut it down, show up use your fuckin voice at committee meetings, instead of whining like a bitch , use your human instinct as a man and whoop the asses at these bitch ass cops who think they are all above you. When you people present yourself as weak, Police are fueled by their integrated brainwashed mindset , and they walk all over you. You are a public citizen with jurisdiction over them. You are an American, stomp these mutha Fuckers and put them in the place were they belong under your feet . Dont ever blog defeat , EVER . The American Dream is YOU , understand that , breathe it,feed it, drive yourself with it , Police oppression and the fed are not the American dream its us JOE PUBLIC it always was and always will be. Badges will implode on itself I promise because the American Dream is bigger then them crips with badges and a faulty sense of freedom and liberty.

  • http://Yahoo Alvin

    @Common Sense.
    No, I think that I will stay right here and continue the fight against folks like you. You (by your tone) appear to have an opinion formed of me in a negative light. Let me inform you as to what kind of opponent I am to someone like you. I am considered a conservative by more than a slight majority of Americans. I am a registered Republican, however I am beginning to hold more Libertarian Ideals as of the last few years. I abhore the liberals in the Democrat party as I see what their Ideaology & policies are doing to this country. It is the breakdown of the courts, the crumbling of the economic opportunities and freedoms, and the arrogance of the “ruling class” that I will fight that affronts me. I believed statements like “No man is above the Law” when they were taught to me in my youth. It is arrogance like you have shown in your posts that offends me here. Surely you must see that the rule of law is broken down to the point that you cannot adjudicate it when we citizens see the corruption revealed not only here but in other formats as well. The sooner we get back to having the opportunities our great grand-parents had, the sooner we will be on the road to recovery. Also, Canada is not an option, look at what socialized medicine has done to them. Mexico is equally a poor choice. Look at what the strictest of gun laws has done to them. We are headed down a similar road as our neighbors. I predict that soon…..very soon we will have the same level of corruption in the police force as our southern neighbors. We will have the same level of violence or worse as what is occuring in Mexico. I pity the American who longs for violence. They call for a civil war. These are stupid statements. They have no idea as to the death tolls they wish for. An equivelant number of dead today to the toll of the Civil War would be about 4 million. Think about that people. Please, participants on the extremes calm down. Think things through. Neither of you are in the absolute right. Please join us in the middle.

  • paschn



    If you are asked to decide the fate of a victim of the Elite’s private army, use your head. regardless of the “evidence” presented to you, let the man/woman off. Show the filth how it feels to have NO recourse. In civil actions against S.I.B., find for the plaintiff, REGARDLESS of what the evidence shows. What is morally right doesn’t matter to them, why should you defend them? Grant a big fat judgement against them. Force them into poverty for their treason. Bottom line, it’s the only and LAST chance you’ll have to make them pay for their immoral/illegal/ treasonous actions. These are NOT “heroes” to be given special treatment or lauded, they serve a broken government and the owners of that broken government. They are an enemy army here to crush you and deprive you of life/liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There is NO OTHER RECOURSE. They crush you, then they are protected by a broken, corrupted system using them to keep you from making change and you are CRUSHED AGAIN. You are surrendering your tax dollars to be abused by those who benefit from it and their SOLE duty is to prevent YOU from gaining access to the ones oppressing you, period. They are members of the elite club and you ain’t invited. Like Carlin said …yeah, american dream, cuz you have to be asleep to believe it.


    “Please join us in the middle.”. There is not middle, they’ve occupied the middle, there is no “sharing”, they want it ALL. It’s time the tree of Liberty be watered. Trying to find “middle ground” has done nothing but expose us to the undefensable ground, the open ground….all your “mantra” has done is make us easier targets. YOU need to examine the situation closely, then come to the ONLY conclusion a reasonable person can. they don’t want to embrace and weave to and fro warmly singing “Cum Ba yah”. They protect the corruptors, the criminals in high places, they detest us, they can hardly remain civil under the BEST conditions. To them, WE are cockroaches and they are “Billy the exterminator” So stop whining about giving in…giving ground. They’ve pushed us to the edge and there IS NO MORE GROUND….all that’s left is the abyss, and they LOVE it, because you, you’re loved ones..wives, children are on the precipice with them between you and safety. THEY hold the weapons, the power, the corrupted broken government is in THEIR pocket, not ours. YOU better shake your head and wake up Al. Like the high school bully…you continue showing weakness and trying to placate them does NOTHING but inflame them more and make them MORE aggressive. They have to be made to realize there WILL BE CONSEQUENCES for their treason and lawlessness.

  • Centurion

    @paschn, One entity has done this before, he tried to financially drain us to weaken us, taxed us with force,embargo our ports, hindered imports, took over textiles. His name was King George his majesty. The king got his ass kicked by a bunch of poor farmers and there sons. The Gov, Police etc. will fall freedom will be reestablished . As long as people like you keep confessing defeat, calling yourselves cockroaches,not you persay , but people in general, you are the might that started this great nation and it WILL BE TAKEN BACK. Dicks like t and common dont realize they made a vow to help us not there so called employers. WE THE PEOPLE are there employers not the town or state they collect there checks from. t and Common are uneducated little twerps grasping for air because they know down deep there part of a problem not a resolution to one. Cops,sheriffs,troopers,marshals, and all agents will be tried for treason treason . Consequences for violating liberty and freedom are unavoidable.

  • http://www.nevertakeaplea.org Clyde Voluntaryist

    one corrupt LEO in a cage; thousands more still in business.

  • http://www.dbugking.com/ Donald V Dunham


  • http://jtittiger.blogspot.com/ InalienableWrights

    We need to go back to the days when we did not have cops. Disband them and good riddance! The country would be a safer more sane place without them. Let the citizens and the county sheriff handle things like we used to.

  • paschn

    Hey, Al….Forgive me if it seems as though I’m singling you out. I’m really not. The thing that concerns me is this broken system’s track record for cleaning out the filth. Too many times the victims hear some well meaning poor sap “chirp” “we must move forward….we must grow beyond this”…..Sorry, but it’s in park, the brake is set and there ain’t no growing beyond I can see. Short of the people finding a George Patton type military commander to initiate a military coup with mass arrests/disclosure and rectifiction of the cancer, this nation is literally a few years or less from collapse, as for Canada?


    Where’s the middle ground for this petite lady? Notice the porcine swine swagger three abreast…I guess to crush as many “cockroaches” as possible w/o breaking stride?

    Shall we tally up the number of lame-ass justifications the badge-lickers post?

  • Carlos

    @ “Alvin” :

    There is not such thing called “middle”. There wasn’t and there won’t be.

    During the Civil War, it was the Union against the Confederates , there was not such thing as the “middle”.

    During the Nazi Germany, you were for the Nazis or against them, there was not such thing as the “middle”.

    During the Civil Rights movement, you were for the MLK movement or against it [KKK anyone ?], there was not such thing as the “middle”.

    No one here is an “extremist” NOR preaching to “overthrow” the Government. That’s just bullshit.
    I know that because when I lived in Southern California several years ago, I lived in Riverside county, a blue-collar county. The folks who happened to live in the opposite county [Orange county], were mostly white-collar people. Almost 97% of the folks who live in O.C. were not cops or related to Law Enforcement in any way. However…they were extremely conservatives and…very, very PRO-law enforcement. They applauded whenever a cop beat the brains out of any poor African American or any poor Hispanic in their neighborhood.
    And, when those folks at O.C. were pick to serve as a jury in a trial of a beaten citizen against a cop, they usually sided with L.E. even when it was evident that the cop had overstepped his/her authority.

    People like those [the folks at O.C.], abound in any county/city/town across this country and they will do whatever is on their power to prevent any deviation of the established “law and order” by people like the folks of O.W.S., you or anyone else.
    Those are the people which folks like “Common Sense” rely on to absolutely affirm that in the U.S.A. will never be an uprising regardless the injustices commuted by the emissaries of the government [a.k.a.: Cops].

    Cops are only part of the equation. They are just one leg of the several supporting the table. Anyone who thinks that just fighting cops alone is going to make a dent or change anything is plowing into the sea or going nowhere.

    What many of us want right now, is accountability. Cops are empowered to do anything they want to and, very often, get away with it. That…that, has to STOP. period

    Nobody is better than anyone and cops aren’t better than anybody. The fact that somebody wears a badge and carries a gun doesn’t make him/her better than you and me.


  • http://Yahoo Alvin

    I agree with most of what was replied to my posts, however, I do see things somewhat differently. Yes, the authorities have overstepped their bounds. But, that doesn’t give us the power or right to heel them with violence. I see the self proclaimed defenders of our freedoms becoming visibly active with silly protests. These protests have lead to violence on both parties parts (Both the protestors and the Police). I see a different course of action. I call it reverse Cloward-Piven. I (as my right) choose to not participate. Or, to better state it, I choose to practice my own form of austerity. The Governments at every level have chosen to solve their fiscal problems by taxing me more and restricting more of my freedoms. I choose to buy as little as I am possibly able. The less Money they take from me in tax collections, the less able they are to fund their Hegemony. Let’s see how long they are able to outfit these brutes with badges as more citizens come to the realization that the only effective way in which they have of stemming the tide of the oppressive police forces is to effectively de-fund them. We the people have much more power than is realized. And I don’t mean just our 2nd amend. Rights. Use your heads folks. Hurt them where it is most effective (and where their fiercest of battles occur), restrict their money flows. Change your focus. We all want the same end. We just have different ways of looking at the path.

  • http://Yahoo Alvin


    I understand your passion. I applaud your intentions. However, your vision of the course of action is flawed. You will never be able to defeat the likes of t or Common Sense with force. They currently have the backing of the courts & public opinion. This is changing (admittedly slowly) as more folks witness the actions here, on youtube, or first hand. Take your passion and apply it to thought. This is not 1917 Russia, or 1932 Germany. Leadership is not derived from some groups rallying around a shouting leader waving his arms about (like 1930 Italy). There are many points made by both the Tea Party and Occupy movements that I support. The problem is that both movements adhere to the two parties’ idealogy too closely. If both would focus on the Constitution, I believe that they could eventually merge, and then effect real reform. You have to change your thought process in this fight. I fear that citizens like you, however well meaning, miss the broader picture.

  • paschn


    At this moment, there’s a strongly constitutional candidate running against Israeli Sycophants the likes of Romney et al. Look closely at how “our” rogue government is working to nullify the man. For Christ’s sake Through their electronic voting machines and control of the media they’ve inserted the son of one of the most prolific Israeli terrorists of the 20th century into the governorship of Chicago! These are people that have openly voiced their loyalty to a foreign government! I agree, your mantra would have meant much fewer deaths but it’s gone too far! they have controlled our media for decades and now, (with enormous complicity with the(ir) media have stolen our electoral process! Look at the filthy traitors you see, different face, same willingness to sell themselves and our country to a foreign nation.
    I strongly suggest you read a book by A. Solzhenitsyn called “the 20th Century”, focus on Chapter 18. He, (first handedly), walks you through what lead up to the usurping of the Russian people’s government and the resulting slaughter in Russia, Ukraine and a large portion of Eastern Europe. Step back, look closely and you can see the exact same thing has/is happening here. The “gulags” have been built and manned…

  • http://www.nevertakeaplea.org clyde voluntaryist

    @paschn, do you mean “Two Hundred Years Together?”

  • paschn


    Sigh,….yes. “200 years together”, Chapter 18, the twentieth century….Thanks for correcting me, I become so upset over watching this nation crumble before our very eyes, sometimes my eyes cross and I can’t see straight. My apologies.

    I’m going to take a few deep breaths, then make sure my hands are typing what my mind’s trying to say….There’s a video, (several actually), by Bill Stills. One is called “The Money Masters”, in which he takes over three hours to walk us through the horrible results of not only allowing a Rothschild Central Bank in THIS country but helping them establish them almost throughout the world, (a few Muslim countries refuse and are holding out, you know, the old usury sin). The other one I believe is called “The Secret of Oz”. I just bought the 2nd but haven’t made time to watch it….yet. Again, sorry for the “brain fart”.

  • http://Yahoo Alvin

    Your reply supports my personal Crusade. Reverse Cloward-Piven. Starve the System, instead of the system starving you. Nonviolence. Study the Law. Teach those around you. Don’t allow stupid statements allowed to go uncontested. No matter the looks you get in doing so. Change begins with the individual. I speak/read Russian. I converse with several Russians and Ukrainians. They have witnessed oppressian first hand. I know a lot more history than you credit me. I hold 5 college degrees. I have 25 years of management experience. I am now studying/practicing some survival techniques. I am readying my self & my family. How about you?

  • http://www.nevertakeaplea.org clyde voluntaryist

    @paschn, did you read “Two Hundred Years Together” in the original Russian? In the French or German translation? I don’t recall there being an English translation, but I might be mistaken. I read it in German.

  • http://www.nevertakeaplea.org clyde voluntaryist

    @Common Sense, ah, the ol’ “love it or leave it” argument. It’s on such an intellectual platitude, dare I even address it? But, how about Alvin’s first amendment right to free speech? Are you actually saying you would rather see people with opposing viewpoints leave than engage in open communication and debate? You would rather see people who think differently than you leave than tolerate their viewpoints? What about allowing people to live/think/speak as they wish as long as they don’t harm another person or another person’s property? The “love it or leave it” adherents, along with other odd bedfellow social engineers, seem to be the ones behind the deluge of laws over the years forcing others to conform to how they think life should be lived. And if you don’t like how we want you to behave, how we think you should live, walk north or south, is that what you are saying?

  • Carlos

    All the systems in the world do not last forever. Slavery, died. Feudalism, died. Communism, died. Capitalism, has morphed on to something else trying to survive and last longer but, eventually the historical process will catch up with it. It will not last forever as it is germinating the seeds of its own destruction.

    All the ingredients ha been thrown into the pressure cooker and are being cooked on low heat. Eventually, the contents of the pressure cooker are going to boil.

    Capitalism. The gap between the people who control the means of production and thus, the money and the people who do not have anything is widening little by little, year by year.
    To keep those people at bay, the Government needs to deploy its repressive machinery and push harder to restrict more and more the civil liberties.

    The more impoverished people become and the less opportunity to move up through the social ladder, the more dissatisfied and less hopeful people will become. The Government will need to resort more on repression to keep those people at bay. They will need to restrict liberties more and more [as it increased after 09/11/2011 but it had been underway long before that].

    All those ingredients will lead to climate of unrest which will likely lead to clashes between the Government gendarmes and the hopeless people with unexpected consequences.

    The is one thing in all the countries of the world that drives people, it’s called HOPE…
    When you kill hope, people is capable of doing things they wouldn’t have thought they would.

    The loss of HOPE drove the Russians through the October revolution in 1917, the loss of hope has driven many people in the world to end the existence of bad regimes and/or systems.

    There are many reasons that drive people in their desire for change: economic depression, economic inequality, injustice, repression, lack of freedoms, persecution, corruption, etc. you name it.

    We are not immune to those diseases mentioned in the above paragraph and, eventually [even when none of us will ultimately witness it], something will drive changes to this actual “order of things as we know it”.


  • paschn


    As of mid-2010 there were only chapters of the book in English. I’ll look into it and see if there is a complete translation available. Unfortunately, many “insightful” books are blocked until they are “cleaned up” for proper assimilation of the masses here. Although the internet seems to be changing the rules, too rapidly for some tastes, but changing nonetheless. Although my ancestry is German, my grandparents stopped speaking it even around the house during WW2.


    Agree. I was never a “bible pounder” but events that have transpired over the last few decades has re-lit my curiousity re: the scripture, specifically Revelations. It would be nice to have our maker step in and correct the many wrongs in the world. I seriously doubt man himself is capable of doing it. You can’t gain perfection being led by the imperfect. Although it might be “bearable” in the Fascist States of America….we’ve made it extremelu UN-bearable for the common folk in +/- 130 nations at the very LEAST in my opinion. Estimates are that this country keeps roughly 700 combat ready military bases in 130 nations across the globe. I seriously doubt they are there to ensure fair wages/safe working conditions and pasteurized milk for workers.

    Sadly, I’ve acquired only a rudimentary knowledge of English and Spanish. Were I a bit younger, I probably would have enjoyed learning more than the few words casually picked up from my Dad.

  • Speezo

    A: No WAY!!!

    B: WAY!!!

    60 Minutes: WAY!!!

  • Speezo

    Lesson: Standing up to the authority and demanding change is the only way to get change

    Independence was never given. Stand up for your beliefs. Nobody remembers the lemmings of the state (Common(ly) (drunk) (and with no actual) sense, t)

  • t.

    this is not really T but a parady

    we didn’t see the whole video. This was clearly edited. Every cop I ever met always acted like a schoolboy/Superman.

  • Centurion

    LMFAO, Nice……….

  • Artie

    @Common Sense: would be much better if was you and your ilk who left the country.
    Do that. Go.

  • WASP

    It’s like the feudal barons of old.

  • Darlene Kallenbach

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