Second Rally for Diablo, Upstate NY Pitbull Executed by Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies


SUNDAY JUNE 10, 2012

TIME: 11:00 A.M.

789 Linden Avenue
Rochester, NY 14625

For more info. contact Davy V. at 585 474-2316

On Friday June 1, 2012 around 11:30 p.m., Gary Brockler’s beloved pet dog, Diablo, a blue pit whom Brockler has raised from a 3 month old puppy, was shot and killed by Monroe County, N.Y. Sheriff’s deputies on Brockler’s property in the Town of Penfield, a suburb of Rochester, New York.

The two Sheriff’s deputies – Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn, has refused to release their names though it’s known they work out of the Zone A Substation – fired at least four rounds at Diablo, with at least one of those rounds penetrating through the Brockler’s garage door, ricocheting off the cement floor then going through a garage window, nearly missing a house next door.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s department, which initially stated that they were dispatched to Brockler’s home for a call about a house party, changed their story less than 48 hours after the shooting, now saying that the reason they went to the residence on Whitney Rd. was for an illegally parked vehicle in front of the residence.

Gary Brockler, was in his living room watching a movie when he heard what he describes as several loud bangs. When he opened his front door and walked outside he saw several Monoroe County Sheriff’s deputies and his dog Diablo, laying in a pool of his own blood in the driveway.

When asked why it takes several officers for an illegally parked vehicle, O’Flynn stuttered, back pedalled, then stated “That is what I am trying to determine.”

One very disturbing thing is the fact that it appears that 7 year old Diablo, was shot in the back of the head, indicating that he was retreating, and therefore contradicting Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn’s claims that Diablo was charging at deputies.

Described by many people as a beautiful, loving, dog, neighbors, who would drive by Brockler’s home everyday, are saddened that they will never again see what many have called “one of the most friendliest dogs ever.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first case where local law enforcement has shot and killed innocent pets. In fact in a recent newspaper article a couple of years ago, Rochester, New York, per capita, lead New York State with the most police shootings of dogs.

Since 2009, the Rochester, New York Police department alone, has shot 78 dogs, killing 30. In most cases, such as in Gary Brockler’s, people’s pets have been shot and killed on their own property.

As is typically the case with police, especially after shooting and killing unarmed, innocent people, in an attempt to put their “spin” on unjust incidents such as this, the Monroe County Sheriff’s department, under the leadership of Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn, has already started to cover up this injustice committed by one of their own by saying that Diablo, was “aggressive”. It is their way of justifying their actions in their killing of an innocent dog, and a member of Mr. Brockler’s family.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s department has come under heavy criticism, not only for the killing of an innocent, loving pet, but also for the reckless, irresponsible conduct of the two Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies who fired off at least 4 rounds, which could have seriously injured or even killed innocent people sleeping in neighboring homes.

If you can’t make it in-person Sign the petition to Get justice for Diablo.

For more background, check out: Another dog killed by cop – Justice for Diablo rally today (June 5th)


  • Steven

    Damn, I wonder if yall would be mad if you realized your silly cases just expand my salary, and help me afford my house, motorcycle boat, SUV and the chicks that love it all. Good work guys keep fighting the “good fight”. Im sure your tactics are really working by not taking your hat off in court, seems like something i’d go to jail over, but then again, when you have no job and no future, mine as well spend some of the tax payers money feeding and sheltering you, that wont raise taxes even more or anything. Good logic. And thanks for the unexpected raises on court day!

  • mike

    This shit is going to stop happening when one of the owners decides to shoot back at whoever is on their property killing a family member for no reason.

    I’ve never seen such a bunch of BITCH ass cops as we have roaming the country as we do now. Maybe burger flipping would be a more suitable job for these douche bags…

  • Steven

    Diablo sound like a friendly pet name.

  • Common Sense

    If the owner had control of his dog, he’s dog would be alive.

  • Brad

    Hey Common Sense, Your a dumb A**. He was in his own yard and they have an invisible fence for him. Get your facts straight dip sh*t !!

  • Artie

    Steven = classic sociopath.

  • Artie

    @Common Sense, try this: the dog would be alive if the murderous scum hadn’t shot it.

  • pedro

    it would be great to see someone shoot a cop in the back of the head when they rais their gun to shoot an innicent dog

  • Mackenzie

    Steven does is really matter what the dogs name is? Stop trying to twist the story, your wrong, end OF the story. And youll be paying haha retard.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    Already happened in Pennsylvania. Cop was ready to tase a man’s dogs so he blew the cop’s head off with a shotgun. The shooter is on death row, the cop remains dead to this day.

  • Pete

    @ Stephen

    You are a prime example of why people’s ideas of law enforcement officers are the way they are. For the record buddy I have a FULL TIME JOB(That pays EXTREMELY WELL) and have NEVER had the government foot my bill…. While we are at it, if you want to point things out… your use of the word ya’ll and calling women “chicks” clearly paints the picture of a moronic back woods misogynistic inbred idiot that you most likely are :> so keep on beating your wife and being an alcoholic!!! hows that for stereotyping/profiling!!… Oh yeah God Bless

  • Steven

    Oh well then thanks for paying our salary too. You guys crack me up, I have a video camera so im an activist type crap. When i see someone with a camera, it just tells me youre a virgin. You do realize 99% of the world think cops are heroes and you guys are weirdos playing army in the woods?

  • just wondering,

    when you become a police officer you are trained how to you mace, billy club ,etc.. to put 4 rounds in a dog is showing these cops are reckless, if you shoot a police dog, you get life, if you have dog fights, and any type of harming an animal you go to jail, this should apply to those 2 idots that were not paying attention to the surroundings also..I applaud the family and hope they take this all the way..justice needs to be done in Diablos honor..

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    Cops are heroes? Ever heard the phrase “no matter what, go home safe at the end of your shift”? That is the motto of a pussy, an armed bureaucrat.

    And when the Lakewood 4 came up against 1 armed man in their donut shop, predictable results followed. Cops are only brave against unarmed people, preferably pregnant women they can kick in the abdomen, or grade schoolers they can tase because they felt “threatened”.

    Don’t make me laugh. Strip off your gunbunny bullshit and keep you off steroids for a few months, and don’t let you bring 5 of your friends and I would love to see how tough you are.

    And a little tip for posers like yourself. Those who brag about their success with women (chicks to dipshit cop Neanderthals) rarely actually have any. Anyone over the age of 18 can figure that one out Steve-o.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    Feel free to flail away on the keyboard in response. Here are some key phrases for you to use. I included phonetic spellings of harder words for your benefit.

    Fuck you bitch (fuk yu bitch)
    I fucked your mother (I fukd yur mu-thr)
    My boat is really big and I am not compensating (cam-pen-sa-ting)
    I make a high hourly wage (substitute “I make lotsa muney”)
    You’re just a virgin
    I am in no way compensating for a crushing feeling of insecurity by positing my gibberish.

    Glad I can help.

  • Artie

    Stevey, “99% of the world” think you’re a worthless douche. True story bro.

  • Steven

    Hey at least their going back to there nice house and girls you pay for. Artie, i hear lots of people say “oh your a cop?” and then flock to cops wanting to know more about their job. havent heard anyone say “Oh you record people and live in your parents basement?” and want to keep talking to you.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell


    Isn’t paying for sex illegal? It may be your only option (and from your few comments, almost certainly your only option), but that doesn’t excuse it. Maybe things like improved hygiene, an English class or two, and a little less Jersey Shore as your model of male behavior and you wouldn’t need to rent girls by the hour. Just a thought.

    Glad I can help.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    And for the love of all that’s holy

    Their – possessive, their house
    They’re – contraction, they are
    There – location, as in over there

    I stopped doing this correction a while ago, but damn. You are an illiterate doofus. Don’t cops need a minimum level of literacy to make stuff up on their (possessive) reports?

    Glad I can help.

  • amy

    Listen to all of you who have found the officers guilty before ALL the facts are in…how about the fact that this same loving compassionate dog has gotten out of his protective invisible fence several times and attacked other animals? Or how about the fact that this same owner has had several run ins with animal control over abusive and neglectfulness treatment of animals?? AS for the invisible fence issue and this dog being like a child.. would you place an electric shock collar on your child to keep them in your yard???? When you own a bully breed, you need to take a more proactive stance on not only its safety but of others around you. Now to be fair I too question the fact that several rounds were fired, and the call itself seems odd, but until ALL the facts are in and we have answers and information I will not place blame on anyone..All that needs to be said it no matter if it was a neglectful owner or a neglectful officer a dog is no longer alive, this is a sad story that should be rallied to bring knowledge and information to officers, owners and every citizen not create hate for an already badly named breed ( because of HUMANS- who own them and do not treat and respect them)an owner who has lost his pet or an officer and his family..I mean really threatening the life of a child who had nothing to do with this in any way is pathetic and ignorant. Just wait for all the facts to come to light and until then take this opportunity to become better informed and knowledgeable in owning and interacting with bully breeds. By the way I am a Bully Breed owner my dogs are NEVER outside unattended and I DO NOT have a electric shock collar or fence!!!

  • Artie

    More douchetalk, Stevey. Tell me it ain’t so.


    Aggressive dogs get shot, deal with it.

  • Marine andy

    Steve, wow could you truly be that dumb? I think lakewoods right, you are. Pathetic idiot badge bunny to add to our other cop dip shit trollers on this sight.

  • Marine andy

    Lake off topic but, did you hear about the idiot on America’s got talent that fabricated a head injury from a grenade in Afghanistan? 10-1 he is a cop.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell


    Can’t find his current occupation, but he was a true REMF (supply guy). I knew plenty in Iraq who I am sure now regale their buddies with tales of glory and danger. Feh. I would never claim hero status, though I knew a few of the Haifa Street killers who I would fit the bill.

    However, the guy who’s picture he stole was an MP, the retard bastard children of the Army. If you are going to borrow a picture of a soldier, only use an MP if there are no other choices.

    On a lighter note, after Steve-o had his bluster and misogyny shoved up his ass sideways, he seems to have lost his taste for conflict, even keyboard to keyboard. Or maybe he is busy with some female companion who is earning fifty bucks the hard way.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    “Who would fit the bill”. Damn iPad.

  • marine andy

    Lake you crack me up man! Exactly, he steals a picture of an mp?! Truly, truly pathetic

  • Stephanie

    @Common Sense, you just can’t fix stupid and you my friend, are a PERFECT example of that…you state if he had control over his dog, Diablo was in his own yard and shot and killed 5 feet from his OWN GARAGE. How about someone coming on your property and killing your child, because you let them play in their yard. Use your head dip shit.

  • Stephanie

    @Amy, bully breed? THen we should shoot all shepards too…you people make me sick

  • Stephanie

    Let’s put this in perspective, The UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE does not carry weapons, they carry pepper spray and they run a higher risk DAILY of being attacked by animals. You just cannot go around doing this. I have invisible fence, I have two large breed fur babies, that do bark with hair raised when a stranger approaches my home. I don’t care if it’s the neighbor, adults, children etc, their job is to alert me when someone is approaching their yard. Now, does that mean if it’s a sheriff, they shall be allowed to shoot my animals because they are doing their job (btw, I have 2 beautiful yellow labs!) But as I’ve stated they will alert me AND YOU, with hair raised, that you are not going to just walk up LIKE YOU OWN THIS HOME. Now, with hair raised you may feel like they’re going to bite?????? Suggestion, STOP WHERE YOU ARE UNTIL SOMEONE COMES OUT because that is THEIR JOB. That IS having control over your animal…

  • RIP Diablo

    Listen to all you negative assholes! Get your stories straight! The name of the animal has nothing to do with what happened. $ Steve Karmas a bitch and you’ll get yours. A real man doesn’t have to sit their and brag about how much $ he has or how many women he has been with. How old are you? Your stuck in high school still buddy time to grow up. Amy your just plain dumb! Obviously you didn’t know Diablo so stop twisting the story. No matter what anyone has to say or how controversial This gets A LIFE WAS TAKEN! Animal or not. It was a member of a family! Justice for Diablo!!!!!

  • Sukoi

    Funny, isn’t it… how mail carriers, door to door sales-people and meter readers are so much braver than police officers huh? I can’t recall the last time that I’ve heard of a mail carrier being attacked to the extent that he needed to take a life, but I see it almost every day when LEO’s are in the mix. The fact is that if you want a non-violent situation to turn into a violent one, all you have to do is call the cops.

    Anyway, you should train your canines well, because as you can see from the illustration at the link below, those who are supposed to serve and protect have little tolerance for “threatening canine behaviour”:

  • Sukoi

    Sorry, here’s the correct link unless you’re into old MOPARs…

  • Artie

    @RAMBLER: dogs are shot by LE if they feel like it, deal with it.

  • Common Sense


    A dog is a dog and a child is a child….

  • Pete Malloy

    Common, man normally I have your back on things, but this is one issue that really is an issue. There are far to many dogs getting shot because the officer doesn’t understand basic animal psychology. Dogs are going to act aggressively to a percieved threat, but a little posturing can resolve that issue without a terminal case of lead poisoning. Unfortunately the fuck heads around here ruin the legitimacy of any issue. If D-bagwood and impotent andy would refrain from commenting, the site would probably have double the support. Radicals do nothing for a cause except alienate the curious.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    Hey Pete,

    How about a tall glass of shut the fuck up?

  • Pete Malloy

    Aw don’t cry little fella, not everyone can grow up to be of value to their misguided cause

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_burning_in_Hell

    Lick, lick, lick, from your cubical. Fantasize about kicking and tasing pregnant woman and grade schoolers. Maybe your craven badgelicker worshipfulness will keep you safe from Team Blue. Just be sure you make the right choice in the spit/swallow question. Could be a matter of life and death.

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  • Artie

    Pete Malloy: The lecture about animal psychology is very much beside the point, unless you are talking about even-toed ungulates. The fact is that they kill and maim people’s family pets just because they feel like it.

  • What-the_heck?

    This is not only about the dog. This is about power abuse by our police department. What’s done is done. The cops need to chill the F out and regroup on their extreme tactics. Diablo should have been inside chilling with his daddy that late at night… That’s all I gotta say about that… I love pitbulls, but owners need to be more responsible!! Even if your pit is a good dog, take no chances! It’s so easy for someone to misjudge them (given their reputation) and misinterpret them… Keep your pit on a leash or in a fenced in yard at all times or don’t own a f**king Pitbull!!! You’re messing it up for us good owners!!!! My pit is NEVER unattended and hey guess what? I’ve never had one problem and never will! Stop it the bullsh*t already! Get a leash for christ’s sake!!!! They are a lot cheaper than a law suit or your f**king dog getting killed! I’m so sick of this!

  • Bk

    Of all the bleating posturing and tailspinning I have read over this incident, What-the-Heck is the one person who seems to have his head on straight and both eyes facing forward. Dog:Leash:Problem Solved

  • Artie

    @Bk: I am sorry but your head is very deep up your posterior.

  • What-the_heck?

    Here’s a statement issued by Patrick O’Flynn to the media:

    According to their investigation, Deputies Shaun LeClair, eight years with the Sheriff’s Office and a former military canine trainer, and Matt Clancy, four years with the Sheriff’s Office, responded to 173 Whitney Road because their sergeant, who did not have tickets on him, had driven by and had seen several cars parked on the sidewalk.

    The cars were parked in such a way that people had to walk in the street or on Gary Brockler’s property to get around them, O’Flynn said.

    LeClair and Clancy were on their way to Brockler’s door to have him move the car when the pit bull, Diablo, came out from under a garage door that was open about 1 to 2 feet and came at them. When they moved to the side the dog kept coming so the two deputies discharged their weapons at the dog, O’Flynn said.

    Notice how he says “several cars” in the first paragraph and “car” in the last? There is something wrong with this story. And if they moved from the side of the home whilst the dog was “charging” them. Why would the missed shots penetrate the garage door and window straight through (I observed the holes on a news video) as if they were standing right in front of the garage door? If the dog came out the garage door and hung a left and at that time gave the officers enough inclination to fire at him they probably would not have been in an axis to hit the garage door the way they did.

  • Erica

    wow, I cannot believe steven and cannot wait until someone or something takes him out of existence. There is a special place in hell for those who harm children or animals. you are the reason people hate police. Enjoy everything you have now, it will be taken away as easily as you got it. It will suck to be you. Karma sucks. Oh well and Amy, a women with a pathetic attitude like that? Wow. you must not care too much about your breed if you are siding with the fuzz. Oh or maybe you are married to or just sleeping with one. Consensus is in on who is actually on their side. 1. their own kind, family, friends, or people sleeping with 1 of them. Thats all. I feel sorry for you both. Oh and btw what the heck all pet owners should not have to watch their dogs at all times because a cop may illegally walk onto our property and shoot him. Our dog goes out to go to the bathroom at night does that make us bad. we have an actual fence that the cops can see so does that make it ok. Back yard front yard its our property, we pay taxes for this property so our family members should be safe. bottom line—–most cops = cowards unless they have a dog of their own that they truly love.

  • brian

    I pass through the neighborhood in question a few times each year when travelling to see my parents. Every single time over th last several years that I have walked or run past the stated address, the pitbull killed by police charged me at full speed, showing every intention of attacking. The only thing preventing harm to me was the installed electric fence, which brought the dog suddenly and violently to a halt. Just today I flew into town to visit my parents and wondered aloud to a fellow runner if I would be charged again by the same animal. I must confess, I was not greatly surprised when this evening I saw signs posted calling for JUSTICE FOR DIABLO and announcing the death of the dog. I can assure all, it was most definitely a terrifying animal.

  • brian

    I should also mention that I know from years of personal experience that the parking situation mentioned in articles was accurately described and genuinely dangerous. Anyone using the sidewalk was forced with a choice of either stepping into a busy and hazardous curve in the road, or stepping into Diablo’s territory. I was scared shitless on several instances. Since I don’t live in New York but only travel here on occasion, it took me a while to realize this was an ongoing and serious threat, make note of the precise address, and prepare to avoid it. Yes, the dog in the photos is the one that tried to attack me. I could not forget that face. I’m lucky I was never gravely injured, as are numerous others.

  • brian

    Final observation, in all my encounters with this dog, which were consistently frightening (the sole exception was one instance in which the dog was so unusually sedate I asked myself if it was perhaps drugged) I never once heard it bark, even a little. And I do know the sound of a pitbull. Even before any of this hit the media, I found myself wondering if the owner had not had the animal’s vocal folds removed.

  • Erica Cortese

    brian, you are so full of it. Oh you were scared of the pitbull but no one else was. Pictures of the dog cuddling with other people who came to the house. And to debunk your theory about the dog barking, the dog was trained by the same people who train the k-9 officers dogs so get back in your cruiser and look for more dogs to shoot, sir. Your five seconds of fame are now over!!!!! Oh by the way, there is a sidewalk in front of diablo’s driveway so you my friend, are lying!!!!

  • brian

    I spoke in all honesty, to the best of my ability, passing no judgments but only saying what I observed and how I felt. Any speculations on my part were announced as such. I guess some people don’t read. I’m done here.

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  • Sterling

    Get a lawyer and seek legal retributions.
    That is the only way to get the attention of shameless men