Julian Heicklen Arrested in Home this Morning

Libertarian activist Julian Heicklen was arrested this morning in his Teaneck, New Jersey home. Below is an account of what happened, posted by bile on Tyranny Fighters.

Latest Update: Julian has been been released  according to Antonio SJ Musumeci a.k.a. “bile”, who’s on the phone with Julian now (9:26 pm est) – Ademo

Julian is a great person and a principled activist. Thanks for your support!


Just spoke with Julian Heicklen’s wife, Susan Heicklen. This is all likely the result of a bench warrant issued after Julian failed to appear at an arraignment after being charged for jury tampering. For more on the charge read previous progress reports.

  • At approximately 6AM a Teaneak, NJ officer knocked on the Heicklen’s front door.
  • At the time only one of the Heicklen’s daughter’s was awake and in the shower. Her children nor Julian or Susan heard the knocking. The officer knocked sufficiently loud and got the attention of their daughter who put on a robe and went downstairs to answer the door.
  • She asked what the reason for the police’s visit and she was told that their car had been broken into.
  • 4 federal officers (probably working for the FPS) entered the home. Three men and one woman.
  • They instructed Julian’s daughter to stay downstairs and leave the door open. She requested that she be allowed to change given she was still wet from getting out of the shower and standing in front of an open door but was refused.
  • She requested they do what they were going to do quietly so as to not wake her children.
  • They went to Susan and Julian’s room and woke them and then placed Julian under arrest.
  • Julian was generally compliant at first. They allowed him to go to the bathroom and put clothes on.
  • Julian then asked for their names and badge numbers to which they generally seemed to comply with but when Julian requested a pen and paper to get it in writing they refused.
  • The female officer’s first name is Jennifer.
  • When they refused Julian went to the floor and became unresponsive in protest.
  • As a result of him being unresponsive they called for an ambulance.
  • He was taken to Holy Name Hospital in Teaneak, NJ.
  • When he is released he is expected to be taken to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York at 500 Pearl Street, NY, NY.
  • Susan gave the EMTs (I’m assuming) Julian’s medications.
  • When Susan told the officers that if they just provide their names and badge numbers in writing he wouldn’t be disobedient. Their response: “We are in charge ma’am.”

Remember, never let officers into your home. Try not to talk to them too.


Judy Heicklen, Julian’s daughter, sent this to the Tyranny Fighters’ mailinglist.

This morning the Teaneck Police knocked on the door about 6:15. They told me that someone had broken into our car parked on the street (a lie) so I opened the door. Five agents from the Federal Protective Service (DHS markings on their coats) barged in and demanded to see Julian Heicklen. They had a warrant (which they did not show me, but they did show him) and they went up to his bedroom to wake him.

Special Agent Badge 27 and the four Teaneck Police officers (Detective Hayes, Officer Caruso, Officer Ortiz, and Detective Fisco) detained me downstairs so I don’t know exactly what happened upstairs, but my understanding is that he was cooperative (e.g. got dressed, etc…) until they refused to tell him their names and badges, at which point he fell to the floor. They called the ambulance and four medical attendants carted him off about 6:55.

The warrant was for jury tampering and was issued by the Southern District of NY. I believe he was taken to Holy Name hospital in Teaneck, to be transferred to 500 Pearl Street in Manhattan when ready.

Thought you’d want to know.

My actions thus far:

  • 10am – Holy Name Medical Center (201.833.3000), spoke with three different areas and was told Heicklen was not in their system.
  • Searched the Federal Bureau of Prisoners Inmate Locator but Julian was not listed
  • 1pm – U.S. District Circuit Court – Southern District of New York (212.805.0136), and was told they “haven’t heard anything and don’t have anything in our system” about Julian.
  • 1:30pm – Holy Name Medical Center, was told by operator that Julian was not in their system but the ER noted that he’d been discharged earlier. I inquired if he had left on his own or under escort and was told that the female nurse that had signed him out was on lunch break until 2pm.
  • 2pm – Holy Name Medical Center, sought to speak with the nurse who signed-out Julian and was told by female who answered the ER phone that “she won’t be able to tell you anything”. I was on hold for five minutes before a male told me that HIPPA law prevented him from disclosing any information.
  • 2:30pm – Teaneck, NJ Police Department (201.837.2608) I left VMs with Detective Hayes & Detective Fisco asking them to return my call to inform me about Julian’s location and to discuss his kidnapping. I was told Ortiz works nights and there is no Caruso employed at that agency.
  • Searched the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Lookup but Julian was not listed


  • 2:30pm from bile – “Julian is in pre-trial at 500 pearl st [US District Ct., Southern District of NY, 212.805.0136] according to his wife. She will be calling them every so often for updates.”
  • 4:45pm – I inquired about Julian’s status from Daniel Ortiz at the US District Ct., Southern District of NY. I was told that per an in-house policy they don’t share such information over the phone or with non-family members.
  • Julian has been been released  according to Antonio SJ Musumeci (“bile”), who’s on the phone with Julian now (9:26 pm est) – Ademo
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  • http://GeorgeDonnelly.com George Donnelly

    Thanks for posting this!

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  • Bergman

    So…educating a juror on the full extent of the law, and the authority of a jury under the law is tampering? That would mean that when a judge directs a jury as to what the law states, the judge is also tampering…

    Since jury tampering is generally a felony, and in most states anyone witnessing a felony being committed is not only allowed to make a citizen’s arrest for it, but is actually under an obligation to do so as a citizen…I wonder how many judges we can have imprisoned in the New England area by this time next month?

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  • dd

    im julians grandson and he lives with me thanks for the info

  • A. Benway

    It’s clearly a free speech matter. If this is jury tampering what isn’t?

  • Kirsten Tynan

    The New York Times reported what appears to be anti-Muslim comment from Julian: “In court on Friday, Judge Wood cited a written request by Mr. Heicklen that Muslims be “excluded from the jury” because he was Jewish and “Islam preaches death to Jews.””.
    Reference: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/26/nyregion/26jury.html

    I am curious does anyone know where is the letter this is alleged to have come out of? In context, is it as bigoted as it sounds in this article?

  • Kirsten Tynan

    Never mind. I just found it on his own website here:

    It appears that the New York Times version is significantly toned down from his very blatant anti-Islam bigotry:
    “Islam preaches death to Jews and obliteration of Israel. This is openly acknowledged in the Koran and in many Islamic organization charters. See “The Non-Trials” by Julian Heicklen, Ch. II, Ishi Press (2011). Therefore, I want members of the Islamic faith excluded from the jury. Trials are not equal opportunity events. There are many valid reasons for excluding classes of people from jury duty, such as young or old age, inability to speak or understand English, certain physical disabilities, criminal record, etc.

    Religion is not an allowed reason for exclusion according to U. S. C. 28 Part V §1862. However the desire to kill me is a reason. Furthermore, Islam is not a religion. It is a political movement masquerading as a religion. Let me explain why this is so. A religion tells its adherents what to believe and how to act. A political movement tells non-adherents what to believe and how to act. Islam is a political party.”

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