Arrested for Filming Police in Hawaii

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I was walking down S. Kihei Rd. in Kihie, HI. when I noticed a truck pulling in to the Rodeo General Store with several unmarked MPD vehicles pulling in after him. With recent events and the known corruption of the MPD, I began to record the encounter.

I began by recording the truck, all of the MPD vehicles and their tags. At first, the police did not seem to mind me filming and adding audio comments. I then began to describe the attire of the MPD as “militarized.” About then, I began to engage with the driver being cited for what I believed to be his tires being too big. I began to instruct the driver of what he should say, establish he was not free to leave and invoke his rights. I also instructed the driver not to let the police search his truck. This is when the MPD began to worry about my encounter.

The next thing I know, the security guard asked everyone to please leave the property while the police conducted their investigation. I immediately left the property without any confrontation as asked (noted in the police report). I then stood on the public sidewalk and was approached by an unidentified officer and was told that I was not allowed to stand on the sidewalk because I was blocking it. At that time, I stood on the grass between the sidewalk and the road making sure I wasn’t blocking either. Then an unidentified officer told me that I was causing traffic to slow down and that if anything happened, I would be charged with disorderly conduct. I continued to communicate with the driver and by this time, a larger crowd began to gather. I was stating that the officers were breaking the law themselves as they were “enforcing private laws on public property.” This is about when I was approached by the arresting officer stating that my actions were causing alarm to the security (which is not a member of the public as required by the statute) and I was being arrested for Disorderly Conduct. I was then searched, handcuffed and taken to the Kihei Substation for further processing and released after giving them a ransom of $100. I went to court in July and the DA declined to press any charges because the charges were trumped up, bogus and did not meet the requirements of the statute. I was silenced and nothing more. My free speech was violated when I began exposing the fraud of the police.

There are 3 parts to this video series on Youtube. 1, 2, & 3.

I am planning on filing a federal complaint against the MPD, the several officers, Maui County, The Chief of Police and The State of Hawaii. I have the complaint typed up and the federal civil cover sheet. I have added up the total of the violations and came up with $18,000,000 in civil violations. I’m waiting on an attorney to review my complaint to make sure the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

This is my report.

Aloha and mahalo,
Kevin Jackson

State: Hawaii
County: Maui
Agency: Maui Police Department
Officer Name: Perkett Jerald N
Badge Number: 10664
Officer/Agency Phone: (808)875-8190
Officer Extension: unknown

Officer Offense: Civil Rights Violation, Illegal Search, Harrassment, Unlawful Detainment
Type of Encounter: Other
Time: 05:00 pm
Date: 06/06/2012

Submitted by Bryanne
[email protected]

  • Common Sense

    $18 Million? How much is that in pineapples?

  • jason

    I’d look into that Don Ho guy. There’s something shady about that one. Always singing, playing the ukulele and smiling. Probably a Rusky spy or a Commie with a hidden camera. I need to start hook-rugging or playing bingo at the local homeless shelter rather than wasting my time reading the so-called cases of police misconduct reported by these “non-biased” folks.

  • shawn

    Maybe if the local government would control their officers, they wouldn’t get sued. A man’s rights were violated, and was illegally arrested.
    What, you expect a big wet kiss? Man, I wish the state I live in would give me 18 mill for spending a couple hours in jail.
    Disorderly conduct is far too subjective to give cops that power.

    Would T like to tell us again how cops don’t mind us recording?

    By the way, if the author is reading this, don’t interact. Just record. If you feel the need to advise the detained person, do it after the incident. Interacting is a great way to give the cops and excuse to arrest you.

  • shawn


    If you don’t want to be here, then don’t. No one is forcing you to participate.
    And it isn’t like you’re unbiased yourself.

  • 1605

    Why are the police so militarized? Is this what we want?

    Way to bigot up the comments, Common Sense, I hope when you get caught doing whatever crime it is you’ve chosen to make a collateral part of your job, posts from here are used by the prosecution to shine the light on you.

  • Mr. Bawkbagawk

    read the whole article, watched all 3 parts of the vid. there seems to be a chunk missing between pt. 2 and pt. 3. i dunno if that cuz the poster is shady or an honest mistake or if the police erased some. so im not gonna judge what i cant see.

    i will say that what you recorded wasnt a traffic stop, a moving violation might have been the excuse but it wasnt the motivation. i dont know what it WAS mind you, but it was NOT a traffic stop.

  • The_Lakewood_4_Are_Burning_In_Hell

    Common’s comments are improving. He has almost completely stopped the pedophillic comments, and switched to merely racist comments. Baby steps, so to speak.

  • t.

    First, when describing the officers attire, what does “they look pretty federalized” mean?

    Hope there is way more to your videos. Where is the part about you talking with the driver? Is that a lie? Well, then how about the big crowd that was gathered watching you give such good advice to the driver? Is that a lie too?

    Appears to be another “cop blocker” video showing the police behaving as they should.

  • shawn

    “Appears to be another “cop blocker” video showing the police behaving as they should.”

    Apparently the DA disagreed.

  • zon

    common nonsense, you don’t seem to care that the police that you seem to think should be completely unaccountable violated their rights and falsely arrested them.

  • t.

    @Shawn: Thanks for showing a complete lack of understanding of the judiciary process.

  • Common Sense


    Once again, you fail to understand the nature of the legal process.


    You’re correct, from what I gathered, about 4 minutes is missing.

  • Shawn

    what exactly did I not understand? Cops arrest for DC, and charges dropped. Isn’t the first time officers make charges they can’t back up.

    Sounds like you’re just making excuses for cops again.

    Speaking of thing blues line, here is an officer who lost his job for being a good cop. Turned a bad cop in to internal.

    Good website with far less personal exchanges. Civility rules debates, instead of the viciousness here. Just not as much on police.

  • t.

    @Shawn: Last time, so I’ll go slowly…..

    The police need R.S. to stop. P.C. to arrest. The prosecutor need beyond a reasonable doubt to convict. Get it?

  • Common Sense


    No, they don’t…

  • YerMomsHouse

    @Common Sense:
    Really? You are either a police officer, or someone related to. You have no idea how it works do you? Basically, what your saying is, for whatever reason they decide, even if it is for no reason, they can stop, detain, and arrest you?

    Your an idiot. Shoot yourself.

  • Shawn


    What I get is that cops will use minor criminal arrests to get even with someone who pissed them off. Some even brag about it. I work with ex cops.

    What you don’t get is that other people are real. You’ve dehumanized the rest of us. But hey, keep it up. The more you guys do this stuff, the more people realize the corruption. Half the time, I find I have to argue against people’s hatred of cops and remind them that we can’t actually do without them.

  • t.

    @Shawn: All right…I’ll ‘explain this too. Physical “arrest” is just a tool. Some times just being present is enough. Sometimes a warning. Sometimes a citation. When those options don’t work…we move up what we have to / can do. It’s kinda like the old “force continuum model. While what this guy claimed to have done isn’t born out in his own videos, read what he says happened. He is, by his own words, standing out by the street and his behavior is drawing a “larger crowd began to gather”. Beside the the roadway. The had their presence. He was told to leave by the private security in control of the property. He says he was warned by the police about his behavior. None of that worked. Arrest is the next step in solving that problem. He chose to ignore everything that happened before that. While I am in no way familiar with Hawiain law, but in most places he would have had a hearing before the D.A. “dismissed” the charges. I’ve tried to explain before, PC is about 2.5 out of 10. Beyond a reasonable doubt is around 8. Big difference. Dismissed charges do not an illegal arrest make. The D.A. can chose not to proceed if he doesn’t think he can win. Doesn’t mean the police lied or “trumped up” a charge.

  • dougo


  • t.

    @dougo: how very myopic of you.

  • / Jina Rolfe