Thank You from Ademo

Today is August 11th, 2012 – my 31st day of incarceration – and it’s 7:20AM. I’m awake because my cellmate was chosen to unload a delivery, but the truth is that I haven’t slept over two consecutive hours in a week. My mind is stuck on my pending wiretapping trial. I’ve been told of the mounting support and many articles (mainstream media and blogs) that have covered my case. It seems many of them share the same opinion as I do; public officials have no expectation of privacy.

Yet, knowing what I know about the court system through experience, I’m preparing my mind for more jail time. By the time this is posted we’ll already know the outcome and hopefully the jury is understanding of my position. I don’t, or won’t, blame them if they find me guilty. The state, via Michael Valentine and “Judge” Brown, will do its best to control what is presented to the jury. Via objections, Mr. Valentine will try to keep me from speaking plainly to the jury. “Judge” Brown will start and end the trial with specific instructions for the jury. If the jury follows them for whatever reason (but most likely out of fear or lack of understanding of the justice system), they will find me guilty. My only chance is if the jury or a juror simply votes based on logic, and logic stells me that a) PUBLIC officials have no expectation of privacy, and b) Prisons and jails weren’t built to house people who record phone calls with public officials.

No matter the outcome, and as I’ve said before, I feel no remorse for what I’ve done or what will happen to me. Sure, jail sucks, but here I’m surrounded by other victims of government abuse. Countless “criminals” whose crimes bear no victim. Advocating for the cause of liberty runs in my veins and won’t stop simply because I’m caged.

I want to thank everyone who has donated, worked on and continues to support myself and The reason the outcome doesn’t matter is due to people like you – the supporters. I’ve made my point and others have seen the failing system at work. I hope others will continue to refuse plea deals, refuse to follow the court’s rules and challenge the system to the fullest. I look forward to joining y’all on the path of liberty when freed from my cage.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Kate, Pete, Clyde and Ian who’ve – as always – gone above and beyond helping me share this message while caged. I miss you all dearly.

If you’d like to help, here are some suggestions:

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-Move to the Shire

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-Write Ademo in jail

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In Liberty,

  • Common Sense

    I’d say something, but its already been said…

  • Ryan

    This guy is the real deal, truly inspirational to rest of us sane people left in this country.

  • Nphyx

    Way to make lemonade, Ademo (well, whenever you read this anyway). I won’t be moving to the Shire – I don’t need to be another egg in that basket. It’s obviously got the same infestation of uniformed scum as most of the rest of the country.

  • Ariel

    Ademo, you should have never gone pro se especially when the law was so clear, right or wrong. Jury nullification, if that was your hope, in this country is like buying a lottery ticket. It shouldn’t be but is.

    I’d suggest you read “Free Ademo” at Simple Justice. I hope you’ve done the work needed to further you case regarding Constitutionality.

  • Blither

    Ryan said:
    “This guy is the real deal, truly inspirational to rest of us sane people left in this country.”
    Seconded. People all over the country, not just here in New Hampshire, are appreciative of what you’re doing.

  • North Philly

    God I hope they find him guilty

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  • Common Sense


    they did, all counts.

  • North Philly

    Good, glad they got this piece of shit of the streets, I love how all of his hippie supporters acted in the court room, very classy

  • Comic Sense

    I must admit I’m actually kind of sad. I find myself deprived of hours of entertainment and ridicule. It’s like my own personal prison, except people probably care more about what I have to say than they do this lame hippie scum, LOL.

  • Bill Gabler

    God bless you and thank you for fighting government coruption

  • zon

    Common nonsense, at least he has the courage to dare to stand up to the power structure, what is your excuse for being something more cowardly than a certain rat in the harry potter books.

  • Ariel

    Common Sense, I wouldn’t bet the farm or even a row house on “except people probably care more about what I have to say than they do this lame hippie scum, LOL.” Mostly because the “hippie” comment indicates you’ve been asleep the last 40 to 45 years, or you have no understanding of the hippie movement other than “I don’t like them hippies, and if I don’t like them they must be hippies.”

    Ademo is not a hippie. Could you possibly show us some other indication of how abysmally stupid you are so I might have two to work with? I’ve already finished with the one. I need another.