TAG Activists Cop Block Austin Police – While Buying Guns

The Austin police (APD) pride themselves on their “Groceries for Guns” campaign. They claim that removing guns (most of which are dysfunctional) from “the streets” will lower crime. Unfortunately, that is just not true, and John Bush with Texans For Accountable Government (TAG), was there with fellow activists to Cop Block the APD. They sat outside the police campaign and bought guns for $110 cash, which was $10 over what the police were offering. Doesn’t matter to me that the police ‘collected’ more guns, this video is a textbook ‘Cop Block’ and the best I’ve seen in a while. My hat’s off to the Austin Crew for such a powerful video. Watch them put a major Cop Block, Austin Style, on the police in the video below.

This second video is what the local news station reported about the event. Do you notice the difference?

An Armed Society Is A Safe Society.

  • Paula Parmeley Carter

    Great video TAG.

    The news coverage was hilarious. “Taking them off the streets” Really! Sounds like they were taking them out of closets.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/kinleyhard K.C.

    A gunsmith or another capable person or group ought to donate their service and supplies to clean, repair and check the operation of guns bought by TAG before they are given to deserving citizens. Americans’ taxes definitely ensure that police are well-armed and equipped. If cops could just get it straight who are the bosses and who are the criminals…

  • Dr. Q

    This is a great form of activism. Kudos to TAG for a job well done.

  • JL Turner

    Pay attention to this article !

  • Ed

    I would like to try out Austin PD’s theory that getting guns off the street–or, as Paula more accurately writes, “out of closets”–will reduce or eliminate crime.

    I propose that the entire Austin police force disarm and turn in all of their pistols, shotguns, and rifles for destruction. If APD’s theory is correct, crime should immediately cease to exist on the streets of Austin.

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