Luke Rudkowski’s Camera Rig

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change gave us an overview of his custom camera rig when at the Lemonade and Raw Milk Freedom Day in Washington DC on August 18th, 2012.

Akin to the ideas you might have gotten from Rick Rynerson on how to outfit your vehicle to safeguard your rights, it’s my hope Rudkowski’s overview of his set-up will cause you to think about and implement ways to better protect yourself when on foot, through the use of technology and transparency.

It’s all about sharing ideas and learning from each other.

Granted, most of us don’t now have the resources to so-completely deck-out our car like Rynerson’s Eclipse or to duplicate Rudkowski’s mobile camera/streaming operation, but even if you incorporate just one new device or streaming capability you’re that much safer.

For more with Rudkowski / We Are Change:

Thanks to Clyde Voluntaryist of Never Take A Plea and Carolinas Cop Block for capturing broll used in this video.

  • Common Sense

    Guess who’s never seen a vagina? That guy…

  • RonD

    I doubt you even know what a vagina is @CS.


  • Camron Wiltshire

    Fantastic! I knew somebody somewhere was harnessing all of this new fangled technology for good. Now we just need someone to hardwire it into a Captain America helmet. Good work Luke, Copblock and We Are Change!

  • Lukesucks

    Luke is a disgrace to truthers, he talks about freedom and transparency but he can’t even come clean with the handling of the We Are Change finances

  • Camron Wiltshire

    This is an outdated psyop you are dredging up “Lukesucks” care to comment on the article in question? No of course not, that is not your agenda… trolls and shills. Gotta love the fucking internet.