Philly Police Think They Have More Rights Than You

While on the road with Liberty on Tour Pete and I stopped in 13 cities in 13 weeks to embedded ourselves with local activists. Our second stop was the city of brotherly love – Philadelphia. While there we did FIJA, Uncle Sam and covered the MOVE story with local activists, it was a great stop.

Another thing that was as common as cheese steak sandwich stands in Philly, was how often the police violated parking ‘laws.’ It seemed every corner we turned there was a police cruiser parked illegally. On the sidewalks, in front of fire hydrants and in loading zones, the laws didn’t matter to them nor did they apply. See for yourself.

Now let me be the first to say that I really don’t care about parking laws either. There are bigger issues within police but the issue of parking is the easiest way to highlight the double standard police officers have. It’s a proven fact, whether you believe it or not, that police are allowed to do things others can’t. From parking anywhere, carrying weapons, using force and much more police clearly think they have more rights than you. They know it, they act like it and anyone who doesn’t believe that hasn’t encountered (luckily) an officer lately.

It doesn’t matter to me what the police are doing, I’m going to film them. Why? Because millions are forced to pay their salaries while police claim to the protectors of us. Let’s see how much protecting is going on…

  • TJIC

    You guys rock.

  • JFA

    On the subject of Philadelphia police and car related matters. My comings and goings at my gym coincide with a shift changes at my local police district. With some regularity I see police officers both in marked vehicles and what I assume to be personal off duty vehicles display a disregard for not only general politeness but also the safety of the public as they enter and exit the parking lot. Most recently I watched as an officer pulling out almost hit a passing cab. Now instead of ignoring it or apologizing the officer drove up behind the cab with his lights and siren on the driver thinking he was being stopped pulled over to the side of the street. But instead of stopping behind the cab the police officer rolled his window down said something to the driver and drove off. I seriously believe that if the cab driver had not had a passenger in the back as well as a witness in the form of me he would have been on the receiving end of some substantial fees. Oh and where was the officer going in such a hurry you ask? Around the corner to get a cup of coffee.

  • Chuck Bilson

    I am not saying that all police officers are great people, however this video is possibly the lamest thing I have ever seen. I live in Philadelphia and have experienced occasional rudeness from the police, however, these people have also been extremely helpful, most recently when I was mugged. Many cops may have a sense of entitlement, but at the same time we ask them to do things that we are not willing to do for ourselves. In just over a years time (spanning from late 2007-early 2009), 6 of these people were killed responding to emergency calls. So next time you decide to be a jerk and harass an officer over a parking violation, save your breath and do something useful with your time.

  • Pauly D

    you guys are a bunch of pussies

  • Rob

    @Pauly, So you call them that name because they stand up for what the believe in while you sit behind your keyboard and call names? If you can have a more rational discussion, I would love to hear it on why you think that of the persons filming this.

  • Dan

    Police officers do have more rights than the normal citizen. They have the right to enforce laws, arrest people, use deadly force when needed. They are also given the right to break laws in the performance of their duties, such as speeding and running through red lights. Often, an officer will park illegally because he needs to conduct business outside of his vehicle but understands, and is told as part of his operating procedures, that he needs to be within a certain distance of his vehicle in order to respond quickly and efficiently. I think you are picking the wrong battle to fight here, to niggle the people who wear a bulletproof vest every day and pray that during their next shift, no one will try to see if it really can stop a bullet while they are protecting your community.

  • Ademo is a douche

    That kid is a pathetic loser. He’d be the first pussy crying if someone beat him up and expect the police to come to his aid. He’s a waste and should’ve jumped off the Ben Franklin Bridge while in town.

  • Zack M

    Maybe you should brush up on some facts before acting on your own personal beliefs. Why are you doing this?

    Drivers of emergency vehicles – 75 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 3105 § 3105. Drivers of emergency vehicles.

    (b) Exercise of special privileges.–The driver of an emergency vehicle may:  (1) Park or stand, irrespective of the provisions of this part.

  • Will R. L.

    I am a United States Marshall, and there are times you have to break the law to uphold the law for greater good. If an officer wants to park in a no parking zone, who cares…. There are bigger issues in this world that should be worried about. And don’t get on this site to insult law officers because unless you wear a badge you don’t know what it is like to put your life on the line for others on a daily basis

  • bob

    police officers have the right to park anywhere ..they could be doing a security check of a store and do not want to park directly in front of it due to officer safety,they could even be watching somebody or a can nit pick stood in the street and were not crossing at the intersection that seems to me like obstruction of highway.You sir need to get a life.Go help needy children or homeless people..leave the our heros alone

  • Philadelphian

    Philadelphia police do not simply think they have more rights than the rest of us – they actually do. It’s not by law but rather a product of the corruption within their own ranks and the collusion of the district attorney’s office which is, even with our new DA, reticent to hold our police to account for crimes they commit against citizens, with a couple exceptions. More often than not it is only on those sporadic occasions where the feds take an interest that criminal officers here are held to account for their acts. The unholy alliance of police unions and politicians (DA and the usual suspects) make it possible here.