Rochester, NY Police officers Beat Man, Pepper Spray Pregnant Mother and Elderly Woman, Confiscate Witnesses’s Cell Phones, then Charge Man with Assaulting officer in Attempt to Justifly their Actions

Published On September 25, 2012 | By Davy V. | Articles

By Davy V.

On April 2, 2012, 25 year old Jose Lugo was talking with friends near his home on Flower Street on Rochester, NY’s east side, when three Rochester, NY Police officers, driving the wrong way on the residential one-way street, pulled up, grabbed him, and brought him over to an RPD cruiser.

When Jose asked what he had done, more RPD cruisers pulled up, surrounding him.

As Lugo’s family members and neighbors questioned what was going on, several RPD officers, including officers Richard Doran and Joel Hasper, became angry and started pepper spraying innocent people, including a pregnant woman, and an elderly woman in her 60’s.

Rochester, NY Police officers then pepper sprayed Lugo, threw him face down on the ground, tasered him at least three times, and beat him.

As Jose Lugo’s aunt was on her phone calling Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard, whom she used to work with when Sheppard was the Rochester City School district director of security, RPD officers pepper sprayed her, then arrested her.

At least 15 Rochester Police cars and a total of approx. 20 officers lined the street.

As winesses were recording the assault on Lugo and innocent residents, Rochester, NY Police officers Richard Doran, Joel Hasper, Kevin Flanagan, Gary Wegman, Sgt. Matthew Webster, Nick Thomas, Matthew Cushman, Thomas Lebeda, Benjamin Mitchell, and others, confiscated their cell phones.

And, in classic RPD cover up, to justify their illegal actions including pepper spraying an expectant mother and an elderly woman, Rochester Police officers charged Jose Lugo with resisting arrest and felony assault on a police officer.

Monday morning I sat in courtroom 407 of the Hall of Justice, where Monroe County Court Judge Douglass Randall oversaw jury selection for Lugo’s trial.

From the start, it was clear that Monroe County D.A. Michael Harrigan didn’t want any minorities on the jury of 12 with 2 alternates.

Lugo’s attorney, Monroe County public defender Sonya A. Zoghlin asked potential jurors questions such as would they be more inclined to believe the testimony of a police officer just because he or she is a police officer.

A few potential jurors were clearly clueless when it came to incidents of police misconduct.

When asked by Lugo’s attorney, did she remember the video of Rodney King, the white woman replied “Not really, that was so long ago.”

Another woman said that she would give the benefit of the doubt to a police officer.

Judge Randall told the jury pool, “Just because a police officer wears a badge or uniform doesn’t mean they are to be believed or disbelieved.”

At the end of the day, a jury of six men and six women, along with two alternates was seated.

I will be updating this post.

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Davy V. is a Cuban-American Filmmaker, Video Producer, Photographer and Freelance Writer, best known for using the power of video and film to expose Police Brutality, Corruption and Misconduct.The son of the late Mario Vara, a community activist who for years fought against Police Brutality and Misconduct in Rochester, New York, Davy V. got his start in Television and Video by tagging along and working camera for his father's cable access television show, "La Voz Del Pueblo" (The Voice of The People).Davy V. later went on to produce and host "KEEP IT ON THE REEL", a cable access TV show with a mix of Hip Hop as well as issues affecting African-Americans and Latinos in Rochester, NY, such as Police Brutality and Misconduct. Some guests on the show included Treach, KayGee and Vinnie of Naughty by Nature, Method Man, Funkdoobiest, Da Youngstas, and the Rottin' Razkals.Davy V. won the U.S. ACM Video Festival Award for his Documentary, "R.P.D. EXPOSED!" about the Rochester, New York Police Department and their long history of misconduct, corruption and unnecessary killings of unarmed innocent citizens. "R.P.D. EXPOSED!" and Davy V.'s follow up, "R.P.D.: Badges of DISHONOR, CORRUPTION and MURDER!" were both screened at the National Hip Hop Political Convention at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey.Davy V.'s work has been featured in publications such as THE SOURCE Hip Hop Magazine, URBAN AMERICA Magazine, The Ave. Magazine, Insider Magazine, La Voz Newspaper, Minority Reporter Newspaper, CNY LATINO Newspaper, DOWN Magazine, as well as on television news stations, and programs such as CNN and Inside Edition.In addition to his freelance writing, Davy V. also writes a monthly Op/Ed Column for LA VOZ Magazine and Minority Reporter Newspaper.In June 2012, Davy V. joined Cop Block as a regular contributor.
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  • Mike

    I hope you die soon, Common.

  • Dan Ellcey

    Do we know why the officers were arresting him in the first place??

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    i got something to give you common a 45 caliber bullet to the brain

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    What a ridiculous headline.

  • zon

    now no shooting common, find out his real name instead and make sure to have the police called on him so they can do it instead.

  • John Q Public

    Police Reports:
    The East Rochester Police Department reports the following:

    • Jose Lugo, 25, of 547 Joseph Ave., Rochester, was charged by village police Aug. 19 with second-degree menacing and harassment. He is accused of scaring a 4-year-old girl by pointing a BB-gun pistol at her and shooting her 15-year-old sister with it — in the back of the leg — that evening on Chestnut Street.

  • Common Sense


    how odd, they must have neglected to put that part in…cracker jack journalism as always on CB.

  • Davy V.

    I believe this is the first time I have ever commented, and I assure you it will be the last. Sorry, wrong Jose Lugo. In fact, I wondered that myself before I covered this story. You see unlike what Common, who is a loser troll who sits on the sidelines and watches people like me expose dirty cops, I do my research before I write, and I even asked his attorney, who assured me that it was not the same Jose Lugo. Sorry trolls, you have to try harder than that! Losers.

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    I have a quarter Davy V, you can have it but I want you to dance for me, maybe an Irish jig…

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    60 isn’t “elderly”. The pregnant woman and her “elderly” mom weren’t so helpless that they couldn’t be part of a mob that surrounded the police. But Davy V…if this isn’t the same lugo, what did this one get charged with?

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    Nothing To See Here Move along the police would say!

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    @Usual suspects

    That the cops got busy stealing anything with a camera shows they know they overreacted. Want to bet all the cameras malfunction and delete the video.

    You know, at the rate cloud technology is advancing, very soon that trick will simply record evidence destruction attempts.

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    Oh, and Lugo is hardly an uncommon name, and Jose is as common as John. But of course common won’t consider that part. And JQP should know better.

  • Common Sense

    Just another fake story. Lugo doesn’t exist, well not in this story.

    I think Davy V might win an award for fiction.

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    I looked all around the web and that was the closest story I could find on Lugo. You would think this incident would make the news somewhere. And Davy V, great answer. How old are you, 13?

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    And talking to Lugo’s lawyer is hardy research. Its his lawyer’s job to make him look like a little angel. Not good enough for a “journalist” such as yourself. What other proof do you have? Let’s see a real news story. Blogs or opinion pieces don’t count.

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    Pigs just comming out of the wood work today.

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