Austin Activists Dress up to Make a (Check)Point

I know this isn’t the usual police content that is posted on but I thought this video was a good example of how to pre-cop block. Meaning that these activists in Austin were out to protest a bill that would allow checkpoints for ID, insurance and who knows what else. If successful these activists won’t have to cop block the checkpoints, below is what I wrote over at about the video.

John Bush, executive director for Texans for Accountable Government (TAG), and several other Austin activists stormed the capitol building recently, and dressed as Nazi’s, to protest unwanted checkpoints. The checkpoints, which will be voted on soon via a committee will Texas police to stop and check people for proper ID, insurance and more. If passed this bill will go against the constitution’s 4th amendment and further the police state, something Nazi’s would have (or still do) love. Check out this great video below.


This is one of the best activist videos I’ve seen in a while, probably since John and Company’s last video, and loved how prepared everyone was. They has signs, awards and even the german accent down. Thanks for making this guys, free Austin!

  • Ron

    Da Fuhrer vould be proud

  • RugalSizzler

    1. The Naszi’s wanted to restore Germania. That is why this looks silly. In consideration of the ficitonal novel known as Ann Frank “I sometimes felt like Ann”

    2. Texas is still a great state. If you really want to fight back then stop driving, and help turn the place into a ghost state. Convince people that Texas must spoil like a fruit in heat, and turn it into another Detroit.

    Speaking of Detroit “Motor city” they have tons of land, you could move their and rebuild their entire city. Imagine a fresh start on things.

    3. That was a cool way to demonstrate. However the drug cartels ( as one of the officers mentions ) are very real in the area.

    Until USA Unbann the ownership of the plants that produces the drugs, and just create an umber law, for people who actually use these plants to get high. Like a AA meeting, or castration for drug use law. Then the cartels will just keep flowing.

    As long as drugs are considered valuable in the USA, then the Cartels will keep flowing. Keep in mind various law enforcement are helping the Cartels, and that is why they keep trying and they keep on exsisting.

    4. Speaking drugs. USA damaged the South American crops back then, which lead to drug riots, and related violence in USA. USA started it the bad drug trade.

    A. Unbann the plants and give away the drugs for free
    B. Create a super law for Narcatic users.
    C. Unbann the highway checkpoints

  • tim

    I want to see them get arested just to se the jurry face and see how the prosicution has to defend nazi checkpoints. no i dont. This is a very good way of peacefull protest It imprints an idea in the minds of the leaders.

  • http://google workingman

    i wish the girl would have ask the cop if he was a supporter of the 4th amendment . we could use this other ways also like Mexican drug lords thanking the democrats for the guns that they sent /fast and furious .and could they speed things up with the gun grab from law abiding citizens because they need more guns pronto.
    good video