Police Brutality in New York (NYPD of the 75th precinct)

In the video description published on October 24, 2012, Luis writes:

It is by the grace of God that I still have my life. On the morning of August 12, 2012, I Luis Paulino was savagely beat by more than 15 officers of the NYPD, after bearing witness to a use of excessive on a young Latino gentleman who reminded me of my little brother.

I pray to bring awareness and a voice to the people who loose their lives to this abusive use of forth by the Police Department. I was treated like a rag doll, dehumanized, and criminalized. This issue is plaguing many men of color daily. How many people must die, be beat, or placed behind bars for nothing more than being a man of color!


  • KAZ

    This is a very crapy video and and from what I can see shows someone trying to get away from police custody. I do agree the man is not assaulting the officers in any way, but he was not cooperating with the officers either.

    I also don’t think it takes 10 to 15 officers to put someone in custody.

    There is no story behind why the man was being detained or placed under arrest. The brief description claims he was a witness to police abuse but the video does not show this. Just my opinion but I think the individual taken down by the NYPD is looking for a law suit to make some money.

    The questions I have are as follows where are the pictures showing the results of this so called savage beating? Why hasn’t there been any complaints filed against the officers?

  • t.

    So where is the video about the “police brutality”? This video is about a guy resisting arrest and then being tackled and handcuffed. Nothing to see here…move along.

  • North Philly

    ” He do nuttin he do nuttin” ” I’s got this shit recorded, Fuckin Pussy” Try and debate this issue with this kind of guy and good footage of nothing dipshit.

  • Joker

    He tried to run away from police and yet didn’t do nofin nigga?

  • sqm1

    Just saw part of the documentary ‘Black and Blue’ by Soledad O’Brian featuring this guy Luis. Two years later and he’s STILL not fully recovered from this beating. Still enduring pain, rehab, surgeries, the whole 9. Awful.

    Did a search on him to find the original story and ended up here. Obviously this video clip here doesn’t show much. Perhaps another does (or doesn’t). There are just too many cops around to see what’s happening. That’s probably the way the cops wanted it. Nevertheless, they clearly must’ve worked him over pretty bad. :(