Oklahoma Cop Tickets Mom For 3-Year-Old’s ‘Public Urination’ Outside His Family Home; Fine Comes to $2,500.

New York Daily News reports:

A hefty fine for such a wee pee. A 3-year-old boy got his mother a $2,500 ticket in Oklahoma for going pee-pee in his own front yard. “I said really, he is 3 years old, and (the officer) said it doesn’t matter – it’s public urination,” grandmother Jennifer Warden said.

Talk about a big-ticket bathroom break!

An Oklahoma mom got fined thousands of dollars when her 3-year-old son pulled down his pants to urinate on the family’s property. The potty-training toddler’s effort to not wet himself earned his mother a $2,500 ticket, the family said.

The boy, Dillan, was playing in their front yard on a rural road in Piedmont when nature called.

“Dillan pulled down his pants to pee outside, I guess, and the cop pulled up and asked for my license and told me he was going to give me a ticket for public urination,” Ashley Warden, the boy’s mother told CBS Oklahoma City affiliate News 9.

The officer told the family that just because the child is only 3 does not get them off the hook, according to Dillan’s grandmother, Jennifer Warden.

“I said really, he is 3 years old, and (the officer) said it doesn’t matter – it’s public urination,” Warden said.

The same police officer allegedly parks down the street from their 2.5 acres of property every day. When asked why he does this, the officer responded that it is a “public street and he wants to, so he can,” according to Warden.

“I am disappointed that the officer thinks,” she continued, “what he needs to do with my tax dollars is sitting and harassing our family.”

The family intends to challenge the ticket because, they claim, the boy did not actually finish the act, reported News 9.

The police department did not return the Daily News’ request for an interview.


    Thank you Officer Dumbass for doing your part in improving the public image of the police………………..

  • shawn


    Thank you for expressing your opinion of Officer Dumbass. I wonder if the officer will enjoy meeting the judge. I’ve heard they can get a little cross when given a case like this.

    Oh, I’m sure Common would like pictures.

  • certain

    I guess that cop really got pissed off.

    Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

  • certain

    Alternatively, he was angry because the lad has a bigger johnson than he does.

  • http://www.badgeabuse.com badgeabuse

    damage control

    The police chief went to the toddler’s home and apologized. He promised the ticket would be thrown out. He did this despite the fact the incident is still under investigation.

  • simpleton

    He damn well should have apologized to the family and had the ticket thrown out. Furthermore, he needs to have a “sit down” with his officer and provide assistance in pulling his head out of his ass!


    Badgeabuse. I’m willing to bet the investigation is an internal one on the officer.

  • Jim

    This ass needs to be fired pronto.

  • John Q Public

    I’ve read that he may be getting fired.

  • http://endthefat.net hawk

    So Barney thought it was ok to ticket a 3 yr old for urinating… Just goes to show the level of intelligence the cops are hiring these days…

  • Steve in Iowa

    The Mayor made the fine disappear.

  • Otto Maddox

    How does that work? If my 3 year old decides to pee on the grass.. I get the ticket?

    If a 16 year old murders someone they get tried.. sometimes as an adult. The parents aren’t put on trial.

    But if your kid pees on the grass the parents gets the citation?

    I’d love to see them write a citation for a 3 year old.

  • Ron

    What is the officer name,lets get someone to post it on the Internet.

  • Nod

    Otto Maddox if you really don’t know the difference between a three year old and a sixteen year old maybe you need to find yourself a critical thinking class or two to take.

  • James

    I would think the officer should get in trouble for watching the 3 year old pee.

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  • James Barnes

    The cops entire action in this is so ridiculous it isn’t funny. Charging a 3 year old with any crime is pure stupidity. He should be fired for being to idiotic to reasonably hold any authoruty.

  • chip saunders

    OMG!!! What level of intelligence is required to be a police officer in this Oklahoma town? This police department needs to seriously rethink it method of filtering out lunatics and idiots in their hiring process.