Ian Freeman Discusses Police Interactions with Abby Martin on RT’s Breaking the Set

Ian Freeman spoke with Abby Martin on Breaking the Set, a new show on RT.com, about filming police and individual rights.

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In late October, Freeman drove from his Keene, NH home an hour south to support friend Jay Noone, whose house was scheduled to be sold at a tax auction. Freeman questioned those who facilitated the theft and the sale of the property. Rather than have a civil conversation, Ray Tenczar put Freeman in handcuffs and claimed he was being “disorderly.”

Watch the video below. And if you want, watch the raw video.

Freeman, host of the nationally-syndicated Free Talk Live, is active with FreeKeene.com, the Shire Society, the Free State Project, CopBlock.org and Keene Cop Block.

More of Ian from 2009 via Motorhome Diaries:

  • deepelemblues

    Nice interview with the Kremlin’s agitprop organ. You do know that, right? That you’re giving the mouthpiece of a real police state exactly what it wants to regurgitate to show that America is the *real* tyrant?

  • BigPoppaAZ


    Ha, thanks for making me laugh. Good one “Kremlin’s agitprop organ”, LMFAO.

    Great interview, discussing key points on liberty, and the exercise of ones rights.

    Focus on the DA down in MA on the DC charge. Any updates?

  • Hey

    Awesome interview. :)

  • http://www.policemisconduct.net Glenn

    No one will be more honest about your faults than your enemy.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, they do have they’re own backs and they are a criminal gang, no different than the cartels/mafia. About the hollywood movies, so true, if you seen End of Watch, from the start of the movie, straight up lies, lies, more lies and I could not believe the shit that came out of Jake Gyllenhaal mouth in this movie, the illusion’s hollywood put out there to the viewers is unbelievable.

    Must have been a ton of cops that rated it a 8-10. I rated it at 1.

    +1 to Ian and Abby.

  • deepelemblues

    BigPoppa, you’re obviously ignorant. Copblock harms its credibility by pandering to agitprop outlets like Russia Today, which exists solely to distract, misdirect, and obfuscate the failures and tyrannies of the Russian government. The only reason RT interviews people like Ian is that it helps them distract people’s attention from their masters’ crimes by feeding anti-Americanism. Your contempt is typical of the person who knows little but thinks he knows much. The fatal mix of arrogance and ignorance.

  • BigPoppaAZ


    Much obliged, for ‘learning up this old Hillbilly. My apparent arrogance and ignorance have been addressed by your learned and objective portrayal of RT.

    As to the interview, an honest and open dialogue, with no Anti-American slant, that one could see. Kudo’s to Abby on a well presented and thought out interview with Ian.

    Journalism is alive and well, if only on RT some of the time.