Officer Stephen Heimsness and Officer Stacy Troumbly

Excessive Force Killed Partying Guy Who Wandered Into Wrong Home

An anonymous submitter writes, “The story is that Paul Heenan was out partying with friends and after only living in the neighborhood 8 days, let himself into the wrong home. The homeowners heard the intruder, called police and the husband went to investigate the noise. By the time police arrived, the homeowner was escorting the man out of his home. Police asked both men to drop to the ground; the homeowner complied and the other man did not. Police shot him. He was unarmed and weighed less than 150 lbs. There is definitely more to this story.”


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  • rick

    You forgot to mention the intruder struggling with the homeowner and the police officer.

    Hope to hear the homeowner’s witness statement of the shooting.

  • certain

    LOL. And everybody knows the chief is an unbiased source, right? Good old “officer safety” has claimed another life.


    lol so now home invasion, in this case a 1st degree home invasion which is a 25 year prison sentence in my state….is “wondering”

  • underoath

    Struggle with an officer and reach for his weapon?

    I’d like to see the homeowners statement.

  • shawn


    I’m a little more interested in the home owner’s statement. But I’ve been in this situation, though the cop showed up way too late. Should have said I have a gun and am afraid for my life. Idiot thought he was at his place and met my four legged friend. Guns can deal with intruders and alarms alert you to intruders. But my Buddy does both and only asks for a stake, which I’m more than happy to give him.

    Anyone who wonders into the wrong home has some good stuff in his pocket.

    PSOSGT, I like your state’s attitude toward this. What’s the job market and house market like?

  • shawn

    What the hell?! The Chief has four stars on his collar. Baghdad Bob has been sitting on the copier again.

  • Chris Mallory

    This happens fairly often, usually it is the home owner shooting the drunk idiot. The moral of the story is make sure you stay someplace safe if you are going to drink.

  • Jared M

    Chris, that really is it.
    If you’re going out drinking, be sure to sober up some before you go home.
    And definitely let the neighbors become familiar with at least what you look like before you party that hard.

    This is pretty much everyone’s fault.
    No singular blame to lay out on this one.

  • shawn


    Sorry, but is is all on the nut. He made all the bad choices here. No one else is obligated to pay for his choices.

    Alcohol is no excuse, and I’ve been around drunks. They may not be able to drive in a straight line, but they can usually recognize their home. This guy was on something a little more…potent.

    He chose to get wasted. He chose to enter a house he had no business in, he chose to make an issue of it with the owner, and if the story is correct, he chose to play with a cop. I’d have shot him in a heartbeat the moment he came at me.

    I’m as distrustful of cop shootings as anyone, but this one looks pretty good.

  • John Q Public

    Its funny how copblock once again made a lame attempt at fudging the facts of the story.

  • certain

    He got drunk and stupidly went into the wrong house. He didn’t 1st degree home invade anybody. Freaking cops.

  • Glenn

    Granted, operating under the theory that “how do you know a cop is lying? his lips are moving”, we may safely assume that the deceased did little to nothing that could have provoked the police.

    That said, if some drunken fool walks into my house and is subsequently designated a threat, he will quickly find himself on the business end of several rounds of strategically placed 12-gauge buckshot.

  • t.

    @Glenn: So let’s get this straight…YOU think its OK for YOU to make a snap judgement / decision about the danger or “designated as a threat”….but the police can’t? What a stooge.

    @certain: …. … I really don’t have anything for a comment that is just so stupid.

  • DJ

    Excessive force? NO this was MURDER. end of story. The police are supposed to be professionally trained. The issue is that there was no risk and no danger from anyone.

    People that are drunk (which cops see all the time and must deal with) have slower comprehension and slower reaction. t is obvious that the man was impaired or this would never have happened.

    It was simply murder. No excuse.

  • spirit of 46

    There probably is more to the story. I would be interested in knowing. Perhaps the man who was shot did more than just stand there? Maybe he zipped up his fly and that was considered the dangerous act of ‘his hands moving towards his waist’ that gets so many people shot. Or maybe something legit-who knows. When the local press puts SOMETHING out about this-please update it.

  • shawn


    I’m not giving an intruder the benifite of the doubt in my home, with my family. You don’t know what his intentions are, and he isn’t thinking straight. If he ends up dead, that is his problem. Unless the home owner counters the story, this is a good shoot.

    Cops have a lot of questionable shoots, but this isn’t one of them.

  • Otto Maddox

    First, we need more details. The police officers didn’t just show this guy on sight.

    Second, you get drunk and enter the wrong person’s house you should expect some trouble.

    Can’t handle your liquor? Not the police department’s fault.

    But like I said, the details are important here. I do think it’s silly to shoot an unarmed drunk guy. But there could be more to the story.

  • DKSuddeth

    @t, no you idiot. you CANNOT make that snap decision because you are to be held to a higher standard. WHY do you ask? because you can shoot and kill a person and suffer zero consequences for your murderous actions, whereas I would be subject to trial and imprisonment.

  • t.

    Sud: You never disappoint on stupid. Like clockwork…you bring it.

  • shawn

    Copblockers, there is a witness to the shooting. So unless the witness counters the officers story, any sane person will not have much of a problem with this.

    The guy is in the wrong home, fighting the owner, and then the cop. Just being in a home he shouldn’t be in is more than enough for most people to say, “shoot him.”
    According to the cop, the nut went for the gun. Now, I’m not the most trusting person when it comes to cops, but we aren’t seeing a story where the entry and exit wound isn’t lining up with the cop’s story. And there is a witness.

  • certain

    Yes, moron, I’m so concerned over your ignorant opinion. Stupid drunk went into the wrong house. Everybody agrees on that. He didn’t pull a home invasion as some other fuck-nut tried to say above. And I believe he tried to grab the cops gun about as much as I believe the usual “he reached for whatever”. Dead-eyed freaking cop looks like a serial killer, especially with the freaking weird goatee. Stupid-ass got drunk in the wrong place, at the wrong time. I’m not saying he was some kind of innocent angel who was tragically gunned down. I just think cops are a little too quick to kill these days. And everything is excused because of “officer safety”. Here’s a prediction – “officer safety” will play a huge role in the eventual downfall of our society.

  • DKSuddeth

    t, you wish I could be as stupid as you. refute what I said! if you can, that is.

  • Ron

    How can an officer fear for his life when he has a bullet proof jacket on and a handgun with 50 bullets ?

  • shawn


    I agree with cops being too quick to kill. But what of the witness? Not every police shooting is a bad one.

    Bullet proof jackets are one, not totally bullet proof. And two, only cover a portion of the body. And where do I find a gun with 50 bullets in it? Do you have any idea how big that magazine would be, or how heavy?

    Try 10-18 depending on the caliber of round.

  • Ron

    My gun holds 18 in chamber,2x mags 18each is a total of (54)
    That should be enough for protection

  • Ron

    How many stories do we see with the officer is scared for his life and kills a dog or people??

    This idea gives him free reign to kill any one.


  • shawn


    I’m well aware of the issue of cops’ excuses for shooting. My favorite is the “he reached into his pants”, only they had no weapons.

    I would point out that the advantages of a really good gun only works if you use it though. Having a big gun and lots of bullets doesn’t mean much in a life and death situation if you don’t use it. It doesn’t make his weapon any less dangerous. It only makes you more dangerous.

    Would the type and size of your gun really affect whether you chose to give a threat a chance? I doubt it. You’ll be just as afraid of him with a .50 hand cannon, as you would with a .22. The only difference is your odds of winning.

    It isn’t their guns that are the problem. The problem is a level of uncontrolled fear that even gets other cops killed by accident.

  • John Q Public

    MADISON, Wis. –
    On Sunday, Madison police revealed the identities of the officers involved in the Friday shooting that killed Paul Heenan, 30, of Madison.
    Police said Officer Stephen Heimsness was the officer who was “directly involved in the incident.” Heimsness has been on the Madison police force for 15 years. Officer Stacy Troumbly provided emergency life-saving measures on Heenan after he was shot. Troumbly joined the MPD in 2011.
    Both officers are on administrative leave, which is standard protocol.
    Heimsness is treasurer of the police officers’ union, and his biography lists him as a third-shift patrol officer in the central district, an assignment that has twice before put him in the center of controversy.
    WISC-TV3 News records reveal that In 2001, Heimsness shot out the tires of a car driving recklessly in a campus area parking ramp.
    The Dane County DA decided not to file charges against Heimsness, but records indicate that he was suspended 15 days without pay for using excessive force.
    Then in 2006, Heimsness’s alleged actions led the department to ultimately pay out $27,000 to settle a different case. reported that Heimsness bashed a man’s head into the floor at a downtown bar as Heimsness tried to arrest the man.
    The City Controller’s office said Heimsness used excessive force, but the DA’s office again did not file charges.
    Now the latest case, in which police say Heimsness was directly involved in the shooting death of 30-year-old Paul Heenan.
    Heenan was a musician and friends say he was a non-violent person and that he had stumbled into the wrong home early Friday morning on South Baldwin St.
    The homeowners called 911, after which the male homeowner apparently recognized Heenan and began walking him home.
    Officer Heimsness pulled up and saw what he viewed as the two men struggling. Police then say Heenan confronted Heimsness physically and apparently that’s when Heimsness shot.
    Questions that have yet to be answered by Madison Police included whether Heenan was armed, how exactly he confronted Heimsness, and how many shots Heimsness fired.
    It was on Saturday afternoon that Heenan’s body was identified. The Dane County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed that Heenan’s death was the “result of firearm-related trauma,” and that “additional testing in this case is currently underway.”
    Roommates, friends in shock as man shot by police identified
    There was no toxicology information included in the coroner’s Saturday report.
    Heenan was affiliated with the local band, Hometown Sweetharts. Late Saturday night, the band issued a statement to WISC-TV.
    “We are absolutely destroyed by this huge tragedy. Paulie was a dear friend to us. He was a sweet, caring and talented guy that would go out of his way to help everyone he knew. His wide range of talents were an indispensable part of many of the musical projects we’ve been involved in over the past 10 years. He was nothing but positive and supportive of us. We are left with a giant hole in his absence. We will miss Paulie forever,” wrote Scott Beardsley, Chris Boeger, and Nate Palan, members of Hometown Sweethearts.
    Meanwhile, Heenan’s roommates are also breaking their silence on the incident.
    Nate and Amelia Royko Maurer moved in with Heenan on South Baldwin Street about a week ago. Amelia and her daughter had dinner with “Paulie,” grabbed dessert, and played Uno with him, then wished him farewell as he went out to scope out bands.
    The Royko Maurers said Heenan moved in with the family in hopes of building a studio in the house and pursuing music in Madison. They described him as kind and supportive, and noticed a maternal instinct that he had when it came to caring for others.
    “We’re really sad,” Amelia explained. “We have to tell our six-year-old that her best buddy is gone.”
    Early Friday morning, Nate woke up to loud fighting noises outside.
    “I heard somebody shout in a really loud gruff voice, ‘Get down! Get down!’ And then immediately after that I heard gun shots,” Nate said.

  • shawn


    You do realize that the officer’s history of excessive force doesn’t help his case? I’ll be very interested in what the home owner has to say.

  • John Q Public

    shawn, I’m not saying it does. I’m just putting the whole, unedited story out there.

  • DKSuddeth

    JQP, that is not the whole unedited story. that is the police chiefs version. I also want to hear any witness report/story to compare the two.

  • John Q Public

    Well DK, go and investigate it yourself then.

  • Steve H.

    I’m waiting for the video/audio.

  • t.

    Sud: The biggest problem with what you call this king is that….if you don’t want to believe what the officer says happened, that’s on you. But you are foolishly forget…that the homeowner / witness will have already made a statement following an extremely thorough interview….and that’s included the same report. Dolt.

    Steve: Why, and I really mean it, why do you think there is audio / video? IF the department has dash cams…and IF this officers car was so equipped, there is still only a small chance that there will be video ( a little bit better chance for audio ). The camera would only activate for a few reasons depending on the camera setup and the activation parameters. Most cameras are set up to come on at certain speeds, or when the lights have been activated, during an accident, or when intentional activated either from inside the car or by remote. So unless one of those things took place….no video / audio. Now let’s say it was activated for whatever reason. Unless the officer stopped his car directly in front of the house, pointed at the house (like maybe sideways across the street or driven up onto the front yard) or the action moved directly in front if the car…no video. Now, there could be audio. There could be “radio transmission” from his handheld / portable radio that may have captured some of what happened ( I always like to key the radio when I can during crazier incidents to at least capture my side of what is said ). And if the camera was active, the officer body worn remote could have captured some of the audio ( mine pretty much only really picks up what I say…notso much what you say during an eencounter…depending of course on location). Thebest bet for any additional information wwould most likely be the radio traffic between the officer and his ECC and the 911 call.

  • JT

    Here is a more complete version of events.

    From the story


    “Wray said Heimsness pulled out his service weapon, radioed to dispatch ”

    (Ok this will trigger a wolf pack response, as we all know, in minutes there will be 20 or more cops all looking to get in on the ACTION.)

    “Officer Heimsness said Mr. Heenan grabbed him, latching on to his left hand with one hand while using the other to reach officer Heimsness’s gun. Officer Heimsness believed his life was in danger and fired three rounds,” Wray said.”

    (You can see both hands, use your weapon to strike the fellow in the head, if a can cop use his taser to beat Kelly Thomas’s face in I think a loaded weapon would be more effective.)

    Wray said the entire incident happened very fast, with “just as a matter of seconds between Officer Heimsness told Mr. Heenan to get down when the shots were fired.”

    “There were several commands by the officer to ‘get down’ — that’s not in dispute,” Wray said.

    Now tell me how do you get out several commands in second getdowngetdowngetdown!!!! POPPOPPOP

    These guys can smell pot on money (Waitress denied $12,000 after police declare it part of a drug investigation) but this one couldn’t smell he was dealing with a drunk, and like I’ve read better a dead perp than a live witness.

  • John Q Public

    JT needs more tinfoil

  • t.

    JQP: As they say…you sure enough right. JT, dang dude….talk about limited thinking…you’re like the poster child.

  • Bob

    What are you guys all cops. This was clearly an illegal killing by the cops who then covered it up. I hope a cop shoots one of you idiots someday.