NYC Police Officers Extort Man for Spitting

NYCresistance (atleast on YouTube) caught what appears to be two NYPD officers issuing a man a “citation” (pink ticket) on video. In that video the man receiving the ticket seems confused about the ticket but is shrugged off by the officers. NYCresistance then interviews the man and finds out the ticket is for spitting. Yes, spitting on the sidewalk of New York City is a crime. NYCresistance said it best in the video, “I don’t know why ..but you better pay, or they’ll take you to prison.”  Fact is it’s even worse because the correct statement is ‘OBEY or we’ll kill you.’

Quota Scandal

A video spoof – that’s all too real – of the NYPD made by Pete Eyre.

  • Silvestri

    The law does exist. Just is not really enforced normally. I would show up in court just to see if the signing officer showed up as well to defend the case…

    Sunday May 5, 1996: N.Y. Law;No Spitting!
    Published: May 05, 1996

    If the etiquette police had a most-wanted list, spitters would surely be on it. In New York, however, public expectoration is not merely a crime of manners; it’s against the law. Next Sunday, Mother’s Day, is the 100th anniversary of the Board of Health’s prohibition. Adopted to prevent the spread of disease, the law hasn’t changed much in a century. Sidewalks, public transit and buildings (floors, walls, stairways) are still taboo targets. What has changed is enforcement. Could a hawker do hard time nowadays? Not likely, says Officer Edward Bonny, an eight-year veteran of the New York Police Department’s Transit Bureau who has never issued a $25 summons for spitting. And no judge in recent memory has imposed the maximum 10-day jail sentence. Even so, what would Mother say?

  • rick

    There is a big difference between extort and being handed a citation

  • JT

    Spitting ???? A health code violation while in the background there is a pile of garbage over 4 feet high and you are worried about spitting. I’m at a loss of words.

  • shawn

    An example of one of the more idiotic laws. One, birds and other animals crap and piss on the sidewalk, but spit is an issue?!
    Two. What, cops never get something in their mouth they need to get out? I’m betting the offended officer wouldn’t think twice.

  • Patrick T

    No there is no difference between “extort” and “being handed a citation.” If you don’t pay the citation, they take your property and auction it off. If you resist, they put you down. That’s extortion.

  • Patrick T

    Dogs can pee all over the sidewalk – but you can’t spit?

  • Mohammed Abdel O’Queef

    The difference is a dog is an animal and a person is a higher evolved being, ie. can exercise self-control or spit into a piece of paper and throw it in the garbage. I guess they don’t teach that in Liberalism 101 though.