Charlotte Cop Block

Well after much deliberation with some of my friends and family, we have decided to create our own offshoot of Cop Block and so we have. Charlotte Cop Block Facebook page is up and running at https://www.facebook.com/CharlotteCopBlock

We have seen what the Cop Block Organization and its followers can do, so why not do the same thing for the wonderful City of Charlotte, NC? There have been too many times where cops have just trampled all over our constitutional rights and we have decided NO MORE! Before we were just followers, but after so many times of getting kicked back down by the hands that are supposed to “Serve & Protect” us, we decided that the City of Charlotte must be educated. We (friends & family) all sat down and talked this one out, we discussed how much does this really mean to us? Are we willing to go to jail for things we know we should not go to jail for, so on and so forth just to get this message out to people! And the votes were unanimous, we decided we will be wholehearted in what we do with this offshoot!

Now we were aware that there is already a Carolina’s Cop Block, but we will be more area specific to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area.

The Facebook page is bare right now, but won’t be in the coming days, we intend to have a Twitter, a YouTube, & a Scribd, and maybe in future months, if things go correctly a paid for website.

This is just a start, and Thank you to Cop Block and its creator’s for giving us this opportunity to Branch Out (offshoot) like this with the logo and name. It will really help us out a lot!

Alan McHone
[email protected]


  • Steve H.

    who are you.exacty?

  • Sweet

    I love it ! The movement towards police cccountability is alive and well. The movement is growing, and folks are videotaping the police daily with great results for society, but bad bajeebee’s for the “BAD POLICE”. When the police start turning in their own for being bad, and when we as a movement see changes, then and only then will we slow our progressive stance.


  • Mr. Bawkbagawk

    you created a facebook page, srs bidnez *clap, clap, clap* get back to us when you accomplish something you cant do in line at starbucks.

  • Flak jacket

    Alan, well done Sir.

    @Steve H.
    learn to read.
    @Mr Bawkbagawk, internet tough guy, *clap clap clap* – get back to me when you accomplish something you cant do in the fourth grade.

  • chris p

    don’t let these haters leaving u negative rude comments slow you down. I also am in progress of creating my offshoot in Clackamas county oregon clackamas copblockers coming soon. maybe you can help me with graphics?