Police Taser Homeowner For Trying To Save Burning House With Garden Hose

PINELLAS PARK, FL — Police tasered a man who says he was trying to save his family and his home. A neighboring house was the source of the fire, and it began to spread onto Dan Jensen’s roof. He grabbed a garden hose to put it out. Firefighters had not arrived on the scene, and he felt that his only choice was to attempt to stop the fire from spreading and destroying all of his property and memories. Next thing he knew, he “was laying in a puddle of water being electrocuted” in front of his children.

  • Burn The Obedient

    They are not here to protect us. They are here to protect the money. It is not the right of the police to protect us. They obviously do a horrible job at it.

  • unclezip

    You WILL comply

  • shawn

    Why is a cops issuing such orders? He isn’t running into a burning home. He is using a hose to wet down his house. He can retreat at any time. As for insurance, what a joke. They try to deny any claim and if they do pay out, they’ll drag it out until you’re desperate for money to help recover that they can get away with offering pennies on the dollar. If my mortgage didn’t require it, i doubt I’d bother doing business with them.

    I got a lower opinion of them than cops. I know, hard to believe.

  • Knows Open

    Florida needs a ‘right to resist’ law. They are totally out of control down there.

  • deepelemblues

    Saw this on Drudge, the response of the captain is sadly typical of the cop attitude that they have the authority to simply tell people what to do regardless of how stupid their commands are, or contrary to common sense or right, or that these commands are almost always given in a disrespectful and authoritarian way, and that they have the authority to physically assault people for “non-compliance.” This is a very different view of policing than what police believed and the way they behaved in the past. People were not ordered around in a peremptory way unless they were being detained or arrested or because of a pressing safety issue. It is not a pressing safety issue when a man is standing well away from a fire spraying water on his house to prevent it from catching as well.

    Today, police believe they have the authority to compel blind and immediate obedience at any time, for any reason, from citizens, and that physical force is justified to get “compliance.” Regardless of whether the “order” should have left their mouth in the first place. T hides behind things like “procedure” and ‘it’s for your safety,’ but really what it is is police acting like assholes because they can and because they enjoy it. The police officer is not your friend in his eyes, and you are certainly not his equal. He is superior to you by authority of his badge at all times. Regardless of how idiotic his use of that authority is – authority which is supposed to be used sparingly and to the least extent necessary to do his job.

    The police used to think that they had an obligation to treat citizens in a respectful manner and behave in a way that acknowledged they were not little tin gods. That is gone. And it is why far more people in this country today than ever before hold law enforcement at a very high level of contempt.

  • Steve H.

    Too bad a videographer didn’t capture this. But if a Taser is deployed I’m really surprised that an arrest isn’t made. If Leo’s deploy a taser it’s because an earlier attempt at arrest is not successful. Obviously, these Leos did not inform this man that he was under arrest. If a Leo tells you that you are under arrest, comply. Put your hands behind your back and let them take you to the leo car and put you in there and then you can tell your tale to the judge. F the police. But if they are just taseing you for fun then there is a problem.

  • shawn


    Well said. Don’t forget that cops are experts in every subject, and everyone else just does’nt know what we are talking about. To them we are just peasants.

    I just got lectured and trashed because i though a cop driving backwards against traffic was hard to justify. Officer was in the emergency lane. But still, closing sppds of more than 100mph. What could go wrong with that? Apparently I’m not capable of judging the risk level of that choice.

    My biggest problem with cops isn’t that they are crininals. Most are no worse than me. But the level of arrogance they have is amazing. They have no concept of humility or respect, except toward themselves.

  • KAZ

    Very well said my friend. I agree that t and common sense both try to back up arguments with “procedure” and “personal safety”. However, my favorite is when they blame the victim for the illegal actions of officers. I think that reason many people have such disapproval of police officers is because we know they have a choice of what to do. Cops don’t have to write tickets but choose to do so. Cops today feel like they should have instant respect because of their badge and costume.

    Many Police departments in this country continue to tarnish the reputation of all cops with immoral and unethical policies and procedures. The best example of this is the NYPD’s stop and frisk policy. It is policy created simply to give officers a reason to harass innocent people for no reason.

    Americans truly want to believe that police are there to help in a time of need. However when non lethal weapons are used on peaceful people, respect for law enforcement is lowered to what you see today.

  • Steve H.

    I’ve lived in FL for over 30 years as an adult. We have our share of idiot Leo activities. We also have an over-abundance of serial killers, like Ted Bundy, Aileen Wournos, Henry Lee Lucas, and others. Even saying this we’ve only executed about 70 heinous killers since 1975. About 2 per year, even though we’ve sentenced over 2500 to death in the same time frame.

    I’m pretty sure that we lead the country in DUI arrests and suspended drivers licenses and we also are the 4th most populated state in the country.

    I personally believe in the myth that God picks up the US from time to time and shakes it and all the garbage falls into Florida. All of this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to delay the onset of the entrenched police state which is sure to come. But leos here in FL definitely have a tough row to hoe.

  • Hey

    The homeowner was legally on his property and the not invited cops decided to teach a lesson to the homeowner for contempt of cop. ^^

    Super Police State USA ;)

  • dick

    he should of had his union card. then the police would let him alone.

  • http://www.policemisconduct.net Glenn

    Where is common sense on this story? I cant wait to read that the water somehow offended the police, and that the use of water is capital offense. Might mess up the cops donuts or something, doncha know?


    I guess I would have to know more about what was going on, fire jumped to his house so I’m assuming it was ripping pretty good. Would I tazer someone in this situation? would be my last option if they physically resisted me moving them from the area. I have gotten into a fight with someone who kept running into a house that was on fire to remove stuff.

  • Pete Malloy

    Speaking from personal experience, people get ridiculous at house fires. I’ve seen people fight with both police and fire because they weren’t allowed to run back into a building that was just beginning to burn. Fortunately they were stopped as the fire picked up fairly quickly. It is easy to get emotional when it comes to the destruction of your property, however, it isn’t worth you’re life. People in the hyper emotional state often can not be reasoned with, and it is necessary to use force to prevent a more serious injury. In this case the individual took a taser ride rather than burning alive or becoming overwhelmed by smoke. There is no pressure in doing that to someone, but sometimes the individual leaves no other option. I’m sure the libertarian extremists well tell me how the super secret 4 1/2th amendment ensures the right to burn alive, but I has a human feel a duty to protect my fellow man.

  • DJ

    US Constitution, the right to protect life, limb, and property.

    TIme to see a cop lose him home in a personal law suit.
    By the way, in FL the cops are probably the worst I have seen. Most are not professional but 90 day police academy wonders. They earn well over the average wage for a Florida citizen. In fact they earn well over the average household income.

    Thier retirement averages over $60,000 per year and they get full medical. This is over 100K per year PLUS social security in total value. Time to require that ALL police officers have law enforcement bachelor degrees and then make them RESPONSIBLE for thier actions.

    I suggest that ALL Pinellas county begin to record ALL interactions with police.

  • shawn


    Running into the house is certainly on thing. Someone in that situation is not likely to be totally rational, and it does endanger rescuers. The path of retreat is far less secure. But outside, as was the case in this story, the risks are far less, as the path of retreat isn’t so easy to threaten.

  • KAZ

    When it comes time to help out your fellow man a person MUST give consent that they want help. By trying to help someone who does not want it and injuring them in the process will most certainly get you sued. The only time it is OK to help someone without their consent is when they are unable to give it.
    For example an unconscious person in need of medical aid cannot give consent, it would then be OK to render help, such as CPR, because the consent is implied.
    The man in the above story only wanted help from Firefighters who had not yet arrived. The police once again used poor judgement and trying to supposedly help that resulted in an escalation of force causing poor results.

  • Jean

    FYI – “Stop and Search” is in Boston, MA as well.
    The woman can’t understand how it’s a bad thing to have to let the police rifle through her purse because they feel like it…

  • James Barnes

    Well the facts are, the police have no duty or obligation to protect anyone nor can they be held liable for not doing that except in special circumstances. (arrestees) Many court cites proving this.
    What this man chose to do on his property was his business and none of theirs torturing a man while claiming to protect him is not only ludicrous on it’s face, its insane. He wasn’t under arrest, had committed no crime, therefore they had no jurisdiction to attack him whatsoever. Personally I would start suing these criminals personally and stop taking taxpayer money from the cities when in fact the liability is on the idiots doing these kinds of things to people. Peace.

  • Pete Malloy

    I’m going to ignore the radical libertarian rants, and address reality. If the fire spreads and engulfs his residence than the next house is in danger of being destroyed and lives are jeapordized. This man acted very selfishly, and put no one but himself first. It was very libertarian of him, but in this instance the safety of many out weighed his selfish tantrum. Firefighters often will not approach a scene until it is secured, as they get paid to deal with fires, not emotionally charged home owners. It is the officers job to ensure the scene remains safe for fire to do their job. Likewise, EMS stages in the area to treat wounded. It isn’t just a fire call, it is an entire network of first responders working together for the community. This man chose to put himself above all others, and as a result an officer deployed his taser. Tasers are not by any stretch of the imagination torture. They aren’t fun, but they aren’t the end of the world either. The 50,000 volts is way over played, when in reality the amps are so low it is not dangerous. I’ve been tasered. It sucked, but it wasn’t toture and it was damn sure more pleasant than burning alive or suffocating from smoke inhalation. I, being the responsible citizen and holding myself accountable, wouldn’t have been tasered in this situation because I would look at everyone’s best interest, not just me me me me me. Did it violate radical libertarian thought? Yes. It was not, however, excessive use of force.

  • James Barnes

    Ever been tazed? It is torture and several hundred have been killed by them in fact. They are not non-lethal they are less lethal. They are only to be used as a replacement for a firearm, in case of “threat” to someones life. That does not mean a homeowner trying to save his home. Whom was not a criminal and the device was used to torture him to comply with their arbitrary dictates, not to protect anything. That man was not a child and was fully liable for his actions as are the criminals who did this to him.

  • shawn


    I won’t argue the statements about first responders, because I happen to agree with them. First responders have died saving people who go back into burning buildings.

    But I also suggest you remember that it wasn’t your house, and I doubt you know how you really will respond.
    I also suggest you remember that when you complain about people’s “me me me,” attitudes, that is it easy for everyone else to say let it go. But when push comes to shove, we are on our own. If my home burns down because the government won’t let me save it, they won’t replace it for me. Nor do they have the vested interest in it. Same with the cops and firefighters.
    Same with the neighbors. So, sorry but my first concern is me. Because if I don’t look out for me, who will? Government’s first concern is itself. First responders’ first concern is themselves. My neighbors’ first concern will be themselves. Why should I think any differently?

  • Richard

    Tazers can kill! I knew a man, the law went, without warrant to his home about a neighbor’s complaint. The man’s wife pulled a knife, and the mam attempted to take the knife from his wife. The law had been to this man’s place many times, and once during a ‘visit’ the man had a heart attack. The law said they tazed the man to stop him from possibly getting cut and having another heart attack. Well he at that time had a heart attack, and guess what, he died! Of course the Sheriff investigated on his on and found no wrong doing on the part of his office. All this over a dog dumping in the neighbors yard!

  • James Barnes

    Well of course the sheriff found no wrong doing, when the criminals who perpetrated the crime “investigate” themselves you really expect them to provide “justice?”, give me a break!, It’s ludicrously ridiculous. Time to disband these armies of fools among us who feed off our lives and give nothing back but stupidity and their violent psychotic delusions that they are Gods whom own our lives. People are waking though and the retort will arrive, very soon.

  • DKSuddeth

    totally out of control cops. the man was NOT running in to a burning building or even attempting to injure himself. Out of all the government idiots standing around doing nothing, this one person was at least doing something productive and responsible by trying to stop the fire from spreading. People need to start learning that they are the ones that need to keep the cops in line, not the other way around. Someone should have shot this cop right in the brain pan so he would never make that mistake again.

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