Police Brutality Compilation 2012

[pr0xy404] “made this video showing the corruption that is commonly found in the police force.”

1st song: Vinnie Paz – David Icke – End Of Days ft Block McCloud

  • t.

    So….in 12 months you came up with like 8 examples of the police going to far? Most of these are just of people resisting arrest (their free will choice). Very compelling. Well, not really.

  • Unk

    Go back to police one, pig..

  • http://www.badgeabuse.com badgeabuse

    If you say so mallcop

  • certain

    @ badgeabuse: mallcop LOL +1000 You know that’s how it is. Way too much “Oh, when I worked this or that” and “On my department blah de blah blah”. Doesn’t sound like any of the real cops that post here.

  • certain

    And let’s just break down your moronic response, shall we?

    Incident #1 – Shoot the guy in the face with a taser? Exactly which muscle group was he trying to affect? The cheekbone? Regardless, the guy did raise a weapon at the cop, so the second cop was justified with his first shot. The subsequent shots, where he followed the guy as he was falling down, still firing his gun? That’s where it changed to intentional murder.

    Incident #2 – That kid murdered in the BART was resisting?

    Incident #3 – Kid lays down and spreads his arms, cops jump on him and start punching and kicking. A clear-cut case of resisting arrest now, isn’t it?

    Fuck it, I don’t need to go any further to show what a freaking moron you are.

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  • http://scarecrowsghost.blogspot.com Ghost

    This doesn’t even include the wrong house raids where children get burned with flash bangs and grandmas and dogs get shot.

  • t.

    Ah, @certain adds his own level of stupid.

    #1: How many voice commands does he need to hear? Then when the officers moves in to arrest him he turns to fight and raises a weapon. And you think that is wrong on the polices fault? Stooge

    #2: Oh, right, more resisting arrest.

    #3: oh no, there it is again.

    Now as I said…there were examples of police going to far on this. But not to many. The best example is the black girl who gets pepper spayed. Where is the brutality of that? He could have punched or really hurt her…she was very actively resisting. But he didn’t. He sprayed her…the use of force that is least likely to have any lasting injuries. Not brutality…the opposite.

    What a stooge.

  • North Philly

    hahahahahah this video was awesome especially when the hippies were sprayed in the face with the mace. @ 0:35, how is that consider Brutality, they shot a man who swung an object at them?

  • North Philly

    and I just got done reading how Kelly Thomas’s father came out of the blue in support of his son’s death. Where was this asshole before when his crazy son was on the street and instead of helping him. He’s only there so he can get some of the money.

  • 1695

    What exactly are the cops trying to do when they’re bashing away at someone with a club? There is no way a person can comply AND get fucking smashed with a club at the same time… The asshole first poster said something about 8 incidents. I saw hundreds. I’ve never really tried, but I’ll bet me and three coworkers could restrain 99.9% of the people in this video without throwing a single punch.


    Police Brutality from 2012 now includes incidents from previous years…..

    Incident 1. Taser was in-effective and he cocked back his weapon to swing at a cop.

    2. bart shooting from 2009 I think?

    3. Police simply arresting someone and then get assaulted..

    4. yep, police brutality…from 2010

    5. 2010 again.

    6. 2008

    7. 2009

    8. 2008

    9. 2008……

    I give up. Yep, cops sometimes do bad things. Step over the edge during stressful situations. And ya’ll come to this site to complain. Complain about what they do in that split second, or several seconds, with thier adrenalin pumping, limited info etc….and you guys can’t even fucking title a post correctly!! You’ve got all the time in the world to type in that title. To watch a video and you can’t even get it right……..but expect the police to be right, all the time, no matter what’s going on.

  • certain

    Fucking a right we do, moron, when people’s lives are at stake. I can’t even believe you would try and take that attitude. Do we expect you to be perfect? Fucking a right we do. When a judge will take a cop’s word over somebody else’s, just because he’s a cop, what else should we expect? What we have now? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    And stupid fucks, learn how to read. I said the guy in #1 raised a weapon and the shoot was justifiable, if not exactly good. What turned it bad was the cop following the guy to the ground, still emptying his clip after there was no longer a threat.

  • certain

    And t (aka mallcop) if you say that kid in Houston was “resisting”, you’re more of a dumb fucking asshole than even I thought previously.

  • certain

    And a cop, saying something doesn’t matter because of how long ago it happened? 2 faced prick.

  • Maurice Clemmons Devil Slayer

    I wonder how many of the pigs in this video are pedophiles.

  • t.

    @certain: Which one in Houston ? And as SGT pointed out, most of these are OLD. Not 2012 as advertised. Oh, that’s just another “Journalist” lying on Cop Block. What’s are the chances.

    @1695: The “club” part of the video. As I have said here before, it doesn’t matter how right an officers decision to use force is (which I don’t know about in that case as the only part of the video that is ever shown is the part with the baton) the use of a baton always looks like ass on video. The choice to use a baton..in and of itself is fine. The problem in that specific “clip” is that with the other officer present, and another showing up shortly after, anything after like the second, maybe third strike was WAY to much. Nobody is / was defending that.

    @certain: To address your earlier stupidity… The “shoot the guy in the face with a taser”…he was a moving, fighting target, he was given ampleoppurtunity to complete, but chose to fight. And who “unloaded his clip” the whole way to the ground? Nice imagination guy.
    Let in the video we see a girl who is pointed as being 14 running when hit with the taser and 1 Bart hit her head. Who’s choice was that? She made the free will choice to follow the colossally idiotic Cop Block mantra of resist resist resist… that choice had consequences. Am I happy it happen? No. But her choice to resist was….oh, her choice. Same goes toeveryclip shown. In several…the police did go to far. No one said they didn’t (there’s your lack of reading comprehension again). But you are ignoring their part in it. Their free will choice to resist…who’s choice? Go ahead…its okforyou to say it….it was their choice. Thanks for playing there stooge.

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  • T. Says is a garbage human

    I’m for police officer protection, but to find a reason for the behavior of the animals in this video is gross. Because the girl ran you do that? NO! you chase her down and if you don’t catch her you either #1 find out where she lives and deal with it later or #2 you let it alone because thats not what we do to each other. The world is shit because of this kind of thought process. Punk MFers

  • Jim

    Improved? No more immunity, SWAT disbanded, cops disarmed. And no unions. How’s that for a start?

  • http://www.badgeabuse.com badgeabuse

    The union would be a good start….get rid of them first…

  • Common Sense

    Wow, most of those clips were legal/justified. Another swing and a miss by CB. But please, continue to show videos of accountability or legal uses of force.

  • Carlos

    So, I take it “North Philly ” is our dearest “Common Sense”…

    What a fucking moron you are.

    Don’t you know how to disguise your writing-posting style so people cannot track you down?

    What a damn retard !

    So, I live in Philadelphia as well as I have written several times here. So, you dumbass are in North precinct in Philly.

    I hope and pray you and I NEVER EVER cross paths because I don’t know if I’m going to behave so cool with you as I do here.



  • Carlos

    “Hippies” and…”Dipshit”…

    What a fucking MORON !




  • t.

    And there you have it folks. More calls for violence from the raging lunatic named Carlos the Jackass

  • Common Sense

    Sorry Carlos, wrong again. You must have epic coping skills.

  • Carlos

    Yeah, right!

    Keep telling yourself that same phrase over and over if it makes you sleep cozy at nights.


    You moron are the ones inciting violence by plaguing a blog with your incessant trolling.

    Why don’t you try contradict ——> http://www.policemisconduct.net / in the same fashion you do here?
    Scared that all the stories posted therein are true?




  • Carlos

    Some of your… “friends” in here believe that your daily trolling/rhetoric on this site is harming more Law Enforcement than doing any good.

    Do not forget that: “Hatred begets MORE hatred”.


    Pete Malloy says:
    November 14, 2012 at 4:37 am
    Common has changed hands a few times. He started out so legitimate, but now he is obviously a member of cop block trying to use it to provide violence and hatred toward law enforcement. It is no different then the vyper stunt they tried a few months back. The idea of filming law enforcement and government accountability is great, but in the case of copblock there us a lack of maturity from the current site administrators.



  • North Philly

    It’s districts not precinct and who’s says I’m a cop?

  • Dallas

    The problem I have with this video is the childish rap music in the background. The police brutality niche is portrayed as a bunch of teenagers who have a problem with authority. This video illustrates that stereotype perfectly.

    While the threat the police pose is real and the police state is real, it is marginalized because of the black flag teenagers.

    Professionalism is a requisite if you’re going to convince the general public of anything.