How To Survive A Traffic Stop: “I Don’t Answer Questions”

I thought you folks might want to see how I protected my constitutional rights during this traffic stop in Louisiana, MO with Sergeant Jackman. I’ve done this several times already and it works like a charm. Perhaps you can learn from this and incorporate some of it during your next encounter. Funny thing about this traffic stop is the officer’s holster falls off during the encounter.

– Kenneth Suitter

  • enslave keene

    You showed him boy! Lmao, the cop is what, getting 20 + dollars an hour minimum. You’re the one with a job to get to right? Or maybe not? Wow!

  • Dan

    Sooooo, what would happen if he did answer questions ?

  • G. Asher

    Well done! Who was that geezer at the end?

  • T

    Wow you sure showed him Boy howdy didn’t you show him. Maybe you can show some more of your bright ideas on your court date for the citation you got. But, I bet it was so satisfying showing that you weren’t gonna answer questions. We see how that worked out for ya. Ha ha

  • John Q Public

    I see that all that grandstanding didn’t save him from a ticket, haha. The few times I’ve been pulled over, I’ve just been courteous to the cop and I usually end up getting a warning. It works much better than being an asshole.

  • Nbcrew

    Hey john q public fuck being nice to those pricks you just make yourself look weak

  • Nbcrew

    If you think that this guy was dumb for doing what he did your all fucking idiots
    Id pay the fine all fucking day long because i have a real job and can afford to make
    Those libral fucks look stupied. So go ahead and say your please and thank yous
    I wont be rolling my window down more than 2 inches after today.

  • Rock

    Can’t understand some of the hatred comments when this dude is trying to educate us our constitutional rights which Thank God for him to help us learn. Other wise all you people will be just sheep following orders that isn’t necessary cause they can manipulate you behind their badge. This organization is awesome and I have learned a lot I didn’t know and think back of the many times I been approached by a badge that thought he ruled and called all the shots.

  • temblor

    Not one of you have any idea what your actual constitutional rights are. What you may dream up in your fantasies has not legal bearing whatsoever.

  • temblor

    Yep, being a dickhead to a cop will always leave you coming out ahead

  • rock

    Got email saying this is new but I had seen this when it first came out several months ago. But worth seeing again. Got to be careful though, Some situations it is not worth aggravating, I got pulled over for first time in several years on account of I passed 3 cops and I wasn’t aware of the move over law in state of Floria. The cop chased me down and came to my left side and I opened the door and he said you know why I pulled you over? I said not a clue, he said the move over law. It’s all about there safety. Make a long story short, the cop was probably in late 60’s but was so polite and just explained to me the law and I said I am glad you told me cause I always get over from left lane for passing motorists. Just wasn’t aware of that. He just checked my Driver license and just gave me a warning. Said thank you and was on my way. But there is a lot out there that take their badge to seriously. This wansn’t one of them.

  • thomass

    A lot of you guys just don’t get it. The goal is to keep them out of your car doing a search. Who knows what someone you drove with to a concert or club dropped in your car… or worse; the cop can plant once in. If he can’t get into your car; these things are not happening to you.

  • NotYourTypicalNegro .

    Mr. Suitter, does this work if you’re Black?