Deputy Police Chief Wants to Install Permanent DWI Checkpoints

The following article, originally posted at WBUR.org, was submitted by Joe.

A deputy police chief in South Texas wants to set up “permanent” DWI checkpoints in order to “save lives,” raising the possibility that Texans could be forced to show their papers, submit to breathalyzer tests, or even be mandated to have blood drawn whenever they drive down the street.

“The San Antonio Express-News reports Trevino urged legislators to allow law officers to stop drivers and do routine sobriety tests near so-called drinking-and-driving “hot spots.” He says local data could be used to identify areas where such behavior is prevalent.”

Jim Harrington of the Texas Civil Rights Project opposed the idea, saying sobriety checkpoints allow for police abuse of power. The measure is expected to be debated by legislators in January.

The notion of permanent DWI checkpoints where police can pull over any vehicle at any time under the justification of catching drunk drivers is anathema to the 4th Amendment, which protects “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”

Given the fact that San Antonio is one of a number of cities across the country which enforces “no refusal” blood-draws against people police suspect of driving under the influence, Texans could find themselves with a needle stuck in their arm simply for exercising their right to mobility.

Attorney Jamie Balagia has described the blood-draw controversy as a “ridiculous trampling of our Constitution,” labeling it “un-American”.

Although America is referred to as the “land of the free,” it is increasingly being littered with checkpoints that are remolding the country into something more akin to the Soviet Union than a bastion of liberty.

The ACLU has dubbed a 100-mile area in-land from the border as the “Constitution-free Zone,” noting that 2 out of 3 Americans live within this buffer zone – around 190 million people in total. Americans in these areas are forced to answer questions when they drive through Border Patrol checkpoints. Many are standing up for their 4th amendment rights by refusing to answer such questions.

  • thinkfreeer

    Yes, choosing to deny our Constitutional rights, such as the right to be personally secure and free of unjustified searches and seizures, is in fact trampling our rights. Anyone who does that is violating the Constitution and if they are a government law enforcement officer or agent, they are violating their oath of office. You have every right to refuse their requests or commands, and more…

    The ACLU is a bit wrong in its characterization of the 100-mile buffer area. It is not a Constitution-free zone. It certainly applies there. You need only exercise your rights and refuse to answer any questions or be detained. That is NOT the case when you cross the border. But on this side of it, it most certainly is a Constitutionally protected zone. You only need to tell the people running the checkpoints that you are not answering any questions and ask if are you free to go. Rinse and repeat.

  • Silvestri

    Firstly, complaining about permanent DWI checkpoints because they ‘allow abuse of police power’ is silly. Allow does not mean it will. Law enforcement is given the tools and abilities that are agreed on to get the job done. Permanent checkpoints would mean that there is a elevated driving while intoxicated problem. Doesn’t mean that they have to search every car that comes through the checkpoint. Now, if it is abused then that is another story…
    How well this will go over with the nightspots is something else. If the cost of going out to your favorite tavern is having the cops stop you, search your car and harass you, then you might decide it isn’t worth it to go out for drinks. If enough people feel this way then the bars would lose money. That would cause the owners of these establishments to complain about lost revenue. That might have an impact.
    Constitution-Free Zone in a 100-mile zone in the borders of the USA? So the state of Florida does not need to follow the Constitution? Really??

  • John Q Public

    To quote Paul Harvey… “and now, the rest of the story.”

    AUSTIN — Citing a troubled culture that fuels drunken driving, a San Antonio Police Department deputy chief urged legislators Monday to consider establishing permanent sobriety checkpoints across Texas.

    “We really do need to make a cultural change in the state of Texas when it comes to driving under the influence of alcohol,” Deputy Chief Anthony Treviño told the Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee.

    In asking that law enforcement agencies be able to stop drivers and conduct routine sobriety tests near drinking-and-driving “hot spots,” Treviño said local data could be used to identify areas where such behavior is prevalent.

    About two dozen people have been charged with intoxication manslaughter in alcohol-related wrecks over the past two years. And, Treviño said, more than 7,000 arrests for driving while intoxicated were made in San Antonio this year, through November.

    Also, Texas, one of 12 states without sobriety checkpoints, perennially has the highest number of alcohol-related traffic fatalities, officials said.

    In 2010, drivers with a blood-alcohol level higher than the 0.08 legal limit killed 1,259 people on Texas roads. California, which ranks second highest in the country, had 791 deaths caused by drunken drivers.

    State Rep. Pete Gallego, D-Alpine, the committee chairman, said he is looking for new “creative ways” to change DWI laws that “get on the front end of the problem.”

    “It’s always bothersome when California does something better than Texas,” Gallego said. “California — with more cars, more drivers and more people — still has less DWI-related deaths than Texas does.”

    The hearing was Gallego’s last in the state Capitol. He was elected Nov. 6 to represent U.S. House District 23. But he said he will make recommendations to the committee before leaving the Legislature.

    Other suggestions have included increasing money for “no refusal” weekends and allowing paramedics to draw blood. Last year, Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed expanded “no refusal” weekends to every day in San Antonio, requiring that DWI suspects undergo blood tests if they refuse a breath test, evidence that makes it harder for arrested drivers to fight the charge in court.

    For several years, safety advocates and law enforcement officials have pushed for sobriety checkpoints, Gallego said. But the practice has run into roadblocks with many lawmakers and others who claim checkpoints are an invasion of privacy.

    Jim Harrington, director of the Texas Civil Rights Project, said sobriety checkpoints allow for police manipulation and abuse of power.

    “Once you start setting these roadblocks, you are basically saying the government has control over your movement,” Harrington said.

    Gallego said some lawmakers see similarities between sobriety checkpoints and airport security pat-downs, which caused a battle cry from supporters of limited government in the past legislative session.

    “There are always people who are passionately for and passionately against checkpoints,” Gallego said. “It will be an interesting conversation this session.”

    Bill Lewis, spokesman for Mothers Against Drunk Driving and a supporter of checkpoints, said opposition to the law transcends party lines. He said he would be surprised if sobriety checkpoints are passed into law because some see it as the government playing “big brother.”

    But Lewis called on the Legislature to require all first-time offenders to use an interlock device that prevents their car from operating if a driver with alcohol on his or her breath attempts to start it. Current law leaves it up to judges whether to require the device.

    The change, which MADD pushed in the past session, was critiqued by Gallego.

    “Our challenge is to stop people from driving drunk,” Gallego said. “Punishing them afterwards doesn’t bring back the victim or make the family feel better. The idea is to stop the DWI before it happens.”

    Checkpoints remain illegal in Texas until the Legislature establishes procedures and guidelines, according to a 1994 Texas Court of Criminal Appeals decision.

    But the Corpus Christi Police Department might have found a loophole.

    Julie Garcia, public information officer for the department, said the department conducts “driver’s license checkpoints” regularly. If a driver appears to be intoxicated, police can conduct sobriety tests, and the driver “can and will be arrested,” she said.

  • John Q Public

    Oh, and there was no mention of the ACLU. References would be nice.

  • Silvestri

    @John Q Public: Found the article you cited. I don’t know if forcing a interlock on first time offenders is necessary but…
    The blame is on a ‘troubled culture’ so maybe that should be worked on as well as DWI enforcement via..*ahem*…drivers license checkpoints :)


    I think we should simply make interlock devices in cars manditory.

  • Centurion

    The right of people to be secure in their persons,houses,papers and effects, against unreasonable searches detainment or seizures,shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause,supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons and things to be seized.4th Amendment. Probable cause as defined in law that warrants such searches or detainment is if the person is suspected of, in the act of committing a crime with evidence prior to the oath taken for a warrant to stop,seize,detain. This is a Federal violation that Police break daily. Police will stop you for no reason without a warrant or probable cause to do so. These illegal check points are illegal BOTTOM LINE. Border Patrol as well . These dweeb ass pussy wimps that call themselves Police break this Law and shit on the vow they take to get that illegal piece of shit metal with their Town or city name on it. People ask why do you dislike the Police since your an Officer in the Navy. I tell them everything I wrote above.These
    police should be tried for treason arrested and put to death. There is no crime worse than making a vow than violating the paper that made laws to begin with. Cops are pussies, they are bullshit artist ,their trained to lie, they are mentally challenged men and woman that took a vow to bully people less off then them Period.

  • shawn

    “But the Corpus Christi Police Department might have found a loophole.”

    That is the mentality of cops regarding rights. Like the stat, NJ i believe it was, who decided fish and game officers didn’t need warrants. So they made all their officers fish and game officers. It of course died in court.

    Maybe if the system was more about truly punishing the offenders, especially if they harmed someone, we’d get better results. It has been said again and again, the goal has been to keep them in the legal system paying fees and fines and costs, instead of truly punishing them. But that wouldn’t dive the government thousands from each offender and keep their lawyer friends employed.

    Follow the money. Our government is more greedy than people claim corporations are.

  • shawn


    I hope you mean for people who have their first DUI offense. An interlock device is one more thing that needs maintained, and can be defeated by those truly determined anyway. And for many of us it is worthless. We don’t drink and drive. Not to mention our vehicles are shared.
    I’ve never drunk a drop of alcohol, and I shouldn’t have to prove it just to drive. Just truly punish the offenders, not everyone else.

    I’m actually more interested in the self driving cars. “Hicup! Drive me home!”
    I know some here slam them. But a computer is far less likely to miss that the guy in front of them is breaking than we people are. And it doesn’t get distracted by having a picnic while driving back to work from lunch.

  • John Q Public

    Centurion, first you’re in the army, now you’re a naval officer? Make up your mind. To me you’re just a wannabe idiot we might see on tv someday dead after a police shootout.

  • Steve H.

    yeah, permanent ckpts would really work. Everyone would just drive around them and they’d never catch any dui’s and the ckpoints now catch maybe 1 impaired driver for every 500 cars detained. What a waste of time and manpower. The only reason local agencies even do ckpoints is because they get federal money for overtime. If they didn’t get the federal money they’d never waste their manpower or equipment like that.

  • Jean

    The problem is, the police are looking to get around any limit on their power.
    Based on the photo, we need a chain gun or minigun, and a few RPGs.

    How many dead cops will persuade the rest to leave us the f*ck alone, without cause?
    How do we avoid devolving to anarchy at the same time?

  • Silvestri

    @jean- Seriously??
    Let me repeat that again just in case you missed it: SERIOUSLY?!??!?11!?

  • BJ

    A mandatory interlock device on all Texas cars is a wonderful idea and I propose that the money to implement this come from all the budgets of police forces across the state but then of course the police would vehemently oppose this as it would reduce the amount of overtime pay they collect while conducting these proposed sobriety checkpoints.

  • thinkfreeer

    Do not believe false “facts.” For example, above there was a statement of “fact” with no supporting evidence, “In 2010, drivers with a blood-alcohol level higher than the 0.08 legal limit killed 1,259 people on Texas roads. California, which ranks second highest in the country, had 791 deaths caused by drunken drivers.”

    Having a blood alcohol level above 0.08 and being involved in a traffic accident which resulted in death does not necessarily mean the person with the blood alcohol caused the death. The blood alcohol level is not the cause. It may be a contributing factor to the behavior which was the cause. Or, it may simply have been an accident. If I’m driving down the road at night and I enter an intersection with a green light just as someone runs the red light the other way, the runner of the red light was clearly the cause of the accident. If I have a blood alcohol level over 0.08 that doesn’t make me any more responsible for the accident, no matter what the law or your opinion might be.

  • John Q Public

    think, those facts are not false. What you’re trying to say is that you advocate drunk driving. Regardless of who was at fault in an accident, no one has any business driving drunk in the first place.

  • Yankee Fan

    If you have a BAC above the legal limit and you run a red light, the BAC level was a factor and that is your fault. If you have a BAC above the limit and speed and rear end a car killing a family, thats a factor and is your fault. You have to be the biggest moron ever to say that. Show me stats that show that when an accident happens and 1 person is above the limit that is was proved the person not drunk was at fault because they ran a light or weaved or rear ended someone. Its almost without exception the intoxicated person who did these things causing the accident. Stop being a dumb fuck!

  • Centurion

    @ Q pubic Never in this world did I ever say I was In the army Ive been in the Navy for twenty years there are post forum friends that actually know me moron. You assume because ive mentioned in the past that Ive been in Iraq or the stan that I was In the Army. Someone that calls himself a staff chevron pussy , doesnt pat attention to detail very much . Non educated Enlisted dummy I bet. Stop trying to spread lies with comments that no one cares about. You make no sense trashing me when the subject is fake cops with fake badges following a bullshit vow . Q pubic, common sense , what name are you going to post on next with, my little pony.

  • Jean

    Yankee Fan, did you simply ignore the comment by ThinkFreer? OR was that intentionally wrong?
    If a “drunk driver” is involved in an accident, they are ASSUMED and REPORTED AS the cause. Even if, as ThinkFreer said, THEY were the ones HIT by someone “sober”. As in, T-Boned when they had the right of way.

    Like, when a 21-year-old is shot, it’s a “child” killed by “gun violence”, even if he was shot while trying to commit murder or robbery.

    So YES, Silvestri, I’m FUCKING SERIOUS. These are uniformed criminals now, so kill them and move on. Make a just society (again). To do anything less is to allow evil to triumph: “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
    Grow up. Be willing to get your hands dirty. It won’t come for free. Never does.

  • Yankee Fan


    So Jean, should we assume someone driving impaired who rear ends a car and kills someone should not be to blame?. Should we assume that the person did not have brake lights on? If you are driving drunk you are wrong as you have no business being there and yes it is a rightdful assumption that they are to cause as most if not all of the time they are. I will ask you…give me 1 example of an accident involving a drunk driver where it was proved the other non drunk driver was to blame!

  • Yankee Fan

    And your example is about bad press and does not apply here. Societies look at 21 year olds as children in a sense because of their age. It is just something they apply to them but take it up with the reporting agency but when I hear of a story of an accidentinvolving 2 or more vehicles where alcohol was involved its almost without exception the person who was drunk Jean.

  • Common Sense

    In a Copblocker’s mind, provided there is no damage, death or injury, then everyone should be free to drive and blind drunk as they want.


    There’s only one Common Sense.

  • Jean

    As usual, ANYTHING that challenges an authoritarian’s worldview “doesn’t apply here.”
    (And to be fair, I don’t have an example, I have to work. Google isn’t THAT relaible.)
    The point of bad reporting was simply ignored, really – “Show me an example!” when I’ve said the facts are mis-reported, filed to fit the pre-determined narrative. If I’m poisoning the well, be aware – you’re drinking the kool-aid.

    Same as the 21-year-old “child” – if it fits a gun control narrative, it’s a child. If it would look like the {minority/ADULT/whatever} would bolster support for Second amendment, BURY it.

    Why do you suppose that is?
    Perhaps the result of such yellow journalism CAUSES sites like this? Makes citizens angry? Becomes prima facie evidence of the long train of usurpations and abuses?

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    If we can’t VOTE our way out of penury, poverty, debtor’s prisons (child support obligations send men to jail for non-payment), then we have limited options.

    This sort of thing would never have been tolerated in the Colonies, and is something out of the (Nazi) SS’s wet dreams.

  • Yankee Fan

    I said show me an example Jean because We do not live in the world of…IF. We live in the world of here and now and it is not an unfair assumption to say that when there is a motor vehicle accident, that the person of the single, 2 or more than 2 cars who is drunk is the reason the accident happened. You defende a guy who basically said..what if the car driven by the drunk was t-boned at an intersectioon by a care driven by a person who was sober but not paying attention or what if it was the drunk stopped at a red light and was rear ended and etc. Those 2…what if’s are never determined to be the situation and I think you are smart enoguh to understand this. It is a very safe assumption to say that when there is ana ccident the person drunk, no matter how many vehicles are involved, is the true cause of said accident.

  • thinkfreeer

    Why would anyone expect someone with a handle like Yankee Fan to be rational or logical? Fan is short for fanatic. They probably think Santa Claus is guilty of breaking and entering.

  • Jean

    Well, Yankee Fan, IF we lived a world where IF could ahppen, IF we had UNBIASED reporting, I MIGHT be able to comply with your request.
    As you note, we live in the “real” world – where police abuse their power, and reporting is used to demonize whatever we’re “against” today, be it drinking, drugs, fuel types, niggers, crackers, Polocks, free thought, etc, etc, etc.

    You demonstrate the state’s demonization of “Demon Rum” quite well – if there’s an intoxicant on the scene, the intoxicated is the one at fault, PERIOD. Nothing to see here, MOVE ALONG… Just mark the box on the form, the police report shows alcohol involved, THAT person MUST be the cause – and the newspapers report it that way.

    “Self-fulfilling prophecy” is the name of that meme.

    (I admit you may be right at the same time, but we can’t FIND OUT because of the INHERENT BIAS. Every reporter has an axe to grind with SOMEONE….)

  • Yankee Fan


    Now that is something I can work with, You do not believe anything reported by news and the police. That means no more discussion.I will ask this though. When there is an accident involving 2 or more cars and alcohol is involved, what% of the people who are the known cause of the accident were the ones drunk??

  • John Q Public

    Centurion, I’m going to use your own words against you:

    Centurion says:

    November 13, 2012 at 11:12 pm

    @ oath I know who you are Common No Sense you cant hide your cop licking ass. You sound uneducated and stupid no matter what name your under.@ Shawn you know absolutely nothing the number one fact is they are trained to react first , Concord NH State training academy trains cadets to react to threats before harm or danger not scan think and recognize like us in the Military. Thomas Wilson SSGT U.S. Army 12th Special Forces Group is serving 2o years for killing three Iraqi family members that failed to stop at a check point after warning. This happened in Operation Murfeesboro Ramadi I was 100 yards away watching this. When fake wannabee dweeb, with a hard on and a badge opens fire, 9 out of ten times they are found innocent. The Law is written to to protect these dick cops under the statute mask (They did not act outside their duties) so to protect their own they are trained to react without any disciplinary action toward them. As long as it is taught at the academies they will be protected under their active duties. Cops do not have rules of engagement they can kill your pets at will and call it I was in fear of my safety even if they were passing out fliers for helmet safety. Spanish alleged robber Keene NH got shot in the back of the head while fleeing a seen this past summer , the investigator for the AGs office had lunch with the officer the next day for 45 minutes masked as an interview. Badges are corrupt and every single one that involves themselves with any of these criminals that trample on our CONSTITUTION. Cops commit treason every day and should be punishable by death by trial of the people. Give me Liberty or Give me death. Death or exile for anyone that fails to act. Fight the Police tooth and nail, to the West coast to the East coast Alaska and Hawaii also Porto Rico, Public Jurisdiction needs to be reestablished if the Cops and Govnmt. are not afraid of us liberty and freedom are lost.

    Here’s some facts for you:
    The 12th Special Forces Group was disbanded in 1995 so very unlikely the unit was in Iraq.

    In Operation Murfeesboro Ramadi, the primary unit was 1-9 Infantry battalion, 2nd Infantry Division. And, there’s no record of a SSG Thomas Wilson being court martialed either.

    So, what were you, being a “naval officer” doing there with an Army Infantry Battalion? I was in Iraq in 2003 and 2005 with the 3rd Infantry Division and I’ve never seen a naval officer assigned or attached to an army unit. I think you went to the same school that Fakewood went to. The school of bullshit. So, before you bash this lowly enlisted man, get your lies straight.

  • John Q Public

    Centurion, here’s a couple of other ones:

    Centurion says:

    April 26, 2012 at 6:29 pm

    CAV Scout. I was an O4 S.O. Siera Tango Eight. 20 served 14 on the ground P.O.G.E. . I do respect you , I dont respect how you think as a cop because its against the law and its dead wrong. I dont respect the profession . so anyone in it will get dissed . I will let up on you though if you do the same How Copy.

    Centurion says:

    April 26, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    19 Delta CAV Scout thank you 4 yours.

    So, in between April and today you went from being an army cav scout to a naval officer? you better get your schitsophrenia checked out you lying bastard.

  • John Q Public

    Centurion, one other thing. A Cavalry officer’s MOS is 19C. A Cavalry Scout enlisted MOS is 19D. Another mistake you made to show how much you’re lying. I’m sure I can find more, but my bullshit meter just maxed out. So do yourself a favor and shut up. You are just a wannabe.

  • http://None Widewideleft

    What are you guys talking about ? Get your fat finger having self up and go help someone in need .!!! Because in the end all of you guys are too puzsy to step up to any government officials and stay you have cross the line and no more.!!!

  • John Q Public

    Centurion says:

    May 21, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    @ sand, Dont worry about these little dweeb drama queens that think there educated because they can run their mouth like little bitches.Status has no meaning because this country was formed by poor farm boys. Degrees and Diplomas dont mean shit to freedom . I was a Naval Officer for 20 years and I hold 3 degrees 2 masters and 1 B.A. and it dont mean shit. Police bullshit does not discriminate . Weather your living in a shelter or Rodeo dr, in cali. their corruption stays the same. Their Bias,corrupt,conflicts of interest,violators of federal law,murderers lyers ,thieves, with extremely poor communication skills,bad integrity,poor responders, and a huge waste of our tax dollars, . This describes all Police they have committed treason against the constitution PERIOD and is punishable by death.

    Damn, I guess you went from army to navy in 1 month.

  • John Q Public

    Centurion says:

    June 20, 2012 at 1:11 am

    To common and t bag I am Commander Retired if the U.S. Navy also Naval Academy Grad. With 3 Law degrees with a Masters I served 7 Tours in Iraq and the Stan. since 2001 I served 21 years full Retired. Now Im active reserves. You 2 morons are trailer trash in the fullest. Your not only shallow little sketch balls but your extremely stupid when it comes to Law mostly because you lie and make shit up, on top of that when you get put in your place like your trash can, you make fun of people and make stupid bullying comments like take a pill Centy. Your a dink dweeb with a tampon up your ass. Your dam lucky I dont know you in real life , I would slap the bitch girl 5 year old mentality right out of you and I would most certainly pay the simple assault charge fine for it. Pete Cops are already getting killed and it will increase because of the fact of Cops breaking the Law so wear a diaper cry baby. t bag and notsocommon Grow up and find real shit to talk about instead of pokin fun at people way smarter than you . I have done more in two years than both of you in a life time. Common stop the Mental Health comments about meds and bipolar or schitzofrenia or making fun of PTSD like you did 6 weeks ago nobody thinks your funny it actually makes you look dumb as you very well maybe. My brother has issues like that and its not only cruel but its against the Law. I save copies of all your blogs for reference for debate forums so dont play dumb. You are a sick twisted sketch ball and your a fake cop . Yeah I kept that write up too, referencing you pulling someone over one time. Little impersonation of Law enforcement huh. Stop your bullshit. My last shit I took is worth more than anything you say on here. Quit blogging dude youve been exposed like all the other corrupt dickhead cops out there.

    I’ve also noticed how you flop between 7 to 9 tours as well.

  • John Q Public

    Centurion says:

    July 20, 2012 at 1:07 am

    I was a Republican, I served in a Navy Ground Unit for 14 years served 21 in all with up to 13 Deployments. I changed my mind about Police in 1999 when I saw an outbreak of corruption in NewYork, Boston, and other big cities. I saw a SWAT team shoot and kill two 11 year olds in Red Hook Brooklyn. I also took a 5 month Law class on the Constitution and I studied it hard, U.S. Supreme Court Cases over and over. I came to a serious time when I realized Police are illegal. They are illegal in every aspect of what they do ,how their trained, to the vow they take. The publics jurisdiction is almost extinct . These are mini Armies with Military capabilities with the power to Govern themselves with no oversight. Right next door had a domestic argument a nonviolent one and 6 cops showed up and 4 of them had M4 Carbines. I served in Iraq and Afghanistan and we do not need them here. Police need to be disbanded and unarmed and we can look to local militias and Civilian groups with oversight to fight crime. We need to start from scratch and give back the freedom to the people.

    13 deployments now? a 5 month law class in addition to the 3 law degrees?

  • John Q Public

    Centurion says:

    July 13, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    @ Erek of a man whore and Philly Blunt. I dont ever need to call the Police in the town Im in. #2 I served up to 8 deployments between Iraq and Afghanistan and Im still in 21 years of service so who the fuck do you think you are running your uneducated trap and advicating for the huge mess people like you have put on the American people.Police are 100 percent illegal, the Militarization of Police are illegal, their training is illegal, their tactics are illegal EVERYTHING they do is illegal. If someone is stupid enough to break in my home I will arrest him , detain the coward and he will probably be from North Philly. As for Ademo I support him because hes got way bigger balls than every puke lowlife who sticks up for the Police at least hes taking a stand. It might not be the right one but at least hes doing it. When I fully retire I will pick up this fight like you idiots wont believe , The publics Jurisdiction will be reestablished by force if needed I fuckin promise you this.

    Uh, oh. Back down to 8 deployments.

  • John Q Public

    Centurion, I could go on, but I think you and everyone else gets the point. You are a fake of the highest order. I guess you forgot that everything you say (or write) can be used against you. Your best bet is to stick to cop bashing and quit lying about your military (non)service. If there’s any of this you’d like to rebut, please do.

  • Jean

    Yankee Fan,
    Take a look here:

    And this is recent, a gentleman wrote a four-part essay called “Kill your TV” over a decade ago.

    So, yes, the bias is telling, and not new.

    As to “what % of people who are the known cause of the accident were the ones drunk” – I’m trying to clearly tell you that when we search, the “reports” will say 100 % REGARDLESS of the truth. The “drunk driver” is ALWAYS at fault, even if (s)he was hit. Guilt is assumed. So honest research is impossible.

    Did they ever enact pedestrian protection laws out where you are? NJ did – it was PRESUMED that if a car hit a pedestrian, the car driver was at fault, ALWAYS. Then they found there was a rash of people getting hit and suing for millions of dollars…
    Someone FINALLY made the connection that the presumption of guilt had pedestians throwing themselves in front of cars and then suing the drivers. It was a quick buck, if you will.

    As with the CT shooting – No mention of the other people (two reported fleeing the school in a van on the first responder police radio; one arrested in the woods across the street, I think it was). No mention of the mother being killed; no follow-up on the psycho-? drugs he was on. No follow up on the man (roommate) he supposedly killed. NO COMMENT on how the school was ALREADY in lockdown and he broke in by breakign the glass and unlocking the door. Only the “lunatic fringe” looks at these things… Everyone else is glued to CNN, (MS)NBC, etc, to hear how evil guns ended children’s lives.

    Whereas, if the principle or a teacher had been armed, it would’ve ended WITHOUT 20 dead children. Have you seen the outraged parents asking why this happened? I haven’t been folloing, but it was implied that the parents haven’t been on TV asking these questions…

    Seriously: WTF is going on here? We’re like 80% back to a feudal society where the nobles (police, now, and elites) have weapons, and the rest of us are boned.

    Isreal armed their teachers due to the risk of violence. We stuck our head in a hole and DISARMED everyone. Except those who intend to kill others…

  • Yankee Fan


    When I was 2 I was run down by a drunk driver, being nearly killed so I have no love for them. I try and look at things reasonably and from a common sense approach. I know there is bias on tv, that there is police corruption. I could spend 2 hrs linking stories from departments all over the country about police misconduct and etc. I am not talking about the bias on guns as I know they are biased. I am talking about DWI. I am willing to see your point about the bias and the question, the what if question, ok I will discuss but please lets not try and not be emotional about. Even To the point where you would honestly have me believe there is a strong chance in any accident involving 1 or more cars, where alcohol was involved that the chance that it was the sober person was more than likley the responsible party. That is almost never the case Jean and you should have the commkon sense to atleast acknowledge that

  • thinkfreeer

    The problem is when people leap to the conclusion that because some people can’t act responsibly and safely under certain circumstances that we need to assume that all people are irresponsible and unsafe under the same circumstances. Then idiot lawmakers listen to these people and pass zero tolerance crap laws or establish zero tolerance policies. Then ALL PEOPLE need to conform to these laws or polices, or else. They are legislating away individual responsibility, in favor of the lowest common denominator.

    Current case in point – all assault weapons and large capacity magazines must be banned because 3 or 4 people used them to inflict mass casualties.

    Many people can drive safely under the influence of alcohol. Would they drive safer without being under the influence? Probably. But because of a few, everyone has to comply with the nannies who can’t tolerate anything. If they could, they would make driving while tired illegal, as well as driving while angry, driving while distracted, driving while talking, driving in the snow, driving in the rain, etc.

  • John Q Public

    Think, that is just asinine. Once again you pomote drinking and driving. There should be zero tolerance for that. I don’t care who you are, drinking impairs and slows your reaction times. Sounds like you’re just complaining because either you can’t do it or you got caught.

  • Centurion

    @ Jon Quare Pubic , Wow you really get hurt when your shut down, you cyber bully posts take all the time to look up posts for twelve months but still not once did I say I was in the Army dumbass . Ill tell your pussy ass what I live at 107 Highland Ave. Taunton Mass. come see my so called fake ass after you call your but pal cop friends after I detain and real man handle you while Im in my uniform I will happily say Im a Navy man. Nice try troll your a dumb ass slug google nut. I know that Cops are illegal I dont need to cut and paste all your replies for 12 months to tell you your a big sketch ball like t and common your slug trolls that live on disability on your computer. DUI Check points are a violation of the fourth ammendment its in black and white but one thing will never change . Your a looser who likes badges that bully peoples security.

  • Lil Freeman

    I know Centurion, Nice try to dishonor him. Two editors on this site actually know him too. John Q , you just made yourself look really dumb in front of a whole lot of people. I agree with cent on the fourth. In light of you trying to make sent look bad , I just wnt to say and Ill only do this once I served with CMDR since he was a LTJG .
    He does a lot for advocacy groups and fights for the little man. He is a dear friend of my family and has helped me on many occasions . My name is Matthew Pieretti Master Chief Retired Norfolk Va. 23 years. As long as we have J Q Publics around, the wanna be Military cops will get stronger. Cent, Im sorry, but could not let someone trash you , especially a sketchball .

  • Centurion

    Get a warrant possibly serve 250,000 people in the whole region. Stating exactly the car or truck to be stopped and detained , specific persons to be stooped or detained then and only then it would be legal. These rogue departments should all get sued and the U.S. Att. Generals office should charge them for treason. Illegally stopping or detaining by force is an act of war against the public .

  • Centurion

    Ok Jon Q Scrub.

  • John Q Public

    Wow centurion, even after I posted what YOU wrote you’re still trying to deny it. I thought you lived in Brooklyn, or did you forget that you posted that too? You’re a fake, I busted you, so get over it. Read your own posts. You can’t even keep your deployment numbers straight. And, the crap you post with the childish insults are nowhere near the intelligence of a former naval officer. At least Antonio Buehler can prove he was an Army Ranger. The only thing you prove is that you lie so much you can’t even keep up with it. So, quit while you’re behind. You can cut ad paste my comments all you want. I haven’t lied in any of them, unlike you. I’m glad to see I’ve upset you. Get over yourself because you are a fake and a liar the highest order.

  • John Q Public

    Michigan Dept. of State Police v. Sitz, 496 U.S. 444 (1990), was a United States Supreme Court case involving the constitutionality of police sobriety checkpoints. By a vote of 6-3, the Court held that these checkpoints met the Fourth Amendment standard of “reasonable search and seizure.”

    In the state of Michigan, the state police adopted the practice of using random sobriety checkpoints to catch drunk drivers. A group of Michigan residents sued on the grounds that their Fourth Amendment rights prohibiting unreasonable search and seizure were being violated.

    As the dissenting opinion by Justice Stevens explains, “a sobriety checkpoint is usually operated at night at an unannounced location. Surprise is crucial to its method. The test operation conducted by the Michigan State Police and the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department began shortly after midnight and lasted until about 1 a.m. During that period, the 19 officers participating in the operation made two arrests and stopped and questioned 124 other unsuspecting and innocent drivers”

    During the operation, drivers would be stopped and briefly questioned while in their vehicles. If an officer suspected the driver was intoxicated, the driver would be sent off for a field sobriety test.

    The Supreme Court held that Michigan had a “substantial government interest” to advance in stopping drunk driving, and that this technique was rationally related to achieving that goal (though there was some evidence to the contrary). The Court also held that the impact on drivers, such as in delaying them from reaching their destination, was negligible, and that the brief questioning to gain “reasonable suspicion” similarly had a negligible impact on the drivers’ Fourth Amendment right from unreasonable search (implying that any more detailed or invasive searches would be treated differently). Applying a balancing test, then, the Court found that the Constitutionality of the search tilted in favor of the government.

  • Centurion

    LMFAO I am from Brooklyn I moved to Taunton 2 Months ago Its closer to Newport where my duty station is Moron. All the Army comments were not about me Idiot so get a Prozac stay on point we all know your Common Sense with a different tag LOL. You look like a sketch ball and an Idiot. You can mention paid off Judges that ruled in Bias cases all you want the fourth says YOU CANT PULL OVER, DETAIN ,OR STOP PEOPLE WITHOUT A WARRANT. PERIOD. Your a troll scrub google sketch monkey you probable google earthed my address to you petifiliac nut job skunk. @ LIL Freeman , Master Chief yor forgiven but please dont stick up for me against dushbags with no educated brain matter . J Q Pubic is a nut job and does not constitute an Advocate thanks though.

  • Lil Freeman

    Find out who this Jon Q Public is and sue him for slander on an open Network. Subpeana the website to get his name and file against him. He quotes the law like he knows but slander is against the law . Julie, my wife said she would represent you. All do respect Sir , Im not going to sit here and see this guy trash you. Im at C- Pack now and every guy here is laughing there ass off at this moron. I agree that the Fourth Amendment is being violated by all these check points. What these Idiots dont know is that Police sympathizers push to violate the U.S. Constitution and cover it up with a public safety issue. Its sad that more Police will die in the result of more regulation.

  • Centurion

    If and when your posts get cleared by copblock LiL Freeman dont do it agian. I received your clips on the BDB Forum 3 to 4 min. ago . thanks for your support but stay on the subject and do not respond to these sketchballs on here. The 4th is being violated by check points there nothing any other case can say its black and white and very simple you cannot fuck with people unless there is cause in plain sight that a victim is in danger. Other wise they need a warrant to do so so I say Roger that .

  • John Q Public

    Well faketurion, I guess United States Supreme Court decisions don’t count? You better get a refund for that bogus law class you took.

  • Centurion

    Hey J Q Pubic or t or common sense whatever name your using this week . You lack the educated mind to try to shut me down by trolling . Im on cut throat blogger sites way smarter than you . Ive been up against Ivy league real educated debaters. You trying and failing at shutting me down will never work. You were dissed and cut and shut out everytime you troll somebody . when your pressed your pussy loses fire. Just like your loser wife beating ways. Your a low life. Instead of debate you spread lies and hate . Never in your life will you ever match wits with me. I told you before common my 9 year old can google supreme Court Rulings. The Supreme Court is ruled by Judges that polit pay for politicians to move a political agenda. They are controlled by the very masks they wear , sort of like yourself calling people fake because you feel fake. Get some help and look like a sketch somewhere else. Again ,because you have a very bad memory the fourth is being violated by DUI check points IDIOT.

  • Lil Freeman

    Nicely said….

  • John Q Public

    faketurion, shame shame. I love how you go into all your childish rants whenever you’re upset. I con’t care what you post about what your version of the law is. If all you can do is say everything is illegal, then go ahead. The only one spreading lies and hate is you. You do no good with the name calling. Most of the educated people I know have no need to resort to such childish antics. For you to have all those alleged degrees and to have graduated from Annapolis, you sure don’t act like it. You’ve been caught in a bunch of lies. I know you’re not going to admit it. But we both know the truth now so you can say what you want. Take it easy, check your meds, and have a good night.

  • Lil Freeman

    @public , I told you before dude my name is Master Chief Pieretti . Im one of the many people on this site who actually ,really know him. I served with him. Ive seen all the posts and not once did CMDR. lie. I Think he should sue you for slander for posting slanderous things on an open network. Furthermore I really dont think you know enough about the Military or the Navy to understand , most of the things he said was about the Navy. Your not very bright , Siera Tango Eight is a Navy Unit out of Norfolk VA. Furthermore all his comments about the Army were in reference to someone else and stories about others. Furthermore , he was my Commanding Officer for 11 years. Furthermore I know Annapolis College Forums way worse than anything coming from this site with very bad language poor speech and so forth. You really have no idea what your talking about. Two editors on this site actually know him too . Your just looking like what Cent. calls you(sketchball). You say you dont care but you posted all his comments from an argument he was making against common Sense witch leaves all of us to think and know your Common Sense using a different tag. Ive posted stuff before on a smaller scale but I had to intervene . Im getting tired of Jerks getting pissed at getting served educated lunch than going on a twenty reply trashing session especially about someone they know nothing about. No offense dude you ever meet up with Cent. In real life he would destroy you. So do us a favor Stay blogging on the topic. Cent. Is real . Just to school you on one thing , just because you feel inferior all the time doesnt mean you have to trash someone with real honor. To school you and clinic you on another item , the Navy does have units that go on land and I know for a fact Cent. Has been there more than a hand full of times. Trust me Cent. is never mad at anything on here he may be strong minded with his opinions but he takes care of his stuff without thinking of you. Going on a bunch of old post tie raid seems tome , you were the one that was really mad. You took all that time to do that . Your full of it and fake to say you really dont care what he says . Hes right about the Constitution and you Enough said.

  • Centurion

    @ Matt, I told you before Chief,I dont need you to stick up for me with lowlife dinks . The more info you give these mental cases with computers the more they Google the crap out of the information you givem then they try to sound intelligent. Its fuckin worthless to say anything. I dont mind peeps backing me up on topics but do not stick up for me. I told you yesturday not to do that. Dick head dweeb scrubs like common or whatever tag hes using this week only come on this site to trash real dudes. The fourth needs to be fallowed , disarm the cops give the public back the Jurisdiction over victimless crimes. DeMilitarize the Police arrest 90 percent of the fake oath giving cops for treason . Then and only then will people be free of the facist tyrany the police gave this great country of ours . Fuck Q this issue is bigger than him hes a scrub on the bottom of my shoe. My toilet paper has more worth after I wipe from the runs. But one thing remains , we are no longer free men we have to show papers like mandatory check points , we get identified by a govnmt given number, we get tracked in our spending, our personal property gets regulated our cars get regulated our water wells get regulated, the length of our dam grass gets regulated, the internet gets regulated, and on top of that the U.S. Constitution is widely getting shit on and ignored by Idiot Police who take a vow to protect it . fucking pussies.

  • John Q Public

    Freeman, A simple question: When does an Army 19D Cavalry Scout serve in Seal Team 8? Answer: NEVER. You say Seal Team 8 is in Norfolk? Its not. Its in Little Creek, VA. Hell, he can’t even spell Pogue right. And he referenced himself in his army comments. Then he has “up to” 7,8,9,13 deployments? That doesn’t even make any sense. I didn’t trash centurion. I posted comments HE wrote. I merely pointed out the inconsistencies in his posts. Defend him if you must, be we all know you are both a beer short of a six pack.

  • Tim Heald

    So a SEAL huh?

    Guess I’ll invite Senior Chief Petty Officer Shipley over here to take a look. “Centurion” I met you this weekend. This is my name and picture attached to this post, you know who I am. I told you then I would find out.