Police Use Entrapment to Arrest Man for Stealing

According to the Union Leader (my favorite paper), located in Manchester, NH, a man was recently arrested for finding some items in a abandoned shopping cart but there’s a twist. Per the Union Leader:

Police sting operations – long the province of undercover drug deals and Internet sex chat rooms – found a home in a South Willow Street parking lot Monday night, when police arrested a Manchester man who threw a purse and DVD player from an unattended shopping cart into the trunk of his car and took off.

Police intentionally placed the shopping cart, a purse with $60, and bagged item in the parking lot, hoping to snare a would-be thief.

But Manchester resident Alexander Ramasci, 23, said he meant to go home, figure out who the owner was and return the property.

A store clerk who works for the state Liquor Commission, Ramasci feels he was entrapped.

“It was one thing if I broke into a car and ripped a purse out of a lady’s hand, I could understand them calling me a thief,” Ramasci said. He said his stepfather was a police officer in Burlington, Mass., for 10 years and now works in federal law enforcement.

Manchester police said this is the second year that its Special Enforcement Team has set up sting operations in local shopping centers in an effort to ensure shopper safety.

State law requires that anyone who finds lost or mislaid property take reasonable steps to find the owner, police Lt. Maureen Tessier said.

[Read entire article here]

The article above concludes with a quote by a law professor from the nearby University stating, “The cops can do anything they want. The real arbiter on this is the courts.” Yeah, that’s what college professors are telling students. And if you think that’s crazy it gets a little more freaky after learning Alexander works for the State of New Hampshire selling booze at one of the State owned liquor stores. According to another Union Leader article:

Alexander Ramasci, 23, who works as a part-time clerk at the New Hampshire liquor store in Hooksett, said his hopes for a higher-paying, full-time job have also been put on hold. Ramasci was charged with misdemeanor theft Monday, after he took a purse and electronic consumer good from an unattended shopping cart and put them in the trunk of his car.

Ramasci, who lives with his parents in south Manchester, said he won’t be able to pay his bills if he can’t work. He ticked off credit card bills, student loans, car insurance and cell phone charges.

“Especially during the holiday season, this is killing me,” Ramasci said Wednesday.

[Read entire article here]

Sounds like Alexander took a job with the wrong state department. Had Alexander been a cop instead of a clerk of the state he would have gotten paid vacation for breaking the law. Oh and he would have been the guy setting people up and not being set up. Guess the Manchester Police aren’t as concerned with protecting other state employees besides their own. What are your thoughts?

Related Video:
Below is a video of Barry Cooper who at one time was doing a series called, “KopBusters” which set up cops and caught them breaking the law. Barry did something similar to what the Manchester Police did above, watch the video to see if the results were the same.

Hat tip on this story goes to “Joe” who sent it in via CopBlock.org’s submission tab.


  • t.

    “Feels he was entrapped”. Says it all. No logic, emotions only please.

  • Red

    The guy is a criminal and he should be in jail. On the other hand police entrapment is a horrible fucking thing and should be a crime as well. You don’t get justice through deception.

  • BluEyeDevil

    The real problem is that the police have to find ways to do to explain their over bloated salaries and pension package. That is what these stings are all about, “not enough crime well we will manufacture some”. This also inflates incarceration rates, revenue for the state, increased statistics for convictions through plea deals, and arrest quota’s (which aren’t real, ya right).
    In criminal law, entrapment is conduct by a law enforcement agent inducing a person to commit an offense that the person would otherwise have been unlikely to commit.
    Having said that THEFT IS THEFT…………….

  • http://www.policemisconduct.net Glenn

    Don;t arrest the millions of illegal immigrants, or the corrupt politicians, or the mafia bankers, just focus on some kid in the parking lot.

    And cops wonder why they are hated. We need more stories like this.

  • Hey

    Clowns pretending to work and trying to look “smart”.

    Will be a hell of a case for the prosecution to prove “intent” since the man may of actually wanted to find the owner.

    Another huge waste of money and everyone’s time for idiotic goons who have nothing better to do.

  • mobooz

    This reads kind of like hardboiled crime story: Random schmo finds an opportunity to play detective, turns out he’s a piss-poor private dick, and now he’s found himself in deeper than he expected.

    It’s probable that he took the things in good faith, but it would have been smarter to take them into the store where they were found–the owner would have come back looking for them anyway, and nobody can accuse you of stealing them.

  • JT

    I bet the cops would have arrested you if you pushed the cart back in the store too. Just some piece of shit no good worthless fucking civilian’s word against a can do no wrong best part of him ran down the crack of his mama’s ass, ex-jock roided up, wanna be rambo cop.

  • JT

    No bias in my comment.

  • Zombiecmh

    Fidnt the dept of homeland security say we should report any suspicious packages?

    Seeing a DVD player box in front if a game stop (where they don’t sell DVD players) seems very suspicious to me,

  • shawn

    The guy made the choice, and he is responsible for that choice. No matter my opinion of cops, no one made him do anything. I never understood entrapment laws. Unless there is a gun to your head, you can always refuse to commit a crime. The choice is yours.

    On the other hand, any department that has time for crap like this should get a budget cut. I’ll assume they have no drug dealers, burglers, rapists, ect., if they have time for something like this.

  • shawn


    ” “Feels he was entrapped”. Says it all. No logic,
    emotions only please.”

    And this is different from all the cops who kill someone because they ‘felt’ their life was in danger, but had no physical proof of any threat?

    For someone trashing an emotional comment, you’re part of a group that justifies killings based on fear. I’d not cast that stone if i were you. especially when you know they really mean they believe based on their experience.

  • certain

    Waste of freaking time and resources.

  • BluEyeDevil

    LOL, T. your a walking contradiction. Well said Shawn, I agree with you totally


    Don;t arrest the millions of illegal immigrants, or the corrupt politicians, or the mafia bankers, just focus on some kid in the parking lot.

    Glenn….Unfortunately Local cops normally don’t have the legal authority to enforce a federal crime. So I can’t arrest people because I think they are an illegal immigrand. 2. The majority of cops don’t work in DC, or state capitols. 3. Mafia bankers…the only bankers I could get my hands on are local branch managers who aren’t doing anything wrong.

  • Buford T. Justice

    The schmuck is a thief. Plain and simple. I think somewhere in the Bible it says. ‘Thou shall not steal.”

    He’s just upset he got caught.

    Do the crime-Do the time Buckaroo!

  • certain

    Freaking hilarious!!!!! A cop talking about being held responsible for breaking the law!!! What happens to “Do the crime…etc” when it’s one of your fellow cops doing it? Oh, that’s right, you’ve never seen one of your co-workers break a law, have you? LOL.

  • Buford T. Justice

    Oh, Certain…
    You are so consistent that I have to thank you for being so. Whenever I need a chuckle to brighten my day, I pull up this site and read the rants that you and your buddy Chris Mallory post. You can always make me laugh!

    Here’s the deal dude-
    I am not a thief. I have NEVER taken something which does not belong to me. My personal honor does not allow me to do so.

    If you want to defend a thief go ahead and do so, it speaks volumes about your lack of honor. I learned as a child that the one thing you never give away is your honor. Too bad for you that you didn’t learn that. Your posts clearly show it.

    Do cops make mistakes and break the law? They sure do, since they are only human. A cop which breaks the law deserves to lose his job and be treated like any other citizen. It’s a sad fact that sometimes they do not. It’s a sad fact that politicians lie, cheat, and steal, yet we continue to pay and reelect them.

    If I ever see a fellow officer break his oath and commit a crime, you can damn well be sure that I will take him down. My honor requires it.

    In the meantime, this website will continue to provide me with daily laughs. The losers who regularly post on it will faithfully continue to search for the big conspiracies. Funny how they haven’t quite found one yet, though…

    Keep up the work guys. In my line of work, I need the chuckles!

  • shawn


    I don’t think people see some big conspiracy, so much al thousands of little ones. How much of a conspiracy does it take for cops to decide not to say anything about the crimes of fellow officers? It doesn’t take a conspiracy for a sheriff or chief to ignore cronic issue cops who choose to be thugs and animals.

    There was a cop a few weeks ago turned in another for taking money from wives in a divorces, paying to have the husbands DUI’d to help her in court. That officer quickly lost his job. That is what happens to cops with honor. That or they are abandoned until killed or they quit.

    Snitches need stitches, that is cops’ concept of honor. So excuse me while i piss on cops’ honor.

  • shawn


    Oh, it was the snitch cop who was fired. The dui cop didget arrested, but the good cop didn’t last long.

  • txjazzman

    Why not throw some “Drugs” into the equation and tack on some
    additional charges for the kid.

  • Common Sense

    Its larceny, not entrapment.

    I suppose had it been a car that was left running in the same parking lot with no one around, would it be legal for Alexander to drive it way? Sorry, he made his free will choice.

  • Stubby McGee

    @Common Idiot, A car running in a parking lot isn’t abandoned/lost property.

    BTJ, And WE get some big chuckles everytime your dementia suggests that you are guided by ‘Honor’

    Its SO sad how you cowards back each other up and defend the criminal actions of your fellow thugs.

    Tell me why Cops are so ‘Respected’ again? For all thier ‘honor’?? LOL Thanks for the laugh douche!

  • The Bandit

    Honer or not. You can’t actually sit there and admit you do stings operations as retarded as this, Wasting Americans hard earned tax dollars and arresting and dragging off someone who may have not been lying. And take them to jail in a car that we the American people bought and paid for, and claim you have honer WTF?

  • BluEyeDevil

    Common sense and all the cop trolls here have no honor, integrity, perseverance, indomitable spirits or most importantly self control. They don’t live by the code they swore uphold nor do they defend the innocent in any sort of way. They are nothing more than revenue generators and oppressors of freedom.
    If these trolls believed for one second that what they do is for the “good” of the people they would be in this forum debating with people who already have made their minds up on just who and what they are. They feel they need to defend themselves because they are inherently opposed to the fact someone else has a different point of view. This also shows their contempt for other human beings.

  • The Bandit

    Yeah Remember in the 1990’s up to 2005 or 2006 It used to be the shaved head and those stupied looking sunglasses. And now its the shaved head the steroids and no sunglasses so they can stare people down with there eyes bugging out. LOL I mean really. I saw one staring down a old lady and then he started to stare me down eyes bugging out and all I was doing was buying cigarettes. They seemed to love the eye bugging stare. I guess it gets them off just like a man in uniform.

    Honer HAHAHA!

  • john

    even if this kid would have brought the setup items into the store Manchester pigs would have charged him with an offense because they can not solve real crime with victims, to save tax dollars fire the whole damn manchester gangster police dept and start over or better yet just fire em all.

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  • john

    to all the moron’s who sais it was not entrapment and the kid is guilty as of june 19,2013 he was found not guilty of the theft charge by judge lyons” stated the property was neither lost noe mislaid and the charge could not be turned into a conviction he found alex not guilty and alex’s lawyer stated it was another slap to manchester police chief Mara’s head. another innocent man lost his job because manchester policeare fucking idiots.