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The essay below was written to help frame, for me, why the “Welcome LEOs” page was created. As Cop Block is decentralized, I can’t speak for all involved. And, recognizing that there are many other opinions held than my own, I attempted to outline here why I think the new page is a good and necessary resource to be housed at Cop Block.

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Admittedly, some would never think an outlet with the URL “” would host a “Welcome LEOs” page, but if you read on you’ll see that it is in fact a necessary component to advance the stated mission of this decentralized project.

Cop Block is not anti-cop.

You’ll likely never read an article written by a contributor that makes a blanket statement that “all cops are bastards” (ACAB) or who mindlessly advocates a “fuck the police” (FTP) mantra.

Perpetuating an “us versus them” mentality will never allow things to change for the better. The wall will only grow. The gulf will only increase. The thin blue line culture will entrench. And the discord of those impacted will exacerbate. Then where will we be?

I recognize that most who go into policing do so with good intentions. Yet, the simple truth is that the admirable goals put forth – to “serve and protect” – can never be met due to the perverse incentives inherent in the current structure.

You likely work with some individuals that are heavy-handed or corrupt, or at least, those you recognize don’t have a good work ethic. If you know that to be true, imagine being someone on the other end of the “services” they render. Acknowledging that helps to impart why some absolute strangers react negatively when they see you or someone wearing the same attire – they’re tired of being harassed for engaging in actions that caused no victim.

Some LEOs put forth that they’re all that stands between chaos and stability, as if to justify certain actions and allow for misdeeds. Yet, if a high standard is being met, why do almost all of your so-called customers get anxious when they see you in your cruiser in their rearview mirror?

Cop Block exists to share ideas. To introduce into the conversation of police accountability a paradigm I think will resonate with most folks. Most of us would prefer to live in a world free from violence. The key question then becomes, “What means are most-likely to achieve that end?”

It is individuals who act. Thus, it is they who are responsible. Claims of “just doing my job” doesn’t lessen one’s culpability, nor does conflating legislation to be law and abiding by the former over the latter.

If an action is wrong for someone who doesn’t wear a badge, does the same action become less wrong when done by a person wearing a badge? Today, many police employees somehow convince themselves that their own theft of their neighbors’ property is justified. That, to “protect” someone, it is first okay to steal from them.

If someone can supply the skill, aptitude, and work ethic that is in demand, a consensual interaction will be reached. It matters not whether the action is carpentry or policing. All goods and services can best be provided via voluntary interactions.

Today, the lack of competition in law enforcement means a lack of accountability. The lack of market signals means an inefficiently-supplied good. The externalization of costs naturally results in an oversupply. When any good or service is “provided” by a monopoly based on coercion, it’ll always be subpar.

I encourage you, out of love and a desire to make harmonious interactions the norm, to investigate the resources below and to think critically. Do your actions – the means – advance an end that resonates with your conscience?

Unlearn the programming of fear, peddled in public school indoctrination and the mainstream media. What reality are you actively molding for the next generation? Think for yourself.

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  • David L.

    I advocate the FTP mindset. i also do not think it is “mindless’ and here is why..

    To stand in LAW or lawfully you HAVE TO IGNORE the request of the Police and STAND in your rights. The police do not want this. They see this as an act of rebellion or violence against them and triggers their response to fight you or use force. They are ignorant of law and thus violate your rights, so they have control.

    THEY are the ones who see YOU as a threat, when it is quite the opposite. If they COULD become educated,as you suggest above, then they would have to QUIT their JOBS and stand for lawful rights as well.

    They cannot stay in honor and follow the law AND the policy , never the two shall meet in the streets of America.

    I disagree on principle and this comes from repeated exposure to police, over the course of 46 years including traffic stops, fake charges, false charges, lies, abuse, and repeated law violations in almost EVERY instance with dealing with them.

    And this with me being the proverbial “good” citizen who gave them NO smart ass responses. My conscious is very clear on this.

    I do not think you can reason with unreasonable people, who act belligerently and go outside the “rule of law’ to accomplish control over Americans, based on a revenue raising scheme.

    I actually tried this approach of trying to educate and reason for years thinking…they are not all this way. Unfortunately it IS how they are trained and the mind blocks reason, for the sake of policy.

    The system is “designed” to be the way it is because the “goal” of the system (and traitors to the Constitution running it) is set up from the onset, to be an “enemy”, based on years of corporate U.S. executive orders, and other legislated “color of law” or “non law’ in regards to actual lawful rights.

    The American people are not willing to research and see HOW the legal system is designed to MAKE Americans criminals in their own land for the sake of monetary gain, warehousing as a commodity in a private prison system and by unlawful non republic, administrative local agencies.

    The (un)civil war, the take over of banking in 1912, the new deal in 1933 were all “unlawful” moves by a Federal government to TAKE our money, rights and lives for the sake of their business deals, just to name a few policy changes, that are NOT lawful.

    The fact is… policing protects the peace of what?
    The peace is established as those in power are first class rulers over the workers, who MUST obey, even when they pass legal things that are not really law.

    Having studied over 5000 hours of law, including Constitution, Charters, executive orders,, state codes, civil, admiralty, U.C.C. etc..

    The fact remains that we are under a military rule by a defacto government. it is this misconception of America’s ACTUAL standing under this rule that causes them to THINK they can have justice in a system that is not based on justice but BASED ON CONTROL. It is for the sake of those who are spending money in our name and creating laws to make more money to give to themselves, while we are pillaged or made criminal if we do not acquiesce to their demands of being a “good” citizen.

    I do not OWE the government anything and they cannot be my delegation or by representing me, have more authority than I have, as they are servants not storm troopers.

    Unless what I am saying here is actually true. And it is just that.

    See?..That is the thing…really they are NOT servants and this is WHY they will never choose to protect Americans over the system that PAYS them to protect THEIR interests/policy, over or apart from law.

    Police as a rule do-not-know- the- law.

    They know police policy for dealing with people in a situational or emotional and expected result, from enforcing policies AGAINST the people to raise revenue FOR the govt they work for.

    It is a scam and there is no REASONING that will work as long as the money flows TO THE POLICE from those who make the rules of the game.

    The game is Fedopoly and has nothing really to do with law or lawful behavior and it is also WHY they do not have lawful behavior.

    Police are “ignorant” of the truth, yet they defend what they think is the truth…because they don’t “really” care about law…like the last one said to me,” I don’t care if I am wasting your time, it is my job.”

    But see? His job is not to pull people over and harass them (we revolted against the King for this very reason)
    If said cop would have admonished us about our bad headlight then let us be on our way that would have been one thing but instead he detained, called in 3 more cops, made 2 illegal searches and threatened by duress unlawfully for passenger to provide I.D. and none of it would have happened if the administrative “traffic” violation was not turned into a “criminal’ investigation without a warrant or a verified complaint by a grand jury on the side of the road.

    They are violating LAW by their actions and daring the American people or holding them by force of guns and their numbers to acquiesce or face being abused, jailed or shot for no compliance.

    it IS exactly like any other communistic, socialist, or dictatorship of the past…and people have no ability to see what is being done based on law.

    People do not know the law either…and this “lawless’ state is manufactured, controlled and profited on by those who created it.

    Namely a rouge govt that WANTS it to be this way.

    Until the American quite making allowances for their rights being violated and respecting those who act unlawfully they get what they deserve and those in power will never stop..they get paid to do it.

    So when they say you must the only answer is FTP BECAUSE I have-rights-in-law and they TRUMP their police power.

    If I do not use my rights I have none, therefore I do so and care not what they think but i DO KNOW their NATURE and it is VIOLENT against those of us who would stand for our rights and tell them to take a hike, of any other expression dully justified in law over their policies of abuse.

    You can TRY to stand for you rights nicely, I assure you it will not work.In the long they are paid to do exactly what they do, enforce policy of raising money for their companies and thus their job.

    FTP. I have rights.

  • David L.

    Also i do not advocate violence against police or anyone. I advocate, if anything lawful rights.
    Until we grow some….and STAND UNITED we will NOT have freedom or justice in America or the world. It is a sheer fact.

    My aim is to see Americans united, armed peacefully and in public so that no one is harmed by those with guns.

    The LAW allows this RIGHT and a RIGHT cannot be legislated or taken away by govt . Period. It is WHY it is called a right..

    Guns CANNOT be eliminated from the world at this point. The correct answer is individual responsibility and the RIGHT TO PROTECT one’s self and family and friends from would be attackers thugs or police, which ever the case may be…

    And the case today is that BECAUSE we are not armed, those with guns abuse the America people…

    Both groups do so for one reason..MONEY(power abuse & control are secondary and feed the ego of those who make money from their unrestrained & UNLAWFUL actions) , make no mistake about it.

    equal and individual rights for everyone with honor & respect, barring a REAL crime.

  • Glenn

    Will CopBlock be adding a “Welcome All Rapists” and “Welcome All Wife-beaters”? Oh wait, “Welcome LEOs” covers those groups by default. Carry on.

  • Lance

    Nice work, Pete. I like to point out to the FTP types that in a truly free society where monopoly systems are abolished there will still be a robust market for police protection services. As you know, privatizing these functions is the only way to bring real accountability.