Andre Johnson’s Thuggery Finally Too Much for Nashville Gang

Well, it took many, many complaints, but Andre Johnson is no longer wearing a “Nashville Police Department” badge.

How many complaints? I can’t honestly say, but enough to have been “disciplined” 31 times. Thirty-one times!

Were you ever give more than one or two chances at your job? Why are folks like Johnson protected into today’s monopoly of policing? (Educate yourself on the causes and alternatives over at

Steve Anderson

In one of those disciplinary episodes (which were obviously so effective) Johnson was “decommissioned”, which his boss Steve Anderson says earned him a lobby assignment, which “no one wants.”

Damn. That’s serious.

But not as serious as the multiple ladies Johnson hit. Multiple times. Nor the double-standards afforded to him for failing to even show up at work. Still, he was paid. For the 24-years he wore a “Nashville Police Department” badge.

But even now, even after the obviously terrible track record he has, he wasn’t fired. He resigned before that could happen.

Johnson’s outright thuggery was becoming too much of a black eye for Nashville’s largest gang. It’s a shame it took this long.

Bullies love to keep their misdeeds unknown. Going forward, anyone who’s wronged by someone wearing a badge should know that they can make transparent the interaction through outlets like Getting more eyes on the situation does help. So does connecting with Copblockers in your area.


As reported by WKRN on February 27, 2013, “A judge cleared a former Metro cop accused of domestic assault of all charges on Wednesday.”

In what seems fairly typical for aggressors who wear a badge, if the incident in question is serious enough, they often resign (or are pressured out), rather than bring a bigger black eye to their outfit. In exchange, the charges levied seem to evaporate.


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*I first became familiar with Johnson’s actions when I knew I was going to participate in the Nashville Liberty Fest this past November.

  • Common Sense

    Perhaps had his wife reported the allegations sooner, he’d have been decommissioned earlier.

  • badgeabuse

    ahh the cancer talks….

  • 1605

    I was definitely thinking it would be t to come in and share with us “the rest of the story”…

  • t.

    1605: I don’t anything about this story. The only thing I thought about was the idea that no one else every gets more than one or two chances at their jobs. In private industry, as in public service…people are given thousands of chances. People have bosses and coworkers that have to do / re-do their jobs e erday due to incompetence.

  • Silvestri

    I agree with t. My problem is that he isn’t working for Bank of America, McDonalds or Publix. When he did whatever he did to get called in for discipline, we lose. Either there is a lawsuit, a criminal goes free or someone goes to the emergency room. Then, when he gets suspended and keeps a seat warm, he still gets paid while there is somebody who could replace him and do a better job.

  • shawn


    Most jobs have a limit on how many times you can make the same mistakes, especially if those mistakes affect your representation of their organization. How many times to you think i could cuss someone out, no matter how deserving, before I was sent packing?

    And no employer will simply accept incompetence. They have a job to accomplish, and either you learn to do it right, or they will find someone who will. I have neither been given thousands of chances to do my job correctly, nor given those under me thousands of chances. It is part of my job to ensure they do theirs. A recognition of human error is necessary, certainly. But those are minor errors, not deficiencies of character that refuse to be corrected.

    Only a government worker, or union worker, can keep screwing up as badly as some cops are allowed and keep their jobs.

  • http://yahoo larry

    Well said Shawn.

  • Glenn

    I agree with common sense, this is all the fault of the cops WIFE! ROFL LOL HAHAHAH!

  • Common Sense

    I merely stated that had a grown adult and victim of an assault, reported the assaults and no waited 6 months, then this ‘thug’ may have been decommissioned earlier.

  • Glenn

    Dude, dont backtrack, thats lame and not at all amusing. Your supposed to double down when you make idiotic statements. Say something like “he was a good cop that was exploited by some hippy bitch that happened to be his wife or something”. You can do it, I know you can.

  • terry

    For many years we have told how police are in TENN we have told how they abuse torture and kill but elected officials and the media always comes to their defense WHY is anyone’s guess. Only the cases that were caught own film were brought to the attention of the public who have know power to do anything anyway.Its worse in the smaller Tenn towns much worse when it comes to abuse by police who in my opinion are just sadist and common thugs with a badge.Take the cop with 31 complaints against him how many more are there that we don’t no about? has he killed and the public doesn’t know ? I bet the police would keep it hidden they kept his 31 hid pretty good.police only report what they want the public to know but isn’t it our right to know what the police are doing we pay them DON’T WE ?

  • Lil Freeman

    @ t , Most jobs do not give a lot of chances. How would you know ? You have never held one. There is a double standard with LEOs. You see perps arrested for the same crimes , even cases with no criminal past the perp still gets a heavier sentence than a cop. Do you two guys live in a cave where right and wrong are backwards? Because its seems to me you two (t and Common ) are really freakin stupid from reality.

  • SEL

    First of all, just let me say that I am outraged at the posting of such a blog article. You have no idea how things like this can hurt a person’s reputation or career. Maybe instead of posting articles that slander a person you should find out the outcome of the trials. It has been reported that the charges were dismissed and he was found not guilty due to many holes in testimonies from the plaintiff. Next time think before you speak.