Two Women Cavity Searched by Texas Police After Being Pulled Over for Littering, Near Dallas

ADDISON, TX — Two women say that after being pulled over for littering, Texas State Troopers insisted that they must be carrying marijuana in their vehicle and body orifices. A female officer slipped on a rubber glove, rubbed her hands all over the womens’ breasts, and inside their pants where they say that there was finger penetration into their bodies. The officer did not change her glove when probing the two women.

“I was molested. I was violated. I was humiliated in front of other traffic. I had to witness my niece go through the same thing,” Angel Hobbs said. “This has been an eye-opening experience for me, okay? Never been pulled over, never searched like this. It’s… I mean, I was like totally violated over there a few minutes ago. I had a finger in my *** and a finger in my ****, and this is so embarrassing to me.”

Attorney Pete Shulte commented that the demeanor of the officers makes the roadside search look like a routine occurrence.

  • takaru

    Can’t wait for the cops on this site to respond and justify even this. A body cavity search on the side of the road in full public view on the most feeble of probable cause, and feeling so justified as to do it right in front of the camera. Sounds like this is standard procedure there.
    For marijuana?
    I notice the cop did not change gloves between searches of each individuals body cavity! then picks up the womans hoody with the same glove and hands it to her! America land of the free, life , liberty and the pursuit of hapiness; NOT!

  • 1605

    t will be here shortly to provide us with the “rest of the story” about how her car did indeed smell like pot and that alone makes her a con and subject to whatever “discretion” the highwaymen feel appropriate. And who could blame them, those ladies were attractive, they were asking for it, right t?

    End the prohibition, disarm the cops, give us our freedom back.

  • T

    1605: no idea if it smelled like dope or not. But just because some ambulance chasing attorney said that it didn’t…certainly doesn’t mean it didn’t. And with without the rest of the video… it’s impossible to say for sure what happened. It’s hard to believe thought that it would…with the female trooper KNOWING IT WAS ONTHE TAPE !!! And doing it right in front of the camera. The expert said he could tell if it was wrong or not and he saw the whole tape. So who knows. Sounds far fetched that she would do it knowing it was on tape…but you guys buy into lots of far fetched things around here

  • dikc

    that’s what you get with a government thug that does nothing but consume other people’s wealth. they are above the law.

  • pedro

    ok t, thats the most idiotic thing ive seen here in a long time,,there is absolutelly no way what so ever that this should happen ,. if they thought they needed to do a cavity search then they should have taken them to the station and medical personell should do it,,, not some skanky lesbian fingering ther vaginas and anuses on the side of the road,,, and i suppose you ok with here sticking here finger up their asses then up in there vaginas with the same glove,,,discusting and if this had happened to my daughter there would be 2 dead texas cops to bury

  • Yankee Fan


    I am willing to always wait to see the rest but no way in hell this should ever happen the way this did. Her or their lawyer maybe an ambulance chaser but in this case it was driven by a cop who did something that even Chief Wiggum wouldn’t do!

  • Yankee Fan

    I will not put it the way pedro did but no way in hell would I ever let this happen to me by any goddamn fuck cop. There are limits and prices I would pay and this was humuliation to the most severe degree.

  • DTom

    people wonder why we don’t trust cops anymore…cops ALWAYS look to escalate EVERY situation- there are NO routine traffic stops. Get a tactical rifle before they ban them, and protect your freedoms and family!

  • T

    Wow. You guys are just buying everything you’re told. We don’t even know if it happened. Just be ause some paid attorney says it occurred, doesn’t mean that it did. From what we see on the video…everything done was proper. The expert way he’d the whole video and he said that he can’t tell if anything inappropriate happened or not.
    You guys get sucked in every time and won’t even belie e what’s right in front of your own eyes. Too funny.

  • Yankee Fan


    It is funny how the police on policeone so far don’t like what they see either. Did they get sucked in as well?

    Here is one of the comments:

    If this trooper thinks this girl is acting weird it must be his first traffic stop ever and his time around people must be very limited. If there is one defect in police training it would most likely be probable cause based on reasonable suspicion for searches on traffic stops.

  • Yankee Fan

    yes, T, lets take personal dignity away. That is always proper over what their lawyer says was, what..a class c misdemeanor!

  • 1605

    Says a guy who buys everything he’s told.

    Wrong is wrong, even if it “compromises our safety”

  • Yankee Fan

    an excerpt from policeone on this story:

    When Angel Dobbs told Farrell she felt violated by the search, which had happened on a public roadway in full view of passersby, he told her it was justified by the odor of marijuana, which made it clear that “someone is a daily smoker in that car,” according to the suit.

    So the odor of marijuana equals a body cavity search? Please tell me you really do not believe this was all done and proper!

  • T

    What part of we don’t know what happened don’t you understand? We don’t see anything wrong in the portions of the edited video that is posted. Dang, just keep drinking the kool aid

  • simpleton

    @T, your logic makes my point for me. The fact that you and the female cop in the video go on like “yep, this is how we do it, following proper protocol, doing my job just like they trained me” demonstrates just how FUCKED UP the law enforcement mentality is. I’m sure she is 100% positive she did absolutely nothing wrong, and that’s what makes me vomit. How can a normal thinking person stick their fingers into two assholes and two vaginas of perfect strangers in full public view and go home not wondering if what you did was a little messed up. How do you talk about at the dinner table..

    “So how did work go?”

    “Not bad, got to 3rd base with a couple chicks on the side of the road.”

    My head is going to explode.

  • Common Sense

    “When an alleged drug deal backfired on Ashley Bellamy and her boyfriend Marcus Gibson, she pulled the ultimate inside job.

    The 22-year-old Philadelphia woman hid 36 vials of crack in her vagina in an attempt to stay out of custody, a police official told the Philadelphia Daily News.

    At about 5 a.m., Gibson and Bellamy allegedly pulled a gun on a man who wanted to buy crack from them at an Upper Darby Wawa parking lot. They told him to get more than the $50 he had, according to the paper. The 40-year-old man went back inside, but called police to report that there was a man with a gun in the parking lot.

    When cops arrived and prompted Bellamy to get out of her car, they noticed she was “walking funny,” Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood told the paper.

    A female officer was called to search Bellamy, who admitted that she tucked the narcotics inside herself, the Delaware County Daily Times reported.

    The pair was arrested and charged with possession and intent to deliver, reported.

    The gun was never recovered, and Chitwood wouldn’t speculate as to where it was.”

    “A Pennsylvania woman who crashed her car after burglarizing a local inn had a sizable stash of drugs and cash hidden in her vagina.

    According to a report in the Scranton Times-Tribune, police were called to the scene of a car crash on March 13 where Karin Mackaliunas was arrested for suspicion of theft.

    During a search, police found three bags of heroin in her jacket. While police escorted the woman to the station, officers noticed her fidgeting in the back seat.

    She then told police that she had hidden more drugs in her vagina.

    A doctor who performed a search removed: 54 bags of heroin, 31 empty bags used to package heroin, eight prescription pills and $51.22 in cash and change.”

  • 1605

    Not one of your examples means I gave up my Fourth Amendment rights. They flicked cigarettes out the window, that is all, give them a ticket and move on, sodomite.

  • T

    Simpleton (what an incredibly appropriate moniker): But you don’t know if that happened. Dang dude. Really, that’s dense. If the video wasn’t edited, and we saw that part, the woman’s reaction when this allegedly occurs should be very apparent. The expert the news showed doesn’t seem to see that. Without the whole video, we can’t tell. Good luck with the head exploding…with your way of thinking some may be better off

    @1605: from what was seen I. The posted video… No fourth amendment violations occurred. Have you ever rad it or Amy of the cases associated with it? Doesn’t appear as though you have. Again the biggest problem is edited video. This one was edited by the real news…but it still means we don’t know exactly what happened. Wel, the intelligent don’t know what happened. The cop blocker psychics always know.

  • simpleton

    @T, you are correct, I don’t know that is what happened, but neither do you. Actually the only ones who know if it happend are the cop and the girls. Your comment “the woman’s reaction when this allegedly occurs should be very apparent”. Really? And what would that reaction be? Should they giggle? Maybe slap the officer in the face? Or maybe just stand there like their supposed to and not “escalate” the situation? And as far as experts go, count me out. That’s a classic tool of gazillions of organizations whether it be law enforcement, unversities, military, corporations etc…find me an expert, give me a day, and I’ll find my own expert to refute your expert. Its just the way it goes. If the cops would have found drugs, game over. But they didn’t, not even in the car, and to me that makes all the difference in the world. Should take a jury about 20 minutes to decide this one.

  • Glenn

    It is an established FOP union policy that all vaginas and rectums are known supporters of al-Qaeda. Anyone that says otherwise, well, they hate America.

  • Yankee Fan

    Common sense,

    In the example you gave, it was a emdical professional in a medical setting that even though she was hiding drugs, her personal dignity was perserved unlike what appeared to happen here. I am acting emotional because no way in ehll on this earth should a police officer here ever treat a person like that over this. Let me reminnd you they used the time honored line “I smelled marijuana” and then searched and found dick and the only reason for the stop was a cig being tossed from the car which I have no issue with. So to sort it out to some degree, stopped for littering, she acts weird according to the male cop, doesnt answer the direct question he ask but answers with…”I do not smoke weed, gets to search the car and morphs into a hand down their pants in plain view. Sorry but your example is not the same!

  • Ghost

    T and CS approve of sexual assault. You heard it here first, folks. How completely unsurprising.

    T, you don’t know the facts, but you’re taking the word of police officers who are on tape violating not only the constitution, but 2 women’s personal dignity. Keep trusting the government. They’re here to help you.

  • Hey

    Another case of Stalinist idiot goon cops going on an fishing expedition. To hell with the rules and regulations and to hell with amendment rights.

    If it acts like a crooked cop, and disregards rules like a crooked cop, then it IS a crooked cop. ;)

  • Simple Jew


    T and Common Sense

    Watch the above video which is NOT edited like the one you watched.

    Do this trooper a favor and fire her soon because she is a danger to society and with her reckless criminal behaviour she is a danger to herself

  • Dr Kranknstein

    @ Common…Seriously man? Yes women do use it as a stash spot. And if they are suspected of it then by all means say you have RS and place them under arrest, take them to jail and let medical personnel check. See they don’t want to do that though because it opens them up for lawsuits. So we have impromptu cavity searches on the side of the road. Officers use that BS claim over and over….I smelled marijuana I have probable cause. So now every time they pull this BS some one gets a finger in the ass?…And there you have the mentality of a morally bankrupt police officer. FINGERS IN THE ASS FOR EVERYONE!!!

  • T

    im suuuuuper gay

  • t.

    @Simple Jew: Thanks for the better…but still heavily edited video. After watching it…while I’ll say it was a bit much to do in front of the lights on the side of the road, the case should be immediately dismissed as it has no merit.

    Go back to your own link and watch the female offcer ivery closely. It is very clearly palm out the entire time. Why is that important? Well, unless she has some super human anatomical abilities….fingers don’t bend backwards. Her hand clearly appears to be pushing out against the clothing the whole time. Tough to get “penetration” with those facts.

    And as I suggested earlier…look for a reaction from the woman. See any? I would certainly expect a visible reaction…a facial expression or a visible jump / jerk of the body as a strangers finger is supposedly suddenly and unexpectedly shoved in their anus. See any of that?

    Now as I say in my first paragraph, it looks like a bit much for the circumstances. The officer pulling out the bottom of their bra’s is common and proper. I would think that with as tight as the woman’s clothing (pants) was, I would be able to tell (feel) if there was anything concealed, certainly anything in a baggie, there.

    To sum…
    Your linked video shows that the body mechanics of the officer preclude the described / alledged actions couldn’t take place (at least not in the sense that I would understand the term “penetration”). There is no reaction from either female when this alleged violation / forcible sexual violation occurs.
    I’m not making it up…watch the video you posted. But try watching and forgetting what you are told you should be seeing.

  • Chris Mallory

    Even beyond changing gloves between the two women, gloves should have been changed between the two….orifices on each woman. Not doing that is a good way to cause a possible life threatening infection.

    The female cop should be charged with practicing medicine without a license.

  • shawn


    While the video doesn’t show exactly what she did, their recorded reaction does suggest the felt violated at the scene. And i was edited by the news and not a coblacker, remember i just said you assume every video is edited for effect. The edit was clearly for public viewing.

    As for the expert, he is a former cop, and that makes his expert opinion a little suspect. Cops do cover for their brothers.
    Nor is this kind of excess unknown. Remember the cop who forced a teen girl to strip and prove she hadn’t had sex?

    As for the PC, the claim “i smell pot” is too easy. I myself have been in the position of being stopped over made up bs to justify the stop. In my case, the cop claimed i was speeding and he and i both know i wasn’t. But he thought i might be drunk and needed an excuse to check me out. It was midnight thanksgiving a few years ago.

    And even cops are reacting negatively to this. And you might consider what the character of the two women is before making a blanket ambulance chaser claim. Remember this, they found nothing at all.

  • Simple Jew


    T. Apparently the Tx State Police are not as understand of her actions as you are … they SUSPENDED her today!

    We both know that even if she is eventually cleared of wrongdoing — departments do NOT suspend an officer if they believe there is absolutely no wrong doing.

  • T

    Simple Jew: Bet she’s comes back, at least as concerning the physical part of the search. Again as even the second video is edited we still don’t know why this search took place and there very well may be a violation of rights (for the search) and / or department policy that lead to the suspension but looks like it just while there is an investigation. But the body mechanics can’t lie. Watch the video.

  • T

    Police One has the entire, unedited video.

    The way the search was conducted, the actual physical means of doing it…still looks fine. The question of the incident is…should the search have been conducted? Was there suffica t legal grounds for it. The way the officer co ducted appears to completely professional (other than the fact, as I mentioned earlier, that it was done on the side of a highway.

    Now unfortunately we did t get the female officers voice recording as this was all done on the male officers camera. But watch the female motorists body language just “post search”. The blonde just stands there and just casually chats with the female officer and passenger reacts similarly (in other words….no reaction at all). And after the searches are completed…you do hear the driver make comment about a “finger in her crotch”. Big difference between that and inserted into her (which simply couldn’t have happened as fingers don’t bend backwards)

    And watch the female troopers demeanor. She certainly approaches the situation with total confidence. She obviously been told / trained to do this and that it ok. Looks like she knows or thinks she’s following policy and departmental policy

  • Yankee Fan


    Thats been the crux of this video and case. Rs for the stop, ok, pc because he smelled marijuana, ok, search the car but you better have a goddamned good reason to be sticking your hands down someones pants in plain view like this and so far there has been no reason articulated for that level of search and a majority of your fellow cops on policeone agree. Thats a very intrusive search and you do not need to be a genius to figure that out here. Based on what is available there was no reason to go that far and these ladies will be paid because this has become a PR disaster to some degree for this department. Most people will support cops but all you need to do is show a jury that video and all they will remember, regardless of your legal reason for thee stop and etc, is a female cop on the road side in plain view humuliating 2 women over what would have been if any were found more than likely, user levels of marijuana.

    I will agree with some cops on policeone….rs for the stop, pc for the search..but no way in hell beahve like this as an LEO using the same glove on both. By the way, a nurse who would do this in a hospital would be fired as a law suit based on unasnitary medical practices would be brought up and cause the hospital to undergo an investigation.

  • T

    YF: A very reasoned comment. But question, after watching the whole video on Police One, do you see what I’m saying about body mechanics making it impossible for any “insertion” or body cavity search? And about how when they are allegedly having a finger roughly shoved up their anus’s there isn’t any visible reaction and the all seemed to be speaking rather cordially when it was over?

  • http://yahoo larry

    The female cop is on suspension with pay. Haven’t heard about the male.

    I’ll bet that the female cop licked her fingers when she was done.

  • Yankee Fan


    I can see that point as I am not saying either way if she was digitaly penetrated but if I concede your take thats going to be the side show as the main question is was that necessary and so far on policeone the majority says hell no. Let link a comment from someone in that very department if I am correct:
    deputdog says,

    “Not familiar with Texas Law but I don’t think this would pass SCOTUS determination of PC.
    Perhaps had a Drug K-9 hit on the car He would have had PC to search but him smelling it is not PC for that search or the one performed by the Female Officer, not real sure what she was thinking.”

    Not sure what State you work in deputdog but in Texas the smell of marihuana is PC to search without consent. We can search the vehicle, contents and people.

    That being said no where in TXDPS is it condoned for any Trooper to place their hands inside someones pants. I’ve been with TXDPS for 15 years and I’ve never even heard of a Trooper doing that.

    beatcop49 says,

    “When I first started policing, it was common to check the inside of the pants…the deep, down, dirty of it all, is that contraband is hidden in the deep, down, dirty parts of people’s bodies…I hate to tell you that, but its true.”

    Not sure where you worked beatcop49 where it was common to check the deep,down,dirty parts of peoples bodies but that would get your ass fired at TXDPS and rightfully so. If your so concerned about weapons an outside of the clothing patdown is sufficient to make sure someone is not armed.

    This is in no way an appropriate search and if she is lucky to keep her job it will be the last time a search like that is ever done at TXDPS. Within a few weeks there will be a written policy forbidding what most people would consider common sense.

    I submit that is the prevailing opinion right now as this is very embarrassing for the police in that department. I will say, though I cans ee your point but even if she wasnt cavity searched that still will not change the dynamic of what we see.

  • t.

    YF: Respectfully…it changes it a lot. The headline…and the attorney…are claiming “body cavity search”. That is something very specific and VERY intrusive. As I said, the PC for the search is the big question. I still think that she learned this somewhere, and learned that it was OK. Just watch, not hesitation, not uncomfortable at all. If the departments legal advice has been that searches are that thorough…then that what it is. I too have searched people this thoroughly…but only when there was a very good reason such as something was detected from outside or they were seen making a “furtiive” movement.

    My only contention all along is the attorneys claims…and those by several commenting here…simply aren’t possible. I’ve said all along that in found it inappropriate to have done this in such a public location. But the reasons behind doing it are department specific.

  • Spartacus

    Police officers have imagined themselves to be authority figures when they derive their supposed power from Forced Coersion, violence, irrationality and tyranny. I am utterly disgusted that they could behave in such a piggishly animalistic manner, but I am not surprised. A badge and a gun doth not an authority make. This blatant violation of human rights and the sacredness of our bodies must not go unpunished. Ad Vericundium: their power is not legit. We the people are MANY, the enforcers of tyranny and violence are but few. Their badges worthless lumps of metal that feed their priggish and irrational egos. Legalize Freedom!

  • takaru

    basically, it comes down to what I started with, the cop is defending any other cop sticking his damn finger up any U.S. citizens ass on the highway……or whatever they feel like doing with impunity.

  • Simple Jew



    Honestly now, in your experience have you pulled someone over who (as I recall) states they have never been stopped before by police — that at the stop makes an accusation about your behavior that is completely untrue?

    I think you defended this in the beginning and can’t admit that it was a mistake.

    Come on… we will respect you more if you tell the truth inthis case that you were wrong.

    Stop trying to defend the indefensible.

    Why would the woman who was molested by this female trooper accuse her of doing this ““This has been an eye-opening experience for me, okay? Never been pulled over, never searched like this. It’s… I mean, I was like totally violated over there a few minutes ago. I had a finger in my *** and a finger in my ****, and this is so embarrassing to me.”

    This may be the kind of thing that someone who is suing a few months later states in court.

    Unless she is delusional…. This is not the kind of thing someone accuses a cop of doing moments earlier on the side of the road.

    What do you predict will happen in this case?

    I predict that the trooper loses her job and that the victim receives a settlement of atleast $100,000

    Do you want to go on record with your prediction and a few months from now we can see who was right?

    By the way if one of buddies in blue did this to someone and there was no video/audio tape I would have predicted cop doesn’t lose her job (would never have been suspended) and claimant would receive $0.

    The video is too powerful which is why your buddies in blue HATE video recording.

  • t.

    Simple Jew: In 17 years….its amazing how very few people I’ve ever stopped or arrest admitted they should have been stopped or thought they should have been arrested. No he ever does anything. Its amazing.

    But as for you quote. You missed part. Listen to her earlier statement, its a lot different. There she says a finger in my crotch. Big difference.

    But what part did I get wrong? Watch the troopers hands / arms. What she is saying happened is physically impossible. Just hold your arm out in front of you….hand palm down like the troopers is. Tell me how she inserted her finger into any body cavity that way? I won’t bother waiting as I know the answer….she couldn’t. Physically impossible.

    I can’t say it any clearer. I don’t know what the PC was as I wasn’t there. I don’t know what legal advice the trooper has been given (every departments legal advice / attorney is different)nor do I know how she was trained. I’m just watching the video, listening to the audio, and reading the attorneys claims about it.

    I said that I’ve preformed similar types of searches, but under different circumstances than this. I think her desire to have it recorded (probably to show that the kinds of claims being made didn’t happen) had her do it out where it was to publicly visible.

    The question is still the PC for the search more than the search itself.

  • simple jew



    You dnt understand what I am saying?

    She is not a professional sue happy perp.

    She is stopped for first time in her life.

    She is shocked that a cop with no legal basis can stick her finger in her private parts.

    You don’t understand how a finger can get between the anatomical parts of a persons body regardless of direction hand is facing?

    I think some of the posters here would be happy to put on latex gloves and show you how.

    Your middle finger can definitely be in a place that regular lowly citizen would be arrested for.


    Would this be a valid defense for molestaion charge? My hand was in her underwear or her pnts but I kept it facing out not in so I am not guilty.

    Thank G-d for this video.

    Any prediction on this troopers future?

    I say she is out of job and $100k settlement coming in about 1 yr.

  • t.

    Physical imossibility would definitely be an absolute to rape / sex offense / sodomy. Those would require / imply insertion of some kind. Molestation is a different animal with different types of actions.

    Apparently you didn’t even watch the video. The troopers hands / fingers where clearly pressing against the outside of the clothing…her fingers pressing OUTWARD. Tough to “insert” a finger into a body cavity like that.

    If you have a legal reason to touch someone…you can. We are allowed to search people. Even intrusive searches if there is PC to do so. If I feel some thing in the interior / inside of your pants during a search, I can go get it.

    As for her “shock”. Watch her during this “ordeal”. No reaction. No startle. When she is done being searched she has a very cordial looking conversation with the female trooper.

    The burden of this accusation is on her to prove. I agree with you, thank goodness for this video. There is no telling what she might have said was done if there wasnt a video.

    My prediction is that she will get a warning letter in her file about conducting these types of searches in such a public way.
    The department will settle for 10,000 apiece.

  • Yankee Fan


    The issue here is only the search and was there sufficient PC to go inside som eones clothing. All have from the story is the odor of weed comming from the car and a majority of the policeone posters on thiss tory seems to agree, especially the ones who work in that very department, believe the pc to search the car, yes, pc to enter someone’s cloths based only on a smell…not so much. It depends on a court as well and what they would say as every state has their own laws and every judge will have his own standards as well. If he feels that pc was not good enough to go there absed on a smell, the police are out of luck. All that aside, the only PC we have from what is listed is the oddor and I will agree with your brothers and sisters on policeone that this was dead wrong.

  • takaru

    Very lengthly and thorough discussion of whether the government has a right to stick its proverbial and actual finger in a citizens ass in public.

  • Support the constitution



    Look at the comments on policeone or whatever that site is called.

    As mentioned above – your fellow officers across the country by and large realize this was very wrong.

    You keep defending it… atleast now we know without a doubt you are one of the bad ones.

  • t.

    Not defending it. Saying that what her attorney is saying happened….is a physical impossibility.

    If you would slow down and read…I clearly said that she shouldnt have done it like she did, or at least not where she. But that fact that she conducted the search itself would be based on the PC…and I don’t know what that is.

    But looking inside someone’s clothing, or even reaching into someone’s clothing, isn’t illegal. If there is a proper reason to do so. But again, there is the trading she received and the legal opinion / position taken by her department about such things.

    My issues is the way this is being presented…”body cavity” searches are a very specific thing. “sticking a finger up her pussy” and “up her ass” When I hear that accusation….and then see a video that clearly doesn’t show that….I comment about it.

  • Daniel Saulmon

    It is absurd that some cop thought by pasting bits from stories where drugs were found in peoples cavities, that somehow has any effect on the unlawful actions mentioned in these comments. I guess I can go around banging any woman I choose, or a junkie who is looking for drugs may want to check all the local vaginas too.
    This may not be the place for this but…Can I provide a video where I was arrested for recording police at a traffic stop in California. Not sure if you guys have seen it but if not it should be of interest to you. Its called California man jailed four days for recording police.


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