Fred Parsells, Keene’s Petty Tyrant

This post was originally published to on Dec. 19th, 2012.

Many folks who reside in Keene are aware of the petty harassment doled out by Fred Parsells.

A former Keene police employee, Parsells now claims a “legitimate” right to be a nosy bother to his neighbors due to his occupation as a code enforcer.

Fortunately a lot of thinking individuals have concluded that when the initiation of force or its threat is utilized, whether “officially” sanctioned or not, the person initiating is in the wrong.

There’s much I love about Keene. Yet I could do without the countless iterations of force threatened or initiated by Fred Parsells.

Fred Parsell
11 Mckinley St.
Keene, NH 03431

Let’s grow up and treat others how we’d like to be treated.

If you have a Parsells sighting or visit, please do document and share with Keene Cop Block. The sooner we can work together to put a spotlight on the actions of this individual who unfortunately has taken it upon himself to act as a creepy petty tyrant, the more likely we are to live free from his harassment.

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  • T

    I really love that you guys hate when someone watch you… But you love to watch others. Great.

  • John Q Public

    Oh, I see. You break the law and then complain. Or just plain old complain. Just as you don’t have to talk to anyone, neither does Parsells. It goes both ways you know. And you follow this guy around without a clue as to what he’s doing or even as to what you’re doing. And then you harass him. Wow. By the way, you guys sound like total idiots on both videos.

  • deepelemblues

    He’s some crotchety nosy old man… just deal with it. Dealing with crotchety nosy old people is something you should have learned how to do in high school.

  • Ghost

    T and John,

    What you fail to understand is that they are SERVANTS of the public. We pay them.

    And which law did the videographer break again, ya know, aside from questioning authority?

  • John Q Public

    According to the video, the guy is whining about getting a ticket for an expired tag.

  • Doug

    The car was on private property. You do not have to have licenses, tags, or insurance for a car that is not on public roads.

  • t.

    Ghost: Nah, I understand that perfectly. What you agent getting is that being employed as a “SERVANT” of the public means the whole public good…not just what you think or want. Building inspectors are an excellant example. Making sure that buildings electrical systems are adeguate, and that dangerous modifications haven’t been made, or that dangerous materials are being properly stored….or any number of things…serves the greater public good. It is a fairly frequent occurrence that someone starts screwing around with their gas line and BOOM up goes their house and their neighbors. While certainly not an area specifically laid out in the constitution…it certainly seems that it would fall perfectly in line with the preambles statement of promote the general welfare and be a reasonable government intrusion.

    Now I didn’t say anyone broke the law. But I do really think its funny how theyndnt like being watched when all they want to do is watch and be nosy about everyone else.

    And out of curiosity, is the little social clubhouse deal Pete mentions a business and open to the public?

    BTW, why do you guys still think that any public employee has to just stand there and engage you in your inane, philosophical questions?

  • Zapeee

    ” It is a fairly frequent occurrence that someone starts screwing around with their gas line and BOOM up goes their house and their neighbors. ”

    please back up the “fairly frequent” comment. can you document more than say, three of these cases per month in the last year where someone accidentally blew up “their own and their neighbor’s house?” what is your definition of “fairly frequent”?

  • t.

    Wow…only 3-4 per MONTH !!! Really. But that’s just an example. Improper wiring causing fires, railings / decks not properly maintained or up to code leading to fails and serious injuries. Just examples. And thats just a building inspectors. It was just an example. I haveno idea what this guys job is or what kind of inspector he is. But apparently…neither do the people bitching about him. My examples were simply given to show that public service is far larger than just you. And…you missed it.

  • enslave keene

    I think what the free-keeners are experiencing is the same discomfort and frustration that many of their victims feel; including a elderly crossing guard who crosses children across the street who had derrick and ian filming her because she is paid with tax dollars…

    Doctors never like the taste of the medicine they prescribe others I guess:>

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