Targeted by Corrupt DA

On November 5, 2011, I was targeted and falsely arrested by Asheville Police Department (see video below), I was charged with 3 warrants, disorderly conduct, resisting a police officer, and impeding traffic.

As a Citizen Journalist, this is my video (different video from above) at the March that led to the false charges.

After 7 months and 5 court appearances, after I was found not guilty, so I filed a complaint with the Asheville Police Department.

Attached is the letter from the Asheville Police Department in response to the complaint I filed. My arrest is a cut and dried case of false imprisonment and malicious prosecution to silence my voice and deny me my Civil rights.

Why DA Ron Moore has not been arrested and held accountable for his actions disgusts me. I know of a few former drug runners of his had turned States evidence and of Federal indictments. How he continues to prosecute those who compete with his WNC empire of drugs, guns, and prostitution.

The County Commissioners illegally denied the funding of our public access station to silence the corruption that was being revealed on the TV shows (as seen here on my YouTube).

It is important that I file a Federal Civil Rights Law suit. This might be the only way to hold Ron Moore accountable for his actions. He physically pointed me out to his assistant in the elevator ride to my 1st court hearing that I was found guilty. My jury trial deliberation only took 10 mins to decide my innocence. Sargent Brown testified there was No Evidence for the resisting an officer or disorderly charge. I stood in front of County Commissioners and City Council pleading my innocence and would someone look into the false charges.

When I filed Pro Se for the trial deposition, the judge refused it because I had an attorney for my trial. When I went to Superior Court to get a copy of my file, I was told it was lost and could not be found. My attorney, Ben Scales stated in court how his representation of Occupy people had an adverse affect on his practice.


City of Asheville
Police Department

September 25, 2012

Dear Ms. Landis,

The purpose of this letter is to advise you that the complaint submitted on June 28, 2012 concerning the actions of members of the Asheville Police Department has been investigated. The investigation has been reviewed by supervisory personnel, including the department?s command staff. North Carolina General Statue 160A-168 requires that information regarding personnel actions, including actions taken as a result of an internal investigation are not public record and cannot be released.

The Asheville Police Department takes all citizen concerns and complaints seriously. Citizen complaints and other employee actions are tracked to assist in monitoring employee conduct and improving customer service. Each situation involving a citizen complaint also provides an opportunity to review with employees the department?s guiding principles and our expectations of them to provide service to the public in a professional manner.

The Asheville Police Department is committed to excellence through our guiding principles of Integrity, Fairness, Respect, and Professionalism. With the assistance of citizen feedback, the Asheville Police Department is able to constantly improve police service. Our Mission is to provide the highest level of police service in partnership with the community to enhance the quality of life.


William J. Anderson
Chief of Police
Asheville Police Department


Here is a link to another Citizen Journalist’s article regarding the arrest and trail outcome. I’m not the only one reporting on the corruption of DA Ron Moore, see this story as well.

This story was written and submitted by Lisa Landis using’s submission tab. is decentralized and encourages those attempting to hold public officials accountable do so by sharing their beliefs, abuses or tactics here. It’s simple and easy, simply click here and fill out the form. 

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  • Chris Mallory

    Government employees should be held accountable for their actions, including those they make in the line of duty. “Good faith” should not be a reason for government employees to escape the consequences of their mistakes.

  • t.

    After reading your story, watching videos (minutes of my life I’ll never get back) and reading the linked articles….my question is, you do realize that dropped / dismissed charges and even an eventual “not guilty” doesn’t mean it was a “false arrest”?? You do know that right. Unless you have some blockbuster video other than the one you posted where you’re standing in the street (kinda like what you got charged with)…why do you think you have a case?

    But my absolute favorite part is the line about your poor attorney complaining that his choice to represent a group that very few support is bad for his practice. That ones easy to fix, don’t represent them.

  • Buford T. Justice

    I wisely chose not to waste valuable minutes of my time watching the videos. I bet that I’ll sleep well tonight, even though I didn’t watch them.


    I watched the 1 vid. Am I wrong or are you standing in the middle of the road and everyone else is on the sidewalks????

    And what t said. A not guilty verdict doesn’t mean a false arrest/imprisonment. A prosecutor authorizing the charges, a judge confirming those charges and forwarding the case for trial establishes more than enough proof, in my mind that the officer’s had enough probable cause to arrest you. And that’s all they need.

    I also don’t like the letter or law that is involved with the letter you got from the chief. IMO. it should give the outcome of the investigation, i.e. substantiated, unfounded, etc.

  • JT

    On behalf of the citizens of the city sue the cop for fraud, he knew the charges wouldn’t stick, so he wrongfully/fraudulently took pay from the city for work that he knew was a waste of time.

  • BluEyeDevil

    Whats the fucking point. Nothing is going to change. Agreed the occupy movement created awareness, but really that is it. The cops still gonna kick your asses, DA’s are gonna trump up charges and make shit up to generate revenue, wall street, the federal reserve and bankers are still gonna rob us, politicians are so deep in there own shit that they are trying to keep their own butts from prison and generally people don’t care until the government checks stop. Its the truth, and everyone knows it. Government don’t give a fuck about the constitution that is why they are government agents. Get used to it until the American public get so sick at heart that they pick up arms and teach these fucking fascists a lesson. The only time anything changes is when grown men start killing grown men. I know from experience that war may not be here tomorrow but it will be here soon.
    Back to your particular case, in my opinion, I have to agree with the cop enablers here that there is not much to stand on. When dealing with cop, its kinda like a pissed off dog behind a fence. Ya they bark at you but as long as you stay the fuck away from it it’ll leave you alone but if you step in his yard he gets all bent out of shape and bites ya. Moral of the story; stay out of his back yard, just film his bitch ass from a distance.
    BTJ your a moron, whewwwww…. I feel better LOL

  • badgeabuse

    Buford T. Justice

    you should take the same stance with the air you breath…I would sleep better.

  • BluEyeDevil

    Hey everyone, I live in the butt hole of the United States and that is Illinois near Chicago, I found this what do think, LOL. Chicago P.D. is a fucking joke and it because of these idiots that it cost nearly 50.00 dollars to park downtown for one afternoon.
    Since August of 2003, the city of Chicago paid $83.5 million in fees and costs to 24 private law firms in 659 police misconduct cases, according to the People’s Law Office. These payment records were obtained from the City pursuant to Freedom of Information Act requests. Approximately 23% of the total, $18,986,393 was paid to lawyers representing former Chicago Police Department detective Jon Burge, the City, former CPD superintendents Leroy Martin and Terry Hillard, and former mayor Richard M. Daley. Exonerated victims of police torture and wrongful convictions brought forth these cases. The City has paid over $15 million in counsel fees for the Burge torture cases alone since they began to finance his defense in 1988.

  • BluEyeDevil

    There my friend is your tax dollars hard at work………LOL.

  • Yankee Fan

    To the police posters,

    I totally agree that not guilty doesn’t mean false arrest but the fact an arrest happens in which the DA chooses not to proceed or the judge dropping the charges doesn’t mean they had PC all the time and the arrest was valid but decided they would not get a conviction. Sometimes it means they wrongfully used their powers of arrest like in the case of the Ibarra Bros. Sometimes it means false arrest and violation of one’s rights. Im not saying this is always the case, just saying sometimes false/wrongful arrests happen.

  • t.

    YF: True. But she was first convictedwhich was overturned on appeal. And then there is her own video. As @Sgt poi RS out, she clearly standing in the street. She knew the risks of what she was doing and her bluff got called

  • Common Sense

    Why is it that activists know statutes about filming the police but nothing of the judicial process, burdens of proof and public liability policy/practice?

  • badgeabuse

    Do you wonder the same things when bullshit charges are filed? Cop gets a free paid day in court just to see the case thrown out….

    Go play in traffic…

  • Curt Rude

    “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Shakespeare
    Even back in his day, attorneys were getting under folks skin!

  • GLoLady

    Made it into Federal Court. To catch you all up on this case…