Sacramento Police Arrest Veteran officer on Suspicion of Sexual Assault

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By Kim Minug
Published: Friday, Dec. 21, 2012

With just a week left on the job until his retirement, Sacramento Police Chief Rick Braziel stood grim-faced Thursday night and recounted the allegations against one of his veteran employees.

So strong is the evidence against Officer Gary Baker, 49, Braziel said, that he had fired Baker earlier that day – the same day Baker’s colleagues arrested him on suspicion of sexually assaulting an elderly woman with a serious speech impairment caused by a stroke.

“It does not shed a trusting light on the Sacramento Police Department,” a somber Braziel said in a hastily called news conference. “Baker is not an accurate representation of the fine men and women of the department.”

Baker, who had been with the department 22 years, is accused of raping and assaulting a now-78-year-old woman in three attacks, beginning in 2010 and ending earlier this month. He faces charges of rape, forcible oral copulation, attempted oral copulation, assault with intent to commit rape and sexual battery, according to court documents.

As of late Thursday, Baker was being held in the Sacramento County Main Jail in lieu of $1 million bail.

The alleged attacks occurred while Baker was off-duty, Braziel said. However, police believe he met the victim through the course of his work patrolling her Meadowview neighborhood.

Braziel said the case began in November 2010, when officers were called to South Manor Drive for a report that a woman, then 76, had been sexually assaulted.

The woman had previously suffered a stroke and, though able to live independently, had suffered significant impairment to her speech. However, she was able to describe her attacker’s appearance to police, and said he was a police or security officer, according to the request for an arrest warrant filed by Sacramento police detectives.

Officers at the scene collected DNA evidence from the victim’s nylons and uploaded the profile into a DNA database, but there were no hits, Braziel said.

Nearly two years later, the victim reported a second attack. Then on Sept. 20, the woman told police her assailant had returned and sexually assaulted her again. In both crimes, the victim – who in some cases had to act out the attack – indicated to police that she had repeatedly told the suspect “no,” according to the warrant affidavit.

The same assailant allegedly returned Dec. 11 and attempted to assault the victim, but fled when she activated an alarm, the affidavit states. At that time, police recommended that the victim’s family install a surveillance camera, and they followed that advice.

On Monday, someone knocked at the victim’s door, but she did not answer. She alerted her son, according to police, who reviewed surveillance footage and thought an image of the attacker might have been captured. A detective reviewed the images Tuesday and immediately recognized the man as Baker, Braziel said.

Baker immediately was put on paid administrative leave, according to police.

Detectives worked with the District Attorney’s Office through the night to obtain a search warrant, Braziel said. On Wednesday, they obtained Baker’s DNA, and through expedited tests, the district attorney’s crime lab matched Baker’s DNA to the sample collected after the first assault, Braziel said.

Police arrested Baker on Thursday. That same day, Braziel took the unusual step of firing the officer. Often, law enforcement officers accused of crimes are kept on administrative leave pending the outcome of their criminal case – or until they quit.

Braziel said Baker had never had any administrative issues and said he had no explanation for the suspect’s alleged actions.

There appears to be no connection between the suspect and the victim, other than the fact the two had apparently come into contact earlier in the day of the first attack.

At that time, Baker was on duty, in uniform, and apparently spoke to the victim in the course of his job, Braziel said. When the assault occurred later, Baker was off-duty and no longer in uniform or driving a marked patrol car.

Crime lab analysts found only one hit with Baker’s DNA – the victim’s sample, Braziel said. However, investigators are reviewing sex assault cases in which no DNA was collected to see if there are any other potential links.

Braziel said he was “very, very angry and very, very disappointed” when he was briefed on the case. He said he and his employees would “work tirelessly” to restore the public’s trust in the department.

Before the news conference, he said, he talked to the victim and her family by speakerphone and updated them on the arrest. He also apologized.

“I’m the leader of this organization. When something happens like this that embarrasses the organization, the buck stops here,” he told reporters. “That’s why I’m here.”

Baker is scheduled to be arraigned Monday.


  • underoath

    What a piece of shit. Glad the department did the right thing.

  • Chris Mallory

    Typical cop.

  • takaru

    What? no cops logging on to defend this jackass? unusual

  • Common Sense

    Once again, police accountability on display.

  • Mr. Bawkbagawk

    it would seem this serial rapist chooses only the most vulnerable victims. it is very likely that is not his first victim, and even more likely that his previous victims are dead. i figure a diligent police investigation [lol right] will close a lot of cold cases.

  • Glenn

    Strange how none of the shills for police policy are drawn to the fact that this scumbag cop was a cop for a long, long time. If this is police “accountability”, I would hate to see police neglect! Well, we see police neglect every day here, but it sure as hell aint coming from the police Internal Affairs douchebags! Also, anyone care to guess how many other victims Officer Gary Baker has raped?

    I assert, and have for quite some time, that the longer a person stays in the field of law enforcement, the more likely they are to become subhuman filth like this rapist pig Officer Gary Baker,

    When you read the comments of common sense, t., underoath, and all the other alternate names that spew the company line, remember one thing: you are reading the words of someone that supports Officer Gary Baker, and all those like him. So be sure to show the same respect to common sense, t., and underoath that you would show to Officer Gary Baker. Which is to say, none at all.

  • Silvestri

    Just want to point out although what Baker did was horrible and against the law, this does not mean that ALL police officers commit rape (typical cop…really??). Also, it doesn’t mean that after X amount of years on the force a officer would commit rape.
    He was fired after the review. Yeah, it might have taken a little bit longer to get to this point. Keep in mind, this is a pretty heinous accusation and against a veteran leo. As long as he pays his debt to society that is all that matters. A civil case, if there is one, is another story.

  • Glenn

    Speaking of alternate names…

  • underoath

    Glenn, how can you say that i support this animal? Are you unable to read? Do you just choose not to comprehend what you read? How many people refer to someone they support as a piece of shit?

    Take off the blinders and accept the fact that not all cops are dirty or supportive of cops who are dirty.

  • Glenn

    Get a grip, underoath, you have already admitted you support rape when it is done by law enforcement personnel. Also, you have repeatedly called for the exoneration of convicted multiple-rapists that happen to be police offices. You have no credibility, underoath, so please refrain from commenting further, you filthy rapist.

  • underoath

    Glenn…provide proof of those allegations.

    I’ll be waiting.

  • Common Sense


    Glenn cannot accept the fact that not all cops are bad. For him, and his reality, they all must be bad.

    With is yes/no mentality, one assumes that given the misdeeds of the clergy, then all must be at fault. When one legislator is found in guilty and sentenced, then all Congressmen must be criminals. Since Bales will be tried and more then likely sentenced to death, then all service men must be murderers.

    In some aspects, I pity him. He’ll always be the one with the persecution complex even when ‘the man’ could care less about him but in his mind, they are, the have to be. I did like his comment about OWS, when he stated that the misdeeds of the few should not tarnish the whole. Ironic.

    Perhaps he needs a comfort animal, maybe a beagle

  • Silvestri

    @Glenn-I am a singular person. Really. Not a Alt for anyone.

    If this makes you feel any better: Even though he most likely will survive his punishment and pay his fines, that does not mean that his return to normal life will be easy. He repeatedly raped a 70+ year old woman.
    He will lose at least some contact from his friends and family. Getting a job will be tough. I’m assuming he is now classified as a sex offender (class one lasts 20 years) which limits his ability to do almost anything. This isn’t something that he could just walk away from.

  • BluEyeDevil

    This has nothing to do with the police other than this piece of shit was a cop. What a sick mother fucker. Hopefully, he gets killed in prison. Everyone here knows that is what he deserves. Can’t argue with the cop enablers here because I’m sure they feel the same way the rest of us do. Having said all that, I hope he is punished just like anyone else for this heinous crime against an innocent old woman, sick. If not, then it really is “us against them”.

  • BluEyeDevil

    His department also did the right thing for once.

  • BluEyeDevil

    All congressman are fucking crooked good for nothing leaches, except Ron Paul who is on his way out.

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  • underoath